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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - NEED

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Discipleship2, 466:given you during the past three years still need consideration, assimilation and factualDiscipleship2, 470:physical safety for you. There has been no great need for me to express myself on the situationDiscipleship2, 470:of the same kind, and there would not be so much need for contact work on the physical plane. IDiscipleship2, 470:that you probably were, but that there was no need to ask a disciple always to drink the cup ofDiscipleship2, 473:which makes life very hard for you. The great need of the service which you can render and theDiscipleship2, 473:Rest back on my understanding and call on me at need. Develop telepathic sensitivity to my voice -Discipleship2, 483:greater by far than your outer expression; you need not, consequently, work with perseverance atDiscipleship2, 484:perseverance at interior unfoldment; [484] you need to strain after outer ability to contact, toDiscipleship2, 485:You are peculiarly fitted for this work; you need only to release the magnetic quality of yourDiscipleship2, 487:(and that, with you, is well-nigh a habit and need not, therefore, form a drive), and also anDiscipleship2, 488:or what they deem to be static. There is no need for such a feeling, but there is need for care andDiscipleship2, 488:is no need for such a feeling, but there is need for care and the progression of the interior work,Discipleship2, 489:dependent upon your own choice or temporary need; it is susceptible of application to all or anyDiscipleship2, 492:applications in the meeting of surrounding need - as far as you can in your own country and alliedDiscipleship2, 493:you. The teacher should be so occupied with the need of the taught and with the clarification ofDiscipleship2, 499:spiritual demand of humanity is great and the need to be met is gigantic, but you have theDiscipleship2, 500:that the group meditation will give you all you need along this line, and the reflection uponDiscipleship2, 504:enterprise. One of the many things which you need at this time to learn, and which you mustDiscipleship2, 506:dynamic. One reason why I have emphasized the need for attachment in this instruction is that rightDiscipleship2, 507:points which should interest you and which you need to bear in mind as you work. A realization ofDiscipleship2, 512:which has been powerful in releasing others. You need now to demonstrate an equal selflessness uponDiscipleship2, 514:however, no real concern. I tell you that you need haste in discarding impediments upon the Way butDiscipleship2, 517:of you together could do potent work, and the need of the Ashram at this time for workers is greatDiscipleship2, 522:and one's balance under those circumstances. You need, however, to understand better than you doDiscipleship2, 524:second initiation. For that reason, I feel the need of writing to you with clarity, of bringing youDiscipleship2, 525:the next. For this postponement there is no need, if you grasp the significance of what isDiscipleship2, 527:most helpful to probationary disciples, and they need such help; it will not help disciples, for itDiscipleship2, 528:teaching, and this is a lesson which you sorely need to learn, and of criticism (openly critical)Discipleship2, 528:desire for recognition, and in response to human need. I would also urge upon you a meditation,Discipleship2, 529:for this emergence into wider world service. It need not be postponed until next life. You haveDiscipleship2, 529:humanity. You will find me near when you need me. NOTE: This disciple chose to withdraw from theDiscipleship2, 532:I pointed then - if you will recall - to the need for "active understanding." I reiterate againDiscipleship2, 533:brother of old. Expand again. My brother, the need of your heart is the need of my heart and theDiscipleship2, 533:again. My brother, the need of your heart is the need of my heart and the need of your brothers.Discipleship2, 533:of your heart is the need of my heart and the need of your brothers. This fusing of need will callDiscipleship2, 533:and the need of your brothers. This fusing of need will call forth the sun and shadows willDiscipleship2, 533:will understand whereof I speak and there is no need for me to be more explicit. The age ofDiscipleship2, 534:onward. For years I have emphasized to you the need for heart-love, and consistently and steadilyDiscipleship2, 537:of spheres of influence is one upon which you need to ponder. It is closely related to the problemDiscipleship2, 540:radiatory power of the Ashram alone. Disciples need to grasp the fact that they, themselves, haveDiscipleship2, 541:flowering forth of a loving spirit. Disciples need to remember that love brings all earthly karmaDiscipleship2, 541:instructions will give you all the help you will need. But you must act upon these instructions andDiscipleship2, 542:perspective. The disbanding of the outer Ashram need in no way disturb the rhythm you are achievingDiscipleship2, 542:by A.A.B. (as you do), and also by F.B., when need arises. The work in the world will grow in everyDiscipleship2, 542:staff is sound and can do much, but all of us need the cooperation, the co-inspiration and the useDiscipleship2, 542:which are more important than the objective. You need to live more subjectively. It is this blendedDiscipleship2, 546:keynote of renunciation is wisely clear but you need to see to it that even renunciation is notDiscipleship2, 550:and from the center of his work, and only the need to be met and the power of the Ashram to meetDiscipleship2, 550:be met and the power of the Ashram to meet that need remain. This marks a definite step forward,Discipleship2, 550:You, my brother, are now at a point where you need to fade more definitely out of your own pictureDiscipleship2, 552:note, my brother, how I emphasize for you the need to listen. That must be the keynote of yourDiscipleship2, 553:you will realize that there is little that I need add to them. I gave you an instruction whichDiscipleship2, 555:this life is very real. Draw, however, what you need for your teaching work from the ancientDiscipleship2, 555:a disciple penetrates into the Ashram, the less need he finds for contact with the Master; he comesDiscipleship2, 561:the light and so return the light to those who need, to those likewise from whence it came. Thus,Discipleship2, 561:of which you may be possessed. Disciples need to learn sometimes that their spiritual status is notDiscipleship2, 564:gives you, also, the incentive which you need for the remainder of your life; further detailedDiscipleship2, 568:inaudibly. Call on me when you will, but only at need. The words "when you will" have an occultDiscipleship2, 569:and free and promises to be even more so. Your need is to acquiesce in the limitations of theDiscipleship2, 569:in the limitations of the physical body, which need not necessarily increase until old age is uponDiscipleship2, 571:bring your quota of effort to the present world need? Because your creative enterprise deals withDiscipleship2, 571:enterprise deals with the luxuries of life, you need to offset it with an equally potent expressionDiscipleship2, 572:set is one of the cruelest in the world. They need defying for their own sake and their ownDiscipleship2, 572:personality. Seek to tune in on world need mentally and not emotionally; add to your service inDiscipleship2, 579:who read the notes you send out. I feel no need to give you any set meditation. The groupDiscipleship2, 580:the work in connection with the Triangles; I need not, therefore, duplicate. The creative work ofDiscipleship2, 581:For those are two qualities which disciples need at this time above all else. You have anDiscipleship2, 582:interplay between the two, and one which you need to employ consciously. [583] It is not forDiscipleship2, 586:disciple. My care and attention, when you need me, are always available. When need arises you canDiscipleship2, 586:when you need me, are always available. When need arises you can seek my aid - your Master, friendDiscipleship2, 589:government and economic and social idealism. The need for sensitive intermediaries who can senseDiscipleship2, 590:on sight and its suitability for your particular need will, I think, be immediately apparent. IDiscipleship2, 591:of the hands and feet hold a secret that you need. Your Master says this word to you and through myDiscipleship2, 594:crisis in your relationships with others. You need to acquire a more general and genuine liking (asDiscipleship2, 594:Ashram and there trained for discipleship. You need, my brother, to be more appreciative of effortDiscipleship2, 594:appear satisfied with what they have done. You need also to learn with wisdom to choose yourDiscipleship2, 596:I - your friend, brother and teacher - ask and need your still continued help. Discipleship2, 599:So, my brother, I can advise naught, for you need not my advice; I - your friend and companion -Discipleship2, 600:demonstration no one would know it. Disciples need to remember that it may only be in this lifeDiscipleship2, 600:accepted my suggestion. Upon the second glamor I need not enlarge. We might call it the "glamor ofDiscipleship2, 603:must lose sight of the little self in the need and the opportunity of the moment. Oft have I toldDiscipleship2, 607:that you stay where you are - and I still need your aid, my brother. Second: This particular groupDiscipleship2, 611:enter not into Ashrams - only souls. There is no need for me to ask you to stand by A.A.B. TheDiscipleship2, 613:a discipline of such a practical nature that you need not that I should outline it for you. It isDiscipleship2, 613:its rejection. This force and responsibility you need to handle with more conscious understanding.Discipleship2, 614:I have often told you, have I not, that you need to love more? I have stated the above in order toDiscipleship2, 615:I am giving you no meditation outline. What you need at this time is a period of quiet reflection.Discipleship2, 616:who can take up the work that they are doing if need arises. When A.A.B. expressed the wish thatDiscipleship2, 618:students and for this you are well equipped and need not to handicap yourself withDiscipleship2, 619:of this situation in your life, for you need to change conditions so that you can become anDiscipleship2, 621:these are the platitudinous truths of which you need to make experimental use, thus turning themDiscipleship2, 627:they will draw from your soul that which they need; in giving thus, you will be enriched yourself.Discipleship2, 628:point upon the Path of Discipleship where you need no longer ask yourself if you are going to failDiscipleship2, 629:at least he can feel sure of his disciple. He need no longer question his staying power; he knowsDiscipleship2, 629:furthered. This demand, based on a sensed need, will vary from year to year, but there will alwaysDiscipleship2, 629:though I know. It is in the formulating of that need and that requirement that your progress willDiscipleship2, 629:reflection, what is your one immediate spiritual need. Then seek the pinnacle of truth withinDiscipleship2, 631:this definitely in mind, and remember that I need the assistance of this entire group within myDiscipleship2, 631:of this entire group within my Ashram. I also need their individual cooperation and understandingDiscipleship2, 632:within that gloomy land a cry comes forth: We need your aid. We cannot see. Come hither with the
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