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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - NAUGHT

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Psychology1, 195:conscious vision nothing but life and activity, naught but motion and energy, and always aPsychology1, 264:the group of workers who seek to raise the dead. Naught avail their efforts until they blend thePsychology1, 275:avoided the responsibility of marriage, and find naught but discontent, frequently a secret andPsychology1, 279:of brotherly love, for instance, would produce naught but good. Let me illustrate my point in twoPsychology1, 315:scientist is announcing the fact that there is naught to be seen and known save energy, and thatPsychology1, 332:the body of manifestation of the One About Whom Naught May Be Said. Our solar system is one ofPsychology1, 359:thinks no evil. He who thinks no evil and harms naught is a citizen of God's world. The followingPsychology1, 396:behind and pass beyond the portal, laden with naught of earth. They waited and discussed. The restPsychology1, 396:and entered free, and were accepted, carrying naught. "Because they traveled as a group, and as aPsychology1, 396:the garnered treasures of a thousand cycles. Naught did they wish to leave behind. They had laboredPsychology1, 417:go forth, reverberating through the silence: 'Naught is but Me!' " THIRD RAY "Let the Army of thePsychology1, 417:'The creative work is over. I, the Creator, Am. Naught else remains but Me.' " [418] Psychology2, 19:deliberately recovered in the work of service). Naught is then known save Deity, - no separation ofPsychology2, 33:the urgent behest of His own spiritual will.) "Naught holds the Blessed Ones. Neither the deitiesPsychology2, 33:are not, and yet They are. The Blessed Ones know naught, and yet know all. The Blessed Ones lovePsychology2, 33:of writing, shewing that the Blessed Ones are naught and yet are all there is; that They possessPsychology2, 34:True; love and desire eternally invoke the Life. Naught disappears but pain. Nothing remains butPsychology2, 37:within that veil, and deeply hid his face. Naught could be seen but that which veiled, and activePsychology2, 48:physical and the essential.) The two are one. Naught more remains to grasp. The Word is manifest.Psychology2, 48:and sees that Angel also pass away, so that naught is left but conscious knowledge and realization.Psychology2, 82:of electrical phenomena (than which there is naught else) is at this time an unrevealed secret,Psychology2, 84:go forth, reverberating through the silence: 'Naught is but Me!'" Ray Three - "Let the army of thePsychology2, 85:creative [85] work is over. I, the Creator, Am. Naught else remains but, Me.' Psychology2, 89:done the same. But what does this mean to us? Naught, except a symbol. It was His impulse, HisPsychology2, 92:the body of expression for The One About Whom Naught May Be Said. It must never be forgotten thatPsychology2, 96:he had exhausted all his resources and there was naught left but the eventual sacrifice of what hePsychology2, 167:the darkened crannies of the mind see light... Naught is left but light, and that cannot be used.Psychology2, 169:poured in. His colors faded out. Around him naught but darkness could be seen, yet in the distancePsychology2, 170:desire for the teacher and the truth, but seeing naught but that which lay before his eyes. He worePsychology2, 170:in his arms the vision that he saw, and found it naught. Sometimes, he reached the person whom hePsychology2, 170:was lost... Pendent he seemed. He hung with naught below, before, behind, above. To him, naughtPsychology2, 170:naught below, before, behind, above. To him, naught was. From deep within the temple of his heart,Psychology2, 171:to harmonize the many sounds. Achievement lacks. Naught but my failure can be seen. And yet I knowPsychology2, 175:discovers that the discriminating process has naught to do with the choice between recognized evilPsychology2, 177:Yet we are told [177] that the soul knows naught of separation! Such are some of the paradoxes ofPsychology2, 185:source or other. The etheric body is in reality naught but energy. It is composed of myriads ofPsychology2, 199:free. The triple freedom thus achieved has naught to do with earth, or water, or with fire. It is aPsychology2, 217:the radius of the radiance of the One About Whom Naught May Be Said. In these four statements wePsychology2, 234:for man seeks ever a closer union with God and naught can arrest his at-one-ment (in consciousness)Psychology2, 355:thyself from all that stands around, for it has naught for thee, so look to me. I am the One whoPsychology2, 360:am I by the fabric I have woven. I see naught else'. 'The love of truth must dominate, not love ofPsychology2, 363:which results from unity. I see the two. I see naught else but forces ranged opposing, and I, thePsychology2, 368:and its purposes and use. I stand amazed, I see naught else. I penetrate the mysteries of form, butPsychology2, 368:the Mystery. I see the garment of my God. I see naught else.' Love of the form is good but only asPsychology2, 604:of the hardest to handle. The mystic who can see naught but his vision, who registers that visionPsychology2, 721:phenomena of the present time. With this we have naught to do except to register the fact. TheRays, 10:and, knowing where he stands himself, there is naught in the appeal and the demand of these lunarRays, 21:Let the group know that life is one and naught can ever take or touch that life. Let the group knowRays, 43:eventually to soul control and expression - has naught to do with consciousness or sensitivity asRays, 55:All, the Source of all that is and yet is naught." (No thing. A.A.B.) Rays, 63:and contained his life became an arid waste and naught was left but bones and dust and a deepRays, 63:left but bones and dust and a deep thirst which naught in sight could satisfy." Yet to the initiateRays, 79:a phase of divinity of which he can know naught. They Live. They are energy itself, and in TheirRays, 80:has experienced and expressed 666 and found it naught; who has dropped the 6 and become the 66, andRays, 103:their focus in the world of Being. They are then naught but will, illumined by love which linksRays, 104:love) must return to the reservoir of life and naught be left but that which caused them to be, theRays, 119:would be meaningless to you and would convey naught. The clue lies for you in understanding theRays, 124:Rule VI Let the group know that life is one and naught can ever take or touch that life. Let theRays, 125:But, can one take life? I think not. Life Is. Naught in heaven or on earth can touch or affect it.Rays, 127:candidate for initiation, that: Life is one and naught can ever take or touch that life. His senseRays, 157:influence, with the Laws of the Soul which have naught to do with the petty little affairs of theRays, 163:death, and dissolution are in reality naught but life processes. Abstraction is indicative ofRays, 175:It is that of which the minds of men know naught, and which even the highest intellect is unable toRays, 178:the fifth initiation all veils are rent and naught stands between the initiate and Essential Being.Rays, 234:bliss. We shall have a strength which will know naught but victory and will not recognize disaster.Rays, 266:within the soul, and then revelation ensued. Naught is gained by further elucidation. Proceed withRays, 281:goes forward. This transformation has naught to do with the transforming of the personality, but isRays, 287:They know that the listening mentioned has naught to do with the sense of physical hearing, andRays, 288:and substance. The knowledge of the initiate has naught to do with consciousness as the mindRays, 302:What dost thou see, O disciple on the Path? Naught but myself, O Master of my life. Look closer atRays, 302:thou see it not? What hinders apprehension? Naught hinders me. I seek not sight for I have seen. MyRays, 302:for I have seen. My task is revelation. I seek naught for myself. What comes thy way forRays, 303:One, enfolding all and being all and leaving naught outside. To whom must come this revelation, ORays, 303:nature and the kingdom of God. A.A.B.) and see naught else. To them I must reveal the truth. HowRays, 336:and on and up to the very highest; there is naught anywhere but progress and a steady movingRays, 339:to in my earlier books as the One about Whom naught may be said. The multiplicity of zodiacalRays, 353:of the planet and the system. To him, there is naught else. The fourth type of "fire by friction"Rays, 354:universal was also symbolized which had naught to do with the Initiated Master Jesus. ThisRays, 366:One referred to elsewhere as "the One about Whom naught may be said," what the vehicle of a MasterRays, 413:success (mysterious because the human mind knows naught about it) was also the reason for theRays, 440:by the Monad, and also by the Hierarchy. There naught but the Plan engrosses His attention. HeRays, 449:focal point in all forms of divine expression. Naught is and naught remains but life. TheRays, 449:in all forms of divine expression. Naught is and naught remains but life. The consciousness threadRays, 505:it remains, for in this solar system there is naught else but only this consciousness of being. OneRays, 509:and no reflection for the water is no more, then naught remains but the one who stands with eyesRays, 519:to the Life principle, of which we know as yet naught; it underlies the Law of Evolution as well asRays, 602:rays move under law; humanity can therefore do naught but accept, determining only what I mightRays, 653:plus certain mysterious processes which have naught to do with form or consciousness, but with theRays, 725:of which I myself have no experience, there is naught for me to do but clarify your minds, and mineRays, 728:the nature of Being and of existence. There is naught I can say to you which could be in any wayRays, 737:Beings, but of this - our planetary forms know naught." This the initiate has at last learnt toRays, 737:interplay of spiritual energy. There is naught - from one important angle of life - but Hierarchy,Rays, 738:standpoint of our planetary evolution, there is naught but love, naught but goodwill and theRays, 738:planetary evolution, there is naught but love, naught but goodwill and the will-to-good. ThisRays, 761:the five senses to be but illusion, and that naught remains save the two ahead, can be admittedRays, 762:Love await the hour of filling. The cup is naught. The draught within distils forth drop by drop.Rays, 762:has once been used, filled, drained, and seen as naught, it cannot safely hold within that which isRays, 763:[763] the glory that envelops and the light that naught can dim. Seize on the cup and swiftlyRays, 765:country. Rises the cone from out the arid waste. Naught but its heat is felt, naught but its glareRays, 765:out the arid waste. Naught but its heat is felt, naught but its glare is seen. Its flames have
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