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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - NAUGHT

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Hercules, 96:hinders my departure on the Way. I shall require naught but my stalwart club, and with this clubHercules, 97:arms, small knowledge of the ways of lions, and naught save a frail wooden club. "Where are yourHercules, 138:of Jesus. Between the ages of 12 and 30, we hear naught of him. These were years of silence,Hercules, 170:seized his sword, and thrust at her, but struck naught save empty air. Through labyrinthine pathsInitiation, 14:stands free of all earth's fetters, held by naught in the three worlds. It leads through the HallInitiation, 19:through the instrumentality of One about Whom naught may be said. [20] Initiation, 35:all is one, that spirit and matter are a unity, naught existing save that which is to be foundInitiation, 77:knowing that time is short. [77] To the disciple naught occurs but what is in the plan, and whereInitiation, 77:It is possible to reach a point where naught that occurs can ruffle the inner calm; where the peaceInitiation, 78:has dissipated and gone, being [78] seen as naught; and that is based on the knowledge that I AMInitiation, 78:in their high endeavor, who count all things but naught if they may but achieve the goal, and whoInitiation, 79:in order to gratify desire. Only he who desires naught for himself can be a recipient of financialInitiation, 79:cases where riches increase they bring with them naught but sorrow and distress, discontent, andInitiation, 115:that the three worlds hold for him in the future naught, but only serve as a sphere for activeInitiation, 117:(the egoic or causal body) has gone, and naught is left but love-wisdom and that dynamic will whichInitiation, 126:Planetary Logos. With cosmic initiation we have naught to do; it concerns expansions of realizationInitiation, 132:as it were, in a void, or in a vacuum, wherein naught seemingly can reach him; he stands betwixtInitiation, 132:and heaven for a brief second, conscious of naught but the meaning of things as they are, realizingInitiation, 150:had been committed to him by the One about whom naught may be said, the Logos of the cosmic schemeInitiation, 162:of the energy and power of the "One about whom Naught may be Said;' or the Logos of our SolarInitiation, 194:stabilized, and the mental transmuted, then naught can prevent the latch upon that door beingIntellect, 195:that all sense of separateness disappears. Naught is left but realized Unity. [199] Magic, 63:really aid; at other times he feels that he has naught to offer and his service is arid andMagic, 119:that is his primary intent. The other cares naught for what becomes of the personal self and isMagic, 121:knoweth the five senses to be illusion, and that naught remaineth save the two ahead, can beMagic, 121:work is one. It proceedeth under the law, and naught can hinder now the work from going forward.Magic, 148:be remembered) all "proceedeth under the law and naught can hinder now the work from goingMagic, 148:he may feel himself deaf and dumb and blind, naught can ultimately defeat the purpose of the soul.Magic, 149:The man is stabilized in the spiritual life. Naught can now hinder. Magic, 160:emotional body. Thus good intentions come to naught; thus good purpose and planned work for theMagic, 161:so diligently and prayerfully, come to naught. Their "skill in action" is lost, because they areMagic, 204:itself. The man comes to know himself as naught but a channel through which spiritual agencies canMagic, 265:Initiate cry out: "I am that I am, and there is naught else." Well may he then figuratively placeMagic, 274:on Cosmic Fire calls the "One about Whom naught may be said". These currents embody His will andMagic, 274:this Existence is termed "the One about Whom naught may be said", not because of secrecy orMagic, 288:go forth, reverberating through the silence: "Naught is but Me!" Third Ray: - Let the Army of theMagic, 289:"The creative work is over. I, the Creator, Am. Naught else remains but Me." Magic, 341:soul seeks and eventually will use, [341] for naught can arrest that great evolutionaryMagic, 346:occult fact past all controversy, you know that naught can now happen but what is for the best. YouMagic, 350:unnoticed. We know and we care, yet, we may do naught that you, struggling in the field of theMagic, 356:sacrificed and much birthing of forms comes to naught. Hence the achieving of soul life is a rareMagic, 376:in the other. The unity of the soul, wherein naught but soul is seen to exist, and only being isMagic, 386:God; I see the forms God took. I hate them both. Naught do they mean to me, for one I cannot reach,Magic, 436:in such simple guise that they who know naught of this intricate science may understand. The birthMagic, 456:which signalize human achievement, convey [456] naught to the uninitiated, but to those who knowMagic, 474:will each produce effect. If good and kind, naught need be done. If otherwise, the paying of theMagic, 477:wherein "talk will die out and books come to naught" for the lines of subjective communicationMagic, 532:not. The riches of the universe were his, and naught he knew of loss." "The lives that enter intoMagic, 532:about pain might be in place here, though I have naught of an abstruse nature to communicate anentMagic, 543:prime prerequisites, and where they are lacking, naught avails and none of the great secrets can beMagic, 559:the word silent. Much true magical work comes to naught because of the failure of the worker andMagic, 565:The waters have not hurt the white creator and naught could drown nor drench him. Danger from fireMagic, 567:to seek a form and do its work. Many come to naught because their creator, or the creative mindMagic, 567:of the magician wavers, then the idea comes to naught, then the infant is stillborn, and nothingMagic, 580:of forms. With these, however, aspirants have naught to do. Their important work is to learn theMagic, 610:But with the work of the black magician we have naught to do. That which they do is powerful inMeditation, 28:and applies that fire to all the bodies, till naught is left save the fire itself. It is byMeditation, 43:for. The Great Lord comes in under the law and naught can stop His approach. Just now the greatMeditation, 43:all in the service of the Great One, and to hold naught back, that liberation is achieved, and theMeditation, 71:of all aspirants is sufficiently aroused naught can then be withheld from you. Meditation, 72:were developed and with them the occultist has naught to do. They form the basis of the developmentMeditation, 128:cases. In the severing of the magnetic cord naught can be done as yet. Meditation, 132:that all past effort has been futile and that naught remains but to die. At such times he needsMeditation, 133:times remind himself that the darkness hides naught from the God within, and that the stable centerMeditation, 138:emotional plane and achieve the inner calm. Do naught to overtire the body physical, and playMeditation, 144:the secrets of Initiation and with them we have naught to do. Aspiration towards the Ego and theMeditation, 179:life, and only he who knows the secret of being naught but a channel, and who abides still withinMeditation, 188:affecting the elementals of fire there is naught to be said or imparted. They are, in many ways,Meditation, 209:With them the aspirant to the Path of Light has naught to do. They are such hues as brown, grey,Meditation, 252:on this matter and at this juncture I have naught further to communicate. The subject is abstruseMeditation, 277:able to work with the bodies of the pupil. If naught else is effected by the publication of theseMeditation, 280:purified himself and is vibrating adequately, naught can withhold all knowledge from him. When heMeditation, 295:it will be demonstrated in his stars, and naught can hinder or delay. Equally, naught can reallyMeditation, 295:stars, and naught can hinder or delay. Equally, naught can really hasten, so the pupil need notMeditation, 332:and all is over as regards the personal life, - naught remains but the life of the Spirit, and theMeditation, 341:The great Law of Attraction draws you to Him and naught can withstand the Law. [342] Meditation, 349:the inner light increases and his conscience has naught to say. To sum it all up: The motive may bePatanjali, 61:the totality of knowledge becomes available, naught further remains for the man to do. 32. ThePatanjali, 195:and hatred are present. When they are absent naught but unity and harmony exists. This is the firstPatanjali, 209:The Way of Fire calls me with fierce appeal. Naught in me seeks the way of peace; naught in mePatanjali, 209:appeal. Naught in me seeks the way of peace; naught in me yearns for earth. Let the fire rage, thePatanjali, 257:and even duality is seen to be a limitation. Naught remains but awareness of the self, of thatPatanjali, 286:the way is clear. When the triangle encloses naught but light, the path is freed for the passing ofPatanjali, 352:of any kind and in our solar system there is naught else but vibrating energy, God in activePatanjali, 364:that every form ensouling a life (and there is naught else in manifestation) is to be known as: 1.Patanjali, 369:the totality of knowledge becomes available, naught further remains for the man to do. 32. ThePatanjali, 381:and with this the true student of Raja Yoga has naught to do. It is part of unfoldment on thePatanjali, 394:final liberation, is itself destroyed and [394] naught then separates the man from his Father inPatanjali, 414:and a further field of knowledge revealed. It is naught but an instrument, as said before, capablePatanjali, 427:the totality of knowledge becomes available, naught further remains for the man to do. The dualPsychology1, 17:we are more advanced upon the Path, we shall see naught but spirit everywhere, and the aphorism,Psychology1, 56:spiritually. When studied from the form side, naught but differentiation and separation can bePsychology1, 63:will is hidden in the counsel of his thought. Naught is revealed. His power is felt. The sons ofPsychology1, 79:so that the loving spirit may enter into rest. Naught must arrest the progress of the workers withPsychology1, 80:Stones The Imperishable Flaming One The One Whom Naught can turn The Implacable Ruler The GeneralPsychology1, 84:sons can now create. What can else be done?" "Naught!" came the answer from the greater Seven. "LetPsychology1, 150:our hierarchical archives as the "One About Whom Naught May Be Said." This sevenfold cosmic energy,Psychology1, 151:will, love and purpose of the "One About Whom Naught May Be Said." Therefore the first propositionPsychology1, 153:animated by the Life of the "One About Whom Naught May Be Said." Influenced by, and therefore underPsychology1, 155:through seven solar systems. The One About Whom Naught May Be Said. The Life which expresses Itself
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