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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - NATURE

(page 57 of 61)


Rays, 488:to this point the activity has been of a mental nature. The creative imagination has beenRays, 489:has to be stepped up in its vibratory nature so that it can affect the "pool of energy" or theRays, 489:statement. The creative imagination is in the nature of an active energy, drawn up intoRays, 494:not constitute a moment of crisis, but is in the nature of a Flame of Light, a realization ofRays, 497:Task Ahead What I have now to say is in the nature of a generalization. I would like to indicate,Rays, 500:avenues of approach to Reality are spiritual in nature and interpretive of divine purpose, andRays, 502:effort - calls in the will aspect of his nature, as far as he can in this incarnation. It is inRays, 503:definitely planned process of a basic scientific nature, and requires as careful following as theRays, 506:lotus, plus its distorted shadow in the mind nature. This consequently posits a fairly high stageRays, 507:The center of consciousness is now in the Will nature, when this point of attainment is reached,Rays, 507:is reached, and is no longer in the love nature. Activity and love are still present in fullRays, 510:This brings us to the third point, the nature of initiation. Initiation falls really into threeRays, 513:of quality to quality, of meaning to meaning, of nature to nature, of form to spirit which matters,Rays, 513:to quality, of meaning to meaning, of nature to nature, of form to spirit which matters,Rays, 514:quality of a particular [514] type of subjective nature (the soul ray as it dominates theRays, 514:from the angle of the Spiritual Triad the soul nature is definitely objective. This is a statementRays, 514:fact which will be better understood when the nature of man (as taught in the occult sciences) isRays, 518:most briefly considered, owing to their abstract nature. They are part, however, of the sixRays, 520:which is a compound of all the seven kingdoms in nature - to express logoic intention for theRays, 520:of form and the immutability of the divine nature which is distinctive of, those liberatedRays, 521:considered what lay beyond Christ, what was the nature of His [522] subjective background and whatRays, 522:are considered as only preparatory in their nature. The training given in preparation for them, andRays, 522:of consciousness, reveal to the initiate the nature of the soul, the scope (widespread andRays, 524:Gethsemane and later upon the Cross - His whole nature shrank. Great as is this mystery to your andRays, 526:They have invoked certain aspects of the divine nature, deeply hidden in mankind - all relatedRays, 527:One," also came and demonstrated to humanity the nature of the Lighted Way, its revelations and itsRays, 527:Shamballa. His work was of a major consummating nature; He demonstrated in Himself two divineRays, 527:of the Buddha by manifesting in its fullness the nature of love, thus permitting the fullRays, 528:aspirant upon the Way or an entire kingdom in nature. The greatest of the incarnating Sons of GodRays, 531:of expansion are now definitely of such a nature that they cannot be reduced to symbols or toRays, 532:initiation has three aspects, as has all else in nature, for initiation is a natural process. ThereRays, 533:the initiatory process is coordinating in its nature and is of service to you only in thisRays, 534:to theology and being universal in [534] nature. Its present form, resting as it does on a JewishRays, 536:unitedly prove the livingness of the divine Love-Nature. As this revelation takes hold of theRays, 536:initiation, truly to comprehend what is the nature and purpose of the will-to-good. whichRays, 538:by light. This light is blue, and flaming is its nature. Between the warm and reddish light andRays, 539:into light in a peculiar sense; it permeates his nature according to his development at any pointRays, 541:positive activity. The quality and the vibratory nature of that positive focal point is thenRays, 549:the whole of existence in all the kingdoms of nature is manifested energy, but men are not aware ofRays, 554:made here will demonstrate to you the factual nature of the circulation of energies. All theseRays, 556:that interpretation has been largely material in nature; emphasis has been laid upon the tangibleRays, 557:consciousness of a momentous and revelatory nature. Each initiation puts the initiate in a positionRays, 559:and uniquely related to the fourth kingdom in nature, and therefore to the fourth CreativeRays, 560:remember always that they are only symbolic in nature and constitute attempts to indicate visuallyRays, 562:the integration of his mind, his emotional nature and his physical body - the energy of the latterRays, 563:The energy which demonstrates as the emotional nature. The energy of the physical body, focused onRays, 564:objective aspect of this sacrifice and to the nature of the periphery, or to the imprisoning formRays, 567:at this initiation, and for the first time the nature of divine Purpose is revealed to theRays, 567:hitherto he has been preoccupied with the nature of the Plan, which is after all an effect of theRays, 567:In these five preliminary initiations the true nature of the minor rays, in their creative aspectRays, 567:of creation; the true purpose, however, and the nature of the will of the planetary Logos will onlyRays, 568:humanity as a world disciple. The stimulating nature of the energy as it expresses itself: In theRays, 568:itself: In the three aspects of the initiate's nature - mental, astral and physical. Through theRays, 569:and can realize that the Christ life, the Christ nature and the Christ consciousness are theirs.Rays, 575:ways. All these factors are embryonic in his nature, but he now begins to consciously lay theRays, 576:the disciple is learning to discipline his lower nature and to achieve a measure of mastery overRays, 576:He is constantly fighting against his lower nature, and the requirements of his soul (as heRays, 576:them) are in constant session against the animal nature, and increasingly in relation to theRays, 576:and increasingly in relation to the emotional nature. Above all, he becomes aware of a secondaryRays, 576:his problem. He discovers that his emotional nature, his lower psychic faculties, his astralRays, 576:the agent of his astral energy, for the mind nature is not yet developed and cannot, therefore,Rays, 578:undertaken. The storm aroused by his emotional nature, the dark clouds and mists in which heRays, 578:as a whole, polarized as it is in the emotional nature, the effect of this sixth ray is potent inRays, 579:consciousness; this leads the fused emotional nature of men into great ideological mass expression,Rays, 580:undergo the purification of the fluid emotional nature in the Baptism Initiation. Through thisRays, 582:the effect of sixth ray energy [582] upon his nature is easily apparent, owing to the extremeRays, 582:in the three worlds, his astral body or nature. In the early stages of the impact of sixth rayRays, 582:impact of sixth ray energy upon his emotional nature a perfect vortex of force is generated, hisRays, 582:divinity), his emotional, kamic and aspirational nature becomes quieter and is more controlledRays, 582:The effect of sixth ray activity upon the mental nature is, as you may imagine, a tendency - firstRays, 583:he is definitely astral-buddhic [583] in his nature; gradually his one-pointed emotional effortRays, 583:results: An embryonic realization of the will nature which determines the life of the initiate. ARays, 583:the ancient conflict between the emotional nature and true realization. This brings about a basicRays, 584:personality becomes definitely astral-buddhic in nature and expression. You will see, therefore,Rays, 587:they work with the three subhuman kingdoms in nature, each of which has its own peculiar andRays, 587:The work with the subhuman kingdoms of nature is under the energy stimulation of the first BuddhaRays, 588:expression of divine life in all the kingdoms of nature - subhuman, human and superhuman. It isRays, 588:secondly, to control his emotional, feeling nature, demonstrating that control at the secondRays, 589:larger areas of consciousness. Each kingdom in nature can itself be regarded as a point of tensionRays, 590:science" is the quality or the conditioning nature of the fifth ray. It is pre-eminently theRays, 590:the physical plane, and is therefore gaseous in nature - if you care to use its correspondence as aRays, 590:to use its correspondence as a symbol of its nature. It is volatile, easily dispersed, is theRays, 593:of God and giving birth to a new kingdom in nature. This great spiritual descent will be prefacedRays, 594:will be known for what it is, another kingdom in nature. Speculation, wishful thinking and hopefulRays, 595:of information. It is not the totalitarian nature of the Russian government which is the primeRays, 595:Many governments today are totalitarian in nature, either openly or subtly, but - at the same timeRays, 597:of the physical disciplines; the emotional nature has been reorganized and made receptive toRays, 598:its transforming work with the emotional nature has been successful, and now its transfiguring workRays, 603:is the ray which governs the fourth kingdom in nature, the human kingdom in the three worlds ofRays, 605:disciple: [605] In the three aspects of his nature, physical, emotional and mental. Upon theRays, 605:effect of this ray is predominantly of a group nature, and there are - except in the ranks ofRays, 605:are confronted with a basic problem, i.e., the nature of the Principle of Conflict which is theRays, 606:passing out of the control of the emotional nature, and formulating for himself a spiritualRays, 608:experience for the soul in the four kingdoms in nature: the human and the three subhuman. It isRays, 611:relations - as far as the fourth kingdom in nature is concerned. The energy of love governs allRays, 618:His focal point on Earth, it will be in the nature of a tiny heart center through which the loveRays, 619:through the inclusiveness of the divine love nature. You have, therefore, as a guarantee of theRays, 620:of lessons learnt and new habits of a better nature established (written in 1948). I would remindRays, 624:personality, focused in the emotional nature and not yet under control of the soul, is conditionedRays, 628:is France which will eventually reveal the true nature of the soul or of the psyche and inaugurate
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