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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - NEED

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Discipleship1to ponder and meditate or he might indicate some need for changed habits of thought. Then theDiscipleship1, X:from those who received them. One is the need to bring to the attention of the general public theDiscipleship1, X:A second reason for publishing this book is the need to change the point of view of the generalDiscipleship1, 5:is something that the disciples of the New Age need to learn. There is no such thing as occultDiscipleship1, 9:increases its light or dims its radiance. You need to remember that I look at my groups ofDiscipleship1, 16:that you are adult and mature men and women who need not specific statements as to faults andDiscipleship1, 18:they have realized the immediate and coming need of humanity and have pledged themselves to serve.Discipleship1, 26:the fact that they are aspirants. Such people need to move onward on to the Path of DiscipleshipDiscipleship1, 27:in my Ashram. The times are urgent and the need of humanity so great that there is no "space inDiscipleship1, 30:This will somewhat facilitate your work for you need not, therefore keep the exact hour of the FullDiscipleship1, 33:ever been emphatic. They have seen and felt the need for reticence, where there is any innerDiscipleship1, 34:and ever in a Master's inner Ashram, there is no need for this theory of reticence. You areDiscipleship1, 34:will gradually be created to meet advancing need. It is essential that members of these groups haveDiscipleship1, 36:and bear in mind also that the greater contact need not necessarily include the lesser. TelepathicDiscipleship1, 47:to recognize relationships, quick to react to need, mentally, emotionally and physically attentiveDiscipleship1, 47:of compassion for yourself. But you do not need me to deal with them; of them you are well awareDiscipleship1, 49:may or may not develop as time goes on and the need for them arises. I refer to the followingDiscipleship1, 49:you if you are to do your share in meeting world need, and work for the Hierarchy in the field ofDiscipleship1, 49:the Full Moon contact. Quick response to real need. You had not regarded this as one of the psychicDiscipleship1, 52:the measure of your contribution to the group need and to our need of workers. If you will writeDiscipleship1, 52:your contribution to the group need and to our need of workers. If you will write down and answerDiscipleship1, 55:he must pay for the opportunity to meet the need of the hour. The hardest organized push of theDiscipleship1, 56:must he deal with this problem? Physical fatigue need not necessarily impair in any way hisDiscipleship1, 63:I - Talks to Disciples - Part VII PART VII The need for telepathic sensitivity in every group,Discipleship1, 63:so that they will respond intelligently to the need. Have I not had to study all of you this way?Discipleship1, 64:this line. That is why I emphasize to you the need of doing this work at the highest united pointDiscipleship1, 66:the world must also be cultivated: they need above all else the inspiration which can be brought toDiscipleship1, 66:is sore beset to meet humanity's emerging need of guidance. The sensitivity of the human race (asDiscipleship1, 74:my brothers, I would remind you that there is no need for the sense of futility or for theDiscipleship1, 80:work capable of accomplishment. Several of you need to do some careful thinking and should alignDiscipleship1, 83:and subordinates his personality to the need of the time. Note that phrase. Cultivate insight and aDiscipleship1, 83:insight and a fluid response to the immediate need and not a sensitive reaction to a distant goal.Discipleship1, 84:to the practical and wise expression of the met need upon the level of daily living. One of theDiscipleship1, 86:expulsive power and satisfactorily meet human need in the immediate cycle. He is ready for theDiscipleship1, 86:futile and unnecessary and inadequate to the need of the hour, and for the reception of the powerDiscipleship1, 88:conditions or of glamor in your life-expression need not necessarily indicate failure. There isDiscipleship1, 91:information constructively and creatively. The need of the times is increasingly great and theDiscipleship1, 97:with this experiment which I am undertaking, you need to arrive at a point in group experienceDiscipleship1, 97:own development, status and service; you all need to learn to decentralize yourselves so that theDiscipleship1, 100:of this dual process which is your main need at this time; it will lead to fusion, personalityDiscipleship1, 101:expressed in the word "identification." They need the staunch support of all their disciples, theDiscipleship1, 101:attitude, the unquestioning response to human need which will enable them to carry more easily theDiscipleship1, 101:and as souls who walk the lighted Way? The need of humanity for love and light, the need of theDiscipleship1, 101:The need of humanity for love and light, the need of the Hierarchy for channels and for those whoDiscipleship1, 104:exercises. You have followed them for years and need a respite. Nature grows and progresses throughDiscipleship1, 106:and higher rhythm be imposed. The brain cells need rest, for a certain amount of mental fatigueDiscipleship1, 108:No thought of the centers below the diaphragm need enter your mind. In order, brother of old, thatDiscipleship1, 110:each time you may tune in telepathically on the need or with the thought of those around you,Discipleship1, 110:inner awareness which will make you react to need from the angle of a rounded out equipment; itDiscipleship1, 110:at the same time, of psychic unfoldment. You need to remember that the phases of detachment areDiscipleship1, 113:what the disciple should be. You have seen the need to serve and have realized the field of serviceDiscipleship1, 113:server. Your magnetism and your radiation need enhancing; that will take place as you transit outDiscipleship1, 115:you for assistance in their spiritual life. You need to work now more definitely and moreDiscipleship1, 116:is the awakening of the ajna center. Your major need and the thing which would arouse that centerDiscipleship1, 117:- with my individual vibration. Disciples need to train themselves to distinguish: The vibration ofDiscipleship1, 126:personality. There lies your problem. The need of every disciple is ever to develop a closer andDiscipleship1, 126:it seems to you an elementary problem. What you need to do is to focus the energy of your soul inDiscipleship1, 128:that term. In these cases, there exists [128] a need in the group for a specific and peculiarDiscipleship1, 129:on this thought which I here give you. You need to learn to see people as they really are andDiscipleship1, 130:and the true perspectives of the picture. You need to apply to people and to circumstances theDiscipleship1, 135:is a major glamor of yours, brother of mine. You need to learn the lesson that it is relatively ofDiscipleship1, 139:your home circle and in your world service. You need to bear in mind that your relation is withDiscipleship1, 143:hence the emphasis I have sought to lay upon the need for sun and air. Too long hours of sleepDiscipleship1, 145:for those strong souls who, responding to the need of humanity and reacting to the impulse of loveDiscipleship1, 146:the teacher and have needed to learn (and still need to do) three things: First, you need toDiscipleship1, 146:(and still need to do) three things: First, you need to acquire that inner, divine detachment whichDiscipleship1, 149:pointed out - is the clue to your problem. You need thus to stand and with greater poise. ADiscipleship1, 150:my brother, you placed your finger upon a major need when you spoke of the "lack of fire" which youDiscipleship1, 150:to your soul's demands and to humanity's need. This appeal is one that I make to all in my group ofDiscipleship1, 151:now you are. The immediacy of surrounding [151] need and of hierarchical request for help in worldDiscipleship1, 151:lethargy - of that you are aware and with it I need not deal. These occult phrases deal with thingsDiscipleship1, 154:but look for those mature souls who do not need your help but who seek your collaboration as youDiscipleship1, 155:of the future. The second thing which you need to do is to take these energies of the soul and ofDiscipleship1, 162:of 8 A. M. would give you not only the joy you need in your strenuous service, the power andDiscipleship1, 167:of burdens shared, the sense of deep response to need, the comradeship of service rendered, theDiscipleship1, 173:of the intuition. During the next few months the need, for you, is to work at a more instantaneousDiscipleship1, 174:I say to you at this time that your major need is a speedier and steadier high vibration. YourDiscipleship1, 175:of release is one which you greatly need. The deep undercurrent of spiritual aspiration and mentalDiscipleship1, 177:Only the balanced person can truly meet the need of those entrusted to him to teach or can handleDiscipleship1, 181:which I seek to lay stress is alignment. You need to develop a straight and direct contact betweenDiscipleship1, 181:needed alignment has been much bettered and you need not work so hard now at developing thatDiscipleship1, 181:so hard now at developing that capacity. You need, however, to employ the line of force which youDiscipleship1, 183:of contributing to the assuagement of the world need. Nevertheless, that does not suffice for aDiscipleship1, 185:constitute a more adequate test.... There is need for some physical care, brother of mine, and alsoDiscipleship1, 186:expression is good. Intensification is all you need. NOTE: This disciple is still activelyDiscipleship1, 191:ask you to keep careful monthly records. They need not be long but must be sincere. NoteDiscipleship1, 194:In order to achieve this attitude there is no need for you to subject yourself to constantDiscipleship1, 196:pressure of the times in which you live and the need of the world have definitely forced you to beDiscipleship1, 199:I draw consciously upon the light when others need it? I am the redeemer of the lower nature. InDiscipleship1, 200:What activities and qualities of my lower nature need to be eliminated if the light is to lightenDiscipleship1, 202:wisdom and soul desire. There is no particular need for you at this time to pay much attention toDiscipleship1, 206:of the Hierarchy. For you, there will be the need for decision on various points and to this end IDiscipleship1, 207:- that control of the time factor is the main need at this time. It will be for you to give a nameDiscipleship1, 209:point in evolution, the immediate limitation, need and the inherent possibilities. The response ofDiscipleship1, 212:few minutes - fifteen at least - each day. This need not interfere with any meditation which youDiscipleship1, 214:already have, my friend of olden days, and you need not further unfold that aspect of your nature.Discipleship1, 217:Today, in this hour of world stress and need, we are looking for disciples who can live joyouslyDiscipleship1, 219:means that your intelligent mind can dominate at need and can be far more powerful in expressionDiscipleship1, 222:you that "your intelligent mind can dominate at need." This was a statement of fact; one of theDiscipleship1, 225:lost to sight in the "glory of the One." [225] Need I further elaborate? Is not my meaning clear to
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