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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - NECESSITATE

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Astrology, 21:man travels through the signs of the zodiac will necessitate a readjustment of the method employedDiscipleship1, 276:some aspects hitherto unrealized - will necessitate your living on the mountain top, and in theDiscipleship1, 351:your future work in healing? This question will necessitate careful consideration on your part andDiscipleship1, 539:emphasis upon the heart unfoldment, for it will necessitate the effort of your soul and mind,Discipleship1, 541:of values should be apparent to you which will necessitate certain basic adjustments in your dailyDiscipleship1, 549:of impressionability. These require watching and necessitate correct interpretation. Upon thisDiscipleship2, 19:but for which you must strive and which will necessitate the consciously acquired use of theDiscipleship2, 325:prompt than in the past. These facts therefore necessitate a recognition upon the part of theDiscipleship2, 483:adults in your next incarnation, and this will necessitate a different approach and one which willDiscipleship2, 607:transferred into the Ashram of K.H., it would necessitate too much expenditure of protective forceDiscipleship2, 636:where your outer work is being done; it may necessitate a change in your setting and circumstances,Discipleship2, 636:goodwill which is so close to my heart; it will necessitate sacrifice upon your part and maybe aDiscipleship2, 763:need the most to cultivate at this time. It will necessitate a conscious and definite withdrawal ofExternalisation, 226:do your share in this work of salvage, it will necessitate certain attitudes and activities on yourExternalisation, 371:require the utmost skill in handling and will necessitate exceedingly wise action on the part ofExternalisation, 385:take much time and careful planning; it will necessitate [386] enlisting the cooperation of trainedExternalisation, 482:This the total destruction of the old forms will necessitate. It is this great group of ForcesExternalisation, 498:experience that (from one angle alone) it will necessitate and bring about an entirely new economicExternalisation, 529:the tension of world service. All these changes necessitate much adjustment. The interior work ofExternalisation, 612:of spiritual statements which will not necessitate interpretation (and give rise toExternalisation, 648:is still active and must be overcome; this may necessitate drastic measures, but great good willFire, 33:solar system, and of a human being. This will necessitate some preliminary technicalities which mayFire, 304:setting in motion (by action) of causes which necessitate certain unavoidable effects, so aFire, 548:Ego to full activity in manifestation; it will necessitate the sound formulation of the laws ofFire, 650:mankind to this realization, for that event will necessitate [651] many adjustments, and, at theFire, 758:first group will be the largest, for it does not necessitate so much knowledge, but more risk isFire, 831:expenditure of energy in any one direction will necessitate an equal expenditure in an opposite.Fire, 955:upon the physical plane. These three objectives necessitate a clear comprehension among such vitalGlamour, 12:work with ideas and concepts. This activity will necessitate the use of the mind to understand, toHealing, 322:categories: Those which produce purification and necessitate period of returning and of rest forHealing, 369:that to answer such a question accurately would necessitate two things: the revelation of one ofHealing, 379:and [379] waves as you now have them. This will necessitate instruments hitherto undreamed of butHealing, 396:but not upon trance. This will still necessitate a contact via a third party, and will be entirelyIntellect, 107:all the affairs of life. Accurate speech would necessitate accurate attention to that which isMeditation, 109:rounding out and a lop-sided building that will necessitate reconstruction in other lives. [110] Patanjali, 149:a sorrowful process. Certain past eventualities necessitate present conditions both of heredity,Patanjali, 283:As etheric vision develops in the race this will necessitate a further abstraction, then the seerProblems, 157:non-tangible life and values; all these factors necessitate and "substand" the demand for a newPsychology2, 298:vary from one cycle of expression to another and necessitate the keeping of the personality chartPsychology2, 425:the discovery of the fact of the soul will necessitate a new language approach. It is true, is itPsychology2, 662:no matter how enlightened they may be, to necessitate force in some form or another and to call forRays, 26:they embody the techniques of the New Age, which necessitate group activity, group procedure andRays, 114:for the Probationary Path. This will necessitate a clearer understanding of the Path ofReappearance, 60:of spiritual statements which [60] will not necessitate interpretation and receive the wrongTelepathy, 9:and entirely emotional emanations between people necessitate only solar plexus contact. Later, when
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