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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - NATURE

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Magic, 593:they are the expression of the physical creative nature and of the emotional body. A senseMagic, 595:recognized by the world at large, and when the nature of the seven centers, their structure andMagic, 595:this cannot yet be safely given. The intricate nature of this science of the centers is too greatMagic, 596:and has mastered and controlled the astral nature and its corresponding center, the solar plexus.Magic, 602:as essentially a spiritual entity, different in nature, objectives and methods of working from theMagic, 606:and will be known eventually as a kingdom of nature and considered so by the scientists before twoMagic, 612:duality, his two basic realities. The watery nature of his astral experience in which these twoMagic, 612:the force which governs the animal or material nature are the [613] prime expression of truth. YetMagic, 614:out of the ground (symbol of the foundational nature of the animal kingdom). Yet at times thisMagic, 614:in the consciousness of the fourth kingdom in nature, for man is "under illusion" in a senseMagic, 614:developed astral consciousness? It is the dual nature of the mind which causes this illusion, forMagic, 621:desired ends about in such a way that the form nature can be keyed up and prepared to handle itsMagic, 623:be swept off his feet in three ways: His whole nature is under undue stimulation on account of hisMagic, 624:of the entire personality; the versatile psychic nature responds both to need and to the theory ofMagic, 625:of us. They have their root in the instinctual nature (economic fears, fears arising out of the sexMagic, 626:Humanity persists, as a race and as a kingdom in nature, as a result of this fear tendency, thisMagic, 627:acted as a tremendous stimulation of his entire nature, and have carried him forward to his presentMagic, 636:to the glamor and to the faults inherent in his nature and permit them to hinder his work and comeMeditationschool, and those of a prophetic or esoteric nature, which may not now be communicated. It is hopedMeditation, 12:[12] Hence may easily be seen the essential nature of Meditation and its wise, diligent and seriousMeditation, 12:after the attainment of the highest the lower nature has to offer, man begins to meditate.Meditation, 15:The Karmic condition of his threefold lower nature. The condition of his Causal Body. The immediateMeditation, 18:quality and the [18] controlling of the lower nature so that one supreme endeavor is made to pierceMeditation, 24:pleasures of the body; he lives for his physical nature, and has no thought for aught that may beMeditation, 30:coordinated, when he had an emotional or desire nature sufficiently strong to form a basis forMeditation, 30:one and the causal body was formed. All in nature is interdependent, and the indwelling ThinkerMeditation, 52:note of this system, the note of manifested nature. This note is, and to it must be supplementedMeditation, 80:it is rendered more complex by the threefold nature of the centers themselves, - etheric, emotionalMeditation, 91:opens to the intuition and closes to the animal nature can a man wisely proceed with his work. OnlyMeditation, 92:transitory imperfections. The imperfections of nature - as we term them - are the imperfections ofMeditation, 94:reaction, and each totality in his threefold nature is affected by its alignment or by its lack ofMeditation, 95:and may bring about results of a serious nature. This inhibition has a direct effect upon theMeditation, 101:else in the Logoic scheme - assume a threefold nature, attacking [102] three departments of theMeditation, 105:tension and nervousness, differing according to nature and temperament. This display of nervousnessMeditation, 108:of sensitiveness by the revealing cruelties of nature; it may be the building in of unselfishMeditation, 117:united for work of an occult and spiritual nature. It may be either a band of church workers amongMeditation, 118:if through meditation of an unsuitable nature he neglects his proper obligation he delays theMeditation, 120:The ignorance of the average student as to the nature of those forces and as to the personnel ofMeditation, 121:those of obsession, either of a temporary nature and lasting for a few moments or more enduring andMeditation, 126:Elementals and subhuman entities of a malicious nature who rush in on the slightest opportunity andMeditation, 130:man may be permitted to manipulate the forces of nature, to dominate the elementals, to cooperateMeditation, 141:definite method. I seek to show the essential nature of proceeding under law in this the mostMeditation, 141:matter which is the basis of all work of this nature. The method employed by the Logos in this theMeditation, 142:Whom he theoretically calls God, or Nature. Between this purely selfish point of view (I use TheMeditation, 145:lack of nourishment that the threefold lower nature becomes simply the means whereby the EgoMeditation, 148:The occultist recognizes the kingdom of God in nature or the system and regards himself as a smallMeditation, 150:to do: First, by meditation, to bring his whole nature under rule, and to learn to build the forms,Meditation, 158:and so develop knowledge of the concrete side of Nature - that side which works under law. You canMeditation, 179:The true and occult significant of force in nature, of the electrical [180] currents of theMeditation, 185:human being which marks him out as of the same nature as the Solar Logos. Here you have fire as itMeditation, 190:test, and are consequently known to be facts in nature, and only when mental concepts are broughtMeditation, 192:of a vacuum. The occult statement that "Nature abhors a vacuum" is entirely true. When through theMeditation, 194:corresponding stimulation in all the kingdoms of nature, for the human kingdom forms a link betweenMeditation, 196:that purpose. The controlling of the forces of nature so that physical plane occurrences may beMeditation, 196:those who employ it into line with certain of Nature's forces. It is that directed action, followedMeditation, 208:Just as the green of the activity of Nature forms the basis of the love aspect, or the indigoMeditation, 209:negations. Their tone is lower than the note of Nature. They are the offspring [210] of night,Meditation, 212:absorbs. Green is the basis of the activity of Nature. It was the synthetic color for system 1, andMeditation, 212:for the present manifested system. The note of Nature is green, and each time a man reviews theMeditation, 214:and the other is the foundation color of Nature. That the other five colors with which our fivefoldMeditation, 214:Note how in autumn, when the processes of Nature have run their course and the cycle is complete,Meditation, 229:fifth principle of manas. The five kingdoms of nature. The mineral kingdom. The vegetable kingdom.Meditation, 231:the intuition. Much of it has been in the nature of prophecy, and of the holding forth of an idealMeditation, 245:or as the vehicle which links the emotional nature to the dense physical. The physical invariablyMeditation, 245:physical invariably follows the behests of that nature as transmitted via the etheric. In formingMeditation, 248:physical body, being the color of the note of Nature. This seems to you sketchy and inadequate? SoMeditation, 250:be a feature in certain work of a constructive nature. This sounds to you utterly impossible, butMeditation, 270:of all that subsists within a man's nature, and may lead (especially at first) to curiousMeditation, 274:is based on a scientific comprehension of human nature. What is it that a Master has to do with aMeditation, 278:and shews all the fluctuations of his nature. Being composed of emotion and mental matter itMeditation, 284:the only complete unit in the threefold lower nature will be apprehended, and the fact made use ofMeditation, 289:as progress is made, and every department of his nature and of his service develops, with greaterMeditation, 336:great average majority in all the kingdoms of nature. As progress is made an intensification ofMeditation, 338:be remembered that the stilling of the emotional nature is a step preliminary to the quieting ofMeditation, 345:of his Higher Self and the Master what is the nature and the measure of the problem to be solved,Meditation, 349:the mind back over old achievement, is in the nature of involution, and the servant seeks to workMeditation, 352:higher kinds and their rulers they are forces of nature more than ethereal men and women. EthericMeditation, 353:solar system who are the intelligent forces of nature, and who control the evolutionary processes.Meditation, 354:The power of Life: one of the forces of nature. It is a power known only to those who practicePatanjaliachieved through the subjugation of the psychic nature, and the restraint of the chitta (or mind).Patanjaliis attained by concentration upon its fourfold nature: the form, through examination; the qualityPatanjaliresults of the obstacles in the lower psychic nature. 32. To overcome the obstacles and theirPatanjaliand rendered free from illusion as the lower nature is purified and no longer indulged. 38. PeacePatanjali, 8:and soul powers manifested, The lower psychic nature can be subdued, and the higher psychicPatanjali, 9:achieved through the subjugation of the psychic nature and the restraint of the chitta (or mind).Patanjali, 9:to do: To gain control of the "versatile psychic nature," To prevent the mind from assuming thePatanjali, 9:in mind that, occultly speaking, when the lower nature is controlled it can manifest the higher.Patanjali, 10:of which thought forms are made. The "psychic nature" is kama-manas (desire-mind), the emotional orPatanjali, 11:the conscious intelligent control of the lower nature. Patanjali, 11:sutra, Sees the self, Realizes the true nature of the soul, Identifies himself with the innerPatanjali, 12:changing transformations which prevent the true nature of the soul becoming manifest. These are thePatanjali, 12:shadow before the face of the sun." The inherent nature of the lives which constitute these activePatanjali, 12:The student is urged to bear in mind the nature of this aspect of evolution which is proceedingPatanjali, 13:is controlled and the tumult of the lower nature stilled that it becomes possible for the innerPatanjali, 14:that we are [14] dealing with the lower psychic nature, which is the term occultly applied to thePatanjali, 14:emotional reactions. All activity in the lower nature is the result of kama-manas, or of mindPatanjali, 14:action of the soul or spiritual man, whose nature is love, whose acts are wise (occultlyPatanjali, 14:is the fifth principle, and like all else in nature, manifests as a duality. This duality is: LowerPatanjali, 17:the "Kingdom of God." All group concerns and the nature of group consciousness are revealed to him.Patanjali, 18:form through which any life in any kingdom of nature is expressing itself, is (to the occultist)
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