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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - NEARING

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Astrology, 30:houses. Average intelligent humanity and those nearing the Path of Discipleship and upon theAstrology, 33:measured up to cosmic opportunity and is itself nearing liberation. The following is a tabulationAstrology, 115:expression and manifestation. Until man is nearing the goal, these words mean but little though aAstrology, 129:are essentially correct because once a man is nearing or upon the Path he should becomeAstrology, 189:this stage of study to comment. The man who is nearing the path of discipleship or who is already aAstrology, 227:kind - except in the case of disciples or those nearing the Path. It is a sign of balancing, ofAstrology, 286:people and those of major importance are on or nearing the path of discipleship and the influenceAtom, 49:on the verge of wonderful discoveries: we are nearing a marvelous synthesis of the thought of theAutobiography, 186:not at all sure I liked it for children who were nearing their 'teens but I had no alternative andBethlehem, 116:son of God, such as the Christ, or for the man nearing perfection, the problem must be handled as aDiscipleship1, XIV:However, only when a man is highly developed and nearing the Path of Discipleship is it possibleDiscipleship1, 316:February 1938 BROTHER OF OLD: This group is nearing the time when it should begin to work withDiscipleship1, 379:on the first ray and again (as do many aspirants nearing the end of the Path of Probation or at theDiscipleship1, 613:of them good probationary disciples, and one nearing acceptance, but both working on the astralDiscipleship1, 663:of illumination if the disciple is nearing the Path of Accepted Discipleship, or is upon the PathDiscipleship1, 712:to respond to it and is, therefore, nearing the end of the Path. The second is the factor of groupDiscipleship2, 219:carrying forward the planned undertaking. It is nearing its desired finish, if men work towards theDiscipleship2, 333:An inflow of extra-planetary force. The "nearing" or the directed power of an Avatar of someDiscipleship2, 381:subjective kingdom a factual entity is rapidly nearing, and the proof of this is - for the firstEducation, 40:different civilized attitude is emerging and is nearing its consummation. In each age, some ideaExternalisation, 39:is one. Later, when the new civilization is nearing appearance, these groups will all have in themExternalisation, 49:the first two. The highest of them is therefore nearing the stage of demonstrating that which isExternalisation, 387:An Imminent Spiritual Event March 1943 We are nearing the climax of the spiritual year. TheExternalisation, 389:that as many receive this as possible. We are nearing the climax of the spiritual year and the timeExternalisation, 424:I have said also that the Forces of Light are nearing the Earth and that the Hierarchy is comingExternalisation, 475:selfishness and greed, plus the danger which was nearing the Earth through the agency of theExternalisation, 552:point of development warrants this. Presents a nearing opportunity for revelation. An Effort toExternalisation, 678:and of the resurrecting human spirit) a vista of nearing and inevitable defeat. Already the centersFire, 71:this occurs when a man is highly evolved and is nearing the Path. This threefold force is felt inFire, 172:development has reached a point wherein he is nearing the Probationary Path. 5. The swastika. AtFire, 296:which are related or connected, and which are nearing the point of balance. I would here point outFire, 419:of the race, the conscious aspirants, and those nearing the Portal of Initiation. Third.Fire, 464:of members of the Occult Hierarchy, and is thus nearing the portal into the fifth kingdom. ThisFire, 504:the evolution of the psyche; those who are on or nearing the Path, and hence are coming more andFire, 724:from the cosmic center will appear as pralaya is nearing and will produce in the body of the LogosFire, 724:have entered upon their fifth round, and are nearing their "Judgment Day." At that time, He canFire, 755:the occult sense of that term. Indication of the nearing of this event will be seen in the reactionFire, 836:(note that I say kingdom, not evolution) who is nearing the Path. The goal for the devas (below theFire, 935:fourth ether. The mineral kingdom is relatively nearing its possible manvantaric perfection, and byFire, 965:centers are in full action, and the man is nearing the moment of liberation. In the work ofFire, 1009:head. When man is more highly evolved, and is nearing or treading the Path, the indwelling SelfFire, 1132:of those forms of divine manifestation which are nearing their objective. This objective might beGlamour, 39:of illusion and of glamor until the disciple is nearing the Gates of Life. Only when he can catchGlamour, 80:lives. The battlefield (for the man who is nearing accepted discipleship or who is upon the path ofGlamour, 115:But it must be borne in mind that when a man is nearing the stage of consciousness when both theGlamour, 240:Ending of Glamor Our consideration of glamor is nearing its close. We have carried a consecutiveHercules, 4:attainments which characterize the man who is nearing liberation. He stands for the incarnated, yetInitiation, viii:contacted at the final initiations, when man is nearing the end of his journey and is perfected.Initiation, 65:advanced, and those on the Probationary Path and nearing initiation, work more frequently in whatInitiation, 110:being dependent upon a man's ray) that he is nearing the Portal of Initiation and should be readyInitiation, 156:to make practical. He who achieves it is rapidly nearing emancipation. This applies not to theInitiation, 193:not, then comes [193] the indication that he is nearing the Portal of Initiation, and may make theMeditation, 2:highly coordinated personality; when the Ego is nearing alignment with the lower bodies, the pinealMeditation, 43:Devotion find conformity more difficult, until nearing the point of synthesis. The monads of theMeditation, 68:those of high spiritual attainment and those nearing Initiation will be permitted to take part.Meditation, 73:center. The three major centers for the man nearing the Probationary Path, and for the man who isMeditation, 119:the man is rapidly working out his karma and is nearing the entrance to the Path. His meditation,Meditation, 161:that the work becomes possible. That time is nearing now for many, and progress in the new medicalPsychology2, 178:he begins to dispel the world glamors for he is nearing initiation. Psychology2, 273:register the influence of the soul and the nearing approach of the Hierarchy. This ability toPsychology2, 292:upon the fourth ray and usually when the man is nearing the probationary path. This means that thePsychology2, 334:who are upon the probationary path, or who are nearing the Path of Discipleship. When this is thePsychology2, 397:can only be contacted and sensed by those on, or nearing, the Path of Initiation. There is aRays, 104:of the soul, persisting for aeons, the time is nearing when form-taking and experience in the threeRays, 244:of a very high order. The cycle of suffering is nearing its close, and we shall later see - whenRays, 374:soul contact, reorienting themselves and nearing the periphery of the Ashram, to absorb with profitRays, 625:indications are that the country concerned is nearing the Path of Discipleship or the Path ofRays, 625:the Path of Probation. Austria and Germany are nearing the Path of Discipleship; Brazil is on theTelepathy, 98:the aura indicate whether or not the disciple is nearing the Path of Discipleship. As the emotionalTelepathy, 172:changes made. When the cycle of evolution is nearing its close and the initiate-disciple has well
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