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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - NATURE

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Fire, 1170:or the offering up of the entire bodily nature, [1171] this part of the general karma of theFire, 1171:which enables the lotus to draw from the lower nature (the matter aspect and the water aspect) theFire, 1173:as far as the four kingdoms [1173] of nature are concerned. The absorption of the Spirit aspectFire, 1175:to convey to students the information as to the nature of each planetary school. They exist in fiveFire, 1177:For the radioactivity of the fourth kingdom in nature. We might regard the presiding lives in theseFire, 1182:of the solar body, and have reference to the nature of the solar sphere. This solar sphere isFire, 1185:informing existences of the various kingdoms of nature are engaged in mutual interaction, and thusFire, 1186:in this Treatise, and other works of a similar nature. It is the middle, or second aspect which isFire, 1186:VII) Source Focal Point Medium Type of Energy Nature of Fire SOLAR LOGOS: 1. Causal Body. Jewel.Fire, 1186:goes on, science will become aware of the basic nature and fundamental accuracy of the methodFire, 1186:premise admitted, the entire outlook on life, on nature, medicine and science and on methods ofFire, 1188:Phrases. Sentences. Speech. The myriad sounds of nature. Each of these terms can be explained inFire, 1188:is the great purpose of what we call "Mother Nature"; this she does, working under the Law ofFire, 1188:sevenfold variation according to the specific nature of the Lords of Life. [1189] The only way toFire, 1189:between the seven types of men, and the nature of the Ego is more truly followed. Then will beFire, 1189:more truly followed. Then will be revealed the nature of planetary magnetism and the quality of anyFire, 1189:soul as it is known through the aggregated nature of the men, responsive to and exponents of anyFire, 1190:of Their life in any scheme, and controls the nature of those egoic groups who are (for Them)Fire, 1190:(for Them) generating force centers. Hence the nature of men upon earth. All human beings areFire, 1191:kinds of force, when it seeks to explain the nature of the Energies which influence any humanFire, 1191:fourth round. The true astrology will reveal the nature of this fourth proposition at some laterFire, 1191:not so much to the signs of the zodiac where the nature of an Ego is concerned. The great signs ofFire, 1193:quality of the form occupied or used, and the nature of its work depends upon which of the threeFire, 1194:Attraction If the student bears in mind that the nature of the form is dependent upon the qualityFire, 1195:are the users of the vehicles, and it is the nature of these lives and the quality of theirFire, 1196:these groups of beings is likewise septenary in nature, and the forty-nine fires of Brahma are theFire, 1196:are the lowest manifestation of their fiery nature. Each group also may be regarded as "fallen" inFire, 1197:the necessary crucifixion of the animal physical nature, particularly along sex lines. We mustFire, 1198:Jivas, imparting to them ability to realize the nature of group consciousness, the quality of theFire, 1198:a limitation of the expression of His threefold nature. The first (sixth) Hierarchy might be viewedFire, 1198:and the second, His emotional, or cosmic astral, nature. This second (seventh) Hierarchy has forFire, 1200:the fact behind the taking of a lower nature by the Ego. The fourth and the fifth Hierarchies areFire, 1201:reference to the form aspect but solely to the nature of the lives expressing themselves throughFire, 1204:causal lotus, equally of a twelve-petalled nature. We have, therefore, a direct flow of energyFire, 1209:the following points are recognized: The triple nature of man. The distinctions between the vehicleFire, 1209:to dawn before long when science recognizes the nature, place and responsibility of the ethericFire, 1212:brings about so much of the peculiar trouble and nature of the human kingdom, and it might here beFire, 1214:be spiritual energy, toward which the animal nature should be entirely receptive, these two holdingFire, 1215:one case we have a correspondence of so close a nature as to be almost a replica on a tiny scale;Fire, 1218:of life" without adding much to the general nature of his own group. The elevation of a unitFire, 1218:aeons, and their realization of their essential nature, only in order to offer up the best theyFire, 1223:about, and manifestation becomes a fact in nature, and the great Maya is. It might here be noted inFire, 1225:therefore, one and all an expression of His love nature, and it is for this reason that buddhi isFire, 1226:the eye of the illuminated seer, nor to show the nature of the cosmic Lord of Sacrifice as HeFire, 1229:incognisable by the lower concrete mind. The nature of Spirit can only be intelligibly revealed toFire, 1229:can the higher concept be entertained. The nature of Spirit is dealt with in the New Testament inFire, 1231:of realization for man is consciousness of the nature of the Soul, the medium through which theFire, 1232:He perceives but as yet comprehends not the nature of that which is perceived, and it remains forFire, 1232:a great idea and a specific one - knows not the nature of that which he is seeking to express. AllFire, 1233:regard all forms of expression as in the nature of symbols. A symbol has three interpretations; itFire, 1233:largely upon its objective utility, and upon the nature of the form. That which is exoteric andFire, 1233:concept. This links the symbol in its exoteric nature with the mental plane, but does not releaseFire, 1233:planetary Logos and man have reached. The true nature of the latent idea is ever more potent,Fire, 1233:Forms of all kinds in all the kingdoms of nature, and the manifested sheaths in their widestFire, 1234:them to create; to teach people to know the nature of the [1235] soul is to put them in consciousFire, 1235:soul of a man is responsible for his peculiar nature. They represent the subjective aspect or life.Fire, 1236:through the operation of the subjective side of nature (that alone which the occultist considersFire, 1237:plane in its two divisions. Forces of a kamic nature. Forces of a purely physical description.Fire, 1237:worlds, and likewise an understanding of his own nature. The spiritual man is he who having beenFire, 1241:Cosmic Fire - Section Three - Division B - The Nature of the Cosmic Paths SECTION THREE - DIVISIONFire, 1241:Cosmic Paths SECTION THREE - DIVISION B - THE NATURE OF THE SEVEN COSMIC PATHS It should beFire, 1243:These seven Paths are not concerned with nature or the balancing of the pairs of opposites. TheyFire, 1244:a systemic process, and is itself sevenfold in nature. This sevenfold process for lack of a betterFire, 1244:Cosmic Fire - Section Three - Division B - The Nature of the Cosmic Paths Path I. The Path of EarthFire, 1244:Paths Path I. The Path of Earth Service The nature of the spiritual force which animates the groupFire, 1245:carefully studied for they hold the clue to the nature of this first Path. The adepts who chooseFire, 1247:Cosmic Fire - Section Three - Division B - The Nature of the Cosmic Paths Path II. The Path ofFire, 1247:reality which is the basis of all coherency in nature, and with that essence which through theFire, 1248:he does through the medium of a purified lower nature which can act as a perfect transmitter. HeFire, 1249:plane as well as on the subjective side of nature. This produces necessarily the destruction of allFire, 1251:at this time search for the "heat of the love nature" of the human unit and who add to that searchFire, 1251:to the majority, and a power to realize the nature of that which is visualized which negates theFire, 1252:subjective or consciousness aspect of his triple nature. When these three burning grounds areFire, 1253:Cosmic Fire - Section Three - Division B - The Nature of the Cosmic Paths Path III. Path ofFire, 1256:where the cosmic planes are concerned. With the nature of duality, that which is basically theFire, 1258:Cosmic Fire - Section Three - Division B - The Nature of the Cosmic Paths Path IV. The Path toFire, 1259:and this without obstruction. A clue to the nature of this Path and as to the reason why so many ofFire, 1260:information to the intelligent reader as to the nature and the objective of our particularFire, 1261:Cosmic Fire - Section Three - Division B - The Nature of the Cosmic Paths Path V. The Ray Path ThisFire, 1263:occult truth which had such a bearing upon the nature of the first two races of mankind and uponFire, 1264:Cosmic Fire - Section Three - Division B - The Nature of the Cosmic Paths There is no way in whichFire, 1266:Cosmic Fire - Section Three - Division B - The Nature of the Cosmic Paths Path VII. The Path ofGlamour, 3:reaction but is, predominantly, in the nature of an identification with all beings. Then is trueGlamour, 9:be in some way identified with, the qualitative nature of the symbol, with the nature of thatGlamour, 9:the qualitative nature of the symbol, with the nature of that reality which the symbolic formGlamour, 10:more subtle reaction of your sensitive feeling nature to the symbol as a whole. Study a total ofGlamour, 11:response to the impact of its qualitative nature. A conceptual consideration of its underlyingGlamour, 14:work inwards, you are also becoming aware of the nature of the motivating idea through the study ofGlamour, 14:are discovering the field of ideas of analogous nature in which the idea embodied in the symbolGlamour, 17:undue stimulation of your astral or emotional nature, with consequent and subsequent glamor. YouGlamour, 19:into certain broad generalizations such as: The Nature of Glamor. The Causes of Glamor. TheGlamour, 20:partial interpretations, and are almost in the nature of distortions of the real truth, owing toGlamour, 20:Maya is oft regarded as being of the same nature as the concept promulgated by the ChristianGlamour, 21:final test of man's courage, and as being in the nature of a gigantic thought-form or factor whichGlamour, 21:it as the sumtotal of a man's faults, his evil nature, which hinders his being recognized as fit toGlamour, 23:lives and if you can, therefore, comprehend the nature of illusion you will help in The destructionGlamour, 26: Glamor - A World Problem - The Nature of Glamor SECTION ONE The Nature of Glamor In the precedingGlamour, 26:Problem - The Nature of Glamor SECTION ONE The Nature of Glamor In the preceding pages we dealtGlamour, 28:Once you have each determined the specific nature of your peculiar problem, you can then work withGlamour, 29: Glamor - A World Problem - The Nature of Glamor As you deal with illusion and as you free your
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