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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - NATURE

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Psychology2, 743:this time with Love and the fifth kingdom in nature, the kingdom of God can be born and canRayscertain developments within the aspirant's own nature. The demanded contact would otherwise beRays, 4:the medium of experience demonstrate the true nature of rhythmic response. Subhuman lives expressRays, 5:of the astral sheath owing to its undivided nature. A study of the purpose of the solar plexus, andRays, 6:all of them dealing with the same one fact in nature: The bringing to the birth of the ChristRays, 6:permitting the full shining forth of the divine nature. An expansion of consciousness, which isRays, 6:ability of the self to identify with its real nature as the Onlooker, and no longer regardingRays, 7:bodies are painstakingly dominated, and as the nature of the Sutratma or Thread is betterRays, 7:give him control over the elemental forces of nature. Insight into the planetary plans. Upon theseRays, 8:to stimulate the latent seeds of evil in his nature and thereby demonstrate the exactitude of theRays, 9:that aspirants should [9] understand the nature of the lower man and should grasp the fact thatRays, 10:pairs of opposites. In the realization of the nature of this world of form, in a comprehension ofRays, 12:upheavals are taking place in the kingdoms of nature is attributed by men to other men or toRays, 13:the embodiment of the fifth kingdom in nature, and its magnetic attractive rapport with the humanRays, 14:of the energies has now been reached, and the nature of the present opportunity is thereforeRays, 16:happenings, and will involve every aspect of His nature, including the dense physical; this ofRays, 29:the mind, burning up those things in the lower nature of which it becomes increasingly aware. OrRays, 34:personality towards soul consciousness and the nature of the progress which lies ahead and which isRays, 36:of the control of the formidable emotional nature. I would ask you to think much about this pointRays, 37:are physical, emotional and mental in nature. But those words in their simplest connotation haveRays, 39:two things: The omnipresence of God throughout nature, and therefore throughout the entireRays, 40:aspiration, and yet part of the great whole of nature. From that moment onward he knows thatRays, 46:take the intended action (always of a creative nature and based on loving understanding) at theRays, 46:radiance." This dual activity reveals the nature of the will. Note how this phrase from an ancientRays, 46:profit at this time. Aspirants have to learn the nature of the will by the power of innerRays, 46:certain intelligent recognitions. They learn the nature of the self through the aid of theRays, 49:here to call your attention to the progressive nature of the esoteric science; it is nowhere betterRays, 51:proves exceedingly difficult to students: The nature of the Word, the AUM, and its laterRays, 54:following symbol as expressing the material M nature whereas the second group can be portrayed byRays, 55:a point of tension in the fourth kingdom in nature, at which point the evolutionary cycle becomesRays, 58:more perfect forms until the three kingdoms of nature appear; then the synthesis in consciousness,Rays, 59:a phase of the struggle which is emotional in nature; he craves emotional satisfaction and laterRays, 63:me explicitly to give an understanding of the nature of these demands. I can only give you certainRays, 66:These are as much an established part of his nature as the instinct of self-preservation is anRays, 69:advanced initiate, and therefore the dualistic nature of our planetary manifestation and our solarRays, 72:of an initiate. He is one who, in his two-fold nature (soul and personality), moves forward. NoRays, 72:in him those elements which are of a personality nature; he therefore suffers. Those left behind asRays, 77:in the deepest conscious point of the disciple's nature, at the extreme point of withdrawal (forRays, 78:invocative. Let us now consider briefly the nature of that which is being evoked, and thus gain anRays, 80:the above will suffice to show the satisfactory nature of esoteric numerology - not numerology asRays, 84:Lord, and together pass to higher service of a nature and caliber unknown to us. In this connectionRays, 84:involves the elimination of all that hinders the nature of divinity from full expression, and thisRays, 84:plane after plane, of every tendency in the form nature which veils or hides the glory of God. ItRays, 84:one of the major aspects of the purificatory nature of the divine Life, and that is the reason whyRays, 86:it is helpful for us to recognize the factual nature of the Shamballa forces as they play upon ourRays, 87:known. The disciple can also destroy his form nature through selfless service and devotion to aRays, 89:the development of the Wisdom aspect in His nature makes it possible. The major linking agent inRays, 90:for Applicants gives us in perfect wording the nature of the urge which prompts the presentRays, 90:to them with the utmost brevity and beauty the nature of the life of the Head of the Hierarchy, theRays, 91:disciples and initiates. Only as they grasp the nature of the work of Christ, after His final actRays, 91:service as God-Savior, can they understand the nature of group service and begin to pattern theirRays, 95:as the World Savior, but owing to the stupendous nature of the work ahead, He will be fortified andRays, 96:understood and followed, this rule reveals the nature of the fourth plane or fourth state ofRays, 98:Rules we have earlier considered are general in nature and relate to certain broad themes orRays, 98:the proposition of making his life of such a nature that it furthers the group purpose, enhancesRays, 99:because certain aspects of the lower nature are now so controlled and purified that they haveRays, 101:a Master has no personality at all. His divine nature is all that He has. The form through which HeRays, 101:divine aspect: the thought of Death and the nature of the Will. In the coming century, death andRays, 105:the aspirant is reminded that time is cyclic in nature and manifestation, and that "space is anRays, 107:He is not the physical body or its emotional nature; he is not, in the last analysis (a most occultRays, 108:by his selfish will, which reveals to him the nature of the will: persistent application to someRays, 108:carrying out of the plan the disciple learns the nature of the purpose, but that the purpose itselfRays, 109:only through humanity, for the fourth kingdom in nature is intended to be the agent of the will toRays, 111:and more people begin to function as souls, the nature of the soul (which is relationship) beginsRays, 114:of the rainbow bridge, the antahkarana. The nature of the intuition and its development, as itRays, 114:concrete and abstract, lower and higher. The nature of life as the Monad expresses it. In theseRays, 114:and therefore expressing love, and for them the nature of life and of monadic experience willRays, 115:New Testament story gives us a hint as to the nature of the exalted consciousness which HeRays, 118:the equipment - qualities and gifts of a divine nature - which will eventually enable him to takeRays, 120:through the use of the first kingdom in nature, the mineral kingdom. That which is made of metalsRays, 121:and will communicate nothing of a truly esoteric nature. They will but attract to themselves theRays, 122:on to take their next step. Their developed soul nature will be expressing itself throughRays, 124:within the capacity of the four kingdoms in nature, and all preparatory extensions and expansionsRays, 125:basic weaknesses, such as control of the animal nature, the powerful imposition of desire, a senseRays, 126:By sacrificing the life of the second kingdom in nature (to use the applicant's own misstatements)Rays, 126:in ending the grip or potency of the physical nature, and that is always helpful. He as yet doesRays, 127:soul, and not backward-looking towards the form nature. Some very sincere devotees and promisingRays, 128:consciousness of appeal or rejection of the form nature and hold is to Them only a memory of aRays, 129:these Rules. The knowing of the fifth kingdom in nature through the medium of the consciousness ofRays, 129:that the human family, the fourth kingdom in nature, is absorbed by the fifth or by the kingdom ofRays, 130:this truth to you. The seventh kingdom in nature is that of the Lives Who participate in fullRays, 131:him the unfolding possibility of his own higher nature, a realization of his divine connections andRays, 133:it is necessary to understand somewhat the nature of Those with Whom the disciple has to associate,Rays, 134:work must be emphasized and [134] the nature of the divine Plan unfolded so that purpose and goalRays, 134:merging of the fourth and the fifth kingdoms in nature, and to the establishment of thatRays, 134:- meaning by that phrase all the kingdoms in nature in united inner and outer relationship - willRays, 134:ripe. A great upheaval in all the kingdoms in nature has characterized this day and generation; aRays, 135:five hundred years within all the kingdoms of nature have at last worked their way out intoRays, 136:sway on earth, working in all the kingdoms of nature and thus bringing about (in truth) theRays, 139:of Avatars. This religious history reveals. The nature of consciousness, through the development ofRays, 141:rules. 3. I can find no words to express the nature of the third door. Let us, in default of aRays, 143:before our rapt [143] eyes and the electrical nature of man is being slowly proven and will laterRays, 145:to apply this touch (which is in the nature of a great experiment) was made in 1825, when the GreatRays, 147:when he is only just beginning to learn the nature of the hierarchical quality of love and when hisRays, 149:applies, and how the embodied rule is in the nature of a Law which the initiate may not evade. IRays, 152:things happen: The group must understand the nature of the Three. The nature of the One must beRays, 152:must understand the nature of the Three. The nature of the One must be grasped and comprehended.Rays, 156:awakenings in consciousness which are in the nature of events. These involve likewise certain majorRays, 156:Seven. It must be remembered that the Laws of Nature are imposed upon the mass of men, and cannotRays, 157:control him. When this control by the Laws of Nature has become complete, the man becomes an
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