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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - NEED

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Meditation, 43:naught can stop His approach. Just now the great need of the time is for those who understand theMeditation, 46:will apply the method to the immediate need. Later I may further expand the future of theMeditation, 49:You have also the factor of karma, the need of the time and of the man himself, and hisMeditation, 60:is so unlike any other that the individual need can only be supplied when full causal consciousnessMeditation, 67:results. The time for this is not yet, and need arises not for detailed description, yet if thingsMeditation, 69:the great organizations. In considering this you need to remember that the whole world becomes everMeditation, 72:of the microcosm to its environment, to its need and to the macrocosm. It controls the selectiveMeditation, 80:Therefore, it will be obvious how great is the need for conscious clairvoyant teachers, who canMeditation, 81:Here I would pause to emphasize to you the need of ever remembering that in all work that is trulyMeditation, 93:of the necessary method to the immediate need. To the man therefore who undertakes whole-heartedlyMeditation, 102:a new body that may prove more adequate to the need of the inner spirit. This is a task of largeMeditation, 105:meditation wisely adjusted to the individual need. Proper meditations will be set to stimulateMeditation, 109:learnt on the physical plane is his great need. Yet, even though his ring-pass-not seems toMeditation, 109:of the final grades in the Hall of Learning. You need to remember that I refer not here to theMeditation, 117:for service, and his response to any surrounding need. His associated band of servers, the groupMeditation, 119:formula followed that is not adjusted to a man's need carries with it elements of danger, for theMeditation, 131:to lay emphasis upon the fact that no danger need be feared by the average student from thisMeditation, 134:[134] certain methods employed by them in work need to be realized and certain methods ofMeditation, 137:by the occupant of the vehicles. Therefore the need of scrupulous cleanliness of the physical body,Meditation, 143:by the Logos Himself. This is as far as we need go for our purpose, for this series of letters,Meditation, 156:mind. These forms will be based on the special need of any one body, and will seek through theMeditation, 164:is done always four times a year, or when urgent need arises. Once a year the entire HierarchyMeditation, 175:universe. Therefore in studying occult lore you need to remember two things: You control elementalMeditation, 178:that lead to the desired result and obviate the need of speech. [179] These forms open the avenuesMeditation, 182:seeking after methods of communication. When the need of communication for constructive ends isMeditation, 204:Father is brought in contact with the children's need is better still. One of those maxims I canMeditation, 235:(I reiterate synonymous terms because of the need of clear thinking on your part) are graduallyMeditation, 235:endeavors to bend every opportunity to meet the need. He concentrates on the virtue, and (if he isMeditation, 238:about certain results, but with all these we need not, in this series of letters, concernMeditation, 251:than many a student of meditation. All they need to do is to transmute the motive underlying theirMeditation, 268:will have made this clear. There is therefore no need to recapitulate the earlier imparted data,Meditation, 274:ray on which they both may be found, and by the need of the hour. The Master's work (as much of itMeditation, 279:to vibrate at an unusual rate for him. Hence the need for meditation. The reward of such anMeditation, 285:from trammels. It wisely recognizes those that need help, and those that need not its attention. ItMeditation, 285:recognizes those that need help, and those that need not its attention. It hears with precision,Meditation, 295:Equally, naught can really hasten, so the pupil need not waste time in doleful ponderings upon theMeditation, 299:plan has been drawn up in view of the crying need of a world in which the mental equipment of menMeditation, 311:real importance but differs according to the need of finding a situation whereon to found aMeditation, 328:specific meditation adjusted to the pupil's need. Once a year the Master responsible for bothMeditation, 332:The emotional body. The mental body. [332] The need arises these days for tested instruments. WhenMeditation, 332:with a certain amount of training, will fill the need fairly adequately. As evolution proceeds theMeditation, 336:of the sun is electrical force adapted to the need of the great average majority in all theMeditation, 336:on a higher turn of the spiral, just the same need and purpose are served, though the method ofMeditation, 343:has been at fault (an inevitable failure), the need is for the renewal of the inner springs ofMeditation, 344:plan of evolution, a sensing of the world's dire need, an apprehension of the immediate point ofMeditation, 344:and a fitting of those capacities to the need appreciated. Service is of many kinds, and he whoMeditation, 351:has become intelligence, or buddhi. Those who need but one more incarnation to become perfectMeditation, 352:dissipated after the fourth initiation, when the need for further rebirth on the part of a humanPatanjali, 33:man (logoic or human) has no further use or need for them. He is therefore freed from the gunas,Patanjali, 46:masses, they must hasten their progress for the need is great. Thus the "first shall be last andPatanjali, 64:has to precede any later realization of the need of soul culture. The apparatus of thought must bePatanjali, 67:covered in many places in the various sutras and need not be enlarged upon here. Obstacle VII -Patanjali, 100:which are not primarily those of pure spirit. We need, however, to remember here that all thesePatanjali, 142:meditation process is dealt with in Book III and need not be enlarged upon here. Patanjali, 145:its object, method and goal and with them we need not deal. The whole subject of karma (or the lawPatanjali, 150:those forebodings as to death, suffering and need which dominate so many of the sons of men. It isPatanjali, 166:the world of causes; and so to demonstrate the need for further unfoldment and the nature of thePatanjali, 207:As this is discussed fully in book three we need not deal further with it here. When these threePatanjali, 254:sons of God on their own plane know. Hence the need for Raja Yoga or the [255] science of unionPatanjali, 262:in the constant power to contemplate. Little need be said in explanation of this sutra owing to itsPatanjali, 287:vibration so that it responds to his brother's need; he is enabled to share in all that is takingPatanjali, 301:to the sevenfold cosmic path. Of this no more need be said, as the object of Raja Yoga is to enablePatanjali, 302:to tread the path. Only one more point need be touched upon. Esoterically the sun is regarded asPatanjali, 318:of discovery and genius. But this higher power need not work in subordination to the so-calledPatanjali, 348:the adept can construct a vehicle adapted to his need, can do with it as he will and through itsPatanjali, 354:mind is his privilege and right. The mind need no longer be used to apprehend reality, the sensesPatanjali, 354:longer be used to apprehend reality, the senses need no longer be employed as mediums of contact.Patanjali, 381:has been covered in the other books and need not be enlarged upon here. Patanjali, 409:negated by us, because not seen. Hence the need for every investigator of the mysteries ofPatanjali, 410:of the ages be carried to a conclusion. No man need despair because of his seeming incompetence orPatanjali, 417:opens the door to direct illumination. Nothing need now hinder the downflow of spiritual force andPatanjali, 420:nature. When this realization is achieved, the need for such exercises ceases and one enters intoProblemsdiscussed in this book. So now, in 1993, when we need to reprint the book again, we have had toProblems, 16:have characterized them for generations. We need, in the general interest, to face up to our past,Problems, 17:the faults of the German nation, there is little need to speak; they have been made painfully clearProblems, 24:upon the overcoming of racial hatreds. They need to resolve their national problem in terms ofProblems, 40:of the Children of the World The Immediate Need of the Children The magnitude of the problems to beProblems, 40:have deteriorated and the spiritual values will need awakening. There is direct evidence, however,Problems, 42:problem of its restoration in its own way. This need not mean disunity; it should mean a richer andProblems, 42:should mean a richer and more colorful world. It need not mean separation or the building ofProblems, 47:all endeavor? This has hitherto been so, but it need not be. The development of an atmosphere whichProblems, 48:and at the right time. Educators will need to remember that thousands of children have looked onProblems, 49:at first. Educators and teachers will need to impose upon themselves a discipline of patience,Problems, 49:are there; they must have the equipment they need and the backing of those whom they can trust. TooProblems, 49:must not be demanded at first, for the immediate need is not the impartation of facts but theProblems, 51:ones in a wholesome atmosphere of freedom. We need also to do two things: We must place theProblems, 51:true vision and made responsive to sensed world need and to the demands of the times. Education isProblems, 57:and yet indicates that nothing hitherto included need be excluded, only a better motivation will beProblems, 60:the past techniques are obvious but there is no need to waste time in emphasizing them or in pilingProblems, 60:authorities in every country is today a crying need and would provide a major asset in preservingProblems, 61:importance, but more important still will be the need for them to be free from prejudice and to seeProblems, 61:a great family. The educator of the future will need to be more of a trained psychologist than heProblems, 77:The question arises whether it is not sorely in need of a drastic housecleaning. With the coming-inProblems, 78:lies at the heart of the labor movement. We need to grasp somewhat this picture of a worldwideProblems, 79:cause. It demands the satisfaction of sensed need, the desire for goods and possessions, the desireProblems, 80:must end. Though they do not love money they need it and must have it; the tentacles of theProblems, 90:religious faiths. In considering our theme we need now to do two things: first of all consider whatProblems, 92:based upon the principle of sharing; they will need to learn the lessons of pain in other ways andProblems, 92:they too have lost something and will also need to learn in other ways humanity's great lesson ofProblems, 97:to recognize. They are also the product of their need, down the centuries, to live off the people
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