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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - NATURE

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Intellect, 248:and dreadful, and seldom, if ever, of a happy nature); they carry much [249] comfort to the writerIntellect, 250:it is happy, which it seldom is, or unhappy in nature, and whether it carries a vibration of fearIntellect, 250:which has led to much writing of a psychic nature, and the exclusiveness of organized religion hasIntellect, 250:meditate and suddenly taps the depths of his own nature and penetrates to the resources of his ownIntellect, 257:is a close [257] relation between the emotional nature and the stomach, as is evidenced byIntellect, 258:that these students are people whose animal nature is very strong, who have led an active andIntellect, 258:to himself his control over the animal nature; in other cases, it may, for instance, involveIntellect, 259:attraction and the gratification of the sex nature, and which has, as its primary objective, theIntellect, 259:objective, the prostitution of the physical nature to animal desire, is evil and wrong. If the goalIntellect, 259:and particularly men, find that the animal nature requires attention when they begin to meditate.Intellect, 260:spiritual living and yet have aspects of his nature still uncontrolled. The energy that pours inIntellect, 262:that high place control all aspects of the lower nature, and guide the daily life in the ways ofMagic, 4:I am the Lord of Beings, yet as Lord over My nature I become manifest, through the magical power ofMagic, 5:mental and emotional psychology. Make clear the nature of the soul of man and its systemic andMagic, 7:working out of many of the laws. These laws of nature have effects in three distinct realms:Magic, 7:to the future and its possibilities, and to the nature of the unfolding potentialities. This bookMagic, 9:themselves through the forms of the kingdoms of nature and the activities of the evolutionaryMagic, 10:it flowers forth as the perfected soul, whose nature is light and whose realization is that of aMagic, 10:for all manifestation, in all the kingdoms of nature, is the expression of the life, purpose andMagic, 10:and thus is literally the conduct (or outer nature or quality) of a life. These springs of actionMagic, 10:consciousness and of the forms of any kingdom in nature. 2. Laws. A law presupposes a superiorMagic, 12:force which animates the subhuman kingdoms in nature, - the ensouling energy which, brought intoMagic, 13:the growth and development of the lower psychic nature or the soul of the vehicles in which manMagic, 13:worlds, and then will seek to elucidate the true nature of the soul of man and of the powers whichMagic, 13:in incarnation. The forms of all the kingdoms of nature - human, animal, vegetable and mineral -Magic, 15:of science, the correct interpretations of nature's laws, and the formulations of correctMagic, 15:from the world of ideas, and being of the nature of those energies which produce all that is knownMagic, 16:of a law, a discovery of one or other of nature's processes. Hitherto this has been a slow andMagic, 16:equally true of mankind as a whole. That unit in nature, which we call the fourth or human kingdom,Magic, 17:- the sum total of the other kingdoms in nature. Within the human kingdom lie potentialities andMagic, 17:who - relegating the emotional and feeling nature to its own place - uses the mind as a focusingMagic, 18:correspondences, the cosmic processes, and the nature of the cosmic principles are indicated in theMagic, 19:if one might use such an expression, of the body-nature proper, back of the mass of the flesh andMagic, 20:which direct the activities of "God in nature" - a phrase, sublimely true and equally finitelyMagic, 20:are the Three in One, the One in Three, God in nature, and nature itself in God. Carrying theMagic, 20:in One, the One in Three, God in nature, and nature itself in God. Carrying the concept, for theMagic, 21:structure to be found in every kingdom of nature, subhuman and superhuman. This is as yetMagic, 21:in the world such organisms as the kingdoms in nature have their separate life and functions yetMagic, 22:to convey an idea of his quality, character, and nature one is immediately faced with the problemMagic, 23:we must remember that understanding as to the nature [24] of this one life is purely relative.Magic, 24:the personal selfish reactions of the body nature - think in terms of life, in terms of quality, ofMagic, 25:those to whom the subject of the soul and its nature as dealt with in such an instruction as thisMagic, 25:those advanced souls to whom the spirit and its nature is also a rational and understandableMagic, 25:altogether, we know it is easy to understand the nature of the physical body through a study andMagic, 25:body through a study and right use of the desire nature. It is a form of pride, and a refusal toMagic, 25:Remarks To the Master of the Wisdom, the nature of the spirit, or that positive center of lifeMagic, 25:form hides is no more a mystery than is the nature of the soul to the esoteric psychologist. TheMagic, 25:to the members of the hierarchy of adepts. The nature of spirit, its quality and type of cosmicMagic, 26:understand, through steady expansive growth, the nature and purpose of that which is neither bodyMagic, 28:the above is to think immediately of the body nature as it expresses some type or other of energy.Magic, 28:to a refusal to admit the essential identity in nature of these two. The world in which we live isMagic, 29:as they compose all forms in all the kingdoms of nature, are the subject of their investigation.Magic, 29:are the subject of their investigation. The nature of the atom, of the molecule, and the cell,Magic, 29:solving of the problem as to the character and nature of the energies - focalized or localized inMagic, 29:or What is the process of Becoming and the nature of Being? remain unanswered. The problem as toMagic, 30:aspect this works through the mental body or nature, and in connection with the dense physicalMagic, 30:spirit or energy aspect and the matter or body nature. This is the distinctive subjective, man, hisMagic, 31:of form, is responsible for the condition and nature of his organs, his glands, and his outerMagic, 31:be seen working through the emotional or astral nature and, in connection with the dense physicalMagic, 32:colors. Even this is so only because of the nature and point of view and the perceiving apparatusMagic, 33:no approach to such abstruse subjects as the nature of spirit and soul could have a generalMagic, 33:are two angles or points of view from which the nature of the soul must be grasped: one is theMagic, 33:of the soul in relation to the fourth kingdom in nature, i.e. the human, and the other that of theMagic, 33:and the other that of the subhuman kingdoms in nature, which, it must be remembered, areMagic, 33:from another. It is the intangible essential nature of the form which in the vegetable kingdomMagic, 34:man different from another in his appearance, nature and character. The scientist has tabulated,Magic, 34:part is recognized and known to be a fact in nature, the problem will remain unsolved. TheMagic, 35:name for the Christ principle, whether in nature or in man. The soul is the attractive force of theMagic, 35:the universe, in the planet, in the kingdoms of nature and in man (who sums up in himself all theMagic, 35:manifests differently in the various kingdoms of nature, but its function is ever the same, whetherMagic, 35:deal with a form in one of the three kingdoms of nature, held coherently together, demonstratingMagic, 36:and characteristics in all the kingdoms of nature are soul qualities, as are the latent powers inMagic, 36:period, they will reveal what is the nature of the divine life and of the world soul, - thatMagic, 36:conditions which the forms in every kingdom of nature demonstrate. Therefore the soul might beMagic, 37:of vibration and stages of development. The soul nature in the universe therefore manifests inMagic, 38:producing their distinctions, species and nature. Human consciousness, or self-consciousness,Magic, 38:pull of spirit and the lure of matter or mother-nature, and between that called the lower self andMagic, 39:is, however, limited in its expression by the nature and quality of the form in which it is foundMagic, 39:aspect is contacted and men understand the nature of the soul. It must be also remembered that justMagic, 40:as secondary principles, and the body nature, the personality, is paramountly distinguished byMagic, 40:as wisdom also when the intelligence of the body nature is fused with the love of the soul. TheMagic, 41:the soul functions through the lower personal nature. The soul hides within itself, as the "jewelMagic, 41:and consciousness within our solar system. The nature of this awareness is only possible ofMagic, 41:need be written here anent this, for the body nature and the form aspect have been the object ofMagic, 42:may serve to clarify: Man, in his body nature, is a sum total, a unity. This sum total isMagic, 43:making the analogy to the three parts of man's nature and the nine of perfected monadic life. ThereMagic, 43:corresponds to the three parts of man's nature: Physical nature: - The skin and bony structure areMagic, 43:to the three parts of man's nature: Physical nature: - The skin and bony structure are the analogyMagic, 43:to the dense and etheric body of man. Soul nature: - The blood vessels and circulatory system areMagic, 43:the blood goes to all parts of the body. Spirit nature: - The nervous system, as it energizes andMagic, 44:head are closely related to the soul or psychic nature (higher and lower). The two eyes are theMagic, 44:upper body we have an analogy to the triple soul nature. The throat, corresponding to the thirdMagic, 44:to the third creative aspect or the body nature, the active intelligence of the soul. The heart,Magic, 44:of the solar plexus is the analogy to the soul nature. The spleen, the receiver of energy andMagic, 45:of any specific form. The particular kingdom in nature which is being vitalized. It is theMagic, 45:the planetary Logos are the various kingdoms in nature and the multiplicity of forms. Back of theMagic, 46:by man and of which the fourth kingdom in nature is the custodian and which has mysterious andMagic, 47:mediating between the higher three kingdoms in nature and the lower three. The higher three are:Magic, 47:are: The Spiritual Hierarchy of our planet, nature spirits or angels and human spirits, who standMagic, 48:links them (and at the same time reveals the nature of the higher) is on the verge of discovery.
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