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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - NATURE

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Glamour, 127:clarity in his mind: The significance of his own nature, with its essential dualism. TheGlamour, 128:which are esoterically regarded as etheric in nature and, therefore, as substance, not form.Glamour, 128:the clue to the true understanding of the lower nature. We will study, therefore, the basicGlamour, 131:of all other ideas - both religious in nature or apparently completely unrelated to religion. InGlamour, 133:reactions and activities; they feed his desire nature and consequently assume undue importance,Glamour, 136:him to comprehend not only the processes of nature in its fivefold divine expression but also theGlamour, 136:of the kingdom of God, and discovers the nature, the type of lives and of phenomena, and theGlamour, 138:incentive which recognizes God immanent in all nature and peculiarly expressing that divinity inGlamour, 139:by which one can gather some picture of the nature of glamor is to picture the astral plane onGlamour, 139:specific, or general and worldwide - so that the nature of the glamor is revealed, its quality andGlamour, 140:the illumination which reveals Reality, or the nature of the soul or which makes clear to yourGlamour, 141:which serves to veil successfully the true nature of the spiritual man. A relation must then beGlamour, 143:the eye of your mind focused on the soul, whose nature is LOVE. Let a few minutes' interlude thenGlamour, 149:the densest form of maya, and the forces of his nature are concentrated in the sacral center.Glamour, 149:In the case of glamor, the forces of a man's nature are seated in the solar plexus. In the case ofGlamour, 153:for you in as simple terms as possible the nature of the Dweller. I would like, however, [154] toGlamour, 154:energies, constituting the sumtotal of the lower nature. The Dweller takes form when aGlamour, 154:the victim of circumstance and of his own nature apparently and under the lure and the urge ofGlamour, 155:more influenced by the soul than by its lower nature. When the final stage is reached (and many areGlamour, 155:in the light" and thus controlling the lower nature). In this way the constant fluid changefulnessGlamour, 156:own lives when I gave you indications as to the nature of your five controlling rays, govern alsoGlamour, 156:ray. Each great cycle in the zodiac is in the nature of an incarnation of the human family, andGlamour, 161:not so pre-eminently conscious of the threefold nature and the differentiated condition of theGlamour, 162:the divinity of man, and upon the indestructible nature of the soul of mankind. This inevitablyGlamour, 168:then the attractive power of the soul (whose nature is love and understanding) can function, andGlamour, 169:not enough people know about or understand the nature of the opportunity or what is transpiring.Glamour, 173:of human unfoldment - capable of registering the nature or function of being. Becoming is revealedGlamour, 173:In all study of illusion, the instrumental nature of the mind must be remembered and its power toGlamour, 174:to him his goals, and indicated his true nature. The revelations given throughout the ages andGlamour, 176:Group or Agency whose task is of a triple nature: To gauge the unfoldment of the humanGlamour, 191:A. A. B., an effort was made to indicate the nature of the light of the soul. The key to thisGlamour, 193:illumination which flows from the soul (whose nature is light) can irradiate not only ideals butGlamour, 196:to be found a point of light. He knows that the nature of the soul is light. For aeons, he walks byGlamour, 198:men of a clear conception and recognition of the nature of Reality. This particular work ofGlamour, 199:by the sixth ray. When they have grasped the nature of the work to be done and "fanatically adoptedGlamour, 200:They embrace all the forms which the desire nature of man has created down the ages and are theGlamour, 200:produced in response to the aspirational nature of humanity and which provide the enticements whichGlamour, 201:the Technique of Light. Are aware of the nature of the glamors which they are attempting toGlamour, 202:is then that he becomes aware of the appalling nature of the glamors in which he automatically andGlamour, 202:desire - innate and inherent in the lower nature - gave [203] place to planned efforts to meetGlamour, 205:based on the right understanding of the nature of concentration. I have written much upon theGlamour, 206:of forms, then the world of ideals, then the nature of the soul, of ideas and of divinity. I amGlamour, 206:and of mind; the light of the soul reveals the nature of the relation of these forms of life to theGlamour, 206:vision of the soul within the personality, the nature of God and the unity of the Whole. TheGlamour, 207:and life experience, as far as his emotional nature is concerned, are conditioned by some oneGlamour, 209:This first focused light is not of such a nature that it can do more than reveal. It has noGlamour, 212:thought-form of an easily recognizable nature does not warrant the use of either of the formulas.Glamour, 212:of the creation of thought-forms, and of the nature of the thinker. They must be emotionallyGlamour, 212:by decision and effort even if the emotional nature is for him in any one life the line of leastGlamour, 213:meditation, have reflected much upon the nature of thought and its uses, and must be aware of theGlamour, 216:so that the three aspects of the lower nature are seen as constituting one functioning personality.Glamour, 221:sphere of activity. The subhuman kingdoms of nature know no astral plane; the superhuman kingdomsGlamour, 224:of souls which will eventually reveal the true nature of the intuition and this will be the resultGlamour, 226:the impediments of an emotional-mental nature upon the Path of Return to God. It is desirable andGlamour, 229:group in this type of work will determine the nature of the glamor to be dealt with. As I earlierGlamour, 235:to cooperate with the soul. Understanding the nature of the particular glamor. The three stages ofGlamour, 241:terrible potency, owing to the strength of human nature to identify itself with the astral natureGlamour, 241:human nature to identify itself with the astral nature and to the vital nature of conscious andGlamour, 241:itself with the astral nature and to the vital nature of conscious and sentient response itself. AsGlamour, 244:effort to arrive at some understanding of the nature of divinity, the formula of negation has beenGlamour, 248:to him novelty or habit, and likewise the nature of their expression. In this way, he will arriveGlamour, 248:rays of his mental apparatus, and his emotional nature. This will lead [249] necessarily to anotherGlamour, 249:The ray of the mind. The ray of the emotional nature. The ray of the physical vehicle. The energyGlamour, 250:himself with that, and is also aware of the nature and the vibration of his soul energy, then heGlamour, 252:glamor is dissipated. The control of the astral nature is broken. Third: As the disciple, workingGlamour, 252:focus of his identification. He ascertains the nature of the forces he is in the habit of using andGlamour, 258:concerned with thought but will be psychic in nature. They can then produce lasting psychicGlamour, 258:below the diaphragm, thus feeding the lower nature, enriching and strengthening its astral contentGlamour, 258:leading to the strengthening of the physical nature; this often leads to serious results, for theGlamour, 258:much harder as he seeks to sublimate the lower nature and anchor or focus the life of the centersGlamour, 258:his auric ring-pass-not; he feeds the lower nature and sets up a vicious circle within himselfGlamour, 258:except lower reactions of a kama-manasic nature; emotion is fostered and the power of the astralGlamour, 259:and keeps the singing aspect entirely astral in nature. There is a higher and better mode of song,Glamour, 261:of the incarnating man, and manifesting the nature of the man as he is at any particular point uponGlamour, 262:ordered and cyclic rhythm of a controlled lower nature. That breathing exercises may eventuallyGlamour, 266:underlying unity, brought about by the factual nature of the One Life and Being Who pervades allGlamour, 267:me to define the two aspects of the disciple's nature, for that is what they essentially are. YouGlamour, 269:The disciple brings the two aspects of his nature together in full consciousness and with clearGlamour, 269:- personality - Dweller. The Sun - spiritual nature - soul - Angel. The Earth - aspiring man - theHealing, 2:aspects of the instrument, the body or form nature, through which all souls seek manifestation. IHealing, 3:human attention has shifted from the emotional nature to the mind, and when men are essentiallyHealing, 5:the energy of the atom is of the same general nature as the work of the esotericist when heHealing, 5:the energy of the soul. In this release the nature of the true art of healing is hidden. HereinHealing, 6:of conditions existing in the fourth kingdom in nature as a whole. For these he is not heldHealing, 9:attitudes of the mind and of the emotional nature, and in the life of inhibited or excessive sexHealing, 10:we, as integral parts of the fourth kingdom in nature, share in this general limitation andHealing, 11:functioning in other and higher kingdoms in nature which will surely see life more truly and moreHealing, 11:upon our planet in all the four kingdoms in nature. A few [12] basic statements can be made,Healing, 12:disease, runs through all the four kingdoms in nature, and causes those conditions which produceHealing, 13:of non-resistance. His over-emphasis of the form nature. His attitude to death, and his feelingHealing, 13:as to disease, and accepts disease as a fact in nature, man will begin to work with the law ofHealing, 17:hindrance throughout every aspect of the form nature. It can then vitalize it with its potency, andHealing, 24:Those arising out of the emotional-feeling nature. Those which have their origin in the ethericHealing, 25:is astrally polarized. The emotional sentient nature is all-powerful in the masses. This leads to aHealing, 28:outer garment of God, the world of phenomenal nature. The ameliorative and palliative and curativeHealing, 28:man's inner bodies and in the subjective side of nature itself. The major primary causes, as IHealing, 29:in mind that many diseases are of a group [29] nature, and are consequently inherent in humanityHealing, 30:Man has some day to learn that all the laws of nature have their higher, spiritual counterparts,Healing, 30:of group life and they govern the kingdoms of nature and find their expression (for the humanHealing, 30:through the medium of the mind, of the emotional nature, and through a physical plane agent. It is
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