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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - NATURE

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Fire, 201:through the form, right to the heart of one's nature. Fire, 207:from previous kalpas. - S. D., II, 99. Their nature is knowledge and love. - S. D., II, 275; S. D.,Fire, 219:The three Vedas correspond to every trinity in Nature and I request you will search for furtherFire, 224:If a student of the Wisdom can grasp the nature of the general theme, he can then more easily andFire, 238:of an ultimate something of such an elusive nature, that men are forced seemingly to predicate aFire, 240:- Section Two - Introductory Questions 2. Its Nature and Duality In terms of quality what have we?Fire, 249:or controls his threefold lower nature. His sevenfold inner economy; the development of his sevenFire, 255:power whereby He animates His [255] sevenfold nature. Note the increase of influence as compared toFire, 260:the law himself within the lower spheres. 1. The Nature of Manifestation Here are three importantFire, 261:manifestation of the three. The threefold lower nature, the points of densest objectivity. ThisFire, 261:of densest objectivity. This threefold lower nature is in essence a quaternary - the ethericFire, 263:Latent love-wisdom. [263] (The psychic nature of the Monad is twofold.) The principle of atma.Fire, 263:is twofold.) The principle of atma. Spiritual nature. Will. The principle of buddhi. Love nature.Fire, 263:nature. Will. The principle of buddhi. Love nature. Wisdom. The principle of manas. IntelligenceFire, 263:Wisdom. The principle of manas. Intelligence nature, Activity. Note here that the three principlesFire, 263:"There are two main cosmic principles in nature: Active and passive, male and female. - S. D., II,Fire, 269:He will be also love fully manifested throughout Nature. This can be likewise predicated of aFire, 274:Self and the not-self is invariably of a cyclic nature. The same quality in tone will be calledFire, 275:types of cycles, and is involved in the very nature of the Self and of the not-self. The interplayFire, 276:faculty induced. When this faculty is of such a nature that it is an inherent part of the Entity'sFire, 279:of Consciousness as embodied in the Kingdom of Nature on the five planes of Human Evolution. - S.Fire, 289:planetary Logos. This is of a threefold nature: To attain the consciousness of the realized controlFire, 290:Man of a group consciousness of a sevenfold nature, or the achievement of accurate vibratoryFire, 291:of a solar Logos is again of a corresponding nature: [292] He has to attain to the fullFire, 295:an apprehension of His environment of the same nature as man in the three worlds. This fact shouldFire, 296:of Saturn, the third, planet. The occult nature of cosmic kundalini, or the electrical force of theFire, 298:- may result in a wider grasp of the beauty of nature's synthesis, and of the wonderful correlationFire, 301:of men or devas down to the other kingdoms of nature) form His body corporeal, and are divisibleFire, 302:- like all manifesting beings - threefold in his nature, but involutionary. Therefore, man andFire, 305:further still, and predicate action of a similar nature by the solar Logos. The consideration ofFire, 305:aforementioned manifestations is of a psychic nature (using the word psychic in its true sense, asFire, 305:Beings find in man a reflection of Their Own Nature, yet the analogy of resemblance must not beFire, 308:Section Two - Division A - Manas or Mind and its Nature SECTION TWO - DIVISION A - MANAS OR MINDFire, 308:SECTION TWO - DIVISION A - MANAS OR MIND AND ITS NATURE We enter now upon a very important divisionFire, 309:Section Two - Division A - Manas or Mind and its Nature II. Definitions of Manas or Mind 1. Manas,Fire, 310:Section Two - Division A - Manas or Mind and its Nature 2. Manas is Electricity 21 The fire of MindFire, 312:21 Electricity: ..."We know of no phenomenon in nature - entirely unconnected with either magnetismFire, 312:Section Two - Division A - Manas or Mind and its Nature We are at this juncture considering theFire, 313:are the objective manifestations of the psychic nature, which (in a solar Logos, for instance) weFire, 314:Section Two - Division A - Manas or Mind and its Nature It should here be carefully borne in mindFire, 316:Section Two - Division A - Manas or Mind and its Nature We have seen that electrical manifestationFire, 319:Section Two - Division A - Manas or Mind and its Nature On the fourth plane this electrical forceFire, 322:Section Two - Division A - Manas or Mind and its Nature Evolution, wherein, due to the action ofFire, 323:we have a positive polarity of a temporary nature based on the type of incarnation our particularFire, 324:Section Two - Division A - Manas or Mind and its Nature Again, the astral plane and the buddhicFire, 325:that man is essentially positive in his own nature but his vehicles are negative; hence he is theFire, 327:Section Two - Division A - Manas or Mind and its Nature COSMIC PHYSICAL PLANE 1. Adi 1st cosmicFire, 329:be remembered that the analogy is of a psychic nature, and demonstrates in work, activity, andFire, 329:Section Two - Division A - Manas or Mind and its Nature Students should also bear in mind anotherFire, 332:term) be called the Law of Being, and is of a nature so incomprehensible to the finite mind of manFire, 332:Section Two - Division A - Manas or Mind and its Nature 3. Manas is that which produces Cohesion WeFire, 333:aggregate of physical body, emotional nature, and mentality, yet knows himself as more than theseFire, 334:Section Two - Division A - Manas or Mind and its Nature 4. Manas is the Key to the Fifth Kingdom inFire, 334:4. Manas is the Key to the Fifth Kingdom in Nature We might also define manas as the key to theFire, 334:which entrance is made into the fifth kingdom of nature, the spiritual kingdom. Each of the fiveFire, 336:Section Two - Division A - Manas or Mind and its Nature 5. Manas is the Synthesis of five Rays OneFire, 337:Section Two - Division A - Manas or Mind and its Nature 6. Manas is the intelligent Will or PurposeFire, 338:those [338] evolutions which are a part of His nature but is allied especially to the throat andFire, 339:Section Two - Division A - Manas or Mind and its Nature I have pointed out these distinctions as itFire, 346:of the logoic character, and is part of His very nature. It, therefore, has its origin in His BeingFire, 347:science as having any relation of an intimate nature to our solar system, owing to its tremendousFire, 350:or of entrance into a new kingdom of nature. The faculty of acquiring knowledge [351] must beFire, 351:the atoms and electrifies them by His Own nature, but likewise knows itself to be one with all yetFire, 354:our Logos plays his little part? What is the nature of the great purpose He is working out? WhichFire, 354:is represented by our solar system? What is the nature of the incarnation He is now undergoing?Fire, 354:round will see the realization, by men, of the nature of the karma of the Logos of our chain.Fire, 356:Logos; the other evolutions of an involutionary nature extant within the scheme, and the remainderFire, 358:the third Initiation. It is by knowledge of the nature and quality of the electrical force of ourFire, 364:wave of manasic influence as far as Their own Nature is concerned. We must remember also that nineFire, 367:form. Psychically the link is of a different nature, and such a link is found between the planetaryFire, 377:An interesting correspondence of a very occult nature can be worked out by the advanced student inFire, 378:though the [378] gift was not of the same nature. The coming in of the Venusian influence to ourFire, 393:the driving impulse of manas, inherent in His nature, and in some mysterious way this was aided byFire, 393:So also will he, who, investigating the true nature of the self has attained to real knowledge,Fire, 397:says that: The Six are the six forces of Nature. What are these six forces? See S. D., I, 312. TheyFire, 397:by Spirit. The six are the six forces of nature - S. D., I, 236. The six Heavenly Men - S. D., I,Fire, 404:Man - the devas are a corporate part of His nature, and He is a Manasaputra, a creative Builder,Fire, 406:the mental recognition of the following facts in nature. The fifth spirilla within the atom ofFire, 408:within its greater whole, and the corporate nature of all manifestation. This involves the conceptFire, 409:whereof all forms in all the kingdoms of nature are made. Intelligent activity, or the display ofFire, 414:the Earth chain is essentially dual in its nature, being the sumtotal of a male and a female chain.Fire, 417:many names, and yet whose names and whose very nature are unknown. He is the 'Initiator,' calledFire, 425:the destruction of many in the third kingdom of nature. The spark of mind was implanted and theFire, 432:make, and as it is of an esoteric and occult nature, it can be but hinted at. At the fourthFire, 438:are dual, both in evolution and in essential nature. They are the product of the work of theFire, 442:the coming centuries. The type of force, or the nature of the Heavenly Man of the seventh Ray, isFire, 443:case His fohatic energy builds the kingdoms of nature, giving them Body; in the other He gives themFire, 444:Involution and evolution of the kingdoms of nature. Sumtotal: Fire by friction. The mother. TheFire, 445:summed up; in these three words is embodied the nature of this great Entity, Who presides over theFire, 446:[446] Globe to globe, Plane to plane, Kingdom of nature to another kingdom, the Lord of the seventhFire, 447:These Builders evolve the forms out of their own nature and substance. Fourth. A plan by which theFire, 449:the spirit denizens of the various kingdoms of nature. It first reacts upon the astral double orFire, 449:fortifying them up to the point of mastery over nature's finer forces. - The Theosophist, Vol.Fire, 454:comprehension of the constitution of man, the nature of vibration or radioactivity, and theFire, 457:and the buddhic. This bridge will be of a usable nature during the sixth root-race in which theFire, 457:is known to man concerning this kingdom of nature, save what science has vouchsafed anent theFire, 458:the evolution of man. Each of the kingdoms of nature acts as the mother to the succeeding one inFire, 460:careful pondering. Each of the kingdoms of nature is the expression of a Life or Being; man, forFire, 461:anent the animal kingdom, the third kingdom of nature. They related to the past, and we will nowFire, 461:the lives which composed the third kingdom of nature were divided into two groups: A number of
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