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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - NATURE

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Magic, 264:and to the depths of his being the ephemeral nature of the form and of all forms, standing alone inMagic, 268:to the mental plane. This is of so potent a nature that the thought-forms created have a life cycleMagic, 278:This is true of a universe, a kingdom in nature, or a thought-form created by a human thinker. InMagic, 281:in matter itself; they deal with the body nature and might be listed as follows: 1. PhysicalMagic, 285:and used for the other and lower kingdoms in nature. Magic, 285:assertion or full manifestation of the divine nature. This, curiously enough, can only occur whenMagic, 285:is aroused, when the energy of the material nature is carried by an act of the will up into Heaven,Magic, 285:up into Heaven, and when therefore the entire nature - material, sensitive or psychic, and theMagic, 288:or destiny of the matter aspect, of the animal nature in its interplay with the soul. First Ray: -Magic, 290:to forms in other or the same kingdoms in nature. Here lies the secret of all scientific and occultMagic, 290:centers of those they seek to heal and of the nature of the forces they wish to employ. All theyMagic, 291:understanding of these forces and so learn their nature and their use, their potency and vibratoryMagic, 291:is to transmit energy to the lower kingdoms in Nature, whilst the work of the Hierarchy, in itsMagic, 295:of his desires. If the cravings of the sentient nature are dominantly animal in their objective weMagic, 296:understanding and of controlling his emotional nature, of mastering the technique of development,Magic, 297:based on his ignorance of the laws and forces of nature, and on his terror of the dark and theMagic, 302:which have their roots deep in the animal nature and hark back to the primal instinct ofMagic, 306:a man thinketh, so is he." As he dwells upon the nature of his omniscient soul, he becomes likeMagic, 309:but the condition of the atmosphere, the nature of the climate, the density, humidity or dryness,Magic, 313:This Life is not that avatar but is in the nature of a forerunner - of a St. John the Baptist, whoMagic, 315:good or evil. They either stir up our emotional nature in a good and high sense, and so aid itsMagic, 319:impotent and harmless, yet intact in nature. You say that this is a hard teaching and conveys butMagic, 321:only in the coming Aquarian Age will its true nature find correct understanding and rightMagic, 322:be poured upon and through the lower threefold nature. This pouring through will bring about aMagic, 323:and will have its ebb and flow, as all else in nature. Times of activity succeed times of pralaya,Magic, 325:whole area involved, then the end is near. In nature, a general electric storm serves to clear theMagic, 326:or of propitiation. From the rudiments of nature worship, from the fetishism and degraded idolMagic, 326:three basic aspects: In their teaching as to the nature of God and of man. In their symbolism. InMagic, 327:give way to the understanding of the laws of nature which control the superhuman realm and theMagic, 329:the group ideas and demonstrating the group nature, manifesting in a small way the trueMagic, 329:and giving to the world a picture of the true nature of a spiritual organism - will so stimulateMagic, 332:and a different fundamental concept as to the nature of matter will mark the new age. Within theMagic, 332:of the two seemingly different ideas as to the nature of the atom, a recognition of certain energyMagic, 332:which we give names in the various kingdoms of nature. The truth of certain basic premises of theMagic, 332:and it is this energy in the various kingdoms of nature that produces form, shape, species, kind,Magic, 332:and coherent organisms in all the kingdoms of nature is not the life principle. The life principleMagic, 333:scientists and workers in the realm of objective nature have worked as souls, and all the mostMagic, 334:kingdom between the three lower kingdoms of nature and the fifth or spiritual kingdom. There willMagic, 334:be seen and noted and studied in all kingdoms of nature. This will break down all barriers of raceMagic, 335:the sound which every form in all kingdoms of nature gives forth will be studied and known andMagic, 336:keynote, for it will be a demonstrated fact in nature. It will be an age wherein men will walk inMagic, 336:trained workers in substance, understanding the nature of matter, seeing always in terms of lightMagic, 337:environment. These are the energies of a wider nature than those arising entirely within a man'sMagic, 337:among them the great basic urges for which nature itself is responsible and which can be seen andMagic, 338:he has built up in conformity to the laws of nature and which he can learn to use and control. But,Magic, 338:own, but that there are energies and forces in nature and the planet, and also extra-planetary orMagic, 339:is steadily growing. Brotherhood as a fact in nature is as yet largely a theory, but brotherhood asMagic, 339:due and more correct attention, and the laws and nature of that great Being in Whom we live andMagic, 340:The theorizing of men as to their divine nature must shortly give place to conviction and theirMagic, 340:the proving of the soul, but an analysis of its nature, purposes, and life will receive anMagic, 342:and relaxation build anew, and give time for nature to adjust the trouble. The sun too revitalizesMagic, 342:turn makes too great a demand upon the emotional nature, and consequently again upon the physical.Magic, 344:of information through an uncontrolled emotional nature. The astral body can be controlled. How? 1.Magic, 351:on and, as aspirants, study the hidden laws of nature, you will realize the need for the priceMagic, 354:of the aspirant is to dominate the emotional nature. Then he stands victor on the field of [355]Magic, 355:that he can differentiate between the emotional nature and the mental. He discovers also that theMagic, 356:one school which shall be nameless, as follows: Nature is cruel and selective. She works by the LawMagic, 356:and swallowed up in the general process of nature, and the human kingdom as a whole is a dead lossMagic, 358:he has but an imperfect grasp as to the true nature of ideas and his application of the truthsMagic, 359:land. The waters wash away the mud and slime of nature's growth. The fires burn the hindering formsMagic, 359:student has to learn, as he seeks to grasp the nature and use of mind, is that public opinion hasMagic, 359:and right use and control of the astral nature and a comprehension of the nature of the sentientMagic, 359:of the astral nature and a comprehension of the nature of the sentient consciousness, man canMagic, 359:mind, and through correct understanding of the nature of the intellect, man can enter into the mindMagic, 360:of forms into line with the heart center in Nature. This is a phrase conveying a truth which cannotMagic, 360:vibratory contact with that center of force in Nature which is analogous to the throat center inMagic, 360:reflection and an expression. Man, the brain of nature; the animals, the expression of the heart;Magic, 360:or of the throat center; these three kingdoms in nature forming, in a peculiar manner,Magic, 360:In Lemurian days, viewing it as a kingdom in nature, humanity expressed the solar plexus aspect,Magic, 364:and that is, that it emphasizes the synthetic nature of the great plan and the fact that theMagic, 366:and hence the necessity of his understanding the nature of his mental problem, the tools with whichMagic, 369:takes place. Third, bliss, which is the nature of the Spirit and about which speculation isMagic, 369:Therefore speculation and analysis as to the nature of bliss is profitless to the average man whoseMagic, 369:satisfy it in one part or other of its lower nature; it comes when there is a sense of physicalMagic, 372:will be recognizing it as a fact of nature. Most of the diseases that the physical body suffersMagic, 375:with his soul and sometimes with his form nature; this is the stage wherein so many most earnestMagic, 376:has to learn to control his emotional psychic nature through right control of the mind, and thisMagic, 379:the fact that the word Ibez is literally in the nature of an acrostic veiling the true name of theMagic, 379:only conveyed at the fourth initiation when the nature of the planetary Logos is revealed and HisMagic, 379:of the kingdom of God within the human atom. The nature of Their work is most difficult for theMagic, 379:the bringing about of the realization of God in nature or in other units. It was necessary in thoseMagic, 381:which to us would be crude, impossible and of a nature which the race should have transcended forMagic, 381:must be organized which would reveal the nature of God in all that is seen, and not only in man.Magic, 382:be what he is, a God walking on earth, his lower nature (physical, astral and mental) completelyMagic, 382:have no lure for the real man, the emotional nature and desire body will no longer lead astray norMagic, 382:Themselves was the awakening in man of the love nature, as a step towards the awakening of theMagic, 383:plane begin to make their impact upon the form nature, the personality. Prior to this period ofMagic, 383:- as much a part of the subconscious instinctual nature as is the instinctual nature which theMagic, 383:instinctual nature as is the instinctual nature which the materialistic psychologist so muchMagic, 392:aspect present the eternal duality of nature. In our evolutionary development it is not realized inMagic, 393:become as much a part of the cosmic instinctual nature as are any of the human instinctualMagic, 394:brain function synchronously and the emotional nature is thereby subordinated, inhibited orMagic, 394:the energy of the emotional or psychic nature), and by vitality which swings the physical vehicleMagic, 396:have to be guided in such a manner that the soul nature enfolds, overpowers and uses theMagic, 406:which he lived, opening his eyes not only to the nature of matter and of form but also to theMagic, 411:for the theme of the philosophers is the nature of reality and the means of knowledge. The two mostMagic, 415:they look upon the mind, emotions and body nature as simply an equipment whereby human contacts canMagic, 424:reaction in all the departments of man's nature and all of it recorded by the brain? Already menMagic, 427:They have no teaching to give of a doctrinal nature and will not seek to demonstrate learning. TheyMagic, 431:The subject matter is therefore of so advanced a nature that it is useless for the aspirant to give
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