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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - NECESSITY

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Healing, 242:disease, light will come. It is only the necessity of indicating the major sources of diseases andHealing, 245:limits - based on time conditions and spatial necessity - its entrance into human form and its exitHealing, 345:to a subtle separative attitude. There is no necessity for any Son of God in incarnation upon theHealing, 348:of the mind which is expressing it. Hence the necessity for careful analysis of motive and ofHealing, 372:if I can awaken you to the realization of the necessity for "spiritual limitation" (as it isHealing, 394:to the fact of the eternal soul and to the necessity for that soul to live spiritually,Healing, 397:scientific approach which argues that economic necessity requires that that which has been so longHealing, 405:worlds, but is still under the impulse of karmic necessity which exacts from him the last possibleHealing, 405:at the fourth initiation. The Law of Karmic Necessity. This governs the life of the advancedHealing, 408:impact of [408] the Law of Karmic Liability or Necessity, the soul again prepares itself forHealing, 415:the "will to live" vanishes, then the "Sons of Necessity" cease from objective manifestation...WhenHealing, 420:this dissociation the solar system, that "Son of Necessity," or of desire, ceases to be, and passesHealing, 425:cycle) towards form expression and towards the necessity of seeking experience through matter, inHealing, 437:or an urge. It is realized as an innate necessity and as inevitable. It connotes death, but deathHealing, 471:the condition is different; individual karmic necessity may not be involved at all, and reasons ofHealing, 481:of thought. I am concerned with the immediate necessity of right psychological training, based uponHealing, 505:three worlds - this time not under the Law of Necessity but under the Law of Service, as understoodHealing, 540:upon that body of energy. This involves the necessity of ascertaining certain facts, and thenHealing, 540:process. You will, therefore, realize the basic necessity for the healer in the New Age to beHealing, 545:today, and little direct consciousness of the necessity, [546] and no real understanding of theHealing, 563:and is only regarded as Law IV because of the necessity for the main contentions [564] of the threeHercules, 102:knowledge has been somewhat learned, whilst the necessity of transmuting instinct and intellectHercules, 123:'to bear'. To bear what? The burden of the necessity for change and growth ... The Virgo's typicalHercules, 130:Libran, harsh though the experience may be, is a necessity for the growth of the soul. Without suchInitiationmade; nor because of what seems an analogical necessity; nor on the mere authority of our teachersInitiation, 34:solar system, and this brought in, through [34] necessity, a number of highly evolved units of theInitiation, 198:are powerful and effective, and hence the necessity for their originator to be pure in thought,Intellect, 107:for his thought. Let me emphasize here the necessity of a constantly concentrated attitude to life.Intellect, 108:so that the student is not bothered by the necessity of repeatedly recollecting his thought.Intellect, 124:of our intellectual life," and points out the necessity for what he calls the non-rational elementIntellect, 152:at all, but was urging upon them the necessity of arriving at a state of freedom from the bodyIntellect, 208:The answer to the second question as to the necessity to withdraw into the solitudes in order toMagic, 83:have learnt the value of essentials, and the necessity of eliminating that which is superfluous. AMagic, 126:cataclysm. Let us therefore remember the necessity of a correct [127] use of the mind, and (at theMagic, 129:confusion, individuals are appreciating the necessity for the uniting of their forces and forMagic, 173:in the Light". The stage wherein, according to necessity, the Master contacts the chela through: AMagic, 228:him aware of the pairs of opposites and of the necessity to choose between them. Through the light,Magic, 257: A Treatise on White Magic - Rule Nine - The Necessity for Purity RULE NINE Condensation nextMagic, 257:magician set his form upon the proper path. The Necessity for Purity Rule number nine is found onMagic, 259: A Treatise on White Magic - Rule Nine - The Necessity for Purity May I remind all who read thatMagic, 274:is born of desire and, therefore, a child of necessity. It draws its life from its surroundings.Magic, 296:is brought about and a man is freed from the necessity to reincarnate. Then the horoscope as nowMagic, 331:problem of this transition period and hence the necessity for the giving out of teaching which willMagic, 339:the uplift and welfare of men everywhere. The necessity of giving instead of getting is growing inMagic, 345:be called in to deal with the lower. Hence the necessity for always keeping the channel clear. DoMagic, 347:is only for use when the need is dire and the necessity great. The reason for caution lies in theMagic, 349:furthering the evolution of the race and see the necessity for trouble and for discipline and yetMagic, 366:is the work before each aspirant and hence the necessity of his understanding the nature of hisMagic, 393:the primitive step on the way to selfhood of necessity is selfishness. Let it be equally wellMagic, 472:and accomplish its sender's purpose. The necessity for clear thinking and the elimination of idle,Magic, 476:some idea or set of ideas upon the sea of public necessity. May it not be possible that under theMagic, 538:and all who read these [538] Instructions the necessity for renewed effort to fit themselves forMagic, 557:of [557] a focused attention and on the necessity, when that has been attained, of coming in touchMagic, 572:to a center. This consequently involves the necessity to develop the centers, to bring them into aMeditation, 9:the realization by the student of the absolute necessity for the domination of the Personality byMeditation, 20:in diversity of circumstances. Hence the necessity in the life of the aspirant or disciple forMeditation, 20:clarity of tone the desired chord. See then the necessity of adapting the method of meditation toMeditation, 21:further. The wise teacher, in apprehending this necessity, uses the method of expansion inherent inMeditation, 77:results upon the centers will be produced from necessity, and danger will be eliminated. When theseMeditation, 93:clear? I seek but to bring out the absolute necessity for the occult student to have a virileMeditation, 136:planes may be felt but effect no harm, hence the necessity of pure living and controlled pureMeditation, 154:the reason that they demonstrate the absolute necessity there is for the worker to build a strongMeditation, 232:to permit the pupil to realize the absolute necessity of steadily refining his vehicles so that theMeditation, 301:This will never at any time obviate the necessity for always having an esoteric and secret section,Meditation, 317:pupils to the school, and this will obviate the necessity of later removal for inability or lack ofMeditation, 318:but voluntary, for each pupil will realize the necessity and will render obedience from spiritualMeditation, 322:only will be laid down - each student must of necessity have his own separated chamber. The type ofPatanjali, 43:tabulations with care much light would come. The necessity for a strong energetic will becomesPatanjali, 73:disciple can work intelligently and hence the necessity of a right understanding of the principlesPatanjali, 144:there is much importance attached to the necessity for establishing direct egoic contact, via thePatanjali, 149:bring about the desired ends. Hence the use and necessity for the guna of mobility and the fullPatanjali, 203:dissemination of the laws of thought. Hence the necessity for the promulgation of the teachingPatanjali, 246:LXVII. 54-62.) It is the realization of the necessity for "objects" in concentration thatPatanjali, 259:seen. [259] 2. He then becomes aware of the necessity to subdue this tendency and so brings in thePatanjali, 285:every act of the present life he obviates the necessity for their effects to tie him in any way toPatanjali, 307:concerned with the solar plexus and hence the necessity of our present consideration. 2. It is thePatanjali, 313:with his physical brain apparatus. Hence the necessity of becoming aware of one's own light, ofPatanjali, 409:to his search his full equipment, and hence the necessity therefore for this process of soulProblems, 118:and the organizing of goodwill an outstanding necessity. There is today much talk about goodwillProblems, 151:value of the individual son of God and the necessity for intense spiritual effort. The opportunity,Problems, 156:indicate a true inner recognition of the necessity for a revisal of orthodox religion and a revivalPsychology1, 22:mind, from the very start of their studies, the necessity for familiarizing themselves with thesePsychology1, 62:and when I use these words I indicate the necessity of Law. Law is the will of the seven Deities,Psychology1, 126:the unprotected it leads to disaster. Hence the necessity to inculcate pure living, the learning ofPsychology1, 163:The Moon. Violet. VI Devotion. Bhakti Yoga. Necessity for an object. Mars. Rose. Blue. VIIPsychology1, 173:their part. It was determined to demonstrate the necessity of establishing a spirit ofPsychology1, 241:lies behind the vegetarian's insistence upon the necessity for a vegetarian diet, and which givesPsychology1, 319:their goal. The point I seek to emphasize is the necessity of seeing the picture whole, and not inPsychology1, 374:action everywhere emphasized. We talk of the necessity of increasing human vitality and thePsychology2, 6:All that concerns humanity at this time is the necessity for a steadily unfolding consciousPsychology2, 11:all human and individual conduct, is the necessity for peace and harmony in order that man mayPsychology2, 71:qualifications for discipleship, and also the necessity for self-control, for tolerance and forPsychology2, 137:that is considered is the need and the driving necessity to take the next immediate step to meetPsychology2, 155:desire-nature which led Christ to emphasize the necessity to seek the good of one's neighbor inPsychology2, 177:that all should grasp the self-initiated necessity of initiation. Do we understand this importance?Psychology2, 283:act equally under: The Law of Karma. The Law of Necessity. The Law of Cycles. The Law ofPsychology2, 310:the control of the physical nature is an urgent necessity, he recapitulates in his own life thisPsychology2, 344:the desired reorientation, they learn the basic necessity of integrating the personality, and fromPsychology2, 346:seems necessary again and again to reiterate the necessity for thinking in terms of consciousnessPsychology2, 424:need definitely to re-emphasize and that is the necessity, when considering the human being and his
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