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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - NEEDED

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Discipleship1, 287:and the formless. For you, however, this was a needed step in the integrating process; the sense ofDiscipleship1, 292:you, if followed for the next six months, the needed impetus... In the coming years, my brother,Discipleship1, 292:probationary, accepted and initiated. You are needed in the pressure of the coming work, and youDiscipleship1, 293:in good condition. When I [293] say you are needed, I mean that old relationship and old jointDiscipleship1, 297:light of the disciples of the world is sorely needed at this time by the Hierarchy. Yes, needed, myDiscipleship1, 297:needed at this time by the Hierarchy. Yes, needed, my brother. [298] During the next few weeks, IDiscipleship1, 300:or different work? That earlier given is still needed. Think less and love more. This is theDiscipleship1, 301:surmounted and from them they are learning the needed lesson. The subjective potency of what youDiscipleship1, 317:with the group. You can aid them in gaining the needed group poise for the work to be done. The OldDiscipleship1, 318:they own the eye of right direction of the [318] needed force. They see the glamor of the world,Discipleship1, 322:which I last gave to you still carry for you the needed teaching - a teaching which, if followed,Discipleship1, 328:your [328] capacity to materialize that which is needed has seemed to you inadequate and oftDiscipleship1, 328:inability to the fact that probably you have needed to learn patience. But that is not a lessonDiscipleship1, 328:flame that I beseech you to do that which is needed. Let your meditation take the form more andDiscipleship1, 328:you at this time. After the Wesak Festival, the needed changes in work may be made if you andDiscipleship1, 329:the rest), it will suffice to give you the needed mental stimulation. The manifestation ofDiscipleship1, 341:you to face yourself as you are and to make the needed changes. When the personality can beDiscipleship1, 345:often end by disturbing its rhythm. All that is needed is love, understanding, and again love,Discipleship1, 351:steadiness whereby you have evoked the greatly needed group integration. You have served the groupDiscipleship1, 353:that his reactions to the situation and to the needed help, will be automatic, intuitive and,Discipleship1, 354:and the demonstration of a fusion which is much needed. For you, the word which would bring lightDiscipleship1, 356:steadily increasing, brother of old, and you are needed in that work and needed more dynamicallyDiscipleship1, 356:of old, and you are needed in that work and needed more dynamically than heretofore. Grasp thatDiscipleship1, 356:to writing for all to read. You will receive the needed instructions directly. Follow them withDiscipleship1, 363:help in the work... You can give that which is needed, if you lose sight of yourself and can teachDiscipleship1, 364:care enough for the results possible to make the needed adjustments and impose the requiredDiscipleship1, 365:has purpose, power and will. These three are needed on the Way of Liberation. 2nd month - My soulDiscipleship1, 366:touch and a freedom from glamor which is sorely needed by the immediate associates D. A. 0. in myDiscipleship1, 366:are concerned. I can trust you to give what is needed. Secondly, you have a clarity of vision whichDiscipleship1, 369:discipline produce the instrument [369] which is needed for the work to be done. Groups ofDiscipleship1, 369:Master Workman waited." "The one who sought the needed knowledge, who guided those who laid theDiscipleship1, 376:the door of service stands wide open and you are needed where you stand. Strength to stand;Discipleship1, 377:you are: Will you serve as and how service is needed? Or will you serve as you believe you can andDiscipleship1, 378:himself and thereby brings about the final and needed destruction of the form nature. This is aDiscipleship1, 380:them forward in their work, offering them their needed opportunity and training, but in completeDiscipleship1, 381:of definitely forcing yourself to serve where needed (and not so much from the angle of where youDiscipleship1, 381:key words - will, detachment, and strength. You needed to have these objectives held before you,Discipleship1, 383:have a greater clarity of insight (a thing you needed) and a freer and more rapid detachment. MuchDiscipleship1, 383:force. Ponder on this. As an exercise of needed discipline, I would suggest that three times a dayDiscipleship1, 384:which is of moment. Skill in action is always needed, my brother, and for you in this life it mustDiscipleship1, 387:that there may be the accomplishment of the needed duties of a full life. This high water mark hasDiscipleship1, 388:body and mind rest back upon the past. There is needed the incentive of a focused will that playsDiscipleship1, 393:following lines. 1st month - Why, is strength needed to: a. Tread the Path of Revelation. [394] b.Discipleship1, 397:love and steady each other as you go through the needed fusing and testing. This has to beDiscipleship1, 397:be as follows: 1st month - Why is happiness needed in order to: a. Tread the Path of Revelation. b.Discipleship1, 403:and your cooperation is welcome and needed. Adjustments are going on with rapidity in your life andDiscipleship1, 407:to you; and you have not, therefore, given the needed time and the heart of love to the deep needDiscipleship1, 408:for you. Not yet have you established the needed routine and rhythm. It is never my intention to beDiscipleship1, 418:realization of relationship. You are getting the needed results from your meditation, so there isDiscipleship1, 419:is to give you the kind of meditation which is needed. it [420] should be one that will break downDiscipleship1, 425:upon the Path. A clear vision of yourself is needed, and at each turn upon the Way you have to faceDiscipleship1, 433:life. Be of good cheer, brother of mine. You are needed by us. NOTE: This disciple has neverDiscipleship1, 435:a cistern that gathers and stores that which is needed by man, the water of life that nourishes, I,Discipleship1, 435:life that nourishes, I, too, store that which is needed by others. I store not for myself. Power isDiscipleship1, 435:by others. I store not for myself. Power is needed for their work; therefore I gather and store,Discipleship1, 441:thought - wisdom must come and wisdom is sorely needed in the world today. Your field of service isDiscipleship1, 442:field of activity has provided for you a needed forcing ground. The group activity with which youDiscipleship1, 442:psychic equipment has given you the stimulation needed to evoke certain reactions and responsesDiscipleship1, 464:time, could you but grasp it, and likewise the needed physical strength to be an active focal pointDiscipleship1, 473:aspirants, and in your case such a word is not needed. You have undertaken a task and will not restDiscipleship1, 473:were told that, for a few months, certain work needed doing and, at the close, fresh work mightDiscipleship1, 483:about automatically and without pressure the needed changes in the physical plane of life. To theseDiscipleship1, 494:what I have indicated and lead you to take the needed steps. Having reasoned the matter out, thenDiscipleship1, 497:can, with promptness and exactitude, make the needed adjustments and orientation when situationsDiscipleship1, 519:useful; it brings the strength to you that is needed and serves to clear both your vision and yourDiscipleship1, 535:your life. You must and should fulfil all your needed and right obligations to those with whom yourDiscipleship1, 537:The seed thoughts suggested below will give you needed hints upon the mode of climbing. 1st month -Discipleship1, 544:for you to find the way to serve and to gain the needed sense of proportion, the necessaryDiscipleship1, 552:The best way in which you can develop the needed understanding and technique is through meditation.Discipleship1, 552:that healing can take place where and when needed. In the one case, you train yourself to be aDiscipleship1, 559:the Tibetan told the disciple that he needed to learn "in tenderness to walk with others." This heDiscipleship1, 563:and this in turn militates against the needed inclusiveness which will eventually make this groupDiscipleship1, 573:speed in your life. Relaxation is for you a needed attribute, but it has to be achieved through anDiscipleship1, 574:aspirants in all esoteric schools. Their help is needed by us. I give you no exercises to followDiscipleship1, 580:ray vibration, so as to enable you to make the needed change with greater rapidity and ease. It isDiscipleship1, 581:and unrealized. If your soul is to make the needed shift in this life, it is essential that youDiscipleship1, 581:your soul will be forced to postpone the needed shift until the next life. It is interesting, is itDiscipleship1, 585:on every side today and second ray aspirants are needed to direct this work and to strengthen theDiscipleship1, 596:be strong enough and vital enough to produce the needed fusion of soul and personality. We whoDiscipleship1, 598:his back to the window - a window that so sadly needed cleaning that the light in the room was dimDiscipleship1, 603:the causes of all that you do are essential and needed. At sunrise, at noon, at sunset and at nightDiscipleship1, 609:vibration. You can serve and your service is needed. All servers are needed at this time. You haveDiscipleship1, 609:and your service is needed. All servers are needed at this time. You have been through a drasticDiscipleship1, 616:of the times is such that all workers are needed and the group work must go forward. As you leaveDiscipleship1, 617:your major duty is to train yourself in the needed sensitivity of response to my voice and to theDiscipleship1, 627:which I gave you, for it still embodies much needed work. This new instruction is in the nature ofDiscipleship1, 627:of that which I said and started to make the needed readjustments. That work must be continued forDiscipleship1, 631:your balanced judgment and clear vision may be needed in time to come. Give full measure of adviceDiscipleship1, 634:reveal to you that you were a first ray type and needed, therefore, to learn attachment of theDiscipleship1, 638:if rightly used, have in them the seeds of the needed strength and wisdom which your [639] life inDiscipleship1, 643:knowledge. A measure of that is wise and needed. You are, however, apt [644] to forget that muchDiscipleship1, 655:the Hierarchy will be greatly expanded. You are needed. You are needed where you are. Will you makeDiscipleship1, 655:be greatly expanded. You are needed. You are needed where you are. Will you make the necessaryDiscipleship1, 658:serve to throw light upon your problem. You are needed in the work and have much to give. You haveDiscipleship1, 660:consecration. A physical readjustment is also needed but it may not be as serious as you anticipateDiscipleship1, 662:of self-interest and so fail to [662] make the needed impact upon those who need your help. TheyDiscipleship1, 668:for you a hard way to go. Yet it is one of the needed characteristics of discipleship, leading - asDiscipleship1, 681:An attitude of spiritual compromise is right, needed and very rare to find. Most of the thingsDiscipleship1, 682:is confident that his interpretation of what is needed is infallibly correct and that others mustDiscipleship1, 683:with the lower nature and the building in of the needed qualities which are essential to the world
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