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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - NATURE

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Magic, 432:only [432] subconsciously, because (in his form nature) he constitutes part of the planetaryMagic, 432:are the attractive energy of the intuitional nature of the planetary Logos, and the potent force ofMagic, 432:the astral elemental, which embodies the desire nature of the planetary Logos is exceedinglyMagic, 432:the strength of the spiritual and intuitional nature of the One in Whom we live and move and haveMagic, 434:to the infinite complication which we find in nature. The claims of the astrologers as to theMagic, 434:their mark upon every form in every kingdom in nature, acting as a retrograding or a stimulatingMagic, 434:It is not opportune here to outline the nature of true astrology. That astrology is a science, andMagic, 436:onlooking. The quality of the energy and the nature of the forces to be manipulated during life areMagic, 436:during the incarnation, for it indicates the nature of the soul force that the incarnated son ofMagic, 438:the diaphragm and is governed by his animal nature alone. Magic, 439:- one purely physical dealing with the body of nature; one primarily emotional, and dealing withMagic, 440:others. The horoscope of the fourth kingdom in nature, of humanity, will eventually be cast, but itMagic, 440:will prove their usefulness, when the nature of time is better understood. Sagittarius governsMagic, 442:proceeds in a reverse direction, and the work of nature is seen under the following words: Pisces -Magic, 448:or an "invention", or something of that nature. All the time, quite unrealizing it, man is talkingMagic, 449:the above is to think immediately of the body nature as it expresses some type of energy. ThusMagic, 450:to a refusal to admit the essential identity in nature of these two. The world in which we live isMagic, 450:as they compose all forms in all the kingdoms of nature are the subject of their investigation. TheMagic, 450:are the subject of their investigation. The nature of the atom, of the molecule and the cell, theirMagic, 450:solving of the problem as to the character and nature of the energies - focalized or localized inMagic, 450:or What is the process of Becoming and the nature of Being? remain unanswered. The problem as toMagic, 452:aspect this works through the mental body or nature, and in connection with the dense physicalMagic, 452:spirit or energy aspect, and the matter or body nature. This is the distinctive subjective man, hisMagic, 452:of form, is responsible for the condition and nature of his organs, his glands, and his outerMagic, 452:- it works through the emotional or astral nature and in connection with the dense physical,Magic, 453:of the process of the creative work in nature, which is necessarily sealed to the mind of theMagic, 453:lives within the ensphering wall. All forms in nature, as we well know, are made up of [454]Magic, 454:themselves to varying relations of an internal nature with those forms, which in the earlier stageMagic, 460:the divine concepts in the four kingdoms in nature. The human kingdom is, par excellence, theMagic, 462:of right relations between the four kingdoms in nature, and right relations between units andMagic, 463:is understood, it will be in that kingdom in nature that the attention of the investigators must beMagic, 463:and this Law demonstrates to us as the laws of nature. The ideas of ordered activity and of aMagic, 466:kingdoms, through the three lower kingdoms in nature and on into the human kingdom. In the lowerMagic, 471:as a solar system, a planet, a kingdom in nature or a human being. In some respects this subjectiveMagic, 471:others it is of too high and too inscrutable a nature for us to deal with in these Instructions andMagic, 471:the activity of the lives within his form nature and so orients himself to the goal as itMagic, 473:is the means of thought are diverse in their nature, yet one in ultimate reality. Act as theMagic, 476:it into being. It is obvious that already the nature of speech in relation to embodied ideas isMagic, 483:in him the seeds of trouble, for it is a law in nature that we get what we give, and produceMagic, 484:reactions which have their seat in their lower nature, and are based on selfishness and lack ofMagic, 489:mental system. His vision becomes distorted, his nature corroded, and all his relationships impededMagic, 490:Forget not that all right ideas are temporary in nature and must eventually take their place asMagic, 492:all reactions and activities of an emotional nature. As long as the astral body is in a state ofMagic, 492:concentration and of meditation, and until the nature of the mind and its modifications are moreMagic, 493:psychology, and have dealt primarily with the nature and mode of training of the astral body. LaterMagic, 493:in this century, the psychology of the mind, its nature and modifications may be handled in moreMagic, 493:yet. Our subject now is salvation from the body nature through the process of death. Two thingsMagic, 493:the means of this salvation: First, by the body nature I mean the integrated personality, or theMagic, 493:the matter (or mode of being) of the desire nature, and the mind stuff. These constitute theMagic, 497:is material; it demonstrates that he is part of nature itself and by nature we mean the body of theMagic, 497:that he is part of nature itself and by nature we mean the body of the one life in whom "we liveMagic, 501:to the trance condition of the animal nature. In the process of death these are, therefore, the twoMagic, 502:to control the astral life and the emotional nature and to orient one's self to the mental worldMagic, 502:unthinking man and by those whose animal nature is strong. This is the first point in the newMagic, 502:known by thinkers in the East and is in the nature of a first step towards a rational understandingMagic, 512:flows, pulsating in its cycles, throughout all nature. This constitutes the divine inhalation andMagic, 514:occurrences and the restlessness of the desire nature. 2. The ebb and flow of daily life during aMagic, 515:from the purely physical and are so aware of the nature of desire that they have learnt to preserveMagic, 515:with cycles and understand somewhat their nature. They know the divine art of abstracting theirMagic, 516:in the interlude of contemplation. The emotional nature is swept by desire to make objective theMagic, 519:all true teachers, as they endeavor to teach the nature of the magical work. Only the tested andMagic, 520:die out and the selfish purposes of the form nature assume undue control. This dire event happenedMagic, 521:battle. All can be used in some way, if the true nature of sacrifice is grasped, if skill in actionMagic, 524:man. Men are not yet equipped to comprehend the nature of those units of electrical energy whichMagic, 525:somewhat the part that the fourth kingdom in nature plays in relation to the whole, and the purposeMagic, 527:the larger divine rhythm. They are learning the nature of responsiveness. The mass of men are likeMagic, 528:that through humanity on the physical plane, the nature of reality will be revealed; the true andMagic, 528:and that energy be transmitted to all forms in nature which will enable the inner spiritual realityMagic, 529:in embodied existence in the other kingdoms of nature. Human beings are apt to be primarilyMagic, 530:which will vivify every form in every kingdom in nature. In considering the problem of theMagic, 531:the Principle of Limitation in a kingdom of nature. The Life that is, for instance, expressingMagic, 532:place here, though I have naught of an abstruse nature to communicate anent the evolution of theMagic, 534:next point to be noted is that each kingdom in nature acts in two ways: As the liberator of theMagic, 537:know the meaning of Illumination. When the true nature of Service is comprehended, it will be foundMagic, 542:constitute the etheric envelope of all forms in nature, from a mountain to an ant, and from a plantMagic, 544:triplicity of mind, astralism, and physical nature, which will bring about a climaxing moment forMagic, 544:of the sixth round will be so different in nature to ours and those who will differentiate into theMagic, 546:himself: Physical body, sensitive emotional nature, mind and soul; Soul, mind, brain and the outerMagic, 546:to himself and the Whole; The fourth kingdom in nature, the human kingdom, viewing that entireMagic, 548:dedication, love and service, are summed up the nature and the destiny of man, and it should beMagic, 550:I speak not in parable; I utter only facts in nature and one that is slowly coming into matureMagic, 550:predominates. In each of the four kingdoms in nature all four types are found, but the fourthMagic, 550:in the mineral kingdom, the fourth kingdom in nature from the standpoint of God, and the first fromMagic, 551:in connection with the other three kingdoms in nature. One of the secrets not yet revealed,Magic, 552:and the material element. They will be of the nature of black magic. Again the four appear: TheMagic, 552:Thinker, and qualified or characterized by the nature of his thought and held in that peculiar formMagic, 553:the cosmic dense physical plane, are in the nature of precipitation. [554] They are objective,Magic, 559:us always. There are the hindrances of physical nature, of heredity and environment, of character,Magic, 566:his etheric or vital body, which is in the nature of a web or mesh of energy nadis, which, in theirMagic, 568:to work with energy and with the forces of nature, as he learns the significance and the purpose ofMagic, 568:substance of the physical body. According to the nature of the force animating the etheric body,Magic, 570:three things to do: First, he has to learn the nature of the energies or [571] pranas which haveMagic, 571:Grasping the relation between these forces of nature which he has appropriated for his own use andMagic, 571:by the power of their thought, the forces of nature and so leading the whole creative body forwardMagic, 572:free from identification with the body nature. This brings out three things: An ability to withdrawMagic, 573:and as he thinks, speaks and acts, he learns the nature of that type of force which may flowMagic, 573:upon what plane he himself may be working, the nature of his ray, egoic ray and personality ray.Magic, 573:and will tend to leave no part of the aspirant's nature untouched. Think for a minute of theMagic, 576:very real one and the disciple has to learn the nature of the forces in the different centers, howMagic, 581:energy can be studied by the aspirant in his own nature. On the physical plane he is apparently the
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