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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - NEED

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Discipleship2, 104:through discipline, meditation and service. You need to bear in mind that a Master of an AshramDiscipleship2, 110:conviction. Failures, where they may be found, need not persist, for the group love can offset themDiscipleship2, 110:overlooked and forgotten in the urgency of human need; they do not even penetrate into the Ashram.Discipleship2, 110:up to this chance. Fix your eyes on human need and your hand in mine (if I may speak thus to you inDiscipleship2, 128:extremes, there floats the eye of vision." You need to remember that from one point of view theseDiscipleship2, 128:followed or not), I have become aware of a basic need and that is the need for Alignment. You needDiscipleship2, 128:become aware of a basic need and that is the need for Alignment. You need a more direct contactDiscipleship2, 128:need and that is the need for Alignment. You need a more direct contact between heart-head-soul.Discipleship2, 131:alignment. I found, as you know, that the great need of the group was to develop the relativelyDiscipleship2, 132:appropriating a quota of that energy for their need, their service and their use. But energy isDiscipleship2, 137:have had much instruction as to the Ashram and I need not further enlarge. The third point of theDiscipleship2, 142:would lead him to a realization of the need for the evocation of the Will, the first faintDiscipleship2, 147:the spiral) in times of crisis, or when there is need for all the groups or Ashrams - as there isDiscipleship2, 147:- to unite in some endeavor, necessitated by the need of humanity or by some planetary emergency.Discipleship2, 152:was the free flow of directed energy. You need ever to bear in mind that the initiate is eternallyDiscipleship2, 153:Consideration, Determination. Disciples need to build into their brain consciousness recognitionsDiscipleship2, 153:about by a stabilized orientation. Disciples need constantly to reflect upon the life of the AshramDiscipleship2, 158:essentially "loving nature" of the Hierarchy I need not dwell; too much has been written about it;Discipleship2, 168:nature; the constant turning of the mind to the need for light and the prospect of illuminationDiscipleship2, 169:about right human relations, is now a major need; the motivating power of goodwill is an essentialDiscipleship2, 173:final line of the last stanza is also perhaps in need of explanation. It speaks of the task of theDiscipleship2, 185:particularly a key to my comments: "Disciples need to build into their brain consciousness a stableDiscipleship2, 188:practices, and believes that he has no further need or use for prayer, or that he has passed to aDiscipleship2, 188:position is that he uses both at will and at need. In connection with the Invocation he assumes theDiscipleship2, 189:[189] implement their recognized though unvoiced need, and he also allies himself with theDiscipleship2, 190:seven meditations, my brothers, you have all you need in order to make progress in your own lifeDiscipleship2, 192:of planned energy going out to all those who need help. The long limb of the triple crossDiscipleship2, 193:Triad to a certain extent, and that for you the need is to complete and strengthen the RainbowDiscipleship2, 194:Technically speaking, therefore, there is no need for the so-called bridge, except for oneDiscipleship2, 196:for you during the remainder of your lives. You need no more. Discipleship2, 202:Chamber at Shamballa. There is little that we need consider about them; they are the "Helpers ofDiscipleship2, 205:and a compassionate recognition of human need. The unthinking man or woman, or those engrossedDiscipleship2, 214:of the three major groups, listed above. We need not deal here with the higher groups of spiritualDiscipleship2, 221:sixth ray energy, are occupied at this time. You need to remember that the one-pointed attitude, ofDiscipleship2, 225:Money does not yet lie in their hands. Their need for it is great. Millions are needed to spreadDiscipleship2, 228:to following the outline. Esoteric students need the heart approach, as well as the mentalDiscipleship2, 232:spiritual. The political regimes of the world need orienting to each other; it has never been theDiscipleship2, 234:of our great cities and agricultural areas? The need of these unthinking masses must be met byDiscipleship2, 234:in its progress towards expression, it met the need of all possible groups and grades of humanDiscipleship2, 243:up increased responsibility, there is a vital need for the majority of aspirants and disciples toDiscipleship2, 244:your understanding response to the collective need will depend the rapidity with which you will beDiscipleship2, 244:and your collective response to the collective need. It is the initiate in you, the Christ in you,Discipleship2, 245:- for some lives at least. Why then the need for an integrating formula?" Because, my chela, thoughDiscipleship2, 251:here to there. Fire, water and the earth - all need the vital air. The air is life. The air isDiscipleship2, 254:leads, later, to the emphasis placed upon the need for two major activities - before the man canDiscipleship2, 256:keynotes of this phase. Always there exists the need for humility. This involves: An adjusted senseDiscipleship2, 257:objectives face the disciples, plus the need for one quality: To integrate into the inner Ashram asDiscipleship2, 260:humanity. That is not so. They respond to human need when the demand is effective, and areDiscipleship2, 262:itself is shattering illusions, revealing the need for change and producing a demand for a futureDiscipleship2, 262:here to there. Fire, water and the earth - all need the vital air. The air is life. The air isDiscipleship2, 264:and simply happen. Here is a hint as to the need for occult obedience. I have the responsibility ofDiscipleship2, 266:with the soul. "Fire, water and the earth all need the vital air. The air is life." The clue againDiscipleship2, 266:It will be apparent to you consequently the need for definite work upon the instructions given youDiscipleship2, 272:possible for those in process of grasping the need for right human relations to understand moreDiscipleship2, 277:old presentations of the ever-needed truths. The need is indicated to them by their disciples, andDiscipleship2, 279:initiate always knows all there is to know. You need to remember that knowledge is associated withDiscipleship2, 297:and the focus of your attention upon human need is very largely theoretical. It is transitory andDiscipleship2, 300:was largely concerned with awakening him to the need for occult obedience, for right orientation,Discipleship2, 313:format so that it can meet the immediate human need. You will see, consequently, that the initiateDiscipleship2, 317:I have continually laid the emphasis upon the need of [318] disciples to think esoterically, andDiscipleship2, 318:it will find its way out into expression as need arises and as opportunity is offered to theDiscipleship2, 325:work in previous lives. No time, therefore, need be lost, and there is today a constant series ofDiscipleship2, 330:the Masters of the Ashrams can make available at need. Students are apt to think that an Ashram hasDiscipleship2, 336:plane life, shared by all in the group; this need not involve similarity or identity of location,Discipleship2, 342:"modified, qualified and adapted it" to meet the need I see? This would involve carefulDiscipleship2, 344:no intention to give it to you, and you have no need to receive any more of these formulas. I willDiscipleship2, 354:Did you deal with them as such? There was no need to do so and (if you have truly understood what IDiscipleship2, 358:the quality of their recognition of immediate need, and from their efforts to present the truth inDiscipleship2, 362:of human brains, and their recognition of need and its sources. This is a point which should beDiscipleship2, 363:provided with the background of what I feel the need of saying to you on these formulas: I. TheDiscipleship2, 366:creative patterns. There is nothing more that I need to say on this subject. Later teaching on theDiscipleship2, 374:that high place within the Hierarchy and do not need to employ the ajna center or any other centerDiscipleship2, 376:be putting the cart before the horse, and they need to learn to think after impression; but thisDiscipleship2, 380:divine [380] Will; it posits also the need for pain and the suffering of sacrifice in the sense ofDiscipleship2, 394:soul expression) learns to forget himself in the need of others as they demand whatever light andDiscipleship2, 407:or magnetic aura is now so extensive that we need no longer talk in terms of bringing in theDiscipleship2, 410:there is today and will increasingly be need for group initiation. It must be remembered that ifDiscipleship2, 411:which he deemed appropriate to the immediate need. Decisions as to the need of a disciple are basedDiscipleship2, 411:to the immediate need. Decisions as to the need of a disciple are based on his soul-fusion and uponDiscipleship2, 411:are based on his soul-fusion and upon the world need at the time, which may be calling imperativelyDiscipleship2, 419:this hint from the cosmic angle. To this I need not further refer, for you could not understand.Discipleship2, 426:the light can be focused and adapted to human need. Conditions are rapidly being brought aboutDiscipleship2, 427:the "new heavens and the new earth." You will need here to discriminate carefully between symbolsDiscipleship2, 427:carefully between symbols and facts; more, I need not here indicate. In our consideration of thisDiscipleship2, 445:My attention turns towards you when you need it. I can be reached. Discipleship2, 449:your cooperative contribution to the group need and to humanity. Take the three words which I haveDiscipleship2, 450:upon you, and my cooperation and my help when need arises. On that you may count. Meet happinessDiscipleship2, 451:proceed no faster? Disciples, such [451] as you, need to learn that this type of decision indicatesDiscipleship2, 451:and urgently). Some souls in incarnation need constantly to spur their personalities on to action;Discipleship2, 452:my brother, I would enjoin upon you the need to establish this rhythmic, cyclic "breath ofDiscipleship2, 453:The point I seek to emphasize to you is the need - imperative and permanent where the remainder ofDiscipleship2, 454:require the application and the recognition of need, but also the recognition of unfoldingDiscipleship2, 455:on the outer plane is of no great matter. The need is for you to work with him on the inner planes,Discipleship2, 455:and receiving from him the strength that you need. Some time, during each morning meditation, IDiscipleship2, 457:you are attempting to do. The main hierarchical need today (apart from its need for workers) is theDiscipleship2, 457:The main hierarchical need today (apart from its need for workers) is the forming everywhere ofDiscipleship2, 460:as a means of salvaging your brothers. You need to acquire that divine indifference which leavesDiscipleship2, 463:Love is thy note and wisdom is thy guide. You need naught else but fire. Discipleship2, 463:I referred in my last communication to you. You need their [464] protective love, no matter whetherDiscipleship2, 466:"love is thy note and wisdom is thy guide. You need naught else but fire." That fire, my brother,
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