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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - NEED

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Magic, 188:are specified so that no true and earnest worker need be depressed and discouraged if he has noMagic, 200:necessary steps, and let me enjoin upon you the need there is to realize in some measure theMagic, 202:day comes, however, when the soul awakens to the need of dominating the situation and of assertingMagic, 207:his emotional nature be strengthened. Hence the need for students to hold their meditation steadyMagic, 211:this direction of the solar Angel's vision we need not concern ourselves. 2. Over the kingdomMagic, 238:adept grows out of these achievements and they need not be dealt with here. The battle is spreadMagic, 239:would like to point out to my brothers that they need to do two things: To meditate on truth inMagic, 239:Let each say this to himself as constantly as need [240] requires, forcing his mind to focusMagic, 252:accurate grasp of egoic intent. Hence also the need of the magician beginning the practical work ofMagic, 258:emotional and mental. But absolute purity need not here be considered by the aspirant. No one inMagic, 259:the high places of world endeavor. This remark need deter no one in these groups from pushingMagic, 259:apt to ensue when the ideal is enunciated. World need and opportunity go hand in hand at this time.Magic, 262:occult life. He senses the law, he realizes the need of raising his key, and frequently he beginsMagic, 265:subject to shattering, but suffices for his need, to be discarded or used as occasion warrants. Magic, 265:Nine - Fundamental Forms In these days you will need to ponder on this matter of the form, for withMagic, 276:consequent implications. Note these words. The need at this time is terrific, and the soul is atMagic, 279:his will commands, his love desires, and his need creates. Let him withdraw the builders of theMagic, 280:of his personal dharma and ideas to the need and service of that cycle. For him there has to beMagic, 308:distorts, reverses and deceives. There is no need to dwell on this. If there is one factorMagic, 308:is one factor aspirants recognize it is the need of freeing themselves from the Great Illusion.Magic, 308:yet succumbed to despair. Yet in his hour of need, Krishna failed him not, but laid down in theMagic, 322:here, and often the Great Ones (foreseeing the need of just such points of inner contact in periodsMagic, 324:fatigue is present and the physical body is in need of rest, then likewise the inner fails to beMagic, 330:knowledge. They only recognize two things: their need for freedom, and an intense eagerness forMagic, 331:aspirant and enquirer to find himself. Hence the need for the laws of the soul and for the truth asMagic, 338:though wrong in their deductions. They all three need each other and from a blending of the threeMagic, 338:the separated self but he begins to realize the need for adjustment to [339] and in the conditionMagic, 342:to one's capacity, and not to the overwhelming need. Meditate on this. Another basis forMagic, 342:disproportionate a comprehension of the world's need, and too quick an apprehension of the manyMagic, 343:which those who choose the path of occultism need to cultivate, and that the group should speciallyMagic, 347:light. This method is only for use when the need is dire and the necessity great. The reason forMagic, 348:who, with open eyes, enter on occult training need indeed to count the cost. The reward at the endMagic, 351:the hidden laws of nature, you will realize the need for the price paid. The spiritual unfoldmentMagic, 369:towards it; not for reward, but from the inner need to help; not for gratitude, but from the urgeMagic, 371:You will see it in constant application and need to be prepared for its demonstration. The MastersMagic, 376:state of unity supervenes. [376] These points need consideration and are valuable, for there areMagic, 376:in terms of duality. Both are right and both need each other. It should be remembered that in theMagic, 378:according to plan. Students of these mysteries need to remember that though Shamballa is spoken ofMagic, 378:in dense physical bodies and thus meet the need of the rapidly awakening humanity. [379] 6. TheMagic, 383:[383] the mental energy They could use to the need of the time. They kept Their mental force inMagic, 388:work with the Plan is probable, but he will not need to undergo the processes of manifestation asMagic, 390:of mind or of fire is the most important. We need to remember that just as in particularMagic, 414:WORD - obedient to their own souls and to group need. All true servers everywhere therefore belongMagic, 427:of each group will be recognized and where a need exists for just that special approach and theMagic, 427:They will be well aware that response to world need in service and the life of focused meditationMagic, 428:all of you who hear the call and respond to the need and opportunity. [429] Magic, 431:Ones, and is energized into activity by the need of humanity itself. It is composed of livingMagic, 440:to safeguard the present. One thing astrologers need at this time to do and that is to make dueMagic, 453:to all but the initiate, and therefore need not engross our attention. It should be noted that muchMagic, 453:With the higher grades of intelligences we need not concern ourselves. We will consider this RuleMagic, 467:pilgrim to the gates of heaven. Some of you need this reminder. Magic, 471:- Analysis of the Three Sentences There is no need for me to add to the vast amount of literatureMagic, 474:each produce effect. If good and kind, naught need be done. If otherwise, the paying of the priceMagic, 481:a point of view is easy to achieve, and many need to guard themselves lest they tread unthinkinglyMagic, 489:world of illusion and of astralism. Hence the need for humility, for a longing to serve and aMagic, 513:silence, called technically a pralaya, we need not concern ourselves. The activity of the UniversalMagic, 520:World Servers must meet therefore a very real need. Their work must primarily be to keep such aMagic, 521:the inner link; think truth at all times. The need and the opportunity are great and all possibleMagic, 521:in his own interior consciousness and with the need for him to learn the importance of seizing theMagic, 523:A Treatise on Cosmic [523] Fire and there is no need for me to repeat myself here. This secondMagic, 544:moment for the planetary duality. Beyond that we need not go, for the humanity of the sixth roundMagic, 544:what we now understand by the words, that we need not concern ourselves with that far distantMagic, 554:the individual aspirant finds himself. He will need to consider the fact that his body ofMagic, 554:of his "recognition" of the four ethers. He will need to understand that this form which he hasMagic, 554:speaking) "takes his eye away". He will need to consider also that his environment is the result ofMagic, 559:in the field of the world should recognize the need for silent detachment and the work before everyMagic, 560:Much has been written anent attachment and the need to develop detachment. May I beg all studentsMagic, 581:that we work and live in a world of forces? We need no distant field or special domain in which toMagic, 585:science and sagacity. If the aspirant has need to cultivate a capacity to walk alone, if he has toMagic, 586:to be truthful in all things, he has likewise need to cultivate courage. It will be needful for himMagic, 592:clear thinking therefore will demonstrate the need for excessive care, for there will obviously beMagic, 595:Their watching care. They will not and They need not until such time as the aspirant has used toMagic, 603:Esoteric Sense This esoteric sense is the main need of the aspirant at [604] this time of the worldMagic, 606:by the organized observers and adapt it to the need of the world, and give out the teaching. TheyMagic, 608:two hundred years ahead. They sense the present need. They are responsive to the new tide ofMagic, 609:the Thrones, Principals, and Powers with whom we need not concern ourselves. On the other sideMagic, 610:trusted to rightly recognize and interpret the need of the hour. When this stage has been reachedMagic, 622:and tinctured with his pride, and his ambition. Need is truly realized. The desire to meet the needMagic, 622:Need is truly realized. The desire to meet the need is genuine and sincere; the longing to serveMagic, 624:the versatile psychic nature responds both to need and to the theory of the plan; they realizeMagic, 629:problem of progress in full awareness. Students need to realize more deeply that the whole processMagic, 634:have failed), on a realization of the immediate need and opportunity, and on an acute appreciationMagic, 634:in itself is serious in these days of dire world need, but the disciple must inevitably some dayMagic, 634:day make good and retrieve his past failures. I need not point out that we learn by failure, forMagic, 634:by all who are attempting to live as souls. Nor need the disciple sorrow over the failures,Magic, 638:they have to the helping of humanity. Now is the need and the demand. The urgency of the hour isMagic, 640:lose sight of self in the realization of world need, is the earnest prayer and deepest aspirationMeditationtimes, as those who guide the race see a need which must be met. Many books on meditation have beenMeditationletters has apparently attempted to supply the need of a brief yet scientific exposition of aMeditation, 3:abstract levels can then begin to be felt. You need to remember that they come via the causal body,Meditation, 10:is purely [10] physical or purely emotional, no need for meditation is ever felt. Even when theMeditation, 13:man. The condition of the Causal Body. The need of the period and the man's availability. TheMeditation, 15:The condition of his Causal Body. The immediate need of the period and his availability. TheMeditation, 20:of adapting the method of meditation to the need of the personality, and of synchronizing it at theMeditation, 38:of the Ego to other Egos Certain things need to be remembered: The factor of periodicity. Egos thatMeditation, 39:when assigning Meditation 5. Immediate Need of Period and Man's Availability June 17, 1920 Today weMeditation, 39:methods of Meditation, and will deal with the need of the particular period and the suitability ofMeditation, 39:and the suitability of the man to meet the need. Let us first of all briefly recapitulate, for theMeditation, 40:and a meditation given that may approximate the need and also be safe. Another factor enters now, -Meditation, 40:- a factor that varies somewhat according to the need of the period. All cycles are not as
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