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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - NATURE

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Discipleship1, 353:of the whole man, just as the animal instinctual nature or the reaction of the mind to the array ofDiscipleship1, 361:and a self-imposed discipline of a drastic nature. Hence your soul's choice of your personality jobDiscipleship1, 361:and which at the same time is of so necessary a nature that it per force calls forth your bestDiscipleship1, 363:life tendencies. He has a highly developed love nature and must learn to express wisdom moreDiscipleship1, 365:the five stages. Then visualize the entire lower nature as being gathered up into the consciousnessDiscipleship1, 370:that the need is for you to submit your lower nature to discipline, you would [371] have for me noDiscipleship1, 371:is very great. Yet in some one part of their nature there is weakness and their expression isDiscipleship1, 371:the obstacles to wider influence and the nature of the problem which you have to solve? There isDiscipleship1, 371:you that once you have brought your physical nature into line with the demand of your soul, thatDiscipleship1, 378:isolating characteristics of the first ray nature. It is the great first ray Lord (to use anDiscipleship1, 378:the final and needed destruction of the form nature. This is a right and good use of his first rayDiscipleship1, 378:usual rays, but is strongly second ray in its nature, and is, therefore, responsive to your secondDiscipleship1, 381:definitely tends to strengthen you. Your will nature, however, needs to be more pragmaticallyDiscipleship1, 390:immanent yet transcendent, of Deity. In the nature of this One, all dualities are absorbed and allDiscipleship1, 395:have had readjustments to make of a very drastic nature in their daily life. The entire rhythm ofDiscipleship1, 400:others need it? I am the redeemer of the lower nature. In what way does joy redeem? Does redeemingDiscipleship1, 400:Does redeeming joyous force flow through me? My nature is in truth joy, or bliss. In what fashionDiscipleship1, 400:easy? What activities and qualities of my lower nature need to be eliminated if I seek to serveDiscipleship1, 407:ray has also given you a sensitive emotional nature which means a solar plexus too active in itsDiscipleship1, 408:have to give them of an occult and intellectual nature. Their need is the thing that is ofDiscipleship1, 415:gently on the Way. This your first ray mental nature can offset if you will give it a chance andDiscipleship1, 416:and endeavor to polarize yourself in your mind nature. I would ask you to do some meditation eachDiscipleship1, 418:forces (that are the battleground of a man's own nature) that the aspirant is temporarily submergedDiscipleship1, 420:mental body. The second has swept your emotional nature into a somewhat subdued tempest. The thirdDiscipleship1, 423:express yourself - the soul life, aspiration and nature (whose major attribute is love) and theDiscipleship1, 423:love) and the personality life, aspiration and nature (whose major attribute is intelligence). TheDiscipleship1, 426:a glamor, a rising fog, a miasma of poisonous nature. It is like the effect of a dawning sun in theDiscipleship1, 427:Let me tell you the rays of your threefold lower nature. It is needless for me to remind you thatDiscipleship1, 431:full expression? I am the redeemer of my lower nature. Therefore: How much part does divineDiscipleship1, 432:redeeming force play through me to others? My nature in truth is love. How can this truly manifestDiscipleship1, 436:human contacts, but most of them of an interior nature and in the realm of consciousness. You areDiscipleship1, 437:thing I seek to do today is to tell you the nature of your personality rays and thereby bring youDiscipleship1, 438:of expression is of such a sensitive and refined nature and so frail a receptacle that your lifeDiscipleship1, 438:unhappy world impacts, for you are sensitive in nature and frail in body and are already handlingDiscipleship1, 441:your personality and applying to your psychic nature. The first discipline you undertook willinglyDiscipleship1, 445:others need it? I am the redeemer of the lower nature. In what way does observation aid in thisDiscipleship1, 445:What activities and qualities of my lower nature (good as well as undesirable) need to be observedDiscipleship1, 447:the probationary path. the forces of man's lower nature and their interior interplay is ofDiscipleship1, 449:MY BROTHER: How shall I make clear to you the nature of the glamor which at this time can hinderDiscipleship1, 452:is to link the emotional and the intuitional nature and so evoke spiritual sensitivity toDiscipleship1, 453:give you three such topics: The coming nature or type of world government, considering what shouldDiscipleship1, 454:unusual depth of love and understanding in your nature. Give of it freely to all. NOTE: ThisDiscipleship1, 457:is that all the three parts of the lower nature are linked more or less to the higher, thusDiscipleship1, 460:unto the sun." Phrase II. For the emotional nature. "There is no darkness and no fog. There is noDiscipleship1, 462:of the right understanding of the astral nature and a steady shift of your point of consciousnessDiscipleship1, 475:men, your work will lie when [475] the lower nature is better purified and cleansed. I am trainingDiscipleship1, 477:speak not of the distorted love of the emotional nature but of that pure disinterested love whichDiscipleship1, 483:the interplay of colors which your emotional nature can be trained to recognize? What dramas cameDiscipleship1, 486:an integrated personality), that it colors the nature, type and quality of your physical body whichDiscipleship1, 486:determination to purify and cleanse your lower nature that you have worn yourself out in theDiscipleship1, 487:achieve the good way that all the forces of your nature have been expended in the work ofDiscipleship1, 487:to express that joy and peace which is the soul nature and of value to others. In physicalDiscipleship1, 491:walls of your being - those aspects of the form nature which we call in their aggregated effect theDiscipleship1, 491:lower self, of your limitations, of your desire nature, of your moods and reactions, of your [492]Discipleship1, 493:and spiritually. Specify to yourself the nature of your grievances against life and place beforeDiscipleship1, 493:control. It must be dominated by the soul whose nature is love. Knowledge you have. More love youDiscipleship1, 501:to the lack of balance which the forces in your nature could produce; this calls for your constantDiscipleship1, 505:has hitherto been the case - but that your mind nature will come increasingly into control andDiscipleship1, 515:of a powerful period of release from your lower nature and from the claims which hold you soDiscipleship1, 515:your work is difficult and yet of so simple a nature (when put into words) that perhaps you may notDiscipleship1, 516:with you. You do not hinder. Your gentle nature and your loving unselfish attitude militateDiscipleship1, 517:As you read this, your inner truthful nature will respond. Your problem, let me repeat, isDiscipleship1, 518:word of reproof. It is a reproof of so gentle a nature that you will not mind. You have done muchDiscipleship1, 519:my brother? But this is all that I have of the nature of reproof and it is tempered by a just needDiscipleship1, 524:no responsibility for you did not know the nature of the task to be done. But, through soulDiscipleship1, 533:discipline of the personality, will that love nature of yours (in all its fullness and richness) beDiscipleship1, 533:the self are one. Between the self of the lower nature and the self on the higher plane there mustDiscipleship1, 542:and let the love that is deeply hidden in your nature emerge more fully to the surface in relationDiscipleship1, 542:Alignment. Focus attention in the mind nature to the vibration, the quality of the over-shadowingDiscipleship1, 545:three bodies, and in some aspect of the lower nature. To this, you have been no exception. For twoDiscipleship1, 547:eyebrows, the ajna center. This thread, dual in nature like two golden cables intertwined, passesDiscipleship1, 547:thou, but simply a God in manifestation, whose nature is Light. Then say: Having pervaded thisDiscipleship1, 547:Self, through the magical power of my nature, revitalize, redeem and reabsorb this fraction,Discipleship1, 547:rendering positive and quiescent your astral nature, and invigorating and stimulating your physicalDiscipleship1, 556:unfoldment and the achieved control of the love nature, as your sentient astral body can expressDiscipleship1, 557:consciousness is still identified with the body nature, the disciple is conscious of fatigue, pain,Discipleship1, 557:and weary vehicles, and gradually the positive nature of the soul takes hold. When this is strongDiscipleship1, 558:imparting the gift of truth. [558] Bliss is the nature of the spiritual Being and is, in its turnDiscipleship1, 566:personality power is found in your emotional nature. This is a residue of a sixth ray personalityDiscipleship1, 566:the balancing of your predominantly second ray nature, for it is upon the third ray and, as youDiscipleship1, 569:to the higher contact. Fifth month...The nature of purification, from the angle of vision of theDiscipleship1, 571:my brother, how enthusiasm, being of an astral nature, can blur the vision? This is the firstDiscipleship1, 573:for any physiological effects of an undesirable nature; report them should any occur. After theDiscipleship1, 575:case. But your physical equipment is of such a nature that it constitutes a real problem. TheDiscipleship1, 581:fledged ambition (often of an entirely right nature, but occasionally not so right) and a power toDiscipleship1, 584:rays upon his heart and shew his fellowmen the nature of his hidden life; a purse of gold, which heDiscipleship1, 588:If you can, you will balance and round out your nature, for the dominating factors will then be:Discipleship1, 588:motivated as you are, and with a love nature as deep and sane and sweet as yours, further commentDiscipleship1, 598:outside was theoretical but not of a practical nature. A brief period of time remains in which toDiscipleship1, 626:before the disciple understands the true nature of inclusiveness. The second ray type errs throughDiscipleship1, 627:on my part or any on yours. The facts of nature exist; the wise man faces them, knowing them forDiscipleship1, 627:much needed work. This new instruction is in the nature of a frank talk with a highly valuedDiscipleship1, 633:tendency. Hence, also, your strong emotional nature which is, however, well controlled, largelyDiscipleship1, 633:The brotherhoods are group forms and are in the nature of being the personality aspects of theDiscipleship1, 635:to function as a soul. The soul in its true nature does not identify itself with phenomena; it isDiscipleship1, 637:communication; it is entirely of a preliminary nature. Until the next instruction becomes due, thisDiscipleship1, 638:for this present time. They are in the nature of preparatory work, of a preliminary reorientation,Discipleship1, 641:giving. There is at this time something in the nature of a stoppage in the flow of life and love inDiscipleship1, 643:in your life. These changes are of an academic nature and not definitely personal and your motiveDiscipleship1, 644:academic psychologist is an understanding of the nature of the different schools (each of which
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