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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - NATURE

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Psychology1, 374:and studying the theory of the electrical nature of the human being. They are working rapidlyPsychology1, 374:the emphasis upon the vital aspect of man; the nature of the life principle is under discussion,Psychology1, 376:of our Earth into the various kingdoms of nature. The basic distinctions between the kingdoms;Psychology1, 377:humanity. When active in the other kingdoms of nature their influence is different, and they arePsychology1, 390:therefore be seen how the many septenates of nature, having their roots in the primary septenate ofPsychology1, 394:with accuracy, or establish the right or wrong nature of my conclusions? I but present the facts asPsychology1, 395:which is the expression of the fourth kingdom in nature, the human, there was to be found aPsychology1, 395:the focus of attention was upon the physical nature and its control. The Old Commentary expressesPsychology1, 402:of the atoms of that body. The emotional desire nature, which is to be found influenced andPsychology1, 402:of astral atoms. The mind body or mental nature, and the caliber and quality of the ray determiningPsychology1, 405:group rays: [405] Those of the fourth kingdom in nature. This will have different effects,Psychology1, 405:him serially and together; these color his nature, produce his quality, and determine hisPsychology1, 406:has been brought about. It causes the mind nature to achieve that clear vision which finds itsPsychology1, 406:Initiator - the Christ. Releasing the love nature. The final Initiator - the Planetary Logos.Psychology1, 414:seeking to make manifest the desire or the love nature of the planetary Logos. The three subhumanPsychology1, 414:kingdoms seek to manifest the intelligent nature of the planetary Logos. (A Treatise on CosmicPsychology1, 415:on Cosmic Fire, p. 1134) Each kingdom in nature is positive to the one next below. (A Treatise onPsychology1, 422:through one or other of the four kingdoms in nature: Ray IV Harmony, Conflict 4th kingdom Human.Psychology1, 425:every element. These five forms are the gross nature, the elemental form, the quality, thePsychology1, 425:an analogy for consideration: The gross nature - the mineral kingdom. The elemental form - thePsychology1, 428:or inertia, - but in this case it is the tamasic nature of mind and not that of matter, as usuallyPsychology2, 4:may express itself and so demonstrate the nature of divinity on the plane of appearances. The egoicPsychology2, 6:evolutionary purpose for the fourth kingdom in nature is to enable man to manifest as a soul inPsychology2, 7:[7] into manifestation the fifth kingdom in nature, the Kingdom of Souls. All this has to bePsychology2, 9:so that it can express itself through the form nature. It will eventually be the first aspect ofPsychology2, 10:triple force aggregation which we call the form nature of man. The individual, on the way to fullPsychology2, 10:on earth, veiled by the fleshly form, the desire nature and the fluidic mind. He is a preyPsychology2, 10:whereby forms of life in the fourth kingdom in nature arrive at: Conscious individuality, throughPsychology2, 13:contact, but have not yet whipped the lower nature into shape. They are, therefore, unable toPsychology2, 15:aspiration to serve humanity, will indicate the nature of the consummated individuality and thePsychology2, 19:the soul becomes aware of the essential nature of divinity. Participation in full consciousnessPsychology2, 19:modern science give no real idea as to the true nature of life. Life or essential energy is morePsychology2, 21:becomes focused in the fourth kingdom in nature, the human, through the agency of a "cycle ofPsychology2, 22:appearance changes, [22] and it is the quality nature of Deity (as expressed in the soul) whichPsychology2, 24:more deeply hidden, the prisoner of the form nature. The entire forces of the life are concentratedPsychology2, 26:to assert itself. As this happens, the desire nature is brought under control, and consequently thePsychology2, 26:under control, and consequently the physical nature can become more definitely the instrument ofPsychology2, 27:God as it flows through the various kingdoms in nature from age to age. The thread of the unfoldingPsychology2, 28:through the medium of the four kingdoms in nature. Psychology2, 28:all the events in all the kingdoms of nature, and all the phases of life-conditioning in the humanPsychology2, 30:initiation. Absorption into the One Life is the nature of this elevated state of consciousness.Psychology2, 31:consciousness of the initiate is of so lofty a nature that it can only be described in terms ofPsychology2, 32:from all vibratory impressions which it is the nature of pure Being (divorced from phenomenalPsychology2, 32:will that quality. The color pure remains. The nature of life in form fails to appear. It flashesPsychology2, 43:the student correctly to comprehend his own ray nature, and also whereabouts he stands in hisPsychology2, 49:Indications of the importance and the crucial nature of such transition can be seen in certainPsychology2, 56:immutable and unchangeable in its own inherent nature, as it comes forth from the mind of eitherPsychology2, 56:wherein the two are known as one, and the form nature (including in this phase the causal body asPsychology2, 56:of human development are - as in all else in nature, - apparently inchoate and formless, from thePsychology2, 56:physical form, but the inner, fluid, subjective nature, emotional and mental, in no way conforms toPsychology2, 56:crisis after crisis occurs, and the inner form nature responds more definitely and precisely to thePsychology2, 60:physiological aspect, for it is in the physical nature that the consciousness is primarily focused;Psychology2, 61:and to preserve its own specific qualitative nature. Life resembles the fuel which, in conjunctionPsychology2, 61:principle. There is a diversity running through nature and a qualifying principle whichPsychology2, 62:in conjunction with its own inherent conditioned nature. A form is produced which is adequate toPsychology2, 65:all atoms and forms within the fourth kingdom of nature. This we cannot be expected to comprehendPsychology2, 67:wise to define more accurately what that higher nature is, and of what it consists. Psychology2, 67:The mechanism is, in its own nature, also a blend or fusion of energies - the energy of substancePsychology2, 68:in form, the energy of the astral or desire nature and the energy of mind. When these are fused andPsychology2, 70:of spiritual mind, whose reflection in the lower nature is the mind or the principle ofPsychology2, 70:mind, conveying illumination; the intuitive nature, conferring spiritual perception and divinePsychology2, 74:"crisis of polarization". This process is in the nature of a review, such as one imposes on thePsychology2, 74:of the higher and lower aspects of the human nature, the more rapidly will the task of salvagingPsychology2, 75:communication is established between the higher nature and the lower, between the world of the soulPsychology2, 76:(and all are thoughtless, for such is nature's way) hold on to life and give no thought to the timePsychology2, 79:and characteristics, and these determine the nature of the forms constructed, the quality of thePsychology2, 80:through desire, grasp. This expresses the nature of the force demonstration employed. There is aPsychology2, 82:as yet the mystery of electricity and the true nature of electrical phenomena (than which there isPsychology2, 83:light can intelligibly be thrown upon the nature of the seven types of electrical phenomena whichPsychology2, 85:imparting to humanity an understanding of the nature of those qualities and characteristics whichPsychology2, 85:are governed by energies and laws which are of a nature different from those governingPsychology2, 89:offered to all evolving lives in all kingdoms of nature and in all created worlds. Thus they couldPsychology2, 90:have taken some of the higher initiations. Their nature must necessarily remain incomprehensible toPsychology2, 90:of the forms of life in the various kingdoms of nature. An intensification of conscious activity,Psychology2, 90:elements in which we live, and of the forces of nature. Today we talk in terms of air mastery justPsychology2, 92:- dominating factors in the fourth kingdom in nature, the human kingdom. Our planet, the fourth inPsychology2, 92:the solar angels brought the fourth kingdom in nature into being. The "returning nirvanis" (as theyPsychology2, 93:its way through [93] the subhuman kingdoms in nature, needed the activity of the solar angels toPsychology2, 95:can also be traced throughout every kingdom in nature. It is typified for us in the basicPsychology2, 95:thus, even in the first and densest kingdom in nature (whose consciousness is so far removed fromPsychology2, 105:to them, and this, being counter to the law of nature, works out disastrously. It is the height ofPsychology2, 106:there will be. Does this itself sound of the nature of separation and aloneness? It does, as far asPsychology2, 112:between the soul of the [112] fourth kingdom in nature, the human, and the soul of the threePsychology2, 113:no personal ambition implied, even of spiritual nature and no personal union sought. This is notPsychology2, 117:is now controlled by the subjective side of his nature. He is now governed by the Law of MagneticPsychology2, 117:centers demonstrates) and the two aspects of his nature, higher and lower, which constitute the twoPsychology2, 119:rendered upon the planet in all the kingdoms of nature by the Hierarchy of Masters. Between thesePsychology2, 123:solar plexus. This accounts for the emotional nature of most of the service rendered in the worldPsychology2, 123:also for the generally unsatisfactory nature of much of that which is now being done to relievePsychology2, 125:the physical plane. It is the manner whereby the nature of that soul can demonstrate in the worldPsychology2, 125:is the outstanding characteristic of the lower nature. It is group desire, just as in the lowerPsychology2, 125:nature. It is group desire, just as in the lower nature it is personality desire. It is the urge toPsychology2, 126:men as a whole. This effect is somewhat in the nature of it reflection in the lower nature of aPsychology2, 126:in the nature of it reflection in the lower nature of a higher consciousness, and therefore todayPsychology2, 127:consider is the field of this service, and its nature as a science. The field of service, first ofPsychology2, 127:Spirit, working within the region of a man's own nature. The first thing the soul has to do whenPsychology2, 127:and then to prepare the lower threefold nature so that it can automatically submit to the Law ofPsychology2, 127:has been laid upon the process whereby the lower nature is to be subjugated to the higher Law ofPsychology2, 127:and inevitable clashing between the lower nature, working under its own laws, and the higherPsychology2, 129:imitative quality of the personality, its monkey nature, and the eagerness of a high grade
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