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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - NATURE

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Rays, 323:and also information of a deeply esoteric nature anent the Ashrams of the Masters. The secondRays, 324:to you that this long Treatise is in the nature of a preparatory thesis covering a vast field orRays, 324:The first two volumes dealt with the sevenfold nature of man and with the influence of the sevenRays, 325:taken the necessary steps to prove the veridical nature of their beliefs; they have proved it, haveRays, 326:II. I found it necessary also to indicate the nature of the Way of the Higher Evolution which hadRays, 328:to realize that the unfoldment of the love nature is that which opens the door which leads to theRays, 328:I could say (if words existed of an adequate nature) will not be said. Those that have eyes to seeRays, 331:along this line, it is as yet only embryonic in nature, and only when the Hierarchy is presentRays, 331:given openly to man, will the true secret and nature of electrical phenomena be revealed. TheRays, 332:a sense incomprehensible to you at present - the nature of religion, the purpose of science and theRays, 333:Christ as an expression of the fourth kingdom in nature and the consummation of the work of theRays, 333:much time, but the Christ will be born and the nature of the Christ and His consciousness willRays, 334:destiny and unique goals of other kingdoms in nature, including the fifth kingdom, the Kingdom ofRays, 336:of the centers and for information anent their nature and processes. The whole subject of theRays, 339:he learns that the substance aspect of his nature may still be conditioned by the forces flowingRays, 341:early emphasis of its peculiarity, its rewarding nature, its ritual and ceremonies, and its placeRays, 341:in the whole situation: The soul - in its own nature - is group conscious and has no individualRays, 350:set of principles (more expressive of the divine nature) that they remained of "fixed and selfishRays, 350:created by them. You have here a hint as to the nature of evil and a clue to a part (though only aRays, 351:grasp the possibility that (being electrical in nature) it can easily present an obstructing force,Rays, 351:of which all things are made are electrical in nature and - speaking symbolically - it is only whenRays, 352:[352] which we call the fourth kingdom in nature, on this fourth subplane of the mental planeRays, 355:in the process all the four aspects of His nature; the other was a dramatic portrayal to mankind ofRays, 359:above mentioned planes and thus determine the nature of the evolutionary process at any given timeRays, 359:I have just emphasized have much to do with the nature of the higher initiations. I would ask youRays, 363:(to these higher states of awareness) are in the nature of seed thoughts. Rays, 363:Mysteries of Initiation Some small grasp of the nature of the consciousness of Shamballa willRays, 364:and so forth) is essentially spiritual in nature and is indicative of the livingness of the innerRays, 367:when: The fact of the Hierarchy, The nature of its relationship to Shamballa, The spiritual natureRays, 367:of its relationship to Shamballa, The spiritual nature of Those Who respond in reverent obedienceRays, 369:mankind eventually out of the fourth kingdom in nature into the fifth, the hierarchy of souls, andRays, 375:the Hierarchy, which is definitely second ray in nature, and which is projected as attractiveRays, 376:potency which evokes the will or the first ray nature inherent in every man but which is onlyRays, 377:into an Ashram, without finding that his will nature is being affected. It will only show itself atRays, 383:will entail of change in civilization, in human nature and in the group expression of the humanRays, 386:The first human being in the fourth kingdom in nature to take this initiation did so in a fourthRays, 387:in evolution and of revealing to the world the nature of the second ray aspect - the divineRays, 391:make His decision, He comes to understand the nature of the energy which each Path expresses andRays, 392:to the cosmic mental plane, and therefore to the nature and purposes of the Mind of God; theRays, 392:brought Him here, and the unfoldment of the will nature of the Masters and still higher InitiatesRays, 393:the intuition, and has no relation to the mind nature. This training in decision is given byRays, 393:to humanity, though the other kingdoms of nature will be necessarily implicated. The reason forRays, 394:that divine will They register and what is the nature and quality of Their use of it. By recordingRays, 394:it signifies a new relationship of a spiritual nature and deeply spiritual results. The preparationRays, 399:through this solar system, and three to His Mind nature. All of them lead the initiate eventuallyRays, 400:than it is possible for you to comprehend the nature of cosmic evil. As to the detail of the workRays, 400:yet include or register the consciousness or nature of the subhuman kingdoms. The work done by theRays, 401:is with the astral energy incident to His cosmic nature that the Master has to work. He learns toRays, 405:and with the forces [405] of the kingdoms of nature in the three worlds; the Master receivesRays, 405:higher telepathy - They receive instruction of a nature incomprehensible to us, from the Members ofRays, 406:which are manifestations or expressions of the nature of any particular planetary Logos. TheRays, 408:work of relating Shamballa to all kingdoms in nature and to other planets. The number of MastersRays, 412:2. The intelligence of humanity now is of such a nature that certain earlier initiations no longerRays, 412:offered or presented to the fourth kingdom in nature, but to the fifth kingdom. It is all theseRays, 413:fourth Path to humanity, the fourth kingdom in nature, but little can be communicated to theRays, 417:of the Law of Evolution in every kingdom in nature; this is that which "substands" or lies under orRays, 418:on Sirius, for there are there no kingdoms of nature, such as we possess; these groups receive allRays, 422:vibratory effectiveness. This triangle is in the nature of an open door, presenting unique andRays, 424:has forced these events of so far-reaching a nature; mankind has also forced revelations which itRays, 426:These seven Paths are not concerned with nature or the balancing of the pairs of opposites. TheyRays, 431:self becomes aware of its environment, of the nature of its desires, and of its mentalRays, 435:to do, but the speed or the sattvic or rhythmic nature of the spiritual life eventually changesRays, 436:physical plane, and are therefore phenomenal in nature. As they are contacted and recorded and theRays, 440:sacrifices which work for the fourth kingdom in nature entails. Not all souls liberated or limitedRays, 445:spiritual mind, whose reflection in the lower nature is the mind or the principle of intelligenceRays, 445:mind, conveying illumination; the intuitive nature, conferring spiritual perception; and divineRays, 448:or bridge between the various aspects of man's nature, so that instead of differentiation thereRays, 448:bridged the gap between the emotional-astral nature and the physical man. It should be noted hereRays, 449:sutratma is, as far as man is concerned, dual in nature. The life thread [450] proper, which is oneRays, 450:and the heart. When the astral body and the mind nature are beginning to function as a unit, andRays, 451:can then go on. I can perhaps indicate the nature of this process in the following manner: I haveRays, 452:The Aspirant and the Mysteries of Initiation The Nature of the Antahkarana One of the difficultiesRays, 452:at first with little response from the mind nature; also, in order to express these ideas, we haveRays, 452:the unalterable tendency of the subconscious nature to penetrate to the surface of consciousness asRays, 452:consciousness. This reflex activity of the lower nature corresponds to the development ofRays, 453:been slowly woven by the man; of this fact in nature his creative activity during the past twoRays, 458:the heart doctrine is based upon the universal nature of the soul, conditioned by the Monad, theRays, 462:Humanity is already the dominant kingdom in nature; the fact of the Hierarchy and of its imminentRays, 463:to arrive at some dim comprehension of the nature of the work to be done in building theRays, 463:be wise, as a preliminary step, to consider the nature [464] of the substance out of which theRays, 464:The quality of sensitivity The Love Aspect The nature of relationship Wisdom. Understanding TheRays, 464:of substance The Intelligence Aspect The nature of form The Holy Spirit Response to evolution TheRays, 464:Holy Spirit Response to evolution The note of Nature The mental plane which must be bridged is likeRays, 465:of this building is indicated when his lower nature is: Becoming oriented, regulated and creative.Rays, 465:common sense. The highest aspect of the form nature. The reflection of atma, the spiritual will.Rays, 465:of buddhi. The reflection of the divine nature. Intuitive love, understanding, inclusiveness. TheRays, 466:own plane and the personality in its threefold nature. This is done through the creative work ofRays, 467:as the conscious effort to overcome the lower nature and to express life in terms of right livingRays, 468:is usually only the thwarted desire of the lower nature, willingly endured by the aspirant, but -Rays, 469:through the magnetic development of its own nature, comes into touch gradually with all that Is.Rays, 470:is in which the separation of the higher nature from the lower is depicted; in the case of theRays, 472:as he is now focused in the threefold lower nature. Then, and then only, is the true dualism of theRays, 472:and then only, is the true dualism of the divine nature apparent and the illusory dualityRays, 477:[477] the fact that it is the fourth kingdom in nature which undergoes all that is indicated aboveRays, 477:expression; the physical body, the animal form nature, and the dense outer factor was the focus ofRays, 480:In this connection, my earlier statement on the nature of form may be useful and lead to increasedRays, 481:initiate. When buddhi reigns, the lower psychic nature fades out. When the antahkarana is built,Rays, 483:the first aspect of that same energy. The triple nature of the divine manifestation must alsoRays, 483:factor. When this has been achieved, the true nature of Nirvana will be comprehended, the beginningRays, 486:- from the angle of the subhuman kingdoms in nature - humanity itself becomes the divine
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