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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - NEARLY

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Astrology, 364:can always find points of contact with people on nearly every ray. This is an interesting point toAstrology, 675:(C. F. 377) "Venus is in her last round and has nearly brought the fourth kingdom to perfection."Astrology, 676:(C. F. 597) "In Vulcan, the sons of Mind have nearly completed their work." (C. F. 742) Atom, 86:spiritual will as yet purely embryonic. We have, nearly all of us, been brought up in the belief inAtom, 131:the world. That force, as some of us know, was nearly discovered in the United States fifty yearsAutobiography, 20:with broad margins for notes. The margins were nearly two inches wide and on them you would haveAutobiography, 20:were kept. We were lost for quite a while and nearly suffocated, [21] for the lid shut down on us.Autobiography, 24:myself at Moor Park (where we lived till I was nearly thirteen) was one of great discipline. We hadAutobiography, 38:part in an extraordinary ceremony and it was nearly two [39] decades after my participation that IAutobiography, 55:to get ready and proceeded to light the gas. I nearly blew myself across the room and singed myAutobiography, 57:my peroration and handed me a parchment scroll nearly a yard in length, tied with broad blueAutobiography, 72:state between India and Afghanistan. I spent nearly two years there, off and on, though I went downAutobiography, 97:with Walter Evans. His time in the army was nearly up and he was booked to leave India. She paidAutobiography, 113:doing the washing, and knowing that I had nearly died ten days before, she sought out Walter EvansAutobiography, 166:to see him. After writing for the Tibetan for nearly a month I got completely scared and absolutelyAutobiography, 245:books. Since then A.A.B. has written for me for nearly twenty-five years. The books have gone outAutobiography, 254:owing to the fact that hundreds of people in nearly every country in the world have speculated uponAutobiography, 282:the Arcane School had been in existence for nearly 25 years and had, in that time, serviced overBethlehem, 68:therefore one stage of life's long journey is nearly completed. This symbolism is truer, perhaps,Bethlehem, 176:new era, and the dim outlines of a new and more nearly ideal social structure, based on perfectedBethlehem, 177:cults, but I may say roughly that of all or nearly all the deities above mentioned it was said andBethlehem, 183:at Bethlehem the date was fixed astronomically nearly four centuries after Christ was born. TheBethlehem, 197:gives rise to this realization, but it took nearly two thousand years of Christianity to raise sinBethlehem, 233:and their enthusiasm. That they were mistaken, nearly two thousand years of Christianity hasDestiny, 70:personalities; others are crystallized and have nearly run their course as personalities; othersDestiny, 143:RAY V - This ray has been in manifestation for nearly seventy years. It will pass out (by specialDiscipleship1, 177:all the disciples in this ashramic group) that nearly all of you are on the second ray egoically...Discipleship1, 219:loss of personality balance. You have, however, nearly completed the task and the worst part of theDiscipleship1, 299:times the life of the group as a unit has been nearly wrecked. I. B. S. could tell you much, wereDiscipleship1, 580:also occupied with the same task but they have nearly completed that task. The effect upon some ofDiscipleship1, 593:plan-formulating mind. This one thing nearly brought disaster to you. The danger is now, however,Discipleship1, 614:let me beg of you to ponder on them: You are nearly sixty. Ahead of you lie a few more years ofDiscipleship1, 617:summer [617] and early in the autumn, you very nearly succumbed to an old rhythm. Suspicion ofDiscipleship1, 777:books. Since then she has written for me for nearly twenty-five years. The books have gone out inDiscipleship1, 786:owing to the fact that hundreds of people in nearly every country in the world have speculated uponDiscipleship2, 41:materialism and the powers of darkness have very nearly assumed control. But we are seeing the slowDiscipleship2, 49:of the third year. This period of time is now nearly completed, and today I ask you two questions:Discipleship2, 60:word picture which Christ gave to his disciples nearly two thousand years ago. The judgmentDiscipleship2, 173:and that his mission was not accomplished. For nearly two thousand years he has waited to bringDiscipleship2, 180:and suffering that hundreds of thousands in nearly every land - either factually or imaginatively -Discipleship2, 344:himself. The second grouping is of not nearly so great importance, but it is probably of greaterDiscipleship2, 359:emerges more clearly in the original wording, as nearly as I can translate it for you, or rather,Discipleship2, 614:is a center of limitation. I have begged you for nearly fifteen years to discipline your body, toDiscipleship2, 636:Again I speak to you in symbols. You are nearly sixty years old, my brother. The sixty-third yearEducation, 95:appeal will be general and its usefulness more nearly universal. It is needless for me to outlineExternalisation, 272:words have more meaning today than when written nearly two thousand years ago, for this worldExternalisation, 348:annually through light substance to the Earth is nearly completed, the time has nearly come whenExternalisation, 348:to the Earth is nearly completed, the time has nearly come when "in that light we shall see Light."Externalisation, 397:This last Invocation was not so popular and not nearly so easily understood and for this there wasExternalisation, 522:body in which I took the fifth initiation, nearly ninety years ago. Chohans have taken a stillExternalisation, 553:belong to the past and their usefulness is nearly finished. It is the intention of the Buddha andExternalisation, 557:and spiritual men have loved and followed for nearly three thousand years, the Christ. (I amExternalisation, 665:for the industrial revolution started nearly one hundred years ago in England, and the potency ofExternalisation, 677:in these ashrams have been in training for nearly one hundred and fifty years to do this work; someExternalisation, 678:agents of the first ray have been working for nearly two hundred years. The agents of the secondFire, 212:in this particular manner, though twice it was nearly thus used, - once in Atlantean days, and onceFire, 291:subplane on the cosmic astral plane, and has nearly completed it. He is beginning to work at theFire, 305:Logos. The consideration of this question is nearly concluded and it must be apparent that theFire, 378:and finally brought it down to that which more nearly concerns ourselves - [379] manas and theFire, 382:present Earth chain which concerns us the most nearly, the fourth globe is of paramount interest,Fire, 403:of the globes at this time and Vulcan has very nearly two fifths. We might here point out thatFire, 449:other of which is specially adapted to produce nearly every possible effect that can be imagined...Fire, 742:in the Vulcan and Venus schemes - Their work is nearly completed. Venus is in her last round, andFire, 742:completed. Venus is in her last round, and has nearly developed her fourth kingdom to perfection,Fire, 766:The four wicks and the flame appear as one, and nearly all the smoke is gone, for flame is mostlyFire, 1132:ways concern the relation of the perfected or nearly perfected units in the three kingdoms ofFire, 1147:most carefully nurtured by the Lords of Flame, nearly proving a failure. By the time, however, thatFire, 1151:incarnation is seen when an initiate (who has nearly completed his cycle) appears in incarnation toGlamour, 210:triple blended light just like a fire can be nearly put out if subjected to the full rays of theGlamour, 233:life behind the glamor." These words are very nearly the same as those in the individual formulaHealing, 68:of the first ray, such as the Master M. We have nearly completed our first section under theHealing, 296:in this first part of our discussion. We have nearly concluded this, and face what many will regardHealing, 452:(for the two are one); the plow of God has nearly accomplished its work; the sword of the spiritHercules, 20:makes the interesting discovery that he is not nearly so free nor so strong as, in his youthfulHercules, 219:out into the world to be fishers of men; for nearly two thousand years it [220] has been customaryInitiation, 4:yet fully conscious only on the physical plane, nearly conscious on the emotional plane, and onlyInitiation, 42:presided over its destinies since its inception nearly one hundred thousand years ago. Other ManusMagic, 296:body, and deals with the factors that most nearly concern the aspirant as he faces the problem ofMagic, 337:the pure mechanistic process. They approach more nearly the occult position, but do not go so far.Magic, 339:but the present schools of philosophy have nearly served their purpose. This has been theMeditation, 42:and its ultimate success and achievement is more nearly [43] possible than perhaps is looked for.Patanjali, 314:by concentration upon that part of the body more nearly connected with them. This point - the endProblems, 164:On this festival we are told Christ has for nearly two thousand years represented humanity and hasPsychology1, 224:as they affect the form aspect. Much, if not nearly all that exoteric science has posited regardingPsychology1, 399:search for light. Because they had been so [399] nearly resurrected from the death of earth intoPsychology2, 716:disciples in the world today (1939), is nearly one thousand. We are here considering thoseRays, 71:disciples and initiates, and hence was not nearly so popular with the general public, though inRays, 135:(for the two are one); the plow of God has nearly accomplished its work; the sword of the spiritRays, 239:of usefulness early in the Piscean Age. For nearly two thousand years these methods have proved soRays, 534:as it does on a Jewish foundation which is nearly five thousand years old, must disappear. ThisRays, 624:distinguished her many centuries ago. India has nearly lost the light, but when she has passedRays, 635:land of Palestine away from its original owners nearly three thousand years ago, at the point ofRays, 659:the germ or seed of the divine will on Earth is nearly over; when the Hierarchy is externalized,Reappearance, 81:that he remains satisfied with the religion of nearly five thousand years ago and shows as yetReappearance, 96:Actually the work of the Buddha for humanity is nearly over, and His long alliance with the race ofReappearance, 96:and His long alliance with the race of men has nearly come to an end. The moment that theSoul, 36:10. And Dr. Leary says, "The emotions are more nearly concerned with interceptors and unstriped
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