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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - NEED

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Externalisation, 498:and will bring to an end all human slavery, all need to work or fight for possessions and things,Externalisation, 499:in every country will neither recognize the need for, nor desire this new world order which theExternalisation, 502:working under the Christ and having in view the need of the public for a form, seek at this time toExternalisation, 502:Yet at this time there does not exist the need for an utterly new venture or for an entirely newExternalisation, 502:revolutionaries who can meet the crying need of the many enquirers today. What is required is theExternalisation, 511:and all are as yet failing to meet the need and to respond to the inner pressure. But in all ofExternalisation, 511:paralyzing condition of inertia, will meet the need of those who can, and should, wield power. ItExternalisation, 511:to cooperate with the divine plan. It meets the need of those who work on the first Ray of Will orExternalisation, 513:societies. Three types of men have their need met, three major rays are expressed, and the threeExternalisation, 515:many souls are on the Probationary Path and need but the heightening of their vibration (madeExternalisation, 517:which the teaching is stepped down to meet the need of the little ones; the broad platform uponExternalisation, 524:great opportunity for service. The Masters need many such as you on the outskirts of Their Ashrams,Externalisation, 530:- little as you may like to realize this. You need to realize that there is nothing in the MastersExternalisation, 542:development of humanity that the Buddha need no longer continue with His task unless He so desiresExternalisation, 544:endeavored to offset and bring to an end the need for the Ten Commandments, by giving us theExternalisation, 546:the Ashrams gradually into external activity as need arises, and it involves the constantExternalisation, 550:note that when the Hierarchy seeks to meet the need of the masses for better conditions, and to aidExternalisation, 558:to deal with these problems and they bring the need to the attention of the unawakened. This willExternalisation, 558:and needs money, and even the Christ has need of financial resources in order to reach the needyExternalisation, 558:the Mohammedan or any other faith. There is no need for any man to join the Christian Church inExternalisation, 560:that we have as yet no word [560] for it or any need of words; recognition of the Father and ofExternalisation, 568:a Master is concerned, exist and, are used at need, but the contact established and maintained withExternalisation, 569:Them with any specified knowledge which They may need at any given time or for any specificExternalisation, 578:a better emphasis. They will meet the people's need. The churches, being today headed towardsExternalisation, 582:the Hierarchy and Humanity. According to the need upon the physical planet, and upon the acceptanceExternalisation, 590:move freely among men, in bodily Presence; He need not then remain in His present retreat inExternalisation, 595:world of spiritual realities, because of human need and human demand. Always, down the centuries,Externalisation, 595:the centuries, at the hour of man's greatest need and in response to his voiced demand, a divineExternalisation, 597:of a returning Son of God in response to human need has its place in the teaching of the majorityExternalisation, 601:the mass of men with the reality of the need and the mode of meeting it. This they are doingExternalisation, 606:it had been recognized and adapted to world need by the Spiritual Hierarchy, working under theExternalisation, 622:and which [622] vibrates in harmony with human need and hierarchical response, I call you not. IExternalisation, 623:purpose, of spiritual intention and of realized need, then there is only one thing which can arrestExternalisation, 624:only to train people to give according to the need and their means, but in many cases they haveExternalisation, 625:into countless billions - necessitated by the need to restore physically, not only the physicalExternalisation, 627:the significances of a right culture, and in the need for right human relations. It is thereforeExternalisation, 629:workers seem unable to materialize what they need? The answer is a simple one. Those groups andExternalisation, 631:for the spiritual Hierarchy, and carry that need into the realms of invocation. Invocation is theExternalisation, 631:return to this physical outer world, if the need of humanity for right human relations, and theExternalisation, 642:there is little left to say; you have all you need wherewith to carry on the work, impulsed fromExternalisation, 642:Who must and should help mankind in its hour of need. There is a rising, an ascension of the spiritExternalisation, 644:of this energy is the first and greatest need. It can reach mankind because the Founders of all theExternalisation, 647:individuals, communities and nations. About it I need not write, for you have enough teaching fromExternalisation, 654:and the inpouring stream of energy to meet a need; this They do in order to produce the desiredExternalisation, 669:relating that ray to the first ray. There is no need for me to enlarge upon the work which I amExternalisation, 689:of good upon an even footing; the Hierarchy need not be further handicapped by working in substanceFire, 17:flame it shone. The outer sheath met not the need till the sixth wheel and the seventh had passedFire, 18:to the dense one answered and responded to the need. Quivering the sphere heard the third take upFire, 22:Seventh. The surrounding beauty meeteth not the need. The inner warmth sufficeth but to feed theFire, 67:that will later destroy the causal body. We need to remember that it is the upspringing of theFire, 80:the system, and in the three worlds, for we need to remember that the analogy must be perfect. Man,Fire, 101:utility of this pranic vehicle. Certain facts need emphasis and consideration as we study thisFire, 104:and reactions may perhaps be realized. We will need to bear carefully in mind when studying thisFire, 130:the disappearance of the unit into pralaya. We need here to remember that it is always pralaya whenFire, 133:and the form disintegrates, having served his need. This is not always the case in every human lifeFire, 138:his long-held purpose. Hence again the need of the ascension of the fire of matter to its ownFire, 140:the personality, via the mental plane (hence the need of building the antahkarana), will theFire, 144:elemental essence on the arc of involution.64 We need to remember that on the Path of Involution,Fire, 169:center which we call the alta major center and need not concern us. I would here also point outFire, 176:egoic ray can always be one of the seven, but we need to remember that, in this astral-buddhicFire, 180:these centers of force can be found. Again we need to recollect that these centers of force onFire, 183:the blending of these threefold fires. We need to bear in mind that the [184] fires circulate, andFire, 205:a chain of globes 87 likewise can be seen and we need here to [206] remember very carefully thatFire, 210:Logos, from outside the system altogether. We need to remember that this major Rod is the one usedFire, 215:and in the adaptation of the form to the need, is the secret of the pain and resistance in theFire, 306:the lesser is included in the greater. Hence the need for the student to preserve with care a dueFire, 308:down these preliminary foundation thoughts, we need now to block out, for the sake of clarity, theFire, 312:things take place on the second plane which need realization, even if already theoreticallyFire, 318:seen underlying all three aspects. There is no need here to point out the different triplicitiesFire, 331:plane. Electrical color - the physical plane. We need to remember here that we were earlier dealingFire, 336:kingdom into the fifth kingdom. [336] Higher we need not go, for the transmutation of manasFire, 348:of a solar Logos goes back further still and need not concern us here, save to remember that theFire, 360:purpose it serves in this hour of the world's need. Apart from the fact that the cyclic giving outFire, 374:they represent the third and second aspects. We need to bear in mind that the stimulation of theFire, 380:Students, when considering these things, need to view the matter from the following angles - someFire, 402:stage. 1. In the Planets Occult students need, in considering these points, to remember veryFire, 406:merge into Uranus and Neptune. No importance need be attached to the sequence of these names. TheFire, 411:within the whole will be evidenced, and the need of each part for all other parts will be broughtFire, 417:It is necessary again to emphasize the need of attaching no importance to the names of the chainsFire, 423:and with manasic realization of group need. The whole trend of mental effort during the nextFire, 427:as a sense of fatigue, a growth of inertness, a need for rest by winding up the manifestation." -Fire, 436:brilliancy; it builds and moulds the form to the need of the indwelling Entity; it brings aboutFire, 439:absorbs it, and transmutes it according to its need, and not so much therefore is available forFire, 442:in the logoic scheme, calling attention to the need of refraining from personalization andFire, 450:out - of the knowledge of these mantrams and the need to safeguard them from interference andFire, 452:and may be even a menace. When a man can see a need for correction and for adjustment in aFire, 455:a period of real danger may ensue. Hence the need of pointing out and of realizing the menace, soFire, 455:so that the truth of the inner life and the need of serving the race as an essential to advancementFire, 459:of the fifth Ray. This was necessitated by the need of man to develop along the manasic line, andFire, 466:purpose, and the other of destructive. More need not be submitted anent this group as they are notFire, 472:of every action, says, Shri Krishna, we need five essentials: The actor. The determined will.Fire, 473:physical bodies among the sons of men. This need not be looked for at this time, and will onlyFire, 487:in the appreciation of the magnitude of the task need be no place for discouragement, for in theFire, 488:the white Magician. These differences of method need to be carefully considered and their reactionFire, 496:that in atomic energy, harnessed to his need, or in the inducing of increased radioactivity, liesFire, 499:at his present stage of manasic development. We need not, therefore, give further time to theFire, 501:of time and environment to the specific need under the Law of Karma. The 'Intelligent Purpose',Fire, 509:later stages on cosmic levels, with which we need not concern ourselves. These cover the withdrawalFire, 530:of truth. The mental unit suffices for his need, and no bridge exists between it and the manasicFire, 568:and does not exist in the cosmic center. We need to ponder on this, for it holds the secret of
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