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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - NATURE

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Soul, 91:power, and into a truer appreciation [91] of the nature of the human soul. Then perhaps we shallSoul, 92:of the field, and the liberation of being from nature, go to the Supreme." - Bhagavad Gita, XIII,Soul, 93:man to work actively with the forces of his own nature, as they function through the medium of theSoul, 93:factor in connection with man. The electrical nature of the human unit is a natural outgrowth of aSoul, 94:- Kenopanishad - Quoted by Rama Prasad in Nature's Finer Forces, pp. 187-188. A resemblance betweenSoul, 94:Prasad in an amazingly interesting book called Nature's Finer Forces lists four states of subtleSoul, 100:atoms of the body regarded as electronic in nature. The vital body, or body of ether, is the mediumSoul, 103:through the medium of the blood. The soul nature, or the rational mind and the self-consciousSoul, 104:mind and body. The Atma (self) is of the nature of the consciousness and is immutable. Mind, thoughSoul, 106:those of matter and those of the sentient mental nature, to the highest of the three energies, theSoul, 109:body also embodies that sentient principle in nature called the soul, or rather the vital body isSoul, 113:its right and left divisions." - Prasad, Rama, Nature's Finer Forces, pp. 45-46. The force centersSoul, 115:eyebrows, concerns the lower mind and psychic nature of that integrated organism we call man, theSoul, 118:deduce, with more or less probability, the nature of the physiological nexus which its parts formSoul, 131:instrument of expression, the threefold lower nature, the sumtotal of psychical and mental states.Soul, 133:and controlled by the desires and the emotional nature, so these emotional states of consciousnessSoul, 135:through discipline, the control of the animal nature, and has reached a point where he is no longerSoul, 136:found in the fifth or spiritual kingdom in nature. This act is followed by the pouring down intoSoul, 142:process is carried forward within a man's own nature, centered in the head and the relation isSoul, 143:off light - generally colored light - and the nature of [144] this light is peculiar andSoul, 144:a technique of soul control is therefore in the nature of an experiment. Given the willingness toSoul, 145:readers with the following words: 'The laws of Nature are merely hypotheses devised to explain thatSoul, 146:prove one of these soul powers to be a fact in nature and the portals of a new world will openSoul, 148:possible to gather testimony as to the fact and nature of the light in the head to which so manySoul, 148:The recent spectacular experiments into the nature of telepathy are tending in the right direction,Soul, 152:using the mechanism, will [152] manifest its own nature, which is love, wisdom and intelligence.Soul, 153:circle life pursues. For men begin to pass their nature's bound, And find new hopes and cares whichSoul, 154:at present as among the chief enemies of human nature. One might at the same time be in a fair waySoul, 155:its practical effects, but that, in its ultimate nature, is incapable of formulation. Herein theSoul, 155:is studying not only eludes him, but must in the nature of the case ever elude him. He no longerSoul, 155:until he is sure he has grasped its ultimate nature is very much on a level with the man who shouldSoul, 159:[159] The Mysterious Kundalini, Vesant G. Rele Nature's Finer Forces, Rama Prasad Outlines ofTelepathytogether people who are very diverse in their nature, who are found upon differing rays, who are ofTelepathy, 2:we have the statement of a fundamental law in nature and the enunciated basis of the fact which weTelepathy, 2:in mind that the etheric body of every form in nature is an integral part of the substantial formTelepathy, 2:of some kind or another, according to the nature and power of whatever type of energy may beTelepathy, 5:power to communicate is to be found in the very nature of substance itself. It lies potentiallyTelepathy, 6:untrammelled by the brain or the emotional nature, he will discover the universality of the mentalTelepathy, 7:is a fact that omnipresence, which is a law in nature and based on the fact that the etheric bodiesTelepathy, 10:allied powers will only be understood when the nature of force, of emanations and radiations, andTelepathy, 25:upon the transmitter, the love energy of his own nature. If this be so, you can see why I emphasizeTelepathy, 47:the major groups which are - in their intrinsic nature - both recipients of impression and agentsTelepathy, 49:with all aspects and expressions of the divine nature, deepening subjective contact and bringingTelepathy, 52:play their part, exemplifying the dualistic nature of our planetary Life: [53] The abstract mindTelepathy, 56:a fresh vision of a compelling and conditioning nature, it is the result of invocation by the [57]Telepathy, 59:conveys later information; it is revelatory in nature, and can be defined in its initial stages asTelepathy, 60:from the emergence of the fourth kingdom in nature, the human, has now reached the stage where itTelepathy, 61:The lower man - Physical body - Astral nature - Mind. The three periodical vehicles - Monad - SoulTelepathy, 62:for the microcosm of the lower kingdoms in nature. This is the goal of all human service. What ITelepathy, 63:of contact found in the different kingdoms of nature, has mastered much of the evolutionaryTelepathy, 65:unity, and many other expressions of the divine nature. In the earlier part of A Treatise on theTelepathy, 66:use) will be correctly expressed when the nature of relationship is better grasped and the trueTelepathy, 67:children is instinctual and seated in the animal nature. Mental telepathy is now being recognizedTelepathy, 69:emotional aspect, which is entirely of an astral nature. Pure reason, which is the supremeTelepathy, 70:not yet the necessary word to express the exact nature of this higher awareness, and the termTelepathy, 71:the average aspirant has no idea what is the nature of the awareness or the reactions to contact ofTelepathy, 73:he proceeds to what is called "the regulated nature of his appeal." The appeal is then lessTelepathy, 73:of a spiritual perception of such an expansive nature that he gets his first real and individualTelepathy, 75:usually of a most unimportant and platitudinous nature. There are many sources of these messagesTelepathy, 75:the relatively nice, well-trained subconscious nature of the recipient. These well up from theTelepathy, 77:section of the teaching I am dealing with the nature and results of contact, of receptivity. I amTelepathy, 78:planet and the planetary aura. No kingdom in nature escapes this impact, and it is thus that theTelepathy, 78:- the indwelling entity in any kingdom in nature has been free, and the time has been long orTelepathy, 78:impression registered in the second kingdom of nature emanates from the angel worlds and from theTelepathy, 79:has a peculiar relation to the fourth kingdom in nature, and the unfolding of the animalTelepathy, 80:these facts apply to the subhuman kingdoms in nature you are not aware of what I mean, but thatTelepathy, 81:impressions from all the seven kingdoms in nature that aeons have elapsed in developing theTelepathy, 84:and kingdoms are too intricate in their nature to be grasped at this time by students, and - whichTelepathy, 88:even those of the highest astral or spiritual nature, plus the messages received from the usuallyTelepathy, 88:and those which are definitely mental in nature. With this last mentioned type of communication,Telepathy, 91:Sons of Mind who are the Sons of God and whose nature is at-one with His began to move on Earth".Telepathy, 96:plane. He is no longer controlled by the astral nature; he is successfully constructing theTelepathy, 98:disappear but is of a higher and far more acute nature. In this threefold aura (or more correctly,Telepathy, 98:The bodies (so called) are substantial in nature; the aura is essentially radiatory and extendsTelepathy, 99:aspirants are definitely polarized in the astral nature, and that therefore their problem is toTelepathy, 99:of love and its distortion into the astral nature, the development of emotional sensitivity isTelepathy, 99:stage wherein the soul expresses its essential nature of love and begins to pour its radiation intoTelepathy, 100:I might use such a term) submerges the astral nature, vitalizing and inspiring the astral body,Telepathy, 100:not prevent his being sensitive in his astral nature to the invocative and emotional call of humanTelepathy, 103:impression from the subhuman kingdoms in nature. Again, later on, when he is a Master of the WisdomTelepathy, 103:therefore, a full member of the fifth kingdom in nature, the world of hierarchical life andTelepathy, 104:levels (concrete, abstract or of a more exalted nature) make their impress upon the minds of thoseTelepathy, 106:forms (which are, needless to point out, in the nature of symbols) that he is apt to go astray.Telepathy, 106:receiving channel and upon the freedom of his nature from all aspects of the lower psychism - aTelepathy, 107:etheric body, the astral vehicle and the mind nature; basically, this aligning process should beTelepathy, 107:first of all with the focus upon the emotional nature through conscious discrimination, and finallyTelepathy, 107:discrimination, and finally upon the soul nature under the inspiration of the Spiritual Triad whichTelepathy, 109:of the personality and this - when the love nature or second aspect is unfolded or unfolding -Telepathy, 110:demonstrations of the personality; it is in the nature of a bridging faculty, for it is one of theTelepathy, 111:of their development, strongly astral-buddhic in nature. This should be remembered. MentalTelepathy, 112:plane. It is useful to realize the substantial nature of these two levels of consciousness. It isTelepathy, 112:worlds, including the three subhuman kingdoms of nature. It is with these sublimated and [113]Telepathy, 114:The spreading stimulation is of a very intense nature. The invocative cry of humanity is not onlyTelepathy, 116:low grade and is predominantly animal in nature, then the majority of impacting impressions willTelepathy, 116:the tendencies of this tiny aura are downward in nature, and all impressions (which cannot possiblyTelepathy, 116:impressions are therefore purely instinctual in nature and little or no thought is involved; thereTelepathy, 116:a true aspirant might regard as spiritual in nature. The average, though still unthinking, humanTelepathy, 118:The substance (which is the Plan) is dynamic in nature, and is therefore impregnated with theTelepathy, 120:is created at present by the synthesis which the nature of the final seven Paths reveals. It isTelepathy, 122:for the aspirant and the disciple to know the nature of the Agents Who can locate their magnetic
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