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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - NATURE

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Discipleship1, 644:to understand, subjectively and objectively, the nature and purpose of man's evolution. All of themDiscipleship1, 653:are simple, but are of so wide-reaching a nature and are so drastic in their scope that I askDiscipleship1, 654:basis; they are related to the emotional nature, and are expressive of the inner storms in whichDiscipleship1, 655:the center of my life yesterday - the soul whose nature is impersonal love, or the personalityDiscipleship1, 655:is impersonal love, or the personality whose nature (at my point in evolution) is that of the "oneDiscipleship1, 655:dramatic self, expressing consistently the lower nature? Thursday... How often did I refer toDiscipleship1, 655:the goal of fuller service; I am the soul, whose nature is light and love and selflessness. IDiscipleship1, 655:through love and strength divine. I manifest the nature of a Son of God. Thus can I [657] salvageDiscipleship1, 677:place here, though I have naught of an abstruse nature to communicate anent the evolution of theDiscipleship1, 678:land. The waters wash away the mud and slime of nature's growth. The fires burn the hindering formsDiscipleship1, 680:into being the new world will be of a different nature in many ways from the past. This must beDiscipleship1, 683:is reached. The contest with the lower nature and the building in of the needed qualities which areDiscipleship1, 683:to you that the practices of a purificatory nature and the cultivated right habits of thought whichDiscipleship1, 686:the problem of occult obedience and the nature of the vision. I would like to deal with these rightDiscipleship1, 687:This brings up the question of the vision, its nature and extension. Is this vision, which mustDiscipleship1, 694:that is material and connected with the lower nature, never reaches the Ashram at all. In the earlyDiscipleship1, 695:signifies an opportunity of an unprecedented nature. You have been told that when the Buddha cameDiscipleship1, 697:mind appears as an interpreting agency and the nature of the mechanism and of the environment isDiscipleship1, 699:to the etheric body - unimpeded by the emotional nature or by any lower upsurging desire. TheDiscipleship1, 699:energy, vitalizing the appetites of the lower nature, developing the instincts and thus laying theDiscipleship1, 699:work of prana, impelling the animal instinctive nature into activity. These necessarily parallelDiscipleship1, 699:body and the functioning of the instinctual nature drops below the threshold of the consciousness.Discipleship1, 699:thought energy, dedicated to and expressing the nature of the man's plan. This plan indicatesDiscipleship1, 700:brain and the body, the intent, potency and nature of the all-inclusive soul. Discipleship1, 701:of identity of purpose, of origin and of nature, but not identity in the field of expression. YouDiscipleship1, 701:effect upon each other, for everything in their nature is accentuated. The Master has to watchDiscipleship1, 701:make an impact upon him: Those within his own nature (physical, emotional and mental) and thoseDiscipleship1, 701:respond to and include the point of view, the nature and the force of your fellowmen. This isDiscipleship1, 702:I would like to consider in greater detail the nature of a Master's group, sometimes called anDiscipleship1, 703:and of the world of men, but is of a spiritual nature and quite differently motivated. The lowerDiscipleship1, 703:the higher by the recognition of the immortal nature of the soul, and by the instinct to serve evenDiscipleship1, 704:of their technical training is of a very varied nature and the Ashram life is usually merely anDiscipleship1, 707:more esoteric aspects is discussed, where the nature of soul relationship is recognized and whereDiscipleship1, 707:- through discussion and experiment - the nature of the energies which are seeking worldDiscipleship1, 707:which are seeking world expression, and the nature of the forces which must be reduced toDiscipleship1, 719:but is, at the same time, aware of the ephemeral nature of the astral plane. This stage involves soDiscipleship1, 719:other matters) I would like to touch upon the nature of the work which the Masters are seeking toDiscipleship1, 720:in relation to the Hierarchy, is similar in nature but expresses itself upon a higher level. TheyDiscipleship1, 722:and aspirants everywhere to grasp the true nature of love and the real vision of the hierarchicalDiscipleship1, 722:which burns and destroys all barriers in man's nature, all separating walls between individuals,Discipleship1, 724:is to arrive at an understanding of the nature of the aspirants for whom they have made themselvesDiscipleship1, 727:way of the higher revelation of divinity and its nature. It is the revelation of that which isDiscipleship1, 735:through the medium of the soul whose intrinsic nature is spontaneous love. Where there is aDiscipleship1, 736:worked up, if I might put it so, in the lower nature; it is a free unimpeded inflow from theDiscipleship1, 736:there has never been a better description of the nature of love than that given by the initiateDiscipleship1, 738:of consciousness. He assumes the factual nature of their dedication and desire to serve. This heDiscipleship1, 741:expression and is of an essentially higher nature than the purely physical processes of living inDiscipleship1, 744:is no longer preoccupied with his feeling [744] nature and the excessive self-interest, evidencedDiscipleship1, 744:impersonality, no matter how his own personal nature may be reacting. This means that his ownDiscipleship1, 751:the entire group. He realizes increasingly the nature and note of his Ashram and advances from theDiscipleship1, 752:of in terms of color and of light, due to the nature of the vision of the one who sees and theDiscipleship1, 752:sphere of radiatory activity is of the same nature and quality as that contacted. Most seersDiscipleship1, 753:has to be shifted from the threefold lower nature into that of the Triad and this with the aid ofDiscipleship1, 753:and this with the aid of the threefold soul nature. The mode of this progressive shifting isDiscipleship1, 755:intuition. This is an expression of the love nature of the Master and is that which enables him toDiscipleship1, 756:the Master's radiatory activity is of so high a nature that only the advanced initiate-chela canDiscipleship1, 756:and difficult it is to put into words the nature of the vibratory activity of the Master. All I canDiscipleship1, 757:or the aura, whereby the other kingdoms in nature are evoked into responsive activity. Discipleship1, 757:radiatory activity of his threefold spiritual nature. They work very closely with him and watchDiscipleship1, 762:it is through them that the disciple learns the nature of energy, its distinction from force andDiscipleship1, 764:They demonstrate, when rightly understood, the nature of the Science of the Breath. That Breath isDiscipleship1, 765:atoms is on a par with being interested in the nature of the gastric juices which make the processDiscipleship1, 765:of their physical preoccupation with the form nature on the outer plane over a long period ofDiscipleship1, 766:the details connected with the individual form nature. The objective of each aspirant is to expandDiscipleship1, 766:by my instructions, the training of the lower nature and the development of the forces whichDiscipleship1, 780:thus lowering the idea of the Hierarchy and the nature of adeptship in the eyes of the watchingDiscipleship1, 787:was to familiarize the public with the true nature of the Masters of the Wisdom, and thus offsetDiscipleship1, 788:gone to extremes in order to present the true nature of the Hierarchy, its goals and personnel; sheDiscipleship2, 4:inner integration and the activity of the divine nature in each of you is more definitely vitalDiscipleship2, 5:static tendency; only a clear vision of the nature of glamor and of its effects in the individualDiscipleship2, 12:I will give you information as to the nature of your prevailing glamor. You may ask, what do IDiscipleship2, 18:somewhat obsolete, and give you hints as to the nature and methods of educating accepted disciplesDiscipleship2, 32:the ceaseless conflict between his aspiring soul nature and his inert and essentially selfishDiscipleship2, 43:to a distressing consciousness of one's own nature, one's aims, one's life theme, one's aspirationsDiscipleship2, 45:one's fellowmen, to an aloof or disagreeable nature, or to any form of self-interest which is soDiscipleship2, 46:use the spiritual will, but to know somewhat the nature of [47] the "good." The will-to-good is theDiscipleship2, 52:are expert in this work and when your spiritual nature is truly intensified, you will enter almostDiscipleship2, 54:by the sense of expectancy which the emotional nature would be trained to express and experience;Discipleship2, 55:and Moon, making certain events of a spiritual nature possible. The band of golden light, extendingDiscipleship2, 56:produced the emergence of the fourth kingdom in nature, the human family. The second stage is beingDiscipleship2, 57:the consequent emergence of the fifth kingdom in nature. Thus the skeleton structure of the newDiscipleship2, 66:are also other factors of a more subjective nature to which the disciple is sensitive, and amongDiscipleship2, 67:years of training; this present phase is in the nature of a cul-de-sac. Eventually he will have toDiscipleship2, 67:qualities, both good and bad. Everything in his nature is intensified, and the more mental he mayDiscipleship2, 67:The soul is very little aware of the personality nature, its disposition and ideas. The soul can beDiscipleship2, 68:D.H.B. This type of evoked response is in the nature of illusion. He will know to what I amDiscipleship2, 72:it as a whole and as the fourth kingdom in nature. This kingdom is destined to act as a transmitterDiscipleship2, 79:had an imperative stimulus given to their love nature, and their sense of universality has beenDiscipleship2, 80:of Christ's emergence; it is in the nature of a seal set upon your faithfulness and steadfast faithDiscipleship2, 92:faults of pride, temper and an undisciplined nature must at least be controlled. 3. A dislike ofDiscipleship2, 99:your outer and your inner work of a practical nature. [100] Have you any definite schedule of workDiscipleship2, 103:embrace more than those of the fourth kingdom in nature. I would have you ponder on these points. Discipleship2, 120:a [120] few minutes to complete. It is in the nature of a preface to the one I am now seeking toDiscipleship2, 121:of value as they are an argument for the factual nature of the process and they also enable theDiscipleship2, 121:also enable the aspirant to grasp somewhat the nature of the undertaking to which he is committed.Discipleship2, 122:owing to the fact that it is of a sevenfold nature and the method of transition and of transferenceDiscipleship2, 122:is awakened by the inflow of energy of a dual nature - the energies of the heart and the head,Discipleship2, 122:the dual energy which constitutes the essential nature of the soul - atma-buddhi, or spiritual willDiscipleship2, 123:to exercise wise control over the emotional nature. A decentralized attitude as regards personalityDiscipleship2, 125:a few weeks. Much of the above is explanatory in nature and can be dispensed with when you can
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