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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - NEEDED

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Bethlehem, 151:that which must be eradicated and that which is needed. We have also learnt to recognize theBethlehem, 157:he can; but more than devotion and service are needed. He must be able to face the illumination,Bethlehem, 167:new truth and that special revelation which Were needed at the time to unite the ancient wisdom andBethlehem, 187:of a deeply sensed vital truth will no longer be needed. The world has outlived the thought of aBethlehem, 189:two great concepts which the spirit of the race needed on its great evolutionary journey away fromBethlehem, 212:just as men fail us. In the moment when He most needed understanding, and all the strength whichBethlehem, 263:and selfish interests. But this has been a needed stage, even though it may well be that it hasBethlehem, 265:simultaneously recognize. It is vision that is needed, for "where there is no vision the peopleBethlehem, 265:How can they become the leaders so sorely needed? By learning to be led themselves by Christ, andBethlehem, 274:stage of the separative consciousness has been a needed and useful one; but the time has arrivedBethlehem, 280:to provide, in its own ongoing movement, the needed principles of belief and action. Faith in itsBethlehem, 282:is a time of crisis when all human beings are needed, and the call goes forth for each [283] toBethlehem, 284:seen clearly, and when we are ready to make the needed sacrifices and renunciations, there will beDestiny, 7:to that ordered, rhythmic imposition of the needed idealism which will be applied eventually byDestiny, 18:that which is flowing out of Shamballa and is needed in order to make the desired application ofDestiny, 21:the Hierarchy can work and so bring about the needed world changes, which are primarily changes inDestiny, 26:whereby these forces and energies - so sorely needed - can be invoked. Destiny, 29:Their name is legion. They provide, however, a needed balance and are responsible for a steadyingDestiny, 29:for a steadying process which is much needed in the world at this time. The seventh ray is steadilyDestiny, 40:of theologians as simply expressions of perhaps needed mental gymnastics and as incentives toDestiny, 46:race and preparing humanity for a great and much needed change. The work of the Ray of CeremonialDestiny, 53:and illusion; this harmonizing light is sorely needed in India itself and when it has beenDestiny, 73:Jupiter, the exoteric ruler of Pisces. What is needed in the national life of France is the moreDestiny, 75:aiding the work of Mercury and producing that needed internal conflict which will release FranceDestiny, 89:the detriment of the long range vision which is needed at such times as these. Like Russia, thisDestiny, 95:of that great principle of sharing, so sorely needed today. I am not here speaking idealisticallyDestiny, 113:aspirations for which they are ready, when needed, to make sacrifices. This is a relatively newDestiny, 123:unfoldment of the soul in form and its gaining needed experience thereby. It is not concerned withDestiny, 123:the form under its control, thereby effecting needed and developing changes in the apparatus ofDestiny, 132:America. This will inevitably bring about the needed and desired synthesis of the mystical way andDestiny, 143:own normal cycle, because it is deemed that the needed special impulse has been adequate and thatDiscipleship1, X:pupils and who, whilst giving them the training needed to enable them to take initiation (as it isDiscipleship1, 10:You will thus release for each other all that is needed to bring about potent and vital changes inDiscipleship1, 22:Flexibility within certain limits is always needed but that flexibility must not be set in motionDiscipleship1, 26:general glamors for you, leaving you to make any needed application and expansion of the idea fromDiscipleship1, 54:how brilliant he might be. But if you have the needed patience, the willingness to workDiscipleship1, 57:attend as he seeks to establish and preserve the needed synthesis and personality-soul integration.Discipleship1, 58:in the inducing of all the qualities which are needed by you as candidates for initiation, at noDiscipleship1, 59:the word "divine," for it holds the clue to the needed attitude. It is a different thing to theDiscipleship1, 72:the disciples of the world desire it, make the needed sacrifices and think the various objectivesDiscipleship1, 73:comment warrants your attention. Later, when the needed adjustments are made and groups ofDiscipleship1, 73:my brothers, it is world service that today is needed. [74] Discipleship1, 75:[75] the group members which will result in the needed interplay and telepathic communication; thisDiscipleship1, 80:present objective. I seek to bring about a much needed group integration. The polarization of thisDiscipleship1, 80:plane - is not yet accomplished. It is most needed and until this integration has been achieved,Discipleship1, 81:of initiation: the adapting of oneself to the needed integration and, secondly, to the developmentDiscipleship1, 82:of the unhappy plight of humanity are much needed by many disciples and aspirants in the worldDiscipleship1, 82:with the part or with the whole - as seems needed at any particular time. Such an attitude involvesDiscipleship1, 83:tend to block the work. One of the things most needed by every disciple is to apply the teachingDiscipleship1, 91:their disciples and they stand ready to give the needed instruction. I would remind you at thisDiscipleship1, 94:of all applies to the Master for the training needed prior to initiation, what would you say wasDiscipleship1, 111:their place and rightful use - as divine and as needed and as expressive of divinity as any of theDiscipleship1, 116:I speak and this sentence conveys to you a needed hint. Let love pour through you and all is well.Discipleship1, 122:spiritual and subjective facts - is part of the needed training of all disciples; the recognitionDiscipleship1, 128:you have signified your willingness to make the needed effort after debating the matter for moreDiscipleship1, 129:life for adjustments to be made and for needed unfoldments to be brought about. Two or three monthsDiscipleship1, 130:do should tend to bring about certain of these needed adjustments. I am going to ask you to add toDiscipleship1, 134:first ray tendencies in order to bring about a needed balancing. I would add that Your soul energyDiscipleship1, 134:your physical body into almost any kind of needed creative activity. One of the things which allDiscipleship1, 135:every disciple in the world today is earnestly needed. Humanity is demanding help and the HierarchyDiscipleship1, 143:attitude of a disciple whose work and time is needed by the world in this hour of urgency. AllDiscipleship1, 144:for disinterested service. Right judgment is a needed quality for you when considering people. ForDiscipleship1, 146:You are predominantly the teacher and have needed to learn (and still need to do) three things:Discipleship1, 153:this, you will be enabled wisely to make certain needed changes and adjustments which have beenDiscipleship1, 153:action, carried forward and persisted in for the needed period of time is, for you - as yet - onlyDiscipleship1, 161:employed to arouse interest and to evoke the needed support are for Western disciples and workersDiscipleship1, 164:the New Group of World Servers will appear, the needed doors will open and the correct way ofDiscipleship1, 166:upon the earth. To find and organize the needed funds for this task. The last is in many ways theDiscipleship1, 169:success awaits you in the gathering of the needed equipment to do the Master's work and aid theDiscipleship1, 170:not make its impact upon personalities. It is needed to force issues and determine results (noteDiscipleship1, 175:attention to the impact of the soul is much needed by you all, and by you especially. You haveDiscipleship1, 180:- particularly towards the soul. What is needed in your case is more of the positive vibration ofDiscipleship1, 181:between the mind and the brain. The higher needed alignment has been much bettered and you need notDiscipleship1, 183:the group thinking and in this way produce the needed subjective changes. I have told you that youDiscipleship1, 193:lines for that will aid in bringing about the needed integration and coordination. In theDiscipleship1, 209:personality, and [209] this is for you the most needed concept. It serves to give importance to theDiscipleship1, 224:good? And, I ask myself, how much revelation is needed by you, for, are you not aware of twoDiscipleship1, 224:your steps. But delay might eventuate until the needed lesson has been mastered. One of the glamorsDiscipleship1, 226:of this type of sensitivity is, for you, a needed unfoldment, and will come eventually, if you willDiscipleship1, 227:of work is clear to you, and there you are both needed and useful, which is all that you desire.Discipleship1, 228:outer life seems molded to a pattern. It is a needed pattern, because it makes your serviceDiscipleship1, 233:personality life expression can arrive at the needed balance and recognitions. Discipleship1, 243:The meditation given will produce a needed reorganization of your inner bodies and this will giveDiscipleship1, 247:and they still hold for you indication of a needed task. Liberation for you lies in submergence inDiscipleship1, 247:much the imposition of the will aspect which is needed but the understanding of the Plan and yourDiscipleship1, 247:assigned you for they are producing in you much needed changes. Adhere closely to my instructionsDiscipleship1, 249:if it is possible that they can swing into the needed rhythm and so learn to work together as aDiscipleship1, 250:matter by whom it is given. The indications of a needed change in attitude, proffered to you inDiscipleship1, 260:minutes upon your capacity to demonstrate this needed spiritual detachment. I would ask you also toDiscipleship1, 263:coordination between the inner and the outer is needed and this at no cost to your achieved poiseDiscipleship1, 270:coming months, remembering that they embody your needed lesson and your [271] ultimate achievement;Discipleship1, 271:with those who are endeavoring to procure the needed funds for the work to be done during the nextDiscipleship1, 272:other way. Let us hope that this will not be needed but that it will be possible to change theDiscipleship1, 276:task and your co-disciples as they are. You have needed this more definite discovery of yourself inDiscipleship1, 277:livingness and understanding; this you have needed much and this you now can have. This also youDiscipleship1, 278:of yours is sound. It has met a most needed demand of your own soul. It has been necessary for yourDiscipleship1, 281:relations, in all relations, my brother, is a needed growth, and discipline or ordered habit is ofDiscipleship1, 282:I who watch and guide can see the germ of the needed organizing faculty demonstrating in everDiscipleship1, 285:that which you sense, and this is for you a much needed and immediate development. This experimentDiscipleship1, 286:man [286] is flowing in two directions. What is needed is the realization that - given right motive
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