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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - NEAR

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Astrology, 88:pranic triangle. The shoulder center. The center near the diaphragm. The spleen. Man controlledAtom, 93:anew A tendency to God. Prognostics told Man's near approach; so in man's self arise AugustAutobiography, 32:house for us in a small town in Hertfordshire near St. Albans, installed us there with a chaperoneAutobiography, 32:that I was to teach them in an empty hall near the church but not in the Sunday School itself; thatAutobiography, 95:in the boarding-house at the little seaside town near Dublin where she bad met Theo Schofield andAutobiography, 129:to make of me. A gang of them used to collect near the gate of the factory and when I hove in sightAutobiography, 138:I moved over into a little cottage so as to be near them. It was safe ground for the children,Autobiography, 165:at Gyantse (the furthest point he could reach near the frontier) he heard a great hubbub in theAutobiography, 217:she should start a spiritual center at Ascona near Locarno on Lake Maggiore and that it should beBethlehem, 37:to pieces at the very moment when completion was near, is only the terra cotta veneer of the trueBethlehem, 39:anew A tendency to God. Prognostics told Man's near approach; so in man's self arise AugustBethlehem, 49:incarnate among men. The distant had become the near, and the One Who had been worshipped in aweBethlehem, 79:the time when the second initiation draws near, what is the lesson we have learnt? How can we sumBethlehem, 102:For now he is assured that, until the near coming of the messianic age which was to reveal hisBethlehem, 161:one implies the foregoing. On the mountain near Bethsaida was revealed to the Three the secretBethlehem, 177:and believed that: They were born on or very near our Christmas Day. They were born of aBethlehem, 194:veil, that is to say his flesh... let us draw near... having our hearts sprinkled from an evilBethlehem, 219:that fact. In that experience God had been near, and the transfigured Christ had seemed in HisBethlehem, 248:if it were the supreme evil... When death comes near to man that which is mortal in him isDiscipleship1, 98:eternal now of the soul. I have, therefore, been near you and watched at intervals the tide of lifeDiscipleship1, 140:Let not the lesser voices of the loved and near deflect you from your progress upon the path ofDiscipleship1, 352:forms of hardness in your relations with those near and dear to you. Does this surprise you, myDiscipleship1, 373:they can, the love of their souls. Those who are near you on the physical plane give you alsoDiscipleship1, 392:way is dark. What shall I do?' God said, 'Draw near and enter into thine own light, and in thatDiscipleship1, 392:from ties and bonds?' God said: 'The sun draws near and vivifies the earth. Naught can [393] itDiscipleship1, 490:is not being adequately diffused, and minor or near objectives being too closely seen, can destroyDiscipleship1, 531:and west!) and in the stream is growing mint, near the western exit, and other water-loving herbs.Discipleship1, 534:many years an exterior hardness, but the time is near when the subtler person (known and recognizedDiscipleship1, 610:otherwise burn so fiercely that no one can get near you. Take time to know people for themselves,Discipleship1, 632:Moon and do this from three angles: Seek to draw near to me and endeavor to sense my vibration. TryDiscipleship1, 707:[707] In the Aquarian Age (which is now so near, relatively speaking), there will be anDiscipleship2, 16:free, but you can attempt to find some time, as near to the full moon period as is reasonablyDiscipleship2, 46:required, for it is a human attribute lying very near the surface of expression in all men. But theDiscipleship2, 79:work of the coming cycle. In the cycle now so near at hand, the Lord of Love will seek to organizeDiscipleship2, 82:and potent. She has also taken and will in the near future take the needed steps for the effectiveDiscipleship2, 236:accepted) that there must be organized - in the near future - a group of men and women in everyDiscipleship2, 238:response to a presentation of truth which is as near the achieved reality as possible. Therefore,Discipleship2, 475:in hand - these are your proud possession. Draw near to me in closer personal touch, devoid ofDiscipleship2, 503:must not be relaxed in any way as old age draws near, and it must not be permitted to disappearDiscipleship2, 529:to those of suffering humanity. You will find me near when you need me. NOTE: This disciple choseDiscipleship2, 552:Picture a curtain, hanging across the space near to the place where you stand. Imagine yourselfDiscipleship2, 606:to Me. Your soul and I are One. Yet I am always near thee - nearer than breeze, or breath or air.Discipleship2, 654:tears and find yourself upon the other side, and near my heart." A garden full of flowers, of beesDiscipleship2, 724:for his disciple, distant and close, remote yet near - is ever yours. Discipleship2, 740:head. If it were possible at some time in the near future, I would suggest that you go and talk toExternalisation, 69:or dilemma; too close a perception and too near a point of view does not tend to trueExternalisation, 297:forth from some hidden center, remote from or near to humanity, and Who "release from crisis theExternalisation, 321:all bear constant witness. His hour is near, provided the needed steps in preparation are taken,Externalisation, 406:at the same time made great efforts to draw near to God. On the part of God, this was intentional,Externalisation, 414:response to God as the word goes forth: "Draw near to God and He will draw near to you"; that itExternalisation, 414:goes forth: "Draw near to God and He will draw near to you"; that it will - in its rites andExternalisation, 454:freedom. If the conferences to be held in the near future demonstrate that mankind is trulyExternalisation, 471:of the spirit of resurrection. These facts (so near to manifestation) are physical facts; they willExternalisation, 483:confronts the Christ as His great hour draws near is that of unifying, synthesizing and integratingExternalisation, 517:progress as desired, it may mark the time of the near appearing of the Great Lord and the closeExternalisation, 552:Hierarchy to Humanity. Reasons Produces (in the near future) the externalization of certainExternalisation, 597:one of the great recognitions of mankind in the near future is the recognition that always He hasExternalisation, 640:stands"; today I say to you, "The Hierarchy is near." The work that must be done in the two comingExternalisation, 676:working as a group along spiritual lines in or near one or other of these five localities. InitialFire, 106:back is apt to be misplaced. The splenic center near the diaphragm is subnormal in size and itsFire, 169:pranic triangle. The shoulder center. The center near the diaphragm. The spleen. Man controlledFire, 473:dwelt on this point, for the danger is real, and near at hand. The deva evolution will, throughFire, 652:anew A tendency to God. Prognostics told Man's near approach; so in man's self arise AugustFire, 716:is impending, in the great revelation which is near at hand, the Hierarchy will again takeFire, 721:"non-attachment through abstraction" is as near as we can get to the method of the liberatingFire, 765:Faint the flicker at the first appearing, and near to death it seems, but the wicks smolder andFire, 972:the hour of its separated existence is drawing near. This vitalization is consciously carried outFire, 1005:forth upon its mission, and a critical moment is near for the magician. One of the things theFire, 1024:hour of danger to the soul courageous draweth near. The waters have not hurt the white creator andFire, 1026:sheath for the sixth subplane, the liquid, is near. The two must blend. This is the moment of theFire, 1259:points of fanatical devotion." This is as near as we can get to the true description. They haveHealing, 292:divinity than the most advanced human being is near to planetary divinity. They are the "imperfectHealing, 319:will be studied and applied when death is near, and the process will be regarded as soulHealing, 350:of death is essential, is possible and near. Upon this I need not here enlarge. But I do seek toHealing, 362:It is their readiness and their response to the near approach to the Christ which many consecratedHealing, 372:of healing are not to be developed in the near future, not before the close of this century. OnlyHercules, 40:and with the Sisters singing as he went, drew near unto the land. "He comes with strength", saidHercules, 56:the tree," said Hercules, "this I was told, so near him must be the tree. I must break down hisHercules, 58:a rumor from a passing pilgrim on the way that, near a distant mountain, the tree was to be found,Hercules, 95:the Lord: "The time for a dread labor now draws near. This man, who is a son of man and yet a sonHercules, 97:of young trees it stood. Seeing an enemy draw near and one who seemed quite unafraid, the lionHercules, 99:of wood and sticks lying in great profusion near his hand. Pulling them towards him, dragging withHercules, 99:and bundles of small twigs within the opening near at hand and piled them there, blocking the wayHercules, 99:the lion, holding it close and choking it. Near was its breath and blasting in his face. Yet stillHercules, From n:watching over Hercules. "The time is drawing near," he said, "how fares the son of man who is a sonHercules, 126:went by, and still he waited till the dawn drew near. Out from its lair the boar emerged, seekingHercules, 126:driven by ancient hunger. And in the shadows near the snare waited the son of man. Into the snareHercules, 216:through a circle of constellations which lie near the ecliptic. The Zodiac is divided into twelveInitiation, 42:gone and his place will be, in the relatively near future, taken by someone else. He will then passIntellect, 66:assuage their troubles; they intercede for those near and dear to them; they importune high HeavenMagic, 325:and the whole area involved, then the end is near. In nature, a general electric storm serves toMagic, 529:the prime objective, a man is dangerously near falling into the snare of spiritual selfishness andMagic, 565:hour of danger to the soul courageous draweth near. The waters have not hurt the white creator andMeditation, 63:It drives away discordant factors in the near environment. Meditation, 145:long and every day, to keep the consciousness as near to the high pitch attained in the morningMeditation, 313:Therefore the preparatory school will be located near some large city, preferably near the sea orMeditation, 313:will be located near some large city, preferably near the sea or some large expanse of water, butMeditation, 314:in occult instruction, and situated preferably near some large expanse of water and near someMeditation, 314:preferably near some large expanse of water and near some central city. An advanced school for thePatanjali, 314:Brahmarandra-nadi, passes out through the brain near the top of the head. In this there collects
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