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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - NATURE

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Fire, 1062:of the term) is to be found in every kingdom in nature, and there are forms of life in theFire, 1063:10 Form: "The model according to which nature does its external work. - S. D., II, 107; see S. D.,Fire, 1063:impulse. Energy. Will. Form - Quality or shape. Nature. Love. Matter - Objective sphere.Fire, 1064:it becomes magnetically aware of the attractive nature of that which envelops it on all sides, andFire, 1065:its highest positive aspect, is ever of the same nature as that of the greater life which isFire, 1065:above. Within the three lower kingdoms of nature, the process is undergone unconsciously, accordingFire, 1066:etheric form, yet they had no perception of the nature of the central force which was drawing theFire, 1067:form whatsoever it be, The atom of a kingdom in nature, The atom of a planet, The atom of a solarFire, 1068:life in forms diseased and inadequate; these Nature, if left to herself, would long ago haveFire, 1068:than that it will not go, and when the course of nature has been run, when the wheel of life hasFire, 1069:can be extended to include entire kingdoms of nature, the globes of a chain, the chains themselves,Fire, 1069:escaping. In connection with the kingdoms of nature, it must be remembered that their growth andFire, 1070:astrology will be revolutionized, and the nature of solar energy as an expression of an Entity ofFire, 1070:to the scientific world than that as to the nature of the atom. Until that time it will be asFire, 1070:if I here pointed out that in every kingdom of nature there are certain focal points of energyFire, 1072:effect of sex energy in the second kingdom of nature; he will do well to deal with all plant lifeFire, 1072:is the informing Life of the third kingdom in nature has five channels of approach, that is fiveFire, 1076:fire. Simultaneously, in the other kingdoms of nature a process somewhat similar in kind though notFire, 1076:more rapid radiation in all the kingdoms of nature so that when the cycle is run the process ofFire, 1076:intensive stimulation of the third kingdom of nature during the third root race which artificiallyFire, 1077:radioactive qualities of the four kingdoms of nature with which we are most concerned will be foundFire, 1077:more corroborative indication of the synthetic nature of the entire evolutionary process. In everyFire, 1077:that which radiates from each kingdom of nature is one and the same. The radioactive human being isFire, 1077:same. The radioactive human being is the same in nature (differing only in degree and in consciousFire, 1078:Treatise, are numerous indications of the cyclic nature of this phenomenon, and students shouldFire, 1078:clearly in connection with the fourth kingdom of nature. A period of radioactivity is being enteredFire, 1079:that time. Human radiation of a very slight nature was felt about the time of Christ, but it onlyFire, 1079:increasing the vibration in every kingdom of nature, but particularly in the second and fourth.Fire, 1080:effect to be induced upon any one kingdom of nature by their united, or single, incarnation. ThisFire, 1081:but these will suffice to indicate the general nature of these energy summations, under which allFire, 1081:also grouped the atoms in the other kingdoms of nature, and [1082] even the Dhyan Chohans of theFire, 1082:of equal interest but is of a totally different nature, carrying to the initiated and intuitiveFire, 1082:place in evolution of the Monad concerned, the nature of its incarnations, and its place in cyclicFire, 1083:with groups. When a group is known, the nature, vibration, and rhythm of the atom within that groupFire, 1085:but as yet He knows not their function nor the nature of the other constellations. It must also beFire, 1085:the ken of man. 12 Man must understand the nature of the wheel in which he is turned, called inFire, 1085:yogis and Shri Krishna. The Teacher gives the nature of the samsaric wheel in a certain peculiarFire, 1086:relatively limited consciousness the general nature of the group of constellations, and the forceFire, 1086:forming a word which - through its ideographic nature - conveys essential information to the Adept.Fire, 1087:revolution or cyclic appearance of a kingdom in nature. This applies within a scheme but only toFire, 1088:and its transition through the kingdoms of nature are the points dwelt upon. Yet there have beenFire, 1088:and thus vitalized by His life, qualified by His nature, and distinguished by His characteristics.Fire, 1088:be considered along general lines if the true nature of the Self is to be accurately known. WeFire, 1094:types of "power-substance," then the general nature of the method can be somewhat ascertained. WeFire, 1096:the realization that there are forces present in nature which are in the nature of left-overs, weFire, 1096:are forces present in nature which are in the nature of left-overs, we have the clue to much of theFire, 1098:purpose to do more than call attention to their nature. Under the law of correspondence, theFire, 1098:cavity." If students will meditate upon the nature of the human heart and its various divisions,Fire, 1101:will eventually do is to investigate the nature of the informing lives of the sheaths, theFire, 1102:of a sphere of activity, distinct in its nature and governed by laws of its own, which - until aFire, 1106:on the physical plane against certain "laws of nature" and in the period of their transition fromFire, 1109:of an occult, a mental, and a persistent nature. It is in devachan that the man shapes and polishesFire, 1109:again, his time though being limited by the nature and the quality of what he brought. When theFire, 1110:are those of the second aspect. To study the nature of motion in the causal vehicle involves muchFire, 1110:clarity of thought, and due appreciation of the nature of that body. It should here be rememberedFire, 1111:lotus is the one that gives us the key to the nature of the solar Angel, just as the outer tier isFire, 1111:at the egoic lotus, the seer can tell the nature of the: Personal self through the condition of theFire, 1114:a hint to the wise student, and a clue to the nature of the lower aspect of the solar Angel. Fire, 1114:in the first tier, owing to the inherent nature of the astral body, and the fact that it isFire, 1116:the Sacrifice Petals, are again similar in nature to those already enumerated, plus a definiteFire, 1118:fires is (as may be well realized) sevenfold in nature according to the sevenfold nature of theFire, 1118:sevenfold in nature according to the sevenfold nature of the Logos involved. Each circle of petalsFire, 1118:may not here be revealed for it is hid in the nature of the electric Fire of Spirit itself. Fire, 1119:and as the vibratory impulse is akin to the nature of the living Jewel, it is synthesized in theFire, 1119:reveal to the student certain ideas as to the nature of fire. In concluding what is to be saidFire, 1120:according to the type of Monad concerned, or the nature of the planetary Logos of a man's ray, hisFire, 1120:the planet, the Brotherhood of Light, as to the nature of Ego concerned, the quality of his Ray,Fire, 1120:is self-initiated because inherent in their very nature, [1121] but to the effects to be seen inFire, 1121:fashion, thus bringing every part of the nature of the lower man into subjection. Thirdly, theyFire, 1122:three centers which are of a strictly physical nature - the pineal gland, the pituitary body andFire, 1123:and purity as to have a definite effect upon the nature of those they contact. They heal, stimulateFire, 1127:vivification and irradiation of the entire lower nature. These three groups of forces in man, whenFire, 1131:teach him the constitution of his own body, the nature of the sheaths, and the function andFire, 1132:nearly perfected units in the three kingdoms of nature with their immediate group soul, and theirFire, 1136:matter, of a great extra-systemic Identity. Nature is the appearance of the physical body of theFire, 1136:the physical body of the Logos, and the laws of nature are the laws governing the natural processesFire, 1137:appearance periodically of the three kingdoms of nature, which are the laws of involution, the lawsFire, 1138:three lower kingdoms, he cannot comprehend the nature and purpose of the three higher. We mightFire, 1139:is, therefore, governed by factors hidden in the nature of that great vibration which we callFire, 1141:- physical plane things. Symbols of emotional nature - astral plane things; pictures. NumericalFire, 1143:forms as: A round, seven in all. A kingdom in nature, seven in all. The human kingdom. A root-race,Fire, 1144:effects as they concern the four kingdoms of nature. Distinguish between the three main streams ofFire, 1146:this is one reason for the intensely material nature of those who entered the human kingdom on thisFire, 1151:incarnation is governed by laws similar in nature to those governing the human unit, but of aFire, 1152:effects of evolution upon him and to realize the nature of the man upon the Path, so it is notFire, 1153:in the broadest and most general terms) of the nature of the solar Logos, and of the effectFire, 1153:place. Certain phenomena likewise of a secondary nature to this major happening will also takeFire, 1156:have at least a theoretical concept of the nature of that which will be seen relatively so soon.Fire, 1156:connection with: The three lower kingdoms in nature. The three lower subplanes of the physicalFire, 1157:Heart," or the sun in its sevenfold essential nature, as it is seen lying esoterically behind theFire, 1163:force - two lower planes - the four kingdoms of nature. Physical energy, the left-over of aFire, 1164:the atrophied third eye in the fourth kingdom of nature. When man has developed etheric vision andFire, 1164:petals of a secondary color according to the nature and karma of the Entity concerned. It is in theFire, 1164:of a secondary color, and nine of a tertiary nature. (To students with intuition the hint hereFire, 1164:may reveal the name of the planet, and the nature of its evolution). [1165] Each of these solarFire, 1166:solar system. Water - The emotional or astral nature. Flower on water - Fruition of the spiritual.Fire, 1166:- The physical body. Water - Emotional or astral nature. Flower on water - Fruition of the buddhicFire, 1167:which are grouped several other laws similar in nature but diverse in their manifestations. ItFire, 1168:him as responsive to the call of his animal nature. It concerns itself with the due guarding of theFire, 1170:with the attraction that a higher kingdom of nature will have for the highest lives of the next
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