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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - NEEDED

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Astrology, 63:astrology, though the Hierarchy possesses the needed information and it will be made available whenAstrology, 83:from life to life. In those signs he learns the needed lessons, broadens his horizon, integratesAstrology, 86:work and how much readjustment of ideas will be needed as the new astrology is worked out intoAstrology, 96:planetary [96] ruler, Mars, the God of War, a needed purification takes place. The sameAstrology, 97:these three which brings about the [97] "three needed and determined deaths" in the life of theAstrology, 100:takes place in Capricorn, at the close of the needed gestation period. Uranus embodies the energyAstrology, 123:of the many lesser [123] changes. Change is ever needed but the method changes itself from theAstrology, 133:then have right under your eye the information needed on any specific point and can studyAstrology, 148:and proffered us a choice to bring about the needed changes and to destroy that which holds backAstrology, 176:asks the following questions and supplies the needed answers: "Where is the animal, O Lanoo? andAstrology, 178:disciple or initiate in order to achieve the needed liberation towards which the entireAstrology, 181:the experience of the mountain top. All are needed - the depths, the plains and the mountain top.Astrology, 221:planets can pour through him and evoke the needed reactions, produce the conditions wherein test isAstrology, 232:in Libra and the present world situation and needed adjustment is the forerunner; this time theAstrology, 235:of the medical profession in order to give the needed wise, physical instruction and the aid alsoAstrology, 237:oft unrealized, of all legal procedure) are the needed approach to the young. The influence ofAstrology, 254:is the Virgin Mother, providing that which is needed for the mental, emotional and physicalAstrology, 254:These three expressions are brought to the needed perfection in Leo, the sign of the individual,Astrology, 266:their effect and which produce changes which are needed in the progress of the soul towards divineAstrology, 267:undiscovered owing to the non-existence of the needed instruments of response. They will,Astrology, 290:idea and, at the same time, seeking to give the needed key to modern exoteric psychology and alsoAstrology, 310:from its lair," and this injunction is badly needed by Leo aspirants. It will, when followed, leadAstrology, 325:An intelligent understanding of the Plan is needed before the real truth anent reincarnation canAstrology, 342:conditions and situations which will lead to the needed struggle. This makes Cancer a place ofAstrology, 345:- This is the force which produces the changes needed for the evolution of the Christ consciousnessAstrology, 350:custodians of those energies which produce the needed periods of reorientation, preparatory toAstrology, 369:a certain fairly advanced stage the opposition needed to bring about a basic revolution. Note thisAstrology, 390:developing an aspect of your mind which is much needed in the processes of realization, and whichAstrology, 391:during initiation. Such an effort [391] is needed if true understanding is to occur; initiation isAstrology, 397:forward-moving force; such men are greatly needed in these serious days of readjustment and strain.Astrology, 399:of interplay brings about two phases of the needed fashioning: A process wherein is created a formAstrology, 434:and [434] emanating sources of energy that the needed sensitivity is produced. Sensitivity,Astrology, 438:identification) will produce the sixfold energy needed to bring in the new sixth race and the newAstrology, 444:then within the form fails to experience the needed, forceful awakening; inevitably then there liesAstrology, 445:will as it stands behind all world events is needed now as never before. This can come through aAstrology, 446:the consciousness of humanity is such that the needed changes can be brought about without such aAstrology, 447:of Sirius, Leo and Uranus has been much needed at this time to foster and bring about thoseAstrology, 447:on the Earth, there is then present the energy needed to precipitate the crisis of initiation andAstrology, 469:energies have produced adequate effect and the needed planetary changes have been produced, theAstrology, 477:that love expresses itself, brings about the needed changes for that expression, and humanAstrology, 516:its intuitives; they have ever taken the first needed steps in the unfoldment of the humanAstrology, 546:Germany was not corrupt as it was in Russia and needed not such a drastic purification. These areAstrology, 547:emerging new concepts of truth - will create the needed new forms of appropriate expression. SuchAstrology, 561:upon the cells of the brain and leads to a needed stimulation. In the study of the Crosses, theAstrology, 563:it is almost impossible to find the needed words which will convey clearly the intended meaning.Astrology, 582:in its true expression, the Will today is needed as a propelling, expulsive force, and also as aAstrology, 617:applied process which brings about the needed mutations and changes through the action of theAstrology, 618:transforming will, he can then bring about the needed changes in the form nature withoutAstrology, 618:would visualize and expect to see developed the needed transformation carried forward in theirAstrology, 689:(C. F. 388) 1. "Two connecting principles are needed. This requires a living spiritual Fire of theAtom, 44:cells form the physical body of the man. What is needed in these days of religious upheaval is thatAutobiography, 5:have done our tiny part in bringing about much needed changes. The world trend towards federation,Autobiography, 15:a brilliant name in the field of this most needed work. I am very proud of her. I have neverAutobiography, 24:change and I am sure the discipline was badly needed. The various governess we had applied it. TheAutobiography, 31:me later when I was older) that I personally needed her care and understanding. I have beenAutobiography, 40:Lord. I grasped - faintly - that human beings needed the Christ and the Buddha and all the MembersAutobiography, 46:Church Missionary Society, as in those days I needed no money. But the time had now come when IAutobiography, 57:and as their audience draws out of them the needed thoughts, I do not take down wellAutobiography, 59:us success and often said the word that was needed; but I do know that often she looked on with theAutobiography, 67:to him as he had only a short time to live and needed some spiritual help. He had asked for me. MyAutobiography, 68:single person in the whole continent of Asia; I needed more protection than I realized at the time;Autobiography, 79:tried to persuade me not to go, but I felt I was needed. When I arrived at Meerut, I found that oneAutobiography, 116:all I could handle in my own home situation but needed to learn that I was not alone in trouble,Autobiography, 127:my own husband whom I had idealized. No one needed me, except three babies, and I used to be neededAutobiography, 127:needed me, except three babies, and I used to be needed by hundreds and thousands. Only a smallAutobiography, 128:I got it, as it was the rush season and they needed hands. I made an arrangement with a neighbor toAutobiography, 135:told me (and he knew me very well) that I never needed more than four hours sleep a night and heAutobiography, 153:and when the lesson is learnt they are no longer needed. The argument for vegetarianism, based onAutobiography, 162:far above the average and which convey teaching needed by coming generations. I say this in allAutobiography, 179:mode of the head and of the mind and is greatly needed by the unthinking people of the world.Autobiography, 179:I went out on to the porch I found there the needed cash and, within a day or two Foster Bailey gotAutobiography, 194:your hands for training, and give them what is needed. None of this would have been possible for meAutobiography, 196:statement for to my mind both groups are equally needed; both can serve a spiritual purpose andAutobiography, 205:the girls had all the swimming and clamming they needed. I'm really a great hand at clam chowder.Autobiography, 226:behind in England where we rented houses when needed and where one house, Ospringe Place in Kent,Autobiography, 251:enough people spiritually interested to take the needed steps to stem the tide of hate, evil andAutobiography, 265:and aid us to work as esotericists, taking the needed training and learning to tread the WayAutobiography, 266:is not possible. The physical disciplines are needed and useful, and must find their place in allAutobiography, 301:degree in impregnating her School with the needed qualities and, therefore, in meeting thisBethlehem, 6:that spiritual revelation which seems so sorely needed. Unless this continuity is emphasized andBethlehem, 10:thousands stand thus prepared, and (given the needed instruction) could be initiated into theBethlehem, 18:The realization of this duality is a most needed stage in man's unfoldment, and the purpose ofBethlehem, 21:true aspirant could find what he sought, and the needed instruction as to the way he should go. TheBethlehem, 26:processes, is that they have not laid the needed emphasis upon that mental illumination whichBethlehem, 28:the civilizations come and go, each bringing its needed lesson and its high point of attainment,Bethlehem, 41:that a measure of clear thinking is badly needed, and attention should be called to certain factorsBethlehem, 45:of the Savior, serving the race, sounding the needed note, and helping others to reach the point heBethlehem, 52:have been sounded forth and have brought about needed changes, and have signified a potency of trueBethlehem, 55:lesson which He came to teach producing the needed changes in the capacity of men to apprehend.Bethlehem, 71:Series, pp. 71, 72. The realization of this is needed today. Christ in God. God in Christ. ChristBethlehem, 72:larger number, who were interested and watching, needed a more concrete and more easily interpretedBethlehem, 77:monotony, with its unvarying usualness, with its needed subordination to the group will and need,Bethlehem, 81:issue, and prefers inertia and stability to the needed activity and to consequent relative andBethlehem, 82:can appear, thus enabling us to do that which is needed? Perhaps from the following statements:Bethlehem, 101:hidden in man, which prompts a man towards the needed purity; Jesus, in this case symbolizing theBethlehem, 105:of the three temptations He demonstrated the needed purity. The babe in Christ, the little child,Bethlehem, 108:in order to teach us, as human beings, a needed lesson; let us therefore study the story from theBethlehem, 120:life will pour through us and produce what is needed. This may not necessarily bring about completeBethlehem, 122:from the angle of bread and butter may be much needed. It is. But it should be accompanied withBethlehem, 151:scenes in world affairs, shedding the light when needed into the dark places of the world,
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