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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - NATURE

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Discipleship2, 538:circumstances cease to be simply emotional in nature and become deliberately dictated by consciousDiscipleship2, 539:which impelled you to action, measure the nature of the consequent results as they worked out inDiscipleship2, 540:desire. Therefore, search your motives and the nature of your desires. For years, my brother, IDiscipleship2, 543:and you have wrought into the garment of your nature many new qualities and have rid yourself ofDiscipleship2, 543:the effects of ashramic contact on the emotional nature and on the daily life on the physicalDiscipleship2, 544:which serves to bewilder the subconscious nature, as the psychologists call it; it may lie in aDiscipleship2, 545:the dominance of the first ray element in your nature, for it conditions your soul quality and thatDiscipleship2, 545:expresses itself through the third ray physical nature. Intense focus is, therefore, the continuousDiscipleship2, 545:the sixth ray continuously interrelated in your nature. The offsetting factor is your mind which isDiscipleship2, 553:I might express your future thus: The nature of fire will be brought more clearly and essentiallyDiscipleship2, 554:this fire from the standpoint of the emotional nature and it has been associated in your mind withDiscipleship2, 559:which I am going to ask you to do is in the nature of an act of service. It has little reference toDiscipleship2, 566:fifth degree. You have needed much to study the nature of the will. A disciple's ideas on thisDiscipleship2, 568:is, I know, going to ask for a deepening of the nature of that help though not necessarily for anDiscipleship2, 571:I would ask you: What do you do of a practical nature to add your burden-bearing capacity to theDiscipleship2, 571:Maybe you are doing something of a practical nature. I take not the time to search into your dailyDiscipleship2, 571:ask you again: What do you do of a practical nature to bring your quota of effort to the presentDiscipleship2, 572:a needed bridging between your powerful astral nature and your definitely illumined intuition. ThisDiscipleship2, 574:plane the form through which the soul - whose nature is love - can express itself. This isDiscipleship2, 577:the personality lays the foundation of the form nature in the next incarnation. In your case, forDiscipleship2, 577:life might produce a powerfully dangerous form nature in your next incarnation - one which wouldDiscipleship2, 578:energy upon the Earth, upon the kingdoms in nature, upon man and upon the individual disciple. MuchDiscipleship2, 579:organized and planned. Your second ray [579] nature makes the first possible, your first rayDiscipleship2, 580:know, realized within yourself the value and the nature of what you have accomplished. I would askDiscipleship2, 580:of the networks than to educate people in the nature of light and its uses, or even to bring themDiscipleship2, 582:if you will remember that esoterically the form nature is the vital etheric body, and thisDiscipleship2, 584:the dynamic one-pointed energy of your emotional nature, which - fortunately for you - is balancedDiscipleship2, 590:(reduced to form) are not adapted to your nature. Sound the OM three times, withdrawing yourDiscipleship2, 607:physical plane relationships of a karmic nature) between themselves and the people with whom theyDiscipleship2, 611:you; it is change which is largely in the nature of release and of a freeing for more effectiveDiscipleship2, 611:which faces you) I am impressed with the nature and scope of the information which I saw fit toDiscipleship2, 611:and a liability; it is for you to discover the nature of both and offset the liabilities throughDiscipleship2, 613:discipline - a discipline of such a practical nature that you need not that I should outline it forDiscipleship2, 620:a response from your personality which is in the nature of self-defense, plus an effort to forceDiscipleship2, 621:of your personality and of your emotional nature (which is today building around you an isolatingDiscipleship2, 624:by all the forms of life in all the kingdoms of nature. This has produced the world illusion. OnlyDiscipleship2, 625:a great moment of crisis, when each kingdom in nature came into being. The mind exists and needs toDiscipleship2, 630:and in the light of your soul, the nature and purpose of the experiences and changes to which youDiscipleship2, 632:leaving you also to demonstrate to the world the nature of your ashramic position. I will give youDiscipleship2, 636:understood. I may not even indicate to you the nature of the coming crisis, nor may I give you anyDiscipleship2, 644:choice which leads eventually to the distinctive nature of his life service. This usually takesDiscipleship2, 645:as I am anxious to have you comprehend the nature of your problem and so be able to handle it withDiscipleship2, 646:you. Thus all the three aspects of the divine nature can pour into you and meet with response fromDiscipleship2, 646:and of this you brought over a second ray astral nature and a fourth ray mental equipment. HenceDiscipleship2, 649:your disposal. People often fail to realize the nature and the potency of that strength - aDiscipleship2, 658:body and mind produce too much of the will nature in all your activities. You need to bear this inDiscipleship2, 659:(oft found in disciples who are learning the nature of true spiritual humility) is esotericallyDiscipleship2, 660:it there for later use. Do this as a soul whose nature is love. Then, bearing in mind that theDiscipleship2, 668:not because they possess a particularly loving nature, as might have been expected. They areDiscipleship2, 669:ordained but of an educational and disciplinary nature. You have had two such lives and haveDiscipleship2, 669:yourself a more conscious comprehension of the nature of "wise love." This is love free fromDiscipleship2, 669:advanced disciple at this time to comprehend the nature of man when he has dropped all physicalDiscipleship2, 670:previously given. One of the major needs in your nature is the evocation of a new and fieryDiscipleship2, 670:a peculiar path of training. Step by step, the nature of this Path will be revealed to you, and,Discipleship2, 672:to this was normal - as far as your human nature was concerned - but distinctly undesirable. ItDiscipleship2, 676:now confronted and dominate an aspect of your nature which must be controlled before the move IDiscipleship2, 681:you see clearly an with understanding the true nature of your glamor. There are many points ofDiscipleship2, 683:meet your need when that need was of a spiritual nature, determining character and conditioning theDiscipleship2, 686:mind - Negative Lower mind - Positive Emotional nature - Field for balancing Brain - Negative YouDiscipleship2, 688:[688] wrought in your consciousness of a lasting nature and the light of the group will also beDiscipleship2, 699:which are the most distasteful to your lower nature - contact with other people, particularly withDiscipleship2, 700:with a different and more adequate desire nature - a desire nature which has ever conditioned yourDiscipleship2, 700:and more adequate desire nature - a desire nature which has ever conditioned your physical body andDiscipleship2, 701:ray personality is strongly linked to the desire nature. All this you know, for there is nothingDiscipleship2, 701:you for what you are - a man whose lower nature dominates most of the time, but whose basic intentDiscipleship2, 701:basic intent is identification with the higher nature; she sees you differently and her suretyDiscipleship2, 702:- with service - is [702] deeply scientific in nature and closely related to the Law of Karma.Discipleship2, 702:task of aiding you to transmute your personality nature into such an instrument that your soul canDiscipleship2, 702:years of your life wrestle with the lower nature until it is purified, disciplined, enlightened andDiscipleship2, 709:based upon a definite lack of true love in your nature. You earnestly, and usually successfully, doDiscipleship2, 710:you have (which is unusual) a second ray mental nature. This enables you to realize theoreticallyDiscipleship2, 711:the impediments to the free play of your love nature, you will always be a trusted server, but yourDiscipleship2, 715:over-stimulation of the mind, of such a potent nature that there is no time or energy left forDiscipleship2, 715:of service and not as means whereby your own nature is stimulated and refreshed. You can take partDiscipleship2, 731:the caliber of your mind is not yet of such a nature that you can profit from this, and this is aDiscipleship2, 731:must accept. Your astral body is first ray in nature and hence the potent hold which glamor has hadDiscipleship2, 731:in this life through your first ray astral nature. You willed to deal with glamor; you ran, lastDiscipleship2, 731:their reception by you in your lower fourfold nature would produce great transforming results.Discipleship2, 733:your mind and desire [733] (your kama-manasic nature) will be - with definite purpose - physicallyDiscipleship2, 733:mine. A focusing of your spiritual attitude and nature upon the physical plane will result in aDiscipleship2, 734:and for the control of the lower psychic nature. This psychic glamor does not unduly distort yourDiscipleship2, 735:truth but you need more understanding of their nature. Discipleship2, 735:and change and battle will be of a physical nature or on the physical plane or will involveDiscipleship2, 742:through the expression of your potent love nature. Yet at the close of each year you realize thatDiscipleship2, 743:it, then - under a condition which is in the nature of a group occult paradox - his outerDiscipleship2, 744:and with continuity. It is largely in the nature of a visualization exercise. Rapid alignment andDiscipleship2, 749:Of that force (which is astral-buddhic in nature) disciples such as yourself can take advantage. ItDiscipleship2, 751:things which a disciple has to learn is the real nature of that which is directing him andDiscipleship2, 753:built through your conditioning supersensitive nature and circumstances, and also by the influenceDiscipleship2, 753:the will-to-do, directing the desire nature [754] in the right direction and producingDiscipleship2, 754:your life) extending and embracing your astral nature and irradiating the astral plane with whichDiscipleship2, 754:(on the beam of the seventh ray of your physical nature) such a dynamic energizing that you willDiscipleship2, 758:which you radiate. This quality is in the [758] nature of a potency. It is the power to hold othersDiscipleship2, 758:It is the power to hold others steady by the nature of your understanding; this they feel, even ifDiscipleship2, 759:you how deep is my comprehension of you and your nature, and how well I understand your problems,Discipleship2, 761:know me to be; let not your sixth ray devotional nature play any part in this process or contact.Discipleship2, 761:in my Ashram, and that there are aspects of my nature which are of first ray origin, but when youDiscipleship2, 764:for each month, to be reviewed year by year. The nature of solitude. The difference betweenEducation, vii:Oriental world will not, because of its inherent nature, generate the physical energy to go to theEducation, ix:for stating universal truths about human nature and we are not faced with an either-or antithesis.
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