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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - NEED

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Discipleship1, 392:duty of this day yet seek detachment? Meet every need yet free myself from ties and bonds?' GodDiscipleship1, 393:increase as you endeavor to meet perfectly the need of those around you, yet at the same time youDiscipleship1, 394:4th month - How can I meet each rising need, yet stand apart and unafraid? 5th month - How can IDiscipleship1, 395:me put this still more clearly so that the group need and problem (which is formed by the sumtotalDiscipleship1, 396:life of service, and that her only present need is to stand steady and to give herself time toDiscipleship1, 400:upon the Joy and Bliss of the Path when others need it? I am the redeemer of the lower nature. InDiscipleship1, 400:What activities and qualities of my lower nature need to be eliminated if I seek to serve moreDiscipleship1, 404:instruction. What I there indicated is all you need at this time. Later, I may perhaps elaborate,Discipleship1, 404:elaborate, but at present you have all you need to know in order to carry on satisfactorily. InDiscipleship1, 406:stood face to face would be: What is the thing I need most? What must I do in order to be releasedDiscipleship1, 406:and to turn it into constructive channels. You need to be more occupied with those whom you canDiscipleship1, 407:of your approach to them; they hide their true need for fear that you touch them with too powerfulDiscipleship1, 407:needed time and the heart of love to the deep need of those you meet - of everyone you meet, myDiscipleship1, 407:you meet - of everyone you meet, my brother. All need love and understanding, and this they needDiscipleship1, 407:All need love and understanding, and this they need more than clearly enunciated occult truths, noDiscipleship1, 407:but the above hints will give you that which you need, if you ponder duly upon my words, and resentDiscipleship1, 408:them of an occult and intellectual nature. Their need is the thing that is of importance. TheDiscipleship1, 408:will give you the training which you need and will enable you later to be a server whom we, theDiscipleship1, 408:peace. This you oft have realized you need. Give the next few months to a close study of all theDiscipleship1, 409:so to do, and I have not been disappointed. You need, however, a still longer period of adjustmentDiscipleship1, 409:stimulation. In cases such as yours there is need to proceed with exceeding care. There is anDiscipleship1, 409:you, my brother?) how to make clear to you your need for slowness. How can I, with my clearerDiscipleship1, 410:on that which is futile from the angle of world need and of the true and basic essentials. When IDiscipleship1, 410:others to deal with the telephone. You need to readjust your values. As regards your meditation, IDiscipleship1, 413:your daily life. You do so many things that you need not do and fail to realize that perhaps itDiscipleship1, 418:results from your meditation, so there is no need at this time to change it. Recollect in your workDiscipleship1, 420:myself, what are the two things which you most need at this time? By this I mean: What two things,Discipleship1, 422:now into your life. There is little else that I need to say to you at this time. You know; you needDiscipleship1, 422:I need to say to you at this time. You know; you need no telling but, like all pledged disciples,Discipleship1, 422:no telling but, like all pledged disciples, you need interludes of stabilization before passing onDiscipleship1, 422:1936 MY BROTHER: Again there is little that I need to say to you at this time. Much that is foundDiscipleship1, 422:but the Technique of the Way, the particular need which you may [423] have for a particularDiscipleship1, 425:with care for it will give you what you need. For you, during the coming year, the cultivation of aDiscipleship1, 426:a recognition of your sensitivity. There is no need for others to read it. It is in connection withDiscipleship1, 428:and moves forward in strength. There is no need for discouragement. You, my brother, have done yourDiscipleship1, 430:not only the laws of life, but people and their need of love. Your soul expresses its energyDiscipleship1, 432:carry on. Let not the glamor of time, of sensed need and of feverish activity descend upon you.Discipleship1, 432:by one, as they arise but not to meet all the need at once. You must build for the immediate futureDiscipleship1, 433:study and analysis of your rays that there is no need for me to elaborate the theme. You haveDiscipleship1, 435:and an analysis of progress and of events. This need not be seen by anyone unless you so desire.Discipleship1, 437:ray is the sixth Ray of Devotion. There is no need for me to do more than indicate to you that theDiscipleship1, 445:and the wisdom of the Observer when others need it? I am the redeemer of the lower nature. In whatDiscipleship1, 445:of my lower nature (good as well as undesirable) need to be observed if I desire to serve moreDiscipleship1, 448:November 1937 BROTHER OF MINE: There is little need for me to say much to you at this time. YourDiscipleship1, 449:regret doing this exercise. There is no further need for you to do the review on Interpretation.Discipleship1, 459:significance which may emerge in your mind need not necessarily be imparted to your group but muchDiscipleship1, 461:most of your co-disciples and to you I feel the need of saying simply: Be joyful, for joy lets inDiscipleship1, 463:disposal, for you will not call on me unless the need is great. When it is great, you haveDiscipleship1, 463:I gave you a hint that there might arise a need for you to call for added strength, and the need,Discipleship1, 463:need for you to call for added strength, and the need, perhaps to intensify your inner contact withDiscipleship1, 464:aiding others. You can call and find me if your need is great. Discipleship1, 466:exercises that you are now doing. There is no need at this time to change what I last gave you.Discipleship1, 467:has been said about the Full Moon. There is no need, however, to give long extracts or to copy outDiscipleship1, 468:of the Plan, such as your soul ray can give. You need increasingly to focus yourself in the soulDiscipleship1, 470:is not upon the world in general. To meet world need and solve world problems is not your dharma.Discipleship1, 470:of strength and let them draw from you what they need of love and understanding. I would have youDiscipleship1, 472:Initiation. More about this hindering activity I need not say, for you know well I whereof I speak.Discipleship1, 472:the personality or on its lacks and defects. You need the mystic vision far more than the occultDiscipleship1, 472:yourself quite fully in your diary, for you need to find an outlet in this way. [473] Discipleship1, 475:of service by your readiness to recognize the need of others and then to give them of your [476]Discipleship1, 476:your [476] supply. Train yourself to recognize need during the next few months. It will aid inDiscipleship1, 476:as they can be of service to other people. You need a larger field of expression and your spiritualDiscipleship1, 477:the lines of an intensive purification. The need for this you have realized and you have demandedDiscipleship1, 477:going forward. My brother, when I say that you need to love more, I speak not of the distorted loveDiscipleship1, 478:you earlier to teach yourself to "recognize the need." Had you done this during the past fewDiscipleship1, 478:much simplified. Everybody you meet has some need and many are very unhappy. Give them of yourDiscipleship1, 478:you. Should you, during the next few months, need my thought and help, you have my permission toDiscipleship1, 479:old and limiting rhythm? One thing I do feel the need to point out and that is that you and L. T.Discipleship1, 479:know your weakness. In the vision of the world's need and in the magnitude of humanity's hour, takeDiscipleship1, 480:for that of your fellow disciples. There is real need for this group to work as a group... but thisDiscipleship1, 481:the hearts of men. I serve my brother and his need. Those whom I, the little self, love not, IDiscipleship1, 481:today and it can be stated in simple words: You need fuller emotional expression. There is such anDiscipleship1, 483:and subjective recognitions which you so much need; it will lift you out of yourself and will carryDiscipleship1, 484:an inner brooding upon the quality and the need of the one to be served. This subjective processDiscipleship1, 488:are desiring help for yourself, but because you need strength at this time to undertake the taskDiscipleship1, 489:ask no more. I would, however, emphasize the need for attention to the time of the Full Moon and toDiscipleship1, 490:Enter with joy, for that is a quality which you need to express. Only one thing should engross yourDiscipleship1, 491:hence the needlessness of my question. Disciples need to learn that in the intense preoccupation ofDiscipleship1, 493:reason yourself out of your impasse? Disciples need to learn discrimination in the use of theDiscipleship1, 493:(which you possess in full measure for your need) will clarify the issue. Reason out the causes ofDiscipleship1, 493:is love. Knowledge you have. More love you need. When I say "love," I refer to soul love and not toDiscipleship1, 498:of wisdom are the three things to which you need to pay the most attention. Conform to the groupDiscipleship1, 501:life. But upon its difficulties and problems I need not enlarge. You know them well. You areDiscipleship1, 502:is your present life circumstance and I need not say more. I will only say that I stand beside youDiscipleship1, 514:assured and in voicing the expression of your need, I am only voicing your own deepest wish. FromDiscipleship1, 515:1936 BROTHER OF MINE: There is little that I need to do or can do. Until "the sun moves northward,"Discipleship1, 519:nature of reproof and it is tempered by a just need of recognition for true past achievement andDiscipleship1, 533:month - Give me to love, and give me those who need my love and let me fill that need. Be notDiscipleship1, 533:me those who need my love and let me fill that need. Be not misled by the apparent simplicity ofDiscipleship1, 534:myself the opportunity to indicate to you the need for your widening in the life of service.Discipleship1, 537:already possess in greater or less degree, they need not that help from you. They need theDiscipleship1, 537:degree, they need not that help from you. They need the intuitive understanding which the soulDiscipleship1, 537:understanding which the soul possesses, and they need it displayed through love, unblended byDiscipleship1, 537:- R.L.U. March 1937 MY BROTHER: There is no need to ask you to go on and climb the mountain ofDiscipleship1, 538:give you are not by any means simple. Your major need is for an intensification of your innerDiscipleship1, 538:of your inner spiritual aspiration. You need to work more definitely from what might be called aDiscipleship1, 541:world emergency. You are not oppressed with the need to serve; you are not struggling to plan yourDiscipleship1, 548:the past four months. I realize that your major need at this time is increased physical vitalityDiscipleship1, 549:not that we - the teachers on the inner side - need those whose lives can be shielded from theDiscipleship1, 549:be followed. Yet, at times, they are. Hence the need for discriminating consideration. Your
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