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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - NEED

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Hercules, 137:to be understandable and acceptable to those who need the spiritual arousal, yet not distort orHercules, 163:symbol. In the life of the aspirant of today, I need not enlarge upon it, there has been a completeHercules, 168:said that gossip is "spiritual murder". Do I need to discuss cruel gossip, how lives have beenHercules, 177:go of what he has set himself to do if there is need to help. That is the story of the initiateHercules, 198:in which a human being in incarnation will not need to use the mind as the interpreter of spiritualHercules, 199:of God out of the Father's home, called by the need of humanity to do a great work. Down the agesHercules, 203:will be told a different thing according to the need of the people around him, and willHercules, 203:and stress of their own souls. They meet the need of their fellow men, and theirs is the message ofHercules, 203:understanding and appreciation of the need of the individual just as you find him. When you are upHercules, 203:find him. When you are up against the desperate need of people you have no time to think aboutHercules, 205:changing surface of material events. The very need of the hour calls for the sounding of a clearHercules, 207:and couched in such terms that meets the need of the modern student. A study of the Twelve LaborsInitiation, viii:are too far advanced for them, and that they need not occupy themselves with them at this stage ofInitiation, 6:wise adaptation of knowledge to the surrounding need must grow the capacity for discreetInitiation, 7:of that clue. In the study of this Law we need to remember that the correspondence lies in itsInitiation, 17:ray of the system under His control. We need to remember that initiation gives the initiate powerInitiation, 18:the Result of Initiation A point that we need to grasp is that each successive initiation bringsInitiation, 24:an Example to Humanity The fourth thing that men need to know and to realize as a basic fact isInitiation, 24:can be exquisitely measured to the individual need; yet at the same time their realization of theInitiation, 53:utilizing it when it suffices for the immediate need. Initiation, 57:teachings, and no one is so well aware of the need of the present moment. Certain great prelates ofInitiation, 69:relation. Just at present, owing to the great need in the world, a slightly different policy isInitiation, 85:aspiring souls - sensing the dire and crying need of humanity - are sacrificing all in order toInitiation, 85:- are sacrificing all in order to meet that need. Again, we must not make the mistake of thinkingInitiation, 86:some kind. A vision is accorded of the world's need, and a further portion of the plan shown. TheInitiation, 86:submerging of the personal point of view in the need of the whole. It entails the completeInitiation, 128:but in triangular transmission comes safety. We need to remember here that two Masters sponsor allInitiation, 166:The line. Certain signs of the Zodiac, hence the need for the study of astrology. The cup, or theInitiation, 193:serve and save the world, and if his brother's need is for him of greater moment than his own, thenInitiation, 193:those who are weighed down with a sense of world need, and the personal [194] responsibilityInitiation, 195:sky. To fulfil this injunction all applicants need to do two things, first, to study their origin,Initiation, 197:two things should be emphasized: First, the need that all applicants have for common sense; thisInitiation, 216:has become intelligence, or buddhi. Those who need but one more incarnation to become perfectInitiation, 217:dissipated after the fourth initiation, when the need for further rebirth on the part of a humanIntellect, 3:subject of Meditation is an evidence of a world need which requires clear understanding. Where weIntellect, 23:building of the soul." - Jones, Rufus M., The Need for a Spiritual Element in Education, WorldIntellect, 30:increasing realization among educators of this need to lift the more advanced educational processesIntellect, 31:determine what are our real intentions, we need no more become the prey [32] of self-deceptions...Intellect, 44:masses of the people in Asia is the outstanding need. The culturing of the individual in the West,Intellect, 45:system of scientific meditation. Our greatest need in the West lies in our failure to recognize theIntellect, 65:of the investigator is an arduous one; he will need more than a passing enthusiasm and a temporaryIntellect, 66:of a mystical tendency, ask for what they need; they wrestle in prayer for the acquiring ofIntellect, 71:do this with success and with happiness, he will need a clear vision of his goal and a lucidIntellect, 71:results eventually to be demonstrated. He will need a keen formulation of the assets with which heIntellect, 91:to be attained. The preliminary requirements need only just be noted, for they are universallyIntellect, 97:and must precede that of meditation. They need not be expressed in their fulness and completeness,Intellect, 105:which is to be considered by the Thinker. We need, therefore, to distinguish between ourselves, theIntellect, 112:to meditate with hope of complete success. This need in no way discourage any student. A beginningIntellect, 122:or thinking substance (res cogitans); but they need for their being the concurrence of God... ApartIntellect, 143:clear mental images. It is for this that the need of a good mental apparatus will become apparent.Intellect, 148:sane and balanced business man or scientist, and need not necessarily indicate a lack of psychicIntellect, 166:of the faculty of spiritual telepathy. People need most carefully to distinguish between theIntellect, 216:attentiveness that business training confers, we need only to reorient the mind to a new field ofIntellect, 218:of our time every morning, and there is no need to talk about it to our households, or to enjoinIntellect, 237: From Intellect to Intuition - Chapter Ten - The Need for Care in Meditation CHAPTER TEN The NeedIntellect, 237:The Need for Care in Meditation CHAPTER TEN The Need for Care in Meditation "A clean life, an openIntellect, 239: From Intellect to Intuition - Chapter Ten - The Need for Care in Meditation It will, therefore, beIntellect, 241: From Intellect to Intuition - Chapter Ten - The Need for Care in Meditation It will be apparent,Intellect, 242:of meditation urge upon their pupils the need of care and slow procedure. It is essential that weIntellect, 243:little more closely. We have seen that the deep need of the aspirant is to see that he succeeds inIntellect, 245: From Intellect to Intuition - Chapter Ten - The Need for Care in Meditation Again, some "force" -Intellect, 248: From Intellect to Intuition - Chapter Ten - The Need for Care in Meditation Another effect ofIntellect, 251:or from "idées fixes", that there is no need for me to enlarge upon it. Intellect, 251: From Intellect to Intuition - Chapter Ten - The Need for Care in Meditation How, it might beIntellect, 254: From Intellect to Intuition - Chapter Ten - The Need for Care in Meditation The second type ofIntellect, 256:and the increased stimulation. There is no need for anxiety, if wise judgment is used, andIntellect, 256: From Intellect to Intuition - Chapter Ten - The Need for Care in Meditation In emotional types,Intellect, 259: From Intellect to Intuition - Chapter Ten - The Need for Care in Meditation This point has beenMagic, 6:mysterious. All is under law, and the laws need elucidation now that man's development has reachedMagic, 31:of the intuition. One of the first lessons we need to learn is that our minds, being as yetMagic, 41:man who has arrived at soul-knowledge. The great need at this time is for experts in the life ofMagic, 41:c. The Body, the Phenomenal Appearance Not much need be written here anent this, for the bodyMagic, 54:for those who are seeking to measure up to the need for trained servers. I say not, you note, thoseMagic, 65:the Great Ones or the "Master within the Heart") need to know each other somewhat, and to accustomMagic, 65:hinder. Long patience those on the inner side need in dealing with all who must, for lack of otherMagic, 66:steadiness of inner poise is what the Masters need in those whom They seek to use. It is an innerMagic, 77:unity and for astrological truth. Thirdly, the need of realizing that the etheric body is vitalizedMagic, 79:the higher and the lower mind. The two types need each other, and their effect upon each otherMagic, 88:soul and body and beyond this there is no need to go. Magic, 96:that is a later stage with which the aspirant need not as yet trouble himself. Let him find theMagic, 103:in a true comprehension of a brother's need, divorced from sentiment and expediency. It will leadMagic, 103:will produce that instantaneous response to true need which characterizes the Great Ones whoMagic, 112:are as ephemeral as a butterfly. These things need bearing in mind and with their recognition comesMagic, 113:elucidates life. The third thing you need to remember is that even when these two points areMagic, 129:of the Great Ones. One lesson all aspirants need to learn and to learn early and that is, thatMagic, 129:and for cooperation in their efforts, and the need for group work is more apparent than everMagic, 133:fault, and He will seek someone else to fill the need, - someone perhaps not so fundamentallyMagic, 134:worlds. The terrific power of thought. The need for scientific knowledge on these two matters. Magic, 139:of adaptation involves the appreciation of the need, the recognition of the new force coming inMagic, 139:bringing together in wide synthesis of the need and of the force, regarding the personal selfMagic, 144:highest use is that it brings light to those who need it, to those who walk in darkness. I deal notMagic, 152:and fill each of them with dynamic life. More need not be said here. Thus, in this science ofMagic, 166:aim is to include the higher, and there is no need for him, at this stage, to regain that astralMagic, 169:and have "occultly crossed the bridge" have no need to employ the powers inherent in the lowerMagic, 170:his Master are governed by group emergency and need, and deal with his group service. It graduallyMagic, 173:not to use the knowledge for anything except the need of the work; no personality reason orMagic, 174:of the world. The crisis is so grave and the need of the world so great, that those who can contactMagic, 176:physical brain consciousness the facts they need to know and the teachings they should transmit.Magic, 179:or stored up to work through gradually and at need. Thirdly, we have inspiration. This involvesMagic, 182:like or care for them, but because the need is great and They seek those whom They can train. The
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