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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - NEEDED

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Problems, 38:We require so much more than our forefathers needed; we prefer a soft and relatively easy life; theProblems, 40:buildings, thus demanding money which is sorely needed to restore broken bodies, to healProblems, 40:renaissance is inevitable and is nowhere more needed than in those countries which have escaped theProblems, 41:by the psychologists and neurologists along this needed line of salvage; yet their specialized workProblems, 41:of salvage; yet their specialized work is sorely needed and is as urgent a demand as that for foodProblems, 49:an imposed rhythm of living. Discipline will be needed but it must be the discipline of love andProblems, 53:all three are necessary to bring humanity to a needed point of development. It is, first of all, aProblems, 57:and the will-to-beauty. Thus a much needed alteration of humanity's aims from our presentProblems, 58:increasingly be recognized and thus great and needed changes will be brought about in humanProblems, 60:The Problem of the Children of the World What is needed is a realization of the immediateProblems, 81:years that it is possible to bring about the needed changes, provided that the correct steps areProblems, 88:already destroyed. But who will engineer the needed change and where is the leadership which willProblems, 88:wrongdoing, humanity can bring about the needed change and is offered a new opportunity for rightProblems, 101:emergence of a new world religion more greatly needed than in the case of the Jew in the modernProblems, 105:all he has suffered. Changed inner attitudes are needed on both sides, but very largely on the sideProblems, 114:and fear and hardly aware of what is really needed - able only to cry in unison: Give us peace inProblems, 117:community a practical expression of what is needed on a worldwide scale is offered to the [118]Problems, 129:objective in its presentation of truth; this was needed. It has been militant, fanatical, grosslyProblems, 131:revolution, it was abolished. This was a wise, needed and right action. The emphasis of this churchProblems, 137:teach that the destruction of the old forms was needed and that their disappearance is theProblems, 173:will serve to impulse mankind to take the needed action. But there is another side of the pictureProblems, 176:let this group of world leaders know what is needed. The general public in every nation must beProblems, 177:of race or creed. Time must be given for the needed adjustments and humanity must learn to bePsychology1, xxii:foundation for that new psychology which is much needed, and so dealing primarily with the humanPsychology1, xxv:of a transition period which lacks even the needed terminology, to aid that demonstration. Let mePsychology1, xxv:fresh hold and with joy and interest making that needed progress which will fit you for more activePsychology1, 29:the foundation for future unity. This is a most needed stage and has served humanity well; thePsychology1, 44:quality, an aspect of love, and all of them were needed for the ultimate perfecting of the latentPsychology1, 72:depths of matter. Champion desire. Give what is needed to the seeker. Quality - the dual aspects ofPsychology1, 82:on the subjective planes of life to work out the needed order. When this is realized, we shall havePsychology1, 108:field of science and of social welfare with the needed knowledge which will enable them to make thePsychology1, 174:(the first [174] ray) were necessary to make the needed impact upon the public consciousness. TherePsychology1, 185:to an understanding of those ideas which are needed to carry the nations the next step forward toPsychology1, 186:Great Ones I seek to occupy myself. Everyone is needed and must go forward with hope and certainty.Psychology1, 189:in by the specious argument that destruction is needed. It has been needed, no doubt; but the cyclePsychology1, 189:argument that destruction is needed. It has been needed, no doubt; but the cycle of destruction isPsychology1, 190:he will then be enabled to cooperate with the needed intelligence. Read therefore constructivelyPsychology1, 200:develops himself and unfolds within himself the needed apparatus of response, training himself toPsychology1, 219:body which attracts to itself the minerals needed for this skeleton form. The animal kingdom, inPsychology1, 220:are prepared those forms of nutriment which are needed for the building of ever more refinedPsychology1, 228:and those chemicals and minerals which are needed by the forms in the other material kingdoms. ThePsychology1, 228:ray, plus the dynamic will of the power ray, are needed in conjunction for the full working out ofPsychology1, 229:condensation. Again language fails to find the needed terms. They are as yet non-existent. IPsychology1, 253:- the instinctual discovery of that which is needed, from the activity of ranging forth for foodPsychology1, See pa:galvanizes the individualizing unit into the needed activity. Later, when the ray effects,Psychology1, 262:type of energy [262] in order to bring about the needed changes, and hence also one of the greatPsychology1, 271:without prejudice, and the money to purchase the needed literature. I cannot and I will not touchPsychology1, 272:for the experience of this incarnation, and who needed longer interludes between births wherein toPsychology1, 287:exist in which souls can be provided with the needed forms in which to incarnate. Sons of God canPsychology1, 287:women to furnish, through the creative act, the needed bodies for disciples and initiates. UnderPsychology1, 293:women and of women towards their destiny. This needed change will not be the result of legalPsychology1, 295:today. What is best for the group, and what is needed to promote the efficiency of a unit in thePsychology1, 298:to such an education of public opinion that the needed activities will follow. But the first stepPsychology1, 315:son of God. Only [315] a little effort is needed, and the demonstration of a steady staying power,Psychology1, 325:the personality at all, except in so far as is needed to force it to adhere to group or soulPsychology1, 330:he finds that multiplicity of contacts which is needed to awaken his response to his environment.Psychology1, 336:of opposites. This interplay provides every needed grade or type of unfoldment for consciousness.Psychology1, 342:intelligently applied to world problems, is much needed today and is not yet to be found, exceptPsychology1, 351:the initiate which will enable him to take the needed steps towards the Initiator. Psychology1, 354:A Treatise on White Magic gives the needed data for those who tread, at this time, the path ofPsychology1, 354:Hierarchy. With the aid of the seventh ray the needed work went forward. At the time of thePsychology1, 355:the physical body. This gave to the initiate the needed physical control - a control which hasPsychology1, 362:necessary narrowness, - a narrowness that is needed to safeguard infant souls. The seventh ray willPsychology1, 367:right lines will then rapidly bring about the needed international understanding. The questionPsychology1, 374:within forms, so constructing that which is needed to express the life principle. Men today arePsychology1, 385:and illusion; this harmonizing light is sorely needed in India itself, and when it has beenPsychology1, 396:gifts as offerings to the Lord of life, who needed not their gifts. They sought to enter throughPsychology1, 428:- the instinctual discovery of that which is needed, from the activity of ranging forth for food,Psychology2, 13:and control. They have done a great deal of the needed work of inner contact, but have not yetPsychology2, 27:the forms into certain phases of unfoldment needed by the progressively inclusive consciousness.Psychology2, 54:fields of magnetic activity wherein certain needed rates of vibration may be established. From thePsychology2, 58:at will, gathering together again the material needed, and steadily making more adequate models asPsychology2, 61:motivating principle and makes activity and the needed movement possible. But there is more toPsychology2, 75:and dispassion are enforced, are doing their needed work. Here and there throughout the world, inPsychology2, 80:not that the work of stimulating that which is needed is one of the major tasks of a Master, andPsychology2, 80:to destroy that which limits him is greatly needed. Souls of this ray, as they come intoPsychology2, 81:appearance required, enduing it with the quality needed in a dynamic and forceful way, and just asPsychology2, 82:here and there, but that chosen already has the needed quality (note this difference) and nothingPsychology2, 82:from this all first ray egos choose the material needed in the three worlds. Another type ofPsychology2, 82:and all third ray egos take from it their needed quota of substance from which to build the formsPsychology2, 93:through [93] the subhuman kingdoms in nature, needed the activity of the solar angels to makePsychology2, 95:of the earth are an instance in point. They are needed by other forms of life and are donated toPsychology2, 113:this law which does produce polar union. What is needed to be grasped is that in this work, therePsychology2, 114:thus keeping the channel open through which the needed wisdom, strength and love can flow. TherePsychology2, 114:planetary alignment of great potency. Should the needed work be accomplished, the neededPsychology2, 114:Should the needed work be accomplished, the needed adjustments in the world can be made. ThePsychology2, 115:the Law, it should be possible to establish the needed union between the liberated souls (who arePsychology2, 119:"water of life", the "living water" which men needed. Hence the esoteric name of this law is thatPsychology2, 141:not so intelligent. He grasps the idea that is needed by the race, but he will seek to impose itPsychology2, 141:time in an endeavor to impose certain basic and needed ideas upon the races of men, and much ofPsychology2, 156:soul's need to incarnate and to function, for a needed period, under the Law of Rebirth. As thePsychology2, 157:A vague realization that two things are needed; purification and the power to choose aright, whichPsychology2, 168:to work. I seek to paint and blend the pigments needed. I must create the music which will draw toPsychology2, 187:within certain self-imposed limits is always needed, yet that flexibility must not be set in motionPsychology2, 192:of the universe can carry forward the work needed; and (herein lies the clue) those building forcesPsychology2, 218:and also of stability. It leads to a much-needed readjustment of values, indicating as it does,Psychology2, 251:the seeds of flowers, and from these seeds the needed differentiated forms appear, producing stillPsychology2, 260:having. It will be apparent therefore, that the needed changes in our civilization can be broughtPsychology2, 261:truly come but whose conditioning influence was needed if certain difficulties (present since 1525)Psychology2, 270:enterprise is again being re-enacted as a needed recapitulatory endeavor. All this today lies
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