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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - NECESSITIES

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Astrology, 520:excessive use of its form in the meeting of war necessities - munitions, ships, and planes, etc. -Autobiography, 181:ready, make the curtains, stock the house with necessities - most of which Mr. Suffern provided -Bethlehem, 118:false values, wrong desires, needless so-called necessities, our worries, anxieties and cares; butDestiny, 21:individual plus his interest in himself and the necessities and urgencies of group work and love,Discipleship1, 16:emotions and stability of mind are fundamental necessities and should be daily the attemptedDiscipleship1, 63:composed of disciples, is based upon three necessities; I would like you to understand this moreDiscipleship1, 492:us and humanity; you have no lack of life's necessities and know not the significance of cold andDiscipleship1, 493:your wherewithal to provide the three necessities of life (a roof, food and warmth) and yourDiscipleship1, 704:in the foreground of the consciousness. The necessities of daily living, the many and diverseDiscipleship2, 95:The realization of the inevitability of these necessities will lead you eventually to a carefulDiscipleship2, 718:you as you reflect upon the word. To these two necessities of your physical plane expression IEducation, 3:learns how men, driven by economic and other necessities, have conquered territory and absorbedEducation, 13:discrimination as to their joint quality and necessities, and thus they will render the ordinaryEducation, 139:of parenthood and their training in the basic necessities of the coming child will shiftExternalisation, 100:of the Kingdom of God on earth, the two great necessities are vision, plus living organization. TheExternalisation, 196:and the blocking of the free circulation of necessities for some reason or other. All theseExternalisation, 198:to the whole, the sharing of the fundamental necessities of life and the wise pooling of allExternalisation, 203:living which will provide adequate supply of the necessities of life through the proper organizingExternalisation, 209:will give all the nations adequate food, the necessities of life, and opportunity then to expressExternalisation, 325:and the present uneven distribution of the necessities of life. In the past I have outlined for youExternalisation, 498:of life to the task of providing the bare necessities or to [499] making it possible for a few richHealing, 276:Surgery will remain occupied with the anatomical necessities of the human frame; medicine willHealing, 405:imposed upon him. When these requirements, soul necessities, experiences and responsibilities haveHealing, 501:the spiritual will or through recognition of the necessities of the Hierarchy or the purposes ofHealing, 549:individual. There is lack of a free flow of the necessities of life to the points of distribution;Healing, 642:then dies at will and according to plan or the necessities of the work. This, of course, refersHealing, 668:of the earth, and thus make the cost of life's necessities prohibitive to those not richly endowed.Magic, 28:is present in his mind. Yet one of the main necessities before occult aspirants at this time is toMagic, 449:is present in his mind. Yet one of the main necessities before occult aspirants at this time is toMeditation, 108:business acumen by the struggle to provide the necessities of life; it may be the development ofProblems, 66:in order to provide a living wage and the necessities of life. One is the problem of capital andProblems, 94:wanting [94] only to live in safety, to own the necessities of existence, to raise their childrenProblems, 167:or take everything and other nations lack the necessities of life, it is obvious that there is aProblems, 175:well exactly what food, minerals, oil and other necessities are available for worldwide use uponPsychology1, 169:individual is fixed in accordance with karmic necessities, and probably all of us - whatever ourPsychology2, 166:discipline, dispassion, and the other two necessities on the Way, - discrimination andPsychology2, 693:decided upon by the exigencies of the time, the necessities of the occasion, and the varyingRays, 52:protection, or for the supply of his physical necessities; all this is, therefore, related to theSoul, 25:merely compulsory expressions required by the necessities of language." - Prince, Morton,Telepathy, 94:need for the helping of other people and for the necessities of his growing world service. Later,
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