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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - NECESSITY

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Discipleship2, 702:no set meditation. I enjoin upon you the prime necessity of linking up with your soul, with theDiscipleship2, 722:the word "settle." This is for you a spiritual necessity, and will eventually mean for you healthEducation, 6:way of expressing the truth of this bridging necessity. The Antahkarana is the bridge the manEducation, 16:this unrealized scaffolding. The fundamental necessity which today confronts the educational worldEducation, 26:is to deal with the more universal and immediate necessity of bridging the gap between theEducation, 29:of the educator and points out the necessity for a new unfoldment in educational methods. TheEducation, 30:I am presuming that you already grasp the necessity for the building of the antahkarana and forEducation, 102:plus the emphasis always laid upon the necessity of making money. Little by little this disastrousEducation, 108:fundamental group relations, envisaging the necessity to prepare the youth of the future for theEducation, 128:through the divine imposition of the Law of Necessity. This law has provided opportunity for theEducation, 133:among nationalists of all countries - upon the necessity to increase the birth rate. Attention isEducation, 133:are not the highest or the most desirable. The necessity of the times will eventually produceEducation, 134:inevitable call." There will be, therefore, no necessity for a massed and hurried creation of humanEducation, 135:dilemma. The economic situation and the necessity to provide for the unduly large population of theEducation, 140:have sought to do two things: 1. Teach the basic necessity for certain great fusions - individual,Externalisation, 11:let the psychics in the world today grasp the necessity of controlling and of not being controlled;Externalisation, 39:of illumination, received in meditation, and the necessity to work with light as a group for theExternalisation, 109:civilization and culture, in climaxing karmic necessity and in thus engineering release, presentingExternalisation, 129:of thought; it involves the right and the felt necessity to shew love to all beings and thus stampExternalisation, 134:untold value, leading as it does to the constant necessity to readjust viewpoints, to change modesExternalisation, 176:the issues involved and faced with the immediate necessity to take sides. The momentum of thisExternalisation, 181:of the predisposing causes producing the necessity; there must be realization of the general guiltExternalisation, 204:one. The educating of people everywhere in the necessity for new ideals of right living, for theExternalisation, 238:and economic - and find means of reconciling the necessity of change in a constantly changing worldExternalisation, 241:have to impress upon you the prime and initial necessity to overthrow the entrenched forces ofExternalisation, 286:history is that always the appearance of man's necessity has been met with a divine Revelation. TheExternalisation, 289:and at each human crisis, always in the hours of necessity, at the founding of a new race, or inExternalisation, 297:minor crises, to national dilemmas and religious necessity. They have taken the form of those menExternalisation, 331:work, preparatory to any work which future [331] necessity may indicate in Europe or elsewhere,Externalisation, 370:task of the United Nations after the war will of necessity be - among other things - to protect theExternalisation, 385:as earlier pointed out, underlies the whole necessity for world rebuilding, is greater than allExternalisation, 411:The value of the individual and the necessity for tensity of effort on his part. The opportunityExternalisation, 426:launching this horror on humanity is an absolute necessity and bounden duty, if security,Externalisation, 442:is attempting to work? Do I need to enjoin the necessity to counteract hate with justice,Externalisation, 449:which will work out in a clearer perception of necessity. What they do will evoke discussion andExternalisation, 453:growing in strength through the impact of human necessity. [454] The fight will then spread toExternalisation, 477:was therefore faced with the problem and the necessity of seeing that pure impersonal thoughtExternalisation, 477:human freedom. It is this distinction and its necessity that some kindly and well-intentioned butExternalisation, 494:rightly and to see the issues clearly. The necessity to withdraw was averted. I may not say in whatExternalisation, 524:I can and which is permissible, but shall of necessity have to leave much unsaid. Externalisation, 584:days and efforts solely to the relief of human necessity. All phases of human living - politics,Externalisation, 633:most clearly visioned plan. First, there was the necessity to find the nucleus of people throughExternalisation, 680:rapport with a Master, and this because of the necessity of discovering the ashram with which theExternalisation, 681:during the past thirty years of teaching, the necessity for the development of a truly spiritualFire, XVI:nor [XVI] because of what seems an analogical necessity; nor on the mere authority of our teachersFire, 39:stringing together of all things into unity and necessity; the nila-pit-ambara, blue and yellowFire, 64:by science. This being so there exists no necessity for further elaboration. 21 [65] 21 "It shouldFire, 80:on the astral plane, the plane of desire and of necessity, stands to the physical body as the LogosFire, 81:desire-mind, and all their bodies are "Sons of Necessity," as H.P.B. so aptly expressed it. 35, 36Fire, 85:the "will to live" vanishes, then the "Sons of Necessity" cease from objective manifestation. ThisFire, 98:coming root-race, and increasingly in this, the necessity for the exposure of these two centers toFire, 103:[103] the reason for the emphasis laid on the necessity for building pure, refined physicalFire, 131:this dissociation the solar system, that "Son of Necessity," or of desire, ceases to be, and passesFire, 148:again with their spiritual source. Hence the necessity of remembering that fundamentally, the firstFire, 173:build between higher and lower mind; hence the necessity for the use of the imagination (which isFire, 239:itself. Time and space. The quality of desire or necessity. The acquisitive faculty inherent inFire, 240:at one with will or power produces that "Son of necessity" (as H. P. B. expresses it - S. D., I,Fire, 241:together, in order to convey to our minds the necessity of viewing these things from the standpointFire, 317:the Wisdom aspect, or the manifested "Son of Necessity," and Brahma or active purpose are theFire, 389:the information will see for themselves the necessity for silence. Fire, 400:and the microcosm attains BEING without the necessity of form-taking. A hint here in connectionFire, 417:to the names of the chains and globes, and the necessity of a numerical enumeration; at the sameFire, 511:in this system. This system is: A Son of Necessity, or of desire. Vibrant to the key of the cosmicFire, 516:astral sound produces the microcosmic 'Son of Necessity,' and when it reverberates on the physicalFire, 555:to respond to vibration) I would emphasize the necessity of remembering that that response must beFire, 649:a few of the devas of the ethers but have of necessity left many untouched. The vastness of ourFire, 659:objective. Just as the solar system is a "Son of Necessity," or of desire, so the physical bodiesFire, 666:and hears sounds. A hint lies here as to the necessity for symbols, for they are signs which conveyFire, 669:The six-pointed star is the sign that a "Son of Necessity" [670] (no matter whether God or man) hasFire, 738:gestation is reborn into the Devachan, is of necessity as innocent and pure as a newborn babe. TheFire, 814:of man. It has been written in view of the necessity these days of a statement as to the real orFire, 885:the emphasis is so consistently laid upon the necessity for bodily purity (in all the threeFire, 916:groups it might be wise here to emphasize the necessity of remembering that when we consider theFire, 933:conditions, and under the law of spiritual necessity. A correspondence to this can be seen in theFire, 933:the beginning of the fourth root-race. Spiritual necessity forced its rapid consolidation, and itFire, 1006:They have to use that which exists; hence the necessity for clear thinking. Having "purified" theFire, 1015:remembering, and will give the clue to the necessity of egoic alignment, and to the problem of theFire, 1034:and forms, and holding them there as long as necessity demands. Secondly, it is itself graduallyFire, 1048:(the second aspect of Brahma). Compare 'Son of necessity.' - S. D., I, 74. In the System - The SunFire, 1090:it will become apparent to him that through necessity certain units or cells in the body are moreFire, 1110:[1110] to the mental body, and thus negate the necessity of our entering upon the subject inFire, 1168:solar system of love, our system being a "Son of Necessity" or of desire. This law is the workingFire, 1197:burning Sons of Desire" and were the Sons of Necessity. It is said of them in the old Commentary:Glamour, 7:the study of symbols, I would urge upon you the necessity always to put before yourselves the goalGlamour, 23:increasingly [23] realized, and hence the vital necessity for right understanding of the way ofGlamour, 27:Therefore each of you in this group must of necessity work separately and apart with himself, andGlamour, 36:way of the greatest potency is to realize the necessity to act purely as a channel for the energyGlamour, 76:Therefore the Guides of the Race have felt the necessity of standing by whilst the forces set up byGlamour, 81:has been put, during the Aryan age, upon the necessity for the study of Raja Yoga, and theGlamour, 88:the control of the physical nature is an urgent necessity, he recapitulates in his own life thisGlamour, 100:into two classes: Those who are aware of the necessity for decision and discrimination in thinkingGlamour, 134:brought about by means of the cycle of necessity through which we are now passing and the dimlyGlamour, 134:the dimly sensed idea will - as a result of dire necessity - impose its rhythm upon the race andGlamour, 179:holds the clue to this and demonstrates this necessity. The [180] tide of life moves from East toGlamour, 224:of dispersing glamor in their own lives; the necessity to do this and their success in so doing areGlamour, 270:appeal of the Dweller on the Threshold. The necessity to use the will in a new and differentGlamour, 271:it is for these potential servers of a desperate necessity that I have written. That the Angel ofHealing, 65:a promoter of wrong physical conditions, and the necessity for astral understanding and control onHealing, 105:will in abeyance. I would emphasize the urgent necessity for complete silence and reticence inHealing, 223:factor, both from the angle of military necessity and from the plight of the civilians who find
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