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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - NECESSITY

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Astrology, 13:This we will consider later, but I felt the necessity of calling your attention to it at this time.Astrology, 39:burning Sons of Desire" and were the Sons of Necessity. It is said of them in the Old Commentary:Astrology, 197:the Hierarchy. It is here that the divine [197] necessity of achieving alignment is portrayed forAstrology, 212:duality is exceedingly powerful. Hence also the necessity for the entire life of man (for the bloodAstrology, 222:the soul of the disciple is found; hence the necessity to ascertain the ray of the soul, prior toAstrology, 294:life (hierarchical). I am reiterating the necessity to recognize the stimulation of consciousnessAstrology, 300:gives you the clue to the basic reality and necessity of meditation as practiced by the discipleAstrology, 336:I cannot too strongly reiterate the constant necessity for you to think in terms of energies andAstrology, 339:of the egoic ray. Here again will appear the necessity for a knowledge of the point in evolution ofAstrology, 444:then leads to resistance to the apparent karmic necessity and this brings about liberation. OnlyAstrology, 444:refusal to cooperate in this period of karmic necessity, that is prolonging the difficult and cruelAstrology, 497:at that; I have made statements which are of necessity revolutionary in nature and, therefore,Astrology, Saturn:and recognized understanding of the proved necessity. The Spirit of Life enforces this. [553] Astrology, 601:synthesis," if I might so word it. It is Necessity which is the prime conditioning factor of theAstrology, 601:conditioning factor of the divine nature - the necessity to express itself; the necessity toAstrology, 601:nature - the necessity to express itself; the necessity to manifest in an orderly rhythmic manner;Astrology, 601:to manifest in an orderly rhythmic manner; the necessity to embrace "that which is above and thatAstrology, 606:order. Just as desire has produced this "son of necessity," our solar system, there lies behind allAtom, 48:on between all atoms. I seek to point out the necessity of finding for ourselves our place in theAutobiography, 155:of heart and I began again to consider the necessity of getting a divorce. As the end of the warAutobiography, 229:on the emotional level and emphasizing the necessity for some mental focus and development, if theAutobiography, 234:the stupid and unintelligent can fail to see the necessity for active goodwill. [235] So manyAutobiography, 262:and purity, indicates to them the necessity to tread the Path and (usually) takes the place of theAutobiography, 279:into practice and demonstrating to himself the necessity and the possibility of his dwelling in theAutobiography, 281:men are one." The Arcane School emphasizes the necessity to live the spiritual life and rejects allAutobiography, 282:the esoteric groups. This is a basic truth and necessity, but a keen, alert and trained mind is ofAutobiography, 302:can picture. We have been taught and indeed of necessity it must be true that the Hierarchy ofBethlehem, 18:man, united in one person, and to emphasize the necessity for that lower man to be saved by theBethlehem, 28:human beings can grasp in a large synthesis the necessity of entering more definitely into theBethlehem, 138:We hear of multiple personalities, and the necessity for integration, for coordination of theBethlehem, 176:cause some consternation when we emphasize the necessity of realizing that the death of theBethlehem, 190:of man to sin and to forget God, and the necessity for a change of heart or of intention have beenBethlehem, 193:sinner" complex and its emphasis upon the necessity for the purification by blood. This teaching ofBethlehem, 261:of the faith, the Fatherhood of God, and the necessity not only to walk with God, but to walk withBethlehem, 261:in love and understanding. He emphasized the necessity for cooperation, indicating that if we trulyDestiny, 27:momentum. One is potent in producing the necessity for the present chaos; the other is potentialDestiny, 110:the old regime was devotion. The race had, of necessity, to achieve a different and rightDestiny, 121:main motive. War has been prompted by economic necessity, or it has been in the nature of theDestiny, 128:his life and his thought. Automatically and of necessity, his physical nature responds to theDestiny, 133:producing eventually a realization of the necessity for a consciously undertaken synthesis andDiscipleship1, 21:Path of Discipleship to grasp this or to see the necessity for the rules and suggestions made. ForDiscipleship1, 29:adjustments to contact you. May I emphasize the necessity for holding the thought of that contactDiscipleship1, 78:revealed to you, my disciples, my true name. The necessity for eradicating all reason for theDiscipleship1, 78:must perforce learn. There is, therefore, the necessity for the test. Many of [79] you are alreadyDiscipleship1, 81:and desires to the group pace and to the necessity of right timing where his fellow disciples areDiscipleship1, 95:clarity and power at my disposal, the very deep necessity for humility and its constantly recurringDiscipleship1, 135:to Disciples - L.D.O. January 1940 The necessity to do and to be objectively active is a majorDiscipleship1, 145:distant future and the present period of hard necessity. Look for those who may not resemble you inDiscipleship1, 164:and the new techniques. Hence, again, the necessity for a trained inner attentiveness, not only toDiscipleship1, 269:a fuller soul experience in order to meet the necessity? [270] Did the crisis produce any definiteDiscipleship1, 309:- The nature of contemplation. 2nd month - The necessity for integration. 3rd month - The techniqueDiscipleship1, 310:hands" of associated friends and people. The necessity for an inner freedom, preserved inviolate,Discipleship1, 326:are found. Now I call your attention to the necessity for that crystalline truthfulness and thatDiscipleship1, 377:this time. I would like to emphasize to you the necessity for your definitely grasping the Plan asDiscipleship1, 385:rut of heavy mundane work with which you are of necessity so constantly occupied and brings to youDiscipleship1, 423:the world of men is again - for you - an equal necessity. In this way a closer integration can beDiscipleship1, 427:you with a definitely difficult problem, for the necessity to balance and to achieve equilibrium,Discipleship1, 489:would assign you, beyond impressing upon you the necessity for making and holding each day a veryDiscipleship1, 489:grow out of the urgency of the times and the necessity of the work that, if you will do yourDiscipleship1, 500:work for us. All I would indicate to you is the necessity for preserving a due sense of proportion,Discipleship1, 514:instructions, the same objective and the same-necessity to cultivate the spirit of liberating loveDiscipleship1, 534:It, therefore, has no value. For you the necessity is to stand in your circle of life as a quietDiscipleship1, 539:them in the heart. These key thoughts are: The necessity for speed. The reorganization of standardsDiscipleship1, 582:if I can awaken you to the realization of the necessity for "spiritual limitation" (as it isDiscipleship1, 585:I earlier gave you wherein I pointed out the necessity for you to seek stabilization within aDiscipleship1, 587:from your associates and you need to learn the necessity for identification with those who are yourDiscipleship1, 631:- of encouragement, of warning, of truth and of necessity. You could, my brother, with ease haveDiscipleship1, 673:in the Light." The stage wherein, according to necessity, the Master contacts the chela through: ADiscipleship1, 688:is oft forgotten by many disciples. That is the necessity - inherent in the right appreciation ofDiscipleship1, 704:not the limitations usually registered) and the necessity for breaking the barriers imposed by theDiscipleship1, 712:in the Light. The stage wherein, according to necessity, the Master contacts the chela through: ADiscipleship1, 716:according to inclination, opportunity and necessity. He is an example of instability but isDiscipleship2, 53:1. The recognition by the group members of the necessity for a closer group relation within theDiscipleship2, 58:relative importance and so impress upon you the necessity for your individual teaching taking aDiscipleship2, 119:which nothing has as yet been taught (though the necessity for such a point was obvious in the workDiscipleship2, 142:at any stage along the Path to grasp the necessity for engendering (to use an unusual word in thisDiscipleship2, 166:into light. With this fundamental attitude, the necessity for widespread expression of theseDiscipleship2, 182:to the twelve-petalled lotus in the head. The necessity of directing the energy of love (theDiscipleship2, 231:work of the New Group of World Servers, and the necessity of establishing in the world a unitedDiscipleship2, 244:of things which is being enforced, and the necessity for rebuilding human life on sounder valuesDiscipleship2, 258:Teachers of the Ageless Wisdom has been upon the necessity for discrimination, particularly whereDiscipleship2, 261:of all an outpost of the Hierarchy (which of necessity means sensitivity to the Shamballa energy),Discipleship2, 270:all; the will-to-good then dominates. Hence the necessity for the scientific construction of theDiscipleship2, 286:the second was an attempt to emphasize the necessity for grasping and accepting two initialDiscipleship2, 316:possible for the Hierarchy itself to regard the necessity for reorientation and the imminence ofDiscipleship2, 319:he would proceed to enjoin upon his disciple the necessity to withdraw and search for the trueDiscipleship2, 330:bewildered, this safeguarding becomes a major necessity, and where glamor is present in aDiscipleship2, 336:affairs and civilization. This physical plane necessity is - as you will perceive - a test ofDiscipleship2, 366:I have frequently called your attention to the necessity of a vital and active program, formulatedDiscipleship2, 366:you have much that can throw light upon that necessity and upon the lines along which the programDiscipleship2, 376:comes also the recognition of the basic human necessity to "make it holy" or to "render whole" thatDiscipleship2, 380:much teaching given out by the church upon the necessity of the submission of the human will to theDiscipleship2, 392:soul-infused personalities but who recognize the necessity of the Plan and who seek the welfare ofDiscipleship2, 396:and move and have our being." It explains the necessity for the esoteric teaching anent planetaryDiscipleship2, 415:to find a truth which is for him an immediate necessity. The Master will not tell him what it is;Discipleship2, 459:you, have they not. Twice I have myself felt the necessity to envelop you with shielding care andDiscipleship2, 556:habits. Enough emphasis is seldom put on the necessity for such a stabilization of spiritualDiscipleship2, 598:the Will aspect of Love which the Christ will of necessity use this time when he comes; when heDiscipleship2, 611:in providing vision of possibility and of necessity. The future holds much of true service andDiscipleship2, 644:based upon expedient or earthly motives, necessity or anything else. It is a choice based upon the
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