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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - NEED

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Discipleship1, 226:not his astral emotional love nature. But you need to comprehend always the reason for anyDiscipleship1, 229:yourself. They are not of a physical nature, nor need they be emotional. But they should be mentalDiscipleship1, 235:now seems [235] clear to your perception. The need for fearlessness will be recognized by you in aDiscipleship1, 235:your understanding or their understanding. You need, if I might so express it, to cultivate a closeDiscipleship1, 237:an aspirant as tried and focused as yourself, I need no easy words with which to apply the truth. IDiscipleship1, 238:your fatigue is greater than you realize. You need rest and care. This is owing to excessiveDiscipleship1, 239:your development, your training, your work, your need and what is thought of you. None of it hasDiscipleship1, 243:devotions (both to people and to ideas) which need tempering if your first ray power is toDiscipleship1, 245:them. Your interpretation of them and of their need (no matter how close they may be to you) is notDiscipleship1, 246:levels: "With self-forgetfulness I gather what I need for the helping of my fellowmen." ThenDiscipleship1, 249:you. The rest of the meditation you know, and it need not be recorded here. Discipleship1, 249:a view to its essential nature, its dominant need, and the work to be carried forward during theDiscipleship1, 250:brother? What is the thing which you primarily need to learn which would govern your attitude toDiscipleship1, 251:being urged thereto by group needs, by world need and by my need of help in the work I plan. LearnDiscipleship1, 251:thereto by group needs, by world need and by my need of help in the work I plan. Learn to do thisDiscipleship1, 252:terms? I will list them with brevity, for you need not, after all your training, that I shouldDiscipleship1, 256:the specific teaching is intended, yet nothing need be said which would foment curiosity in theDiscipleship1, 257:far more power to serve - power adjusted to the need which is faced. What, my brother, are theDiscipleship1, 260:in such a distressing condition that the major need in every country is the appearance of "steadilyDiscipleship1, 261:goals, brother of old, blind your eyes to the need for further and constant training. The discipleDiscipleship1, 261:emphasizing in your own consciousness your own need. NOTE: This disciple has never wavered and isDiscipleship1, 262:to which you have dedicated yourself, you need the releasing power of the tide of love which is theDiscipleship1, 263:known to you, but the cells of the physical body need more rapid sensitizing and this through theDiscipleship1, 264:with the Plan. You will contact those who need you not as a leader or teacher. They will be thoseDiscipleship1, 265:for the furthering of the divine plan. Disciples need to enquire, therefore: Does the love aspectDiscipleship1, 265:the hearts of men. I seek, I cry to serve your need. Give me your hand and tread the Path with me."Discipleship1, 266:communicate with A. A. B. should you feel the need of advice. Your contribution to my work youDiscipleship1, 269:chance for an extreme effort with its consequent need to draw upon the full resources of the soul.Discipleship1, 271:where individuals are concerned, where the need is for a direct appeal and a straight presentationDiscipleship1, 271:by material desire and by the heartbreaking need for it which - in its turn - is the result ofDiscipleship1, 272:in the past ministered to personal and family need, so in the future it must minister to group andDiscipleship1, 272:the future it must minister to group and world need. Each unit has, in the past, attempted to actDiscipleship1, 272:that which will meet what it regards as its need - using personal activity and labor, if of noDiscipleship1, 272:thought here which is capable of much expansion. Need, love and magnetic power are the three thingsDiscipleship1, 272:money. But they must all manifest at once. The need in the past has not always been real, though itDiscipleship1, 273:thinking; then you will find that that which you need will be forthcoming. I have little of aDiscipleship1, 273:which you already know in theory and which you need now to work out in practice. That working outDiscipleship1, 274:OF OLD: Again there is little that I feel the need of saying to you. You are responsive to muchDiscipleship1, 275:instance, with whom your daily lot is cast. They need help. Give them of that help freely andDiscipleship1, 278:to you earlier than this as I felt your need to think things through, and your strong inner urge toDiscipleship1, 281:bring to you its own reward. But of that you need not think. Steadiness in all relations, in allDiscipleship1, 282:in the world, so that they measure up to the need and the demand of those around them. So manyDiscipleship1, 287:medium in which to work. Of this I feel the need of reminding you. The goal is intensification ofDiscipleship1, 288:(those priceless gifts!) is your immediate need. There is a divine aspect to time. I would like toDiscipleship1, 293:of taught is today so valuable that there is no need for me to explain a necessary brevity. I willDiscipleship1, 294:increase your usefulness in service and supply a need. It is more a need in expression than a needDiscipleship1, 294:in service and supply a need. It is more a need in expression than a need in fact. This release ofDiscipleship1, 294:a need. It is more a need in expression than a need in fact. This release of love will come throughDiscipleship1, 294:a growing sensitivity on your part to world need. [295] Third, you are conscious (are you not, myDiscipleship1, 297:power in the world) might be expressed as the need to gain discrimination between PrimaryDiscipleship1, 300:service to the group?" With most aspirants, the need is to train them to think and reflect, toDiscipleship1, 301:and are you yet so unloving that knowledge need evoke criticism and resentment, instead of love andDiscipleship1, 307:TIMES: I seek today to emphasize to you the need to recognize and reinterpret your inner lifeDiscipleship1, 307:slowly and with caution. There is now, however, need for a more dynamic following of your soulDiscipleship1, 307:to work with intelligence. These points you need to study, remembering that truth and clear visionDiscipleship1, 310:your goal. One thing, my brother, I feel you need to realize more definitely; that is that a lifeDiscipleship1, 311:of such potency in your life that you will not need to move from where you are because those whomDiscipleship1, 319:his group brothers and his post, has been the need for certain personality adjustments and theDiscipleship1, 323:oft, I pass along the lighted Way to those who need that light. I seek to walk the ways of men asDiscipleship1, 324:for teaching and you give them what they need but your prime function is to charge the groupDiscipleship1, 325:first ray person they are ever difficult; their need is oft not recognized nor are they deemedDiscipleship1, 326:loving-kindness which first ray disciples ever need to cultivate. This you have attempted to doDiscipleship1, 328:patience. But that is not a lesson that you need, brother of mine. Your weak point has been yourDiscipleship1, 328:materialize upon the physical plane. Hence the need for constant right techniques in speech and theDiscipleship1, 329:upon all the disciples in the world. They will need all the strengthening that they can get and theDiscipleship1, 332:may not be adequate to true comprehension. You need to study in order to awaken your mental grasp,Discipleship1, 334:developed impersonality and a keener response to need - these would be some of the true reactions.Discipleship1, 336:of any type of force to meet the emergency, the need or the service of a particular life. ThisDiscipleship1, 342:- in their due place and time - that which you need in order to take what is for you the next stepDiscipleship1, 344:This should be grasped and understood. Healing need not necessarily be physical in its objective.Discipleship1, 345:between them, their own souls and myself, and need not engage the attention of any other person. ItDiscipleship1, 345:worked hard the past six months and, though you need no cheering, your work has been amazinglyDiscipleship1, 346:without a continual recolectedness of the need to preserve contact. This is one of the first stepsDiscipleship1, 347:of the strength and the wisdom which you need in service. Go forth then to your life and serviceDiscipleship1, 352:constitute your equipment for this life but you need to understand wherein you lack certainDiscipleship1, 352:and which would round out your nature. You need more skill in action, a more firmly focused will toDiscipleship1, 354:than yours and far more sensitive. You both need, however, a closer identification with humanityDiscipleship1, 355:and an inability to apply your ideals to it at need. You treat it oft too well, and yet at timesDiscipleship1, 355:are fairly well controlled and coordinated. You need to work with the physical body and use it inDiscipleship1, 356:wisdom and power to unfold and teach when the need arises... In your early work in meditation youDiscipleship1, 356:it in detail as it is planned for individual need and is better not committed to writing for all toDiscipleship1, 358:phrase? I but indicate a vague mirage which need never cause you trouble, provided you seek notDiscipleship1, 361:which there is not enough withdrawn to meet the need of the surrounding thirsty country. All flowsDiscipleship1, 362:be used by [362] others and can reach those who need help... Expressed symbolically, what I have toDiscipleship1, 362:with you I gave you much. This time I need to give you but a little as you have yet to work outDiscipleship1, 367:you your failures and having frequently had the need to analyze you to yourself in terms of [368]Discipleship1, 368:discipline adequately for yourself. There is no need for me to do so. The second message I have isDiscipleship1, 370:am I to say to you? If I remind you not that the need is for you to submit your lower nature toDiscipleship1, 371:true friend and teacher. If I remind you of this need I then but increase your responsibility whichDiscipleship1, 374:love without hurting. Therefore, there is need for you to love personally also. I will [375] aidDiscipleship1, 375:practice detachment as a disciple should - you need to strengthen your will to be. This I think youDiscipleship1, 380:alone when trial comes, for I am strong and need not drain the strength of others. I stand aloneDiscipleship1, 381:and gained much strength yourself. The great need for all of you in this group at this time isDiscipleship1, 382:makes it a definite and hindering weakness. We need today disciples who are capable of seeingDiscipleship1, 382:That is pre-eminently a lesson which you need to learn. Your need is also to awaken to the factDiscipleship1, 382:a lesson which you need to learn. Your need is also to awaken to the fact that it is one ofDiscipleship1, 387:constitute for you exactly what it is, and you need feel no shame over your accomplishment for itDiscipleship1, 387:a soul and as a disciple under training, there need be no arresting of the process of development.Discipleship1, 387:reached yet for many lives and, therefore, there need be for you no interlude of inertia and noDiscipleship1, 388:mental control; for you, therefore, there need be no cessation of activity and no settling back
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