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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - NEARS

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Astrology, 15:a fairly advanced stage of development and as he nears the Path (technically understood). ManAstrology, 53:but the meaning is clear. However, as man nears the Path of Discipleship the influence of theAstrology, 216:a materiality which is rapidly lessening as Mars nears the end of its present cycle of influence.Discipleship1, 695:energy than heretofore. Today, as the Coming One nears the earth and draws closer to humanity, andExternalisation, 433:to tell you a little of His position as He nears the great event in May of this year. He knowsExternalisation, 452:As the destroying aspect of the Will of God nears the accomplishing of divine purpose, theFire, 305:tread, analogous to that trodden by man, as he nears the goal of his endeavor. Again we can withFire, 419:is of value, and only that is seen in man as he nears the final part of the path of evolution. ItFire, 530:and he only begins to transcend them as he nears the Path and treads it. From the standpoint ofFire, 554:which will become more potent as our Logos nears that period which is occultly called "DivineFire, 839:* * * The Sons of God still watch. The work nears its final consummation. The Eternal Lhas in TheirFire, 1062:similar phenomenon. Again, as a planetary scheme nears its consummation, it becomes "radioactive,"Healing, 129:brain, are many and become acute as the disciple nears initiation or becomes an initiate. ApartHercules, 82:will grow increasingly more brilliant as he nears his goal. In Gemini, he not only appreciates theInitiation, 200:- Rules for Applicants Rule 8 When the disciple nears the portal, the Greater Seven must awaken andMagic, 119:know, motives vary as time speeds by and the man nears the goal of the probationary path. Magic, 264:for several lives in their entirety. As a man nears the Path, the Probationary Path becomes strewnMagic, 362:but gradually quicken their activity as he nears the portal of the Path of Initiation. OnMeditation, 82:and the process of mounting the ladder (as one nears the higher rungs) becomes ever moreMeditation, 187:It has a special significance for the man who nears the Path of Initiation. Ponder carefully onPatanjali, 207:themselves felt in the life of the aspirant, he nears a certain climax which is a sudden perceptionPatanjali, 285:rebirth. Thus he consciously and intelligently nears his goal and every deed, act and thought isPsychology1, 405:the rays governing the personality as the man nears the path of probation and discipleship. ManPsychology2, 56:as a man advances on the path of evolution and nears the status of an initiate, the conditioning ofRays, 21:God. Rule VIII For Applicants: When the disciple nears the Portal, the greater seven must awakenRays, 49:it to the attention of humanity as mankind nears the close, the terrible but liberating finale, ofRays, 148:Rule VIII For Applicants: When the disciple nears the Portal, the greater seven must awaken andRays, 185:Simplification proceeds rapidly as one nears the goal of the spirit. Will ever concerns itself withRays, 238:on more definite lines. As our planetary Logos nears the climaxing point of the initiation which He
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