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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - NEED

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Fire, 568:this, for it holds the secret of peace, and we need to grasp the significance of that word through,Fire, 571:evolution - controls the human personality. We need to remember that, under the Law ofFire, 575:greater rapidity than the devas. They have need to do this, for they have lost ground to make up.Fire, 577:plane. It is the same thing in other words. We need always to remember in discussing these abstractFire, 581:works through the great world cataclysms, and we need to remember that it governs, not only theFire, 582:through activity (or the adaptation of matter to need), that the form comes into being; throughFire, 592:cosmic laws, or with the Sirian Law of Karma. We need always to remember that the consciousness ofFire, 706:planetary Logos of which we know but little, we need not here enlarge upon it. The planetary chainsFire, 707:that found between the fourth and fifth. We need not consider any further this question of theFire, 719:round will provide no bodies adequate to their need. The next round may do so if the plans proceedFire, 743:arriving at the greater cycles, but there is no need to confuse with the intricacies of figures.Fire, 746:the three worlds he again becomes aware of the need of further meditation, and it is this (to manFire, 757:the opportunity offered them to respond to the need of humanity. Hence the need of training men andFire, 757:to respond to the need of humanity. Hence the need of training men and women to recognize theFire, 757:do this scientifically. In fifty years time, the need for true psychics and conscious mediums (suchFire, 797:This was why H. P. B. sought to emphasize the need of studying the "astral family" and occultFire, 803:itself in initiatory activity. Beyond this we need hardly go, but enough has been said to show thatFire, 837:but that it seems to us now that you are in need of it. Understand then that Evil is the result ofFire, 841:deal more advanced than the earlier classes but need much to develop the second petal. With themFire, 875:of her own body and activity in ministry to His need. [876] The Son, the combined energy of FatherFire, 878:of which his three world bodies are made. The need for incarnation is no longer felt, the chains ofFire, 909:enter into the marriage obligation. There is no need to enlarge further upon this, for in workingFire, 940:where a subtle body is concerned. There is no need for us further to enlarge. H. P. B. has outlinedFire, 984:for its present existence and meaning. That we need not pause even here for back of the Zend "mag,"Fire, 990:of the Pleiades. (S. D., II, 579-581.) Students need here to remember that the "seven sisters" areFire, 993:to control the Energies of all that is seen, need the strong protection of purity. This is a pointFire, 994:be apparent, therefore, that the student has need of the following qualities before he undertakesFire, 995:that [995] I seek to impart, but it suffices for need of a better. The student of magic who canFire, 996:be of an esoteric nature, and the student will need to remember that the terminology is in theFire, 1000:form the esoteric basis of all meditation, and need to be carefully studied if results are to beFire, 1008:and repulsing vitality streams forth. More need not be said here, for until the eye is functioning,Fire, 1023:opposite, the esoteric triangle. [1023] Students need here to remember that we are now dealing withFire, 1023:and all that is included in that term. They need likewise to remember that the magician (as he isFire, 1029:of force from one atom to another atom. Students need here to remember that we are concerned withFire, 1125:logoic incarnation. They have achieved mind, and need love. Some few, through a mysterious cycle ofFire, 1126:escape from substance and from form. There is no need to enlarge further on this subject. I wouldFire, 1180:including Initiation, Human and Solar, and need not be enlarged upon here. Some of the aspects ofFire, 1186:into the divine, but on this there is no need to enlarge. 2. Form Building The second effect isFire, 1190:necessarily attracts to Them that which They need for the due expression of Their life in anyFire, 1219:laws, from the point of view of a disciple, need only be considered as operative in the threeFire, 1231:that students who approach the subject of SPIRIT need to grasp the following facts. I. Whilst inFire, 1273:triple force into that path which meets the need of those who later seek to tread it. They see;Glamour, 2:you must bear in mind that this indicates your need for this study and corroborates what I amGlamour, 5:It sees no distinction, even when it appreciates need, and it produces in one who loves as a soulGlamour, 5:its three aspects and then to urge upon you the need to submit to that training and to apply toGlamour, 12:of the disciple and the aspirant. The great need for most students is to arrive at meaning and toGlamour, 16:study this important matter growing out of the need of the present time and the increasedGlamour, 16:you through the group reaction to each other's need in the recent period of glamor. It is myGlamour, 23:the intuition can dispel illusion and hence the need of training intuitives. Hence the service youGlamour, 34:for your group brothers and the immediate world need, you will lose no time in the work of yourGlamour, 34:time and trouble these busy days to meet your need and to bring as much light as I can, withoutGlamour, 34:without infringing your free will, to meet your need and clear your course to service. Glamour, 52:at least, made aware of the Plan. The need of the world and the capacity of the soul to meet thatGlamour, 52:world and the capacity of the soul to meet that need flood his consciousness. His dedication,Glamour, 53:the subtlety of the problem, but also the urgent need for its recognition. There are today so manyGlamour, 59:but the above will suffice to show the need for right perceptions, and to indicate the roots of theGlamour, 62:and power. You will note therefore the great need for right understanding of that which isGlamour, 63:upon this idea. All ideas sensed and contacted need not necessarily be ideas with which everyGlamour, 64:seldom touch a pure idea, and hence seldom need to embody it. Glamour, 70:things which you who seek to work with glamor need to grasp; four basic recognitions which, [71]Glamour, 74:spirit and matter. That which will meet a need that is vital and real ever exists within the divineGlamour, 74:negation of the essential. Students, however, need to remember that that which is necessary variesGlamour, 83:- by calling in the soul, whereas they really need to use the mind correctly. When one is in theGlamour, 100:such as are found in this group of students need no instruction from me as to the treading of theGlamour, 118:ascertained, then the following factors will need consideration: The nature, quality and stabilityGlamour, 121:complex, in the world of religion and world need. The glamor of fear, based on undue sensitivity.Glamour, 125:false and deceiving. He learns then that he need not fall supinely under the domination of the pastGlamour, 130:of them equally right and serving the sevenfold need of humanity. Each of these seven formulationsGlamour, 132:ideologies has had a sorry effect upon men. They need to learn to penetrate to the true idea whichGlamour, 133:the reality which is his true Being. There is no need for me here to itemize any of theseGlamour, 134:intended to be permanent but simply to serve a need and to indicate a way out of the past into aGlamour, 138:and unsought by the unthinking. Their need today is to "assemble themselves" in this hour of theGlamour, 138:"assemble themselves" in this hour of the world need and so let their voice be clearly heard. TheseGlamour, 162:revolution was entirely a balancing process and need cause no basic concern, for God TranscendentGlamour, 165:be pointed out that basically: The Axis nations need to grasp the teaching of the Buddha as HeGlamour, 166:it in the Four Noble [166] Truths; they need to realize that the cause of all sorrow and woe isGlamour, 166:for that which is material. The United Nations need to learn to apply the Law of Love as enunciatedGlamour, 166:A World Problem - The Ending of Glamor Students need to remember that all manifestations and everyGlamour, 185:and factual expression and thus truly meet human need? I would point out that the two greatestGlamour, 188:or truths which He deems appropriate to the need of the time. He comes forth as a Messenger of theGlamour, 196:the mystical vision by arriving at fusion. I need not enlarge on this. It is the higher stage ofGlamour, 201:aspirant, with the emphasis upon the immediate need or any particular and current world glamor. ItGlamour, 202:and the world disciples do this alone, if need be, and require not the protection of the group orGlamour, 207:glamor. I would begin by saying that the first need is for the man to realize that his reactions,Glamour, 219:automatically and all that he will then need will be the formula reduced to the following briefGlamour, 224:which hold the race in thrall and who know the need to do this in group formation. CertainGlamour, 224:years or more) without looking for results; they need to realize that they can never know whetherGlamour, 227:I would also remind you that the group will need to protect itself from the glamor or glamors whichGlamour, 227:the sense of drama has to be developed and who need external aids, and they do provide a settingGlamour, 232:into the Light and bring it down to meet the need. We reach into the silent Place and bring fromGlamour, 238:into the light and bring it down to meet the need. We reach into the silent Place and bring fromGlamour, 246:now assume that the aspirant is aware of the need for him to establish a new and higher rhythm inGlamour, 252:forces and energies are employed which serve the need of the disciple or the initiate as he fulfilsGlamour, 255:races are as a whole positive in attitude and need no such training as is rightly given to theGlamour, 267:by the Angel of the PRESENCE. There is no need for me to define the two aspects of the disciple'sGlamour, 270:use the will in a new and different manner. The need to cross the burning ground. The issues areGlamour, 271:the conscious recognition of the light. The need for the service of men and women, free fromHealing, 5:emphasis upon psychological healing and upon the need to deal with the patient in his inner life,Healing, 6:I would like to point out here the need for patience as a healing group integrates and the auras ofHealing, 7:a decentralized attitude. Those energies, when need arises, which will stimulate the patient to the
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