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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - NEED

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Psychology2, 109:and ways are secondary to the major world need. There are many ways and many points of view, andPsychology2, 123:is based upon a mental response to humanity's need, then the whole problem is lifted out of thePsychology2, 124:procedure at the same time. Indicate the need today for the right understanding of a techniquePsychology2, 129:life through its mechanism of expression. The need for an increasing subtlety of discrimination isPsychology2, 129:of a new day of opportunity. There is a great need to stand in spiritual being; where there is thisPsychology2, 129:there is this poised standing, there will be no need for others to incite one to service. Let thePsychology2, 129:that there must be increasing emphasis upon the need for Harmlessness. Harmlessness prepares thePsychology2, 131:Those working under the Law of Service need no reminder not to hurt any individual. They oftenPsychology2, 131:reminder not to hurt any individual. They often need, under the exuberance of spiritual stimulationPsychology2, 135:that is perhaps an indication of how much they need the impression of this life objective uponPsychology2, 137:selfish ambition. All that is considered is the need and the driving necessity to take the nextPsychology2, 137:to take the next immediate step to meet that need as it demonstrates before the server's eyes. WithPsychology2, 137:will respond. There is, consequently, a great need for the server to pause upon the astral plane,Psychology2, 140:forward as the units in the Group meet the [140] need in their own peculiar environment, in thePsychology2, 142:the esoteric sense) and adapted to the immediate need and rendered vocal by the force of thePsychology2, 144:and fanatical display of interest, in the need for the long pull. The sixth ray, it should bePsychology2, 144:produce physical plane effects. Sixth ray people need handling with care, for they are tooPsychology2, 152:initiation which releases him from all further need for rebirth. This is the truth which underliesPsychology2, 154:done is in an effort to meet the realized need, to face the challenge of existence with the demandPsychology2, 155:It was the realization of the urgency of man's need to be delivered from his own desire-naturePsychology2, 156:has been this demand which indicated the soul's need to incarnate and to function, for a neededPsychology2, 161:the consciousness of the Oversoul. There is no need to enlarge here upon the technique whereby thisPsychology2, 162:are still far from being dispassionate. Is there need therefore to enlarge upon this law as itPsychology2, 168:you have for ages wrought. It does not meet your need... Then weave again, Weaver. Weave in thePsychology2, 178:serve instinctively. He may, and usually does, need to learn to discriminate in his service; butPsychology2, 183:serve, are thus linked, and can at the slightest need and with the least expenditure of force, getPsychology2, 189:and bear in mind also that the greater contact need not necessarily include the lesser. TelepathicPsychology2, 205:if trained, and showing that they can think when need arises. They are still, nevertheless,Psychology2, 205:can momentarily make itself felt, and thus at need effect important decisions. These are the nicePsychology2, 207:- The Five Groups of Souls Higher than this we need not go, except by inference. A detailedPsychology2, 212:the result of development, but such development need not lead to this particular crisis. WhatPsychology2, 219:and fruition of the Plan on earth. It need evoke no sense of futility or of endless striving or ofPsychology2, 246:forgotten in the great expectancy. There is no need for too great an upward straining or tooPsychology2, 253:lines of divinity meet and blend, there is no need for further drastic distinctions to continue toPsychology2, 255:ages been laid upon the astral dualities and the need for humanity to choose the narrow path whichPsychology2, 256:more essential meaning. There is, therefore, no need for us to enter upon that abstruse question inPsychology2, 268:During this stage, the urgency of the need, and the dilemmas brought about by the forces ofPsychology2, 273:the initial impulse instituted in 1875. No more need be said on this point except to observe thatPsychology2, 307:one at a time, according to the demand and the need which must be met by the initiate. All thePsychology2, 329:with these matters. Upon them there is no need to enlarge. The whole series of events involved inPsychology2, 360:(a very different thing) - apply himself to the need to be met. This is a very different matter andPsychology2, 367:to the race at the end of the age and with it we need not for the moment, therefore, concernPsychology2, 372:appeals to me, the satisfaction of [372] my need - a need for that which is material, for thatPsychology2, 372:to me, the satisfaction of [372] my need - a need for that which is material, for that which feedsPsychology2, 372:the truth I hold, the active form which meets my need, that which I grasp and understand. My truth,Psychology2, 372:disciple, following his Master unto death, if need be; forcing himself (from very love of form) andPsychology2, 383:response to a sentient realization of humanity's need. The motive of cooperation with the Plan, inPsychology2, 407:and higher integrations but with these we [407] need not here concern ourselves. They are reachedPsychology2, 412:divinity. But there remains for a long time the need for recognition of energy and its right use.Psychology2, 423:of the power to recognize and meet surrounding need, thus evoking the desire to serve and providingPsychology2, 424:Some Problems of Psychology One point I feel the need definitely to re-emphasize and that is thePsychology2, 426:of himself and the mental aspect is aware of need, of frustration and of intense suffering andPsychology2, 427:A practical mystic, conscious of the need for fusion and for unity. Parallels to these states ofPsychology2, 427:spiritually inclined. The sense of cleavage, the need for orientation, the bridging process and thePsychology2, 427:steps upon the Way, bringing with them the need for effort and at the same time a [428] sense ofPsychology2, 436:distress and difficulty and the man becomes in need of sound psychological help. CorrectPsychology2, 439:- subconscious, conscious and superconscious - need definition, for the purpose of this treatise;Psychology2, 441:affected: The group which has recognized the need for bridging the cleavage between the emotionalPsychology2, 443:is at the same time a growing awareness of the need for a still higher or more inclusive fusion andPsychology2, 446:for it indicates the recognition of the need of alignment. What brought this need to your attentionPsychology2, 446:of the need of alignment. What brought this need to your attention and evoked in you the desire forPsychology2, 446:of man, in which vehicle is there the need for the bridging process? Where is the point ofPsychology2, 448:recognition of these cleavages and of the need for their fusion which has made marriage, and thePsychology2, 449:certain undesirable developments will appear and need later to be offset. It surprises you, does itPsychology2, 464:and the lower nature evidences in every case the need for adaptation to the higher impulses orPsychology2, 466:into this new and wonderful world. He feels the need to temporize and to live in the same state ofPsychology2, 466:undergone as the result of successful meditation need not be along the line of recognized religiousPsychology2, 467:with the idea of the soul; we forget its need of a vehicle of expression; we begin to live in anPsychology2, 477:- are usually adequate to the demand and the need to be met. I interject these remarks, as therePsychology2, 486:Group Movement has also laid much stress on the need for guidance, yet seems to have developed noPsychology2, 500:and of a confused nature. No importance whatever need be attached to this type of dream. TheyPsychology2, 508:confusion in the mind of the psychologist and need most careful consideration and analysis. Psychology2, 528:comes the third and final stage with which we need not concern ourselves wherein there is aPsychology2, 543:of God which will suffice to meet individual need and thus bring relief, peace, understanding andPsychology2, 582:awareness. They are offered a step forward and need to remember that every step forward inPsychology2, 605:which gives any indication of a sense of world need or of humanity's demand for enlightenment. ThePsychology2, 609:the extent of the magnetic field. There never need be any difficulty if the [610] aspirant will usePsychology2, 623:has to deal but with which the average aspirant need not attempt to cope as yet. As I conclude thisPsychology2, 629:best of their ability, in the response to the need of this crucial moment and to the service whichPsychology2, 640:and life are responsible for the upheaval. More need not be said, for the causes are generallyPsychology2, 649:activity without each one realizing the need, and bending anew every effort - individual, financialPsychology2, 660:must be made known and aided. To do this, we need to combine wise and deliberate action with speed,Psychology2, 662:to affiliate with them. They emphasize the need to adhere to certain formulated beliefs, such asPsychology2, 665:understanding is very real. They know. They need to be very sure, however, as to their right actionPsychology2, 671:crisis and depression in order to impose (if need be, by force) those systems of governments and ofPsychology2, 672:are [672] of such old standing that there is no need to enumerate them here. Militarists andPsychology2, 678:then be seen in true perspective. Upon this we need not here enlarge, but when it is seen that thePsychology2, 685:force and can then and thus serve humanity's need. As transmitters they meet that need; asPsychology2, 685:humanity's need. As transmitters they meet that need; as interpreters they increase the capacity ofPsychology2, 686:and as to its particular nature there is no need for me to explain as I should not be understood.Psychology2, 687:in the remembrance of humanity and its need. During that period, two thoughts only will hold ourPsychology2, 687:only will hold our constant attention, - the need of our fellow men and the necessity of providingPsychology2, 715:but are selflessly occupied in meeting world need as best they may, with playing parts in thePsychology2, 718:in these pages, and it is this immediate need, and this momentous crisis with which the HierarchyPsychology2, 722:of the re-establishment of balance. Students need to remember that a Master inevitably takesPsychology2, 724:the path of discipleship, who register the world need and earnestly seek to cooperate. This is,Psychology2, 729:where there is a willingness to recognize the need for change in technique and terminology, thenPsychology2, 733:Today - The Great Approaches d. Urgency of the Need and How to Meet It Again let us recognize it -Psychology2, 733:carried forward, wisely adjusted to environing need, widely blended with all the similar effortsPsychology2, 735:to the helping of the world in its hour of need, the work will not be done and the plans of the
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