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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - NATURE

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Psychology1, 259:as follows: The response of the instinctive nature of the animal to the mental atmosphere of thePsychology1, See pa:of that Entity Who informs an entire kingdom in nature, and then through that particular centerPsychology1, 261:the case, for by it the aspirant determines the nature and the quality of his soul type, and of thePsychology1, 262:- Section Two - II. The Rays and the Kingdoms in Nature c. The Five Points of Contact There arePsychology1, 264:human kingdom, raise the subhuman kingdoms in nature also (after much effort) to life and consciousPsychology1, 264:each of the three kingdoms, is life brought to nature itself. For this "the whole creation groanethPsychology1, 265:- Section Two - II. The Rays and the Kingdoms in Nature d. Cyclic Manifestation So the workPsychology1, 266:governs the rays as well as the kingdoms in nature and the forms contained therein. It determinesPsychology1, 267:of lives (such as that of the fourth kingdom in nature to the third), it might be apposite next toPsychology1, 268:- Section Two - II. The Rays and the Kingdoms in Nature e. The Problem of Sex I have stated thatPsychology1, 268:dominating factor in the animal side of man's nature; it is based upon the excessive intimacy of .Psychology1, 270:economic situation of such a drastic and serious nature that the very peace and stability of thePsychology1, 270:one is controlled by the rhythm of his animal nature, and knows no more of the evil side and of thePsychology1, 272:- Section Two - II. The Rays and the Kingdoms in Nature One thing I will say, sad though it mayPsychology1, 275:results which inevitably follow when the laws of nature are broken and the [276] physical body isPsychology1, 276:souls whose life is divorced from the animal nature and whose minds control their daily acts is thePsychology1, 277:- Section Two - II. The Rays and the Kingdoms in Nature i. Definitions of Sex, of Virtue and ofPsychology1, 277:positive and negative; and they are in the nature of a stage upon the evolutionary ladder towards aPsychology1, 279:upon that which is material, then the form nature becomes dominant, and not the divine. If energyPsychology1, 280:line, and which outrage oft the very laws of nature itself. Energy is an impersonal thing, and isPsychology1, 280:- Section Two - II. The Rays and the Kingdoms in Nature The incoming seventh ray expresses thePsychology1, 281:within the human family as well as elsewhere in nature, we shall have the development of the powerPsychology1, 284:as it is affected by his time and age, his nature and surroundings. They alter also according toPsychology1, 284:- Section Two - II. The Rays and the Kingdoms in Nature Yet all periods of the world's history havePsychology1, 285:a unit, and we have the mind and the emotional nature fused and blended, on the one hand with thePsychology1, 286:with the physical body, and the emotional nature left out. Seldom, very seldom, do we find thePsychology1, 287:purely physical and emotional, so will be the nature of the child. Thus is the general averagePsychology1, 288:- Section Two - II. The Rays and the Kingdoms in Nature Again, in man himself the great drama ofPsychology1, 292:will the sons of God appear in their true nature to take over the guidance of humanity in the NewPsychology1, 292:- Section Two - II. The Rays and the Kingdoms in Nature ii. Sex in the New Age Prophecy is ever aPsychology1, 293:As man comes to understand his own threefold nature, and as the nature of consciousness and thePsychology1, 293:understand his own threefold nature, and as the nature of consciousness and the depth of his ownPsychology1, 295:realization. It will be regarded as a fact in nature and as a product of past evolutionary cycles,Psychology1, 295:manner in which man today satisfies his sexual nature is abnormal and unregulated, [296] and thatPsychology1, 296:the marriage of all three aspects of man's nature; there should be a meeting on all three levels ofPsychology1, 296:each other in all the three departments of their nature, and there should be a simultaneous unionPsychology1, 297:- Section Two - II. The Rays and the Kingdoms in Nature 3. Some Suggestions for the Present Cycle IPsychology1, 298:carried off his feet by his instinctual animal nature, and only a clear and clean mentalPsychology1, 298:clear and clean mental understanding of the real nature of his problem will be strong enough toPsychology1, 299:may express itself. He has to understand the nature of the symbolism underlying the sexualPsychology1, 299:and all of it is confined to the animal nature and the physical plane. I am largely generalizingPsychology1, 301:- Section Two - II. The Rays and the Kingdoms in Nature The second basic postulate was enunciatedPsychology1, 301:because our neighbor is a soul as we are, with a nature essentially perfect and an infinitePsychology1, 302:themselves when situations arise of a difficult nature: Will this action of mine tend to the groupPsychology1, 303:hardships they bring are not so evil in their nature nor so lasting in their effects as would bePsychology1, 304:- Section Two - II. The Rays and the Kingdoms in Nature iv. Sex and Discipleship I want to write aPsychology1, 304:rounded out till all the functions of its nature - animal, human and divine - (and man is all ofPsychology1, 304:for the full expression of every part of man's nature. There is no greater service to be renderedPsychology1, 306:rightly understood. The bringing of the animal nature under rhythmic discipline, the elevation ofPsychology1, 306:The celibacy required is that of the higher nature to the demands of the lower, and the refusal ofPsychology1, 306:control the animal and instinctual side of his nature. But this condition is frequently the resultPsychology1, 306:and rectify past errors and give the lower nature time to readjust itself. But again it is noPsychology1, 309:Here lies the point. He is therefore in the nature of a link, and a far from missing link. HePsychology1, 312:Humanity, and humanity alone, can reveal the nature of the Godhead and of eternal life. To man isPsychology1, 312:To man is given the privilege of revealing the nature of the divine consciousness, and ofPsychology1, 313:group idea is rapidly gaining ground, and the nature of humanity is being better understood. ThePsychology1, 318:races need not here be considered by us. The nature of the consciousness of the forms found inPsychology1, 320:curious synthesis, on the subjective side of his nature, producing a fusion of life, of power, ofPsychology1, 321:one or other of the seven ray groups. The mind nature and mental body are governed by the Rays ofPsychology1, 321:or Synthesis, and of Knowledge. The emotional nature and form are governed by the Rays ofPsychology1, 322:in himself the qualities of three kingdoms in nature, including the one before and the one afterPsychology1, 324:The true motive is to train the threefold lower nature, the integrated personality, to the highestPsychology1, 325:They are learning how to adapt the forces of nature, the energies of the rays and the potencies ofPsychology1, 327:is an activity of an occult and scientific nature, and is instinctual in substance itself. ThisPsychology1, 332:and those which are of an astrological nature, such as the rising sign, or the governing planets?Psychology1, 333:of psychology of a more sure and accurate nature, instead of the speculative science it now is. AtPsychology1, 338:this, in its turn, balances the so-called love nature, and it is in truth the cause of ourPsychology1, 339:speed integrating the three aspects of human nature into a unity, called personality. Men arePsychology1, 340:[340] The satisfaction of his instinctual animal nature. The desires of a more emotional andPsychology1, 340:body demands. The pull and pleasures of the mind nature, and of intellectual appetites. He becomesPsychology1, 342:Esotericists must remember that every kingdom in nature constitutes a totality of lives. Every atomPsychology1, 342:a totality of lives. Every atom in every form in nature is a life, and these lives form the cellsPsychology1, 343:is a Being embodied in every kingdom [343] in nature. Just as the myriads of atomic lives in thePsychology1, 343:the greater Life informing the fourth kingdom in nature. This appearance - as are all appearances -Psychology1, 344:has a natural relation to the fourth kingdom in nature, which is in turn the lowest manifestationPsychology1, 344:the divine sons of God. The fourth kingdom in nature which is the result of the evolutionaryPsychology1, 346:ancient formulation of truth, which is in the nature of a symbolical prophecy. The same idea hasPsychology1, 349:the effect produced is always of a crystallizing nature and is apt to produce "set forms whichPsychology1, 349:causes mental conditions of a set and static nature. The inference is therefore clear that in thePsychology1, 350:the personality aspect of the fourth kingdom in nature, and being one of the rays determining orPsychology1, 351:shall we arrive at the recognition of a law in nature hitherto undiscovered. This particular law isPsychology1, 351:but the elder three partake of the Father's nature. The younger four resemble the Mother. The threePsychology1, 351:go forth into the universe of stars and show the nature of the one the Father loved." The rays ofPsychology1, 352:of a form life which will express the divine nature more potently than the divine Plan. This truthPsychology1, 352:of purpose will be of a different timbre and nature than those which are given to the developmentPsychology1, 356:of this ray was to stimulate the instinctual nature. This gave awareness of the form nature ofPsychology1, 356:nature. This gave awareness of the form nature of Deity. During Atlantean days, through thePsychology1, 356:into the intellect, and that aspect of man's nature was developed which is called (in theosophicalPsychology1, 357:work automatically as does man's instinctual nature, and the race will be intuitive. This willPsychology1, 357:This will really mean that the fifth kingdom in nature will be manifesting on earth, and that thePsychology1, 359:The white magician works with the forces of nature and swings them back into control of advancedPsychology1, 360:and to sectarianism, due to the selective nature of the mind and its tendency to divide andPsychology1, 364:produce in some one or other of the kingdoms of nature effects of a desirable and beneficentPsychology1, 364:This plane is that of the emotional-desire nature, and its symbol is water. The coming Aquarian AgePsychology1, 365:or of an entertainment, etc.) is of an analogous nature, for it imposes on the participants aPsychology1, 365:ceremonial of the Builders. Every kingdom in nature is subjected to ritualistic experience and toPsychology1, 365:and rhythms of the body, of the emotional nature and of the mental processes, or of thosePsychology1, 365:as a whole upon the newer lines. They are in the nature of material efficiency experts who havePsychology1, 372:a definite relation between the first kingdom in nature, the mineral kingdom, and the finalPsychology1, 372:between the lowest kingdom in the scale of nature and the highest, between that which expresses the
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