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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - NATURE

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Psychology2, 269:place upon the battlefield of the emotional nature, and the Touch of Enlightenment is effectedPsychology2, 270:the soul, and between the forces of the lower nature and the energy of the soul. It is with thisPsychology2, 271:thus transforms life by the light that God's nature pours forth. It would be of use to us all toPsychology2, 273:history is made and we learn later the amazing nature of the epoch through which the race isPsychology2, 275:form, and the shift of consciousness from a body nature into a body "not made with hands, eternalPsychology2, 279:group events which are predominantly cosmic in nature. The major initiations which are the goal ofPsychology2, 279:are the goal of human endeavor are individual in nature, and constitute, as it were, a preparatoryPsychology2, 280:of these temples, the fifth kingdom in nature will be brought into manifested being. Over thePsychology2, 284:This fifth type of energy is itself dual in nature, being the transcendent archetype of both mindPsychology2, 285:lotus." Its reflection is found in the mind nature of the personality. The Spirit. The energy ofPsychology2, 285:him eventually to the full flowering of his nature, and to a full expression of the seven types ofPsychology2, 286:[286] of the urges of the automatic physical nature and the impulses of the vital or etheric body.Psychology2, 288:condition the various vehicles that the true nature of the problem of psychology will emerge andPsychology2, 288:the mind include one which links the mind nature with the ray of the solar system, which is thePsychology2, 288:should be directed to this ray and to the mind nature which is related to it. In an understandingPsychology2, 290:which compose, constitute and control the lower nature. These, in their triple totality, form thePsychology2, 291:goal, in the early stages, will be of a material nature. The fighting spirit or that spirit ofPsychology2, 292:is governed by an elemental of fourth ray nature or quality and that, therefore, creative, artisticPsychology2, 294:strides will be made in handling people. The nature of the human equipment and its internalPsychology2, 295:a position to sense, determine, or discover the nature of their monadic ray or that of theirPsychology2, 295:It is the "unknown quantity" in a man's nature. It does not, however, greatly complicate hisPsychology2, 296:three worlds" and of the subhuman kingdoms in nature. Taking the hypothetical chart given above,Psychology2, 298:draw up most interesting charts of their own nature, qualities and characteristics. It might be ofPsychology2, 306:life is above or below the diaphragm. [306] The nature of the particular ray energy. The stagePsychology2, 3o8:these latter two stages, the rays of the lower nature become increasingly powerful.Psychology2, 3o8:clearer, and the three elementals of the lower nature, the force of the so-called "three lunarPsychology2, 309:fusing and blending. This causes the animal nature to conform entirely to the inner impulses -Psychology2, 310:true kurukshetra and is fought out in the astral nature, between the pairs of opposites which arePsychology2, 310:evolution wherein the control of the physical nature is an urgent necessity, he recapitulates inPsychology2, 310:and begins to discipline his dense physical nature. Making a sweeping generalization, it might bePsychology2, 312:as the sum total of the forces of the lower nature as expressed in the personality, prior toPsychology2, 319:there is a realization in consciousness of the nature of the issue involved (and such an awarenessPsychology2, 321:of the Bodies It is here that the ray nature of any specific soul is first of all brought intoPsychology2, 321:In the early stages of manifestation, it is the nature of the form or of the vehicle whichPsychology2, 321:and is the outstanding characteristic. The nature of quality, of the underlying soul, is notPsychology2, 321:in this connection be stated that: The physical nature becomes responsive to Desire, Ambition,Psychology2, 324:of the relationships of individuals, and the nature of the unfoldment of the equipment. There willPsychology2, 326:and take our stand upon the premise that the nature of life in the world is experience-gaining,Psychology2, 327:of the form side of life, and upon the nature and quality of that form as it responds, uponPsychology2, 328:and not man as a member of the fourth kingdom in nature. Ponder upon this distinction, for it marksPsychology2, 331:activity upon the physical plane [331] and the nature of his desire life (which is only translatedPsychology2, 334:The Law of Rebirth will be regarded as a law in nature, and place will be given in the thoughts ofPsychology2, 334:still and can only be surmised at first from the nature of [335] the conflict of which thePsychology2, 335:which indicate the quality of the higher nature of the person concerned, and also through a studyPsychology2, 339:reveal the kingdom of God. The fifth kingdom in nature becomes creatively active [340] on earth.Psychology2, 340:humanity upon earth. This will express the nature of the final race. Psychology2, 340:thus producing the subjugation of the lower nature, the awakening of the brain consciousness toPsychology2, 342:The self within, or identified with, the form nature, Becomes slowly conscious and consequentlyPsychology2, 343:An investigation, by the divine Observer of the nature of form life. Divine expression, through thePsychology2, 345:integration which is going on within the lower nature of intelligent humanity, leading inevitablyPsychology2, 345:with the integration of the threefold lower nature into an active, conscious personality, prior toPsychology2, 346:is difficult to make easily comprehensible the nature and [347] purpose of these techniques. AllPsychology2, 347:aspect of the technique is applied to the form nature, producing destruction throughPsychology2, 348:This integration is, therefore, both physical in nature, and an attitude of mind. The consciousnessPsychology2, 349:full consciousness in the various aspects of his nature - emotional, mental and egoic - realizesPsychology2, 350:synthesis still another part, that of the astral nature, and psychic man came definitely intoPsychology2, 353:the unalterable fact of his essentially divine nature or being, which cannot remain satisfied withPsychology2, 353:he has been isolated and separative in his nature. He walks alone because he has cried forth to thePsychology2, 358:the needed integrations of the threefold lower nature. It is at this moment of "integration as thePsychology2, 363:upon our planet and the three lower kingdoms of nature, thus acting as a clearing house for divinePsychology2, 364:that of producing unity, harmony, and beauty in nature, through blending into one functioning,Psychology2, 364:it demonstrates through an entire kingdom in nature. When this takes place, the fourth CreativePsychology2, 365:language, a complex is produced of the same nature as that which temporarily overcame Elijah. HePsychology2, 366:to the problem of the fourth kingdom in nature, the fourth Creative Hierarchy, humanity itself, thePsychology2, 369:am. Know Me. Cherish and know and understand the nature of the veils of life, but know as well thePsychology2, 369:the One Who lives. Know Me. Let not the forms of nature, their processes and powers prevent thyPsychology2, 369:veil nor hide the Self, but will permit the nature of that Self to penetrate the veils of life,Psychology2, 369:the One Who uses it (the Self) and the form nature - may be equally stimulated. This statementPsychology2, 369:soul energy available is poured into the lower nature, the natural man, it might result in thePsychology2, 369:poured into the receiving chalice of the astral nature, it might only serve to intensify the glamorPsychology2, 370:be retained within the periphery of the soul nature to balance thus the other two. This is aPsychology2, 376:and it brings new energies to man of so potent a nature that the disciples of today must move andPsychology2, 376:he realizes the task to be carried out and the nature of the work to be done by the seventh rayPsychology2, 377:inpouring energy will stimulate the personality nature and he will immediately be warring furiouslyPsychology2, 377:mean by the instinctual, psychic, intellectual nature. When all these three are stimulated, thePsychology2, 380:the lower man which will, in time, indicate the nature of the personality ray. The quality of thePsychology2, 382:is beginning to dominate his sentient emotional nature, much in the same way as his emotionalPsychology2, 382:much in the same way as his emotional sentient nature has, for ages, controlled his physical body.Psychology2, 382:body. The use of the mind is becoming "second nature" to certain advanced types of men, and it isPsychology2, 382:and usable. The three aspects of the lower nature are working in closer unity all the time, eachPsychology2, 383:response to an intelligent appreciation of its nature and existence. Again you will note that wePsychology2, 383:(creative and dynamic) to the emotional sentient nature, the astral body (thus revealingPsychology2, 387:All are, however, subordinated to the second ray nature of the divine expression in this solarPsychology2, 388:It is brought about by the evocation of the love nature and, as earlier noted, brings in soul powerPsychology2, 390:and minor rays. The rays of the triple lower nature then form one single avenue through which thePsychology2, 394:he in fact knows nothing except their general nature, so the aspirant upon the probationary pathPsychology2, 397:and attributes of the fourth kingdom in nature, when the evolutionary cycle has done its work.Psychology2, 398:and it is needless for us even to guess at their nature or to ponder upon their significance. TheyPsychology2, 400:new potentiality and possibility of the divine nature, and an organized stability and purity ofPsychology2, 402:to the present and to the future was of such a nature that there seems no reason for existence,Psychology2, 405:by the quality of the subtle or subjective nature, by past experience and by soul contact (distant,Psychology2, 405:entity and the apparatus of contact - the body nature whereby that entity can become aware ofPsychology2, 405:of phenomena and states of consciousness of a nature different to those on its own level ofPsychology2, 405:on its own level of awareness. 2. That this body nature consists of the physical outer form, [406]Psychology2, 406:the sensory vehicle the astral or emotional nature originates the bulk of those desires andPsychology2, 406:body. Between these two and the sensitive desire nature. Between these three and the lower concretePsychology2, 407:of satisfaction leading to satiety of the desire nature. But there comes a time in racialPsychology2, 407:as that was the sublimation of the instinctual nature) and the consequent recognition of the higherPsychology2, 408:form, and between these two and the desire nature, are no longer represented. They are universalPsychology2, 408:when that mind is taught to direct the desire nature and the brain, producing direction of the
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