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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - NATURE

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Patanjali, 420:all hours of recollection of one's true nature are means employed to detach the mind from the lowerPatanjali, 420:of a constant realization of one's true divine nature. When this realization is achieved, the needPatanjali, 422:from all that concerns the form or material nature. The next three sutras should be read as one,Patanjali, 422:a picture of the gradual growth of the spiritual nature in the man who has arrived at the state ofPatanjali, 422:and increasing illumination as to the true nature of the one Self. Through force of habit, however,Patanjali, 422:perception. These reflections are of the nature of hindrances and the method of their overcoming isPatanjali, 424:afresh in the toils of the versatile psychic nature. Non-attachment to all forms of sensuousPatanjali, 425:joy and peace are registrations of the emotional nature and in no way affect reality. It isPatanjali, 428:(or qualities of matter), through the inherent nature of the three gunas come to an end, for theyPatanjali, 428:of matter (the three gunas or potencies of nature) no longer exercise any hold over the Self. ThePatanjali, viii:and the development of the astral and psychic nature. Later on, Bhakti Yoga, growing out of thePatanjali, x:soul, of Krishna, the second aspect, in his true nature as God in manifestation, culminating inPatanjali, xi:freed from every veil, the soul in its true nature walks the earth. It becomes apparent to us, asPatanjali, xii:man, the victim of his desires and lower [xii] nature become man, the victor, triumph over thePatanjali, xii:pride, the personification of the misused mental nature and the distorted perceptions of the mind,Patanjali, xiii:liberated [xiii] from the three worlds. The nature of the soul, the qualities and activitiesPatanjali, xiii:qualities and activities inherent in the love nature of the Son of God, and the wisdom whichProblemsprogress made by humanity has been such that the nature of the problems has changed to a markedProblems, 14:ideas which emanate from the divine in man and nature eventually become ideals (even thoughProblems, 17:through which will come revelation as to the nature of the soul of man. France has in the pastProblems, 17:soul of man. France has in the past revealed the nature of the human soul in its stage of intensestProblems, 26:shows itself as yet in a wonderful control of nature and in great construction projects which bringProblems, 31:it belongs to all, freely distributing it as nature does? Or will they permit it to fall into theProblems, 33:the past few hundred years been of a different nature, the world war might never have happened.Problems, 35:soul and to grasp (with increasing aptitude) the nature of the universe. It enables the philosopherProblems, 37:beautiful [37] environment; all the products of nature have been subordinated to giving humanityProblems, 45:countries take will inevitably determine the nature of the coming civilization. They should prepareProblems, 47:and of goodwill will emerge. What is the nature of this atmosphere? 1. An atmosphere of loveProblems, 52:A developing mental control of the emotional nature. Vision or the capacity to see beyond what isProblems, 54:but the whole effort is still amateurish in nature. When made more scientific it opens the door forProblems, 55:they should begin to train the child in the nature of the world in which he should play his part,Problems, 56:in this direction is already to be seen. The nature - physical, vital, emotional and mental - ofProblems, 65:be a right approach to God, transcendent in nature and immanent in man, whilst the keynote of theProblems, 66:grow out of this discovery - one immediate in nature and the other to be later developed. The firstProblems, 73:sense of values, but there is little of a potent nature that they can do. Second, those who areProblems, 81:being done will be found to be of an interim nature; it will simply help humanity to make a greatProblems, 82:of many great releases in all the kingdoms of nature; the great [83] release still ahead ofProblems, 85:national jealousies. These are inherent in human nature but are fed and fostered by prejudice andProblems, 90:to read and to plan. All evolution is cyclic in nature; nations and races pass through the sameProblems, 96:say anything about it which will not be in the nature of a platitude, that will not indicate a biasProblems, 100:Jewish angle and its irritating and frictional nature to the Gentile. This irritating factor isProblems, 105:into countless tribes, living in a state of nature, primitive, warlike, totally uneducated from theProblems, 107:Christian faith have a definite appeal to his nature; the emotional aspects of the ChristianProblems, 107:and pure mysticism, ranging all the way from nature worship and a primitive animism to a deepProblems, 114:in this direction, but because that same human nature cannot be easily or rapidly changed. Also,Problems, 115:than is often estimated; it is inherent in human nature and is the product of countless centuriesProblems, 116:accepted platitude and is unfortunately in the nature of an anti-climax: Establish right humanProblems, 118:meaning of goodwill, to emphasize the practical nature of its expression, to gather together intoProblems, 120:on to a fuller and richer understanding of the nature of love and to an expression of some stillProblems, 127:results of man's own thinking, of his own lower nature, of his sectarian isolationism (fostered byProblems, 127:of fear, inherited from the animal side of his nature - all these are fostered and inculcated byProblems, 128:Christ was divine and how far He was human, the nature of the Virgin Birth, the function of St.Problems, 128:of St. Paul as a teacher of Christian truth, the nature of hell, salvation through blood, and theProblems, 129:and an imposed authority of a most cramping nature. The early Christian Church (which wasProblems, 141:be, we cannot know. The revelation [141] of the nature of God has been a slow unfolding process,Problems, 141:transcendent God appeared in the processes of nature; later, in the Jewish dispensation, GodProblems, 142:minutest atom, up through all the kingdoms of nature to man. Problems, 147:and is the keynote of the fourth kingdom in nature, the human. Brotherhood is a great natural fact;Problems, 147:distinction or differences in its essential nature, in its origin, its spiritual and mentalProblems, 148:of consciousness; there is no difference in nature. [149] Problems, 151:lesser Approaches made clear to us the true nature of the great Approaches and showed us how thatProblems, 152:realities and perhaps of [152] the very nature of God Himself. May it not be possible that ourProblems, 152:Each of the three concepts as to the nature of divinity - mind, love and will - were entirely newProblems, 153:The heart of humanity is sound; God in His very nature and, with all His power is present in theProblems, 157:the area of mental understanding. The grasping nature of the prayers of the average men (based asProblems, 160:to awaken the intuition and to understand the nature of truth. These two methods of prayer and ofProblems, 162:of such a spiritual happening, and prophesy the nature of certain of the future worldwideProblems, 163:man's relation to it emphasized and the nature of God's love registered. Men everywhere will invokeProblems, 164:be the day pre-eminently on which the divine nature of man will be recognized and his power toProblems, 171:education of the masses in every land as to the nature of true goodwill and its hitherto unusedProblems, 178:human relations and educating the public in the nature and power of goodwill. They will thus createPsychology1, xix:and his development; the second indicates the nature and ideals of the group into which he may findPsychology1, xxii:human kingdom, and their essential quality and nature, remain as yet a mystery. It will bePsychology1, xxii:this expression of its laws and tradition, its nature, origin and [xxiii] potentialities willPsychology1, xxiii:know that there is but one substance, present in nature in varying degrees of density and ofPsychology1, xxiv:faculty, and resultant illumination. The nature of our septenary universe must be considered, andPsychology1, 4:will make their appearance in the kingdoms of nature, and the consequent stage of awareness (thePsychology1, 4:to the peculiar vibration, quality, coloring and nature of the ray in question. The ray inPsychology1, 4:changes in the mind content and the emotional nature of the man and determine the caliber of thePsychology1, 4:and seek to tabulate, outline and indicate their nature, purpose and effects. The seven rays, beingPsychology1, 4:rays will be to clarify our knowledge as to the nature of man. Modern psychology, experimental andPsychology1, 5:as to how a man functions, what is the nature of his reactions, the caliber of his thoughtPsychology1, 5:to do with the emphasis we shall lay upon the nature of the integrating principle found within allPsychology1, 6:or self. This principle, which informs the body nature and expresses its reactions through thePsychology1, 6:entity, detached and separate from the body nature; they question whether it is an integratedPsychology1, 6:the personalities and which constitute the nature of the human being fall naturally into threePsychology1, 6:is scientifically true, and a spiritual fact in nature, that God is the Three in One and the One inPsychology1, 7:in the three worlds and the four kingdoms in nature. You have therefore: Three monadic groups ofPsychology1, 7:the differentiations which manifest in nature are found in the realm of quality and not in thePsychology1, 7:the threefold forms in the fourth kingdom of nature which they create, and through which they havePsychology1, 12:that others can apprehend them also. This is the nature of the real work to be done by the newPsychology1, 12:In undertaking to reveal something anent the nature of the seven rays, I feel it necessary toPsychology1, 13:of a unity which is the unity of the form nature. In this unity, the soul is so closely identifiedPsychology1, 14:within the confines of the fourth kingdom in nature - we have a slowly developing inclusivenessPsychology1, 16:of a highly developed and high grade emotional nature. All our considerations therefore in thisPsychology1, 19:directions: to those in the subhuman kingdoms in nature, to those with whom he associates in thePsychology1, 20:and the seven emanations and to the life and nature of the seven "Spirits which are before thePsychology1, 21:lesser is included in the greater, every form in nature and every human being is found upon one orPsychology1, 23:of desire, and is the attractive principle in nature and the custodian of the Law of Attraction,Psychology1, 25:is a true and vital expression of the divine nature. A militant focusing upon the ideal, a
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