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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - NECESSITATES

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Astrology, 16:to be done by the applied power of thought. This necessitates complete confidence in theAstrology, 25:through" the centers and forms. This concept necessitates the idea of distributing centers to whichAstrology, 41:or an aspect of each of the above, and that necessitates a ninefold differentiation, for the twoAstrology, 274:until the initiate attains full maturity. This necessitates persistence, endurance and continuityAstrology, 325:difficult for you to grasp this idea, for it necessitates the ability to identify oneself with theAstrology, 588:on to wrong and dangerous lines. This aid necessitates a certain definite and planned contact andAtom, 25:recognition of his place within the group. It necessitates an ability on his part to recognize aAtom, 49:and to the [49] nature of our objective; it necessitates the judicious utilization of thatAtom, 77:our interpretation of the processes of nature necessitates a threefold concept, which concernsDestiny, 146:you that basic demand for further light which necessitates response from those of us who workDiscipleship1, 81:guidance. 4. The individual objective. This necessitates the preparation of the life andDiscipleship1, 81:a group entity - may move on together. This necessitates the same conditions for the group asDiscipleship1, 285:will aid in the dissipation of the world glamor, necessitates most careful consideration andDiscipleship1, 323:nature of the sixth ray. Your point in evolution necessitates a dominant personality which must beDiscipleship1, 609:e'en hours of relaxation, and it most certainly necessitates the use of the discrimination inDiscipleship1, 628:has to be negated in the case of attachment and necessitates a focusing where the tendency toDiscipleship1, 678:of the symbols in which it was written necessitates the loss of rhythm and potency. "I standDiscipleship1, 735:brought about first by correct orientation; this necessitates a true sense of values and freedomDiscipleship1, 750:towards the center. Each step forward necessitates care on the part of the Master in order to seeDiscipleship2, 11:lesson I desire the students to learn. All this necessitates an expenditure of force and of time onDiscipleship2, 47:activity and a definite goal to be achieved. It necessitates the ability to think in terms of theDiscipleship2, 161:will form a "raincloud of unknowable things" and necessitates not, therefore, your consideration.Discipleship2, 427:connotes extreme activity in Shamballa and also necessitates the cooperation of the Lord of theDiscipleship2, 557:it is a great deal more than [557] just that. It necessitates, when correctly applied, the growingEducation, 46:out of which the One Humanity is emerging. This necessitates a drastic change in our methods ofEducation, 116:evolution and has indicated an unfoldment which necessitates drastic changes in man's entireExternalisation, 110:spirit of understanding. Such true comprehension necessitates head knowledge as well as heartExternalisation, 297:Threshold and to come closer to the Angel. This necessitates some greater help and this help willExternalisation, 373:The education of the public in this ideal necessitates no loss of national identity or individualExternalisation, 436:[436] the lot of the incoming generation. This necessitates on the part of the Christ aExternalisation, 526:upon this planet and the adjustments that this necessitates and inevitably enforces. For the sakeExternalisation, 696:importance than the Law of Rebirth, because it necessitates action upon the part of the aspirant,Fire, 176:Planet to take up work elsewhere, it frequently necessitates a complete reorganization, and a freshFire, 273:in time: The thought of cyclic activity necessitates periods of time of differing length - greaterFire, 351:Who is independent of an existence which ever necessitates a form. His is the life that causesFire, 381:formation, is the recipient of logoic force. It necessitates the study of the solar system as aFire, 401:the [401] place of manas in cosmic evolution. It necessitates a somewhat synthetic viewpoint, andFire, 479:the process of transmutation is dual and necessitates a preliminary stage of application ofFire, 574:It is really the basic law of evolution, which necessitates involution. It is analogous to theFire, 747:which will be available in the fifth round; this necessitates for Them an attitude of receptivityFire, 757:all the three lower bodies into alignment, and necessitates the unfolding of the sixth petal. By anFire, 881:in man himself, and in the solar system; and it necessitates the development of those powers withinFire, 925:is as yet perfect, and it is this fact which necessitates cyclic evolution, and the continualFire, 1083:powers of ordinary man to comprehend, and which necessitates mathematical formulae [1084] of greatFire, 1199:or an aspect of each of the above, and that necessitates a ninefold differentiation, for the twoHealing, 100:it forth from the patient. This latter process necessitates a careful guarding of the healer fromHealing, 524:into activity by the spiritual will." This necessitates the capacity to make contact with theInitiation, 15:one might term a crisis. At this crisis, which necessitates the aid of a Master, a definite act ofInitiation, 67:and with intelligence in this type of work. It necessitates primarily people in whose vehicles canInitiation, 188:synthetic ray. It is a very complex path, for it necessitates a capacity for the most intricateMagic, 174:and to earn the right to contact Him at will necessitates a sensitiveness and a fine discriminationMagic, 180:for it involves the egoic consciousness and necessitates the use of atomic matter, thus opening upMagic, 318:leads to separateness, as you well know, and necessitates the eventual overcoming of the habit ofMagic, 386:of the symbols in which it was written necessitates the loss of rhythm and potency. "I standMagic, 555:which exists in His Mind. This, in its turn, necessitates a one pointed focusing upon the goal andMeditation, 15:determine the type of meditation. Each ray necessitates a different method of approach, for the aimMeditation, 94:threefold Spirit, the Triad. The work to be done necessitates a working from the periphery inwards,Meditation, 145:or wishes apart from the good of that group. It necessitates a constant watchfulness every hour ofMeditation, 245:dealt with directly from the causal level, and necessitates therefore the assistance of the Ego,Meditation, 313:embodied in this book will be applied. This necessitates an environment wherein many and variedMeditation, 313:all that lives - lives in an occult sense. This necessitates, during the period of training,Meditation, 340:the result of hard work and discrimination. It necessitates three things before the plane of thePatanjali, 86:consciousness. The true use of the imagination necessitates a high degree of control and of mentalPatanjali, 126:which the elimination of the obstruction necessitates. The words "elimination of the obstructions"Patanjali, 129:The fact of the limitations which form-taking necessitates. The above two factors must bePatanjali, 201:of students in the West to interpret literally necessitates a somewhat freer translation. ThePatanjali, 212:of the physical man, into the head. This necessitates a conscious withdrawal of the consciousnessPatanjali, 279:the tuning in of one mind with another, and necessitates their being en rapport. This faculty ofPatanjali, 388:process, when rightly understood and carried on, necessitates the withdrawal of the consciousnessProblems, 44:out of which the One Humanity is emerging. This necessitates a drastic change in our [45] methodsPsychology1, 87:be conveyed symbolically and its understanding necessitates an awakened esoteric sense; toPsychology1, 296:point of evolution, and for its right fulfilment necessitates the true integration of thePsychology1, 304:much suffering. The belief that to be a disciple necessitates a celibate life and completePsychology1, 306:of excess and license in a previous life, which necessitates stringent measures and abnormalPsychology2, 72:of oneself in the shadow of the will of God. It necessitates a wise differentiation between: [73]Psychology2, 73:effort. Conscious incorporation in the group necessitates the cessation of personality life, andPsychology2, 120:it requires exceedingly hard work, because it necessitates deliberate effort, conscious wisdom, andPsychology2, 184:these questions is of paramount importance and necessitates a frank handling. We find in the BiblePsychology2, 192:the concretization of money. This, consequently, necessitates the materialization of things. TheyPsychology2, 376:spirit of God (and in our particular time, this necessitates the building of new forms), eachRays, 84:again from inherent or latent capacity. This necessitates the leaving behind, stage after stage,Rays, 467:This involves intense mental activity; it necessitates the power to imagine and to visualize, plusRays, 506:are dealing entirely with the Will aspect. This necessitates a higher process of alignment and theRays, 562:creative agent in the ashram. It is this which necessitates his careful preparation, which must beReappearance, 66:are apt to forget that the coming of the Christ necessitates a period of intensive preparation bySoul, 71:Its solution is not only a very slow process; it necessitates a specific technique of training." -Telepathyto this question is of paramount importance and necessitates a dear understanding. [2] When theTelepathy, 80:of the planet. The generating of good karma necessitates the "living through" of conditions where
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