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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - NEEDED

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Rays, 226:rhythm; these reciprocal activities produce a needed group tension. The stage of emitting the groupRays, 228:manner in order to bring about the restoration needed. This energy is the "implementing force ofRays, 229:the personality of man; you have all the needed illumination and light upon all the comingRays, 230:Group of World Servers that the training of the needed disciples for the Ashrams of the MastersRays, 237:action, but simply inspires and transmits the needed energy, leaving mankind to find its own wayRays, 243:disciple, the power to think abstractly - a much needed capacity before you can begin to tread theRays, 246:as they are in reality. Once you have taken the needed steps and complied with the requirements,Rays, 257:manner the three planetary centers arrive at the needed relationship, and another great triangleRays, 260:Him during this incarnation has wrought the needed changes through a process of transformation andRays, 262:the entire process of transmutation no longer needed. But - and this is the point to be emphasizedRays, 266:intact the purpose; which sees the multiplicity needed under the Law of Sacrifice but subordinatesRays, 268:active, through the seventh ray and draws the needed energy from two constellations: Cancer andRays, 269:and the Lord of the second ray, drawing the needed energy from the constellations Capricorn andRays, 270:which the three Buddhas of Activity draw Their needed energy and to which They are uniquely relatedRays, 287:of some responsiveness, there are not the needed words in which to express the sensed idea or toRays, 294:essentially what the Hierarchy recognizes as the needed factor, leading to the needed progress forRays, 294:recognizes as the needed factor, leading to the needed progress for the race at any specific momentRays, 303:and more and more initiated revealers will be needed during the period immediately ahead. ForgetRays, 304:forward, will inevitably [304] call forth the needed response and the needed revealers of reality.Rays, 304:[304] call forth the needed response and the needed revealers of reality. The next word which weRays, 332:giving; they and they alone can bring about the needed alterations and the revitalization, but itRays, 337:[337] the true aspirant must be given the needed information. The Mysteries are revealed, notRays, 350:stand before the door of initiation and take the needed steps to open it on two similar occasions.Rays, 352:physical disciplines which have been hitherto needed but are no longer required. The electricalRays, 382:for unfettered enlightenment" could receive the needed training. The process of creation hadRays, 394:aware of how many senior disciples will be needed to take over the headship of an Ashram, with aRays, 396:Masters then enter into realms wherein They are needed "to impart, strengthen and enlighten thatRays, 398:The Hierarchy, as we have seen, gives the needed training for that wider service, and the theme ofRays, 399:stages of that divine unfoldment and receive the needed development and education than on theRays, 411:to present the Plan in the three worlds. The needed dynamic whereby the "deciding" Master sets HisRays, 448:man, spiritual and natural, can be focused where needed. This bridging work has in part alreadyRays, 455:longer serves any useful purpose; it is no more needed. Nothing is left but the sutratma, qualifiedRays, 462:appearance will later set the stage for the needed preparatory phases which will finally lead toRays, 472:for your mind? I think not. You have not yet the needed equipment [473] through which the type ofRays, 475:creativity or a creative activity of the Will is needed to bridge between the Spiritual Triad andRays, 487:[487] sphere of influence) the energy-substance needed to carry out His purpose in manifesting.Rays, 487:or of force absorption, in order that the needed energies are confined within a mentalRays, 488:has been reached; the reservoir or pool of needed energy has been restrained within the carefullyRays, 490:tension of the mental vehicle, as it holds the needed energy-substance at the point of projection.Rays, 491:to you. In order, therefore, to bring about the needed projection of the accumulated energies,Rays, 501:and that he has mastered the first stage in the needed alignment process. When this has beenRays, 501:the construction of the bridge by gathering the needed energy from two sources - the personalityRays, 503:a consciousness and a concentration not needed when working more tangibly on the outer plane ofRays, 507:automatic agent of the vital body) is no longer needed, though it persists and serves a purposeRays, 523:the soul-body, the causal vehicle, is no longer needed, and it then disappears, dissipates, and isRays, 523:world and all relationships. Emotional appeal is needed by the masses, and their goal - some wayRays, 568:progress and unfoldment; they create the needed new forms and vitalize and qualify that throughRays, 572:mass of men. Seventh ray energy is the energy needed to bring order out of chaos and rhythm toRays, 573:with the Lord of the World to bring about the needed "reforming." Soul-infused personalities,Rays, 580:this ideological situation is clear; it is a needed and preliminary stage to the creation of theRays, 589:radiating point of crisis and a producer of the needed tension." These three groups are essentiallyRays, 594:and relate that information, and to create the needed thought-forms or concepts for thoseRays, 598:of the soul vehicle which is no longer needed. Soul fusion with the personality is now completed.Rays, 599:of knowledge, for fifth ray energy has done its needed work; the disciple is also aware that he isRays, 612:of harmony and a widespread recognition of the needed adjustments. Even the evil forces which stillRays, 617:factors are today present but have not yet the needed potency to prove immediately effective. ThisRays, 618:and implementers potency will also produce the needed conflict which precedes the clarification andRays, 620:Servers, seeking to embody the love and light needed in the world today. The hearts of the men ofRays, 627:interpretation and the feminine point of view is needed and will be provided. Great Britain, fromRays, 637:how rapidly can this tension bring about the needed point of emergence? It is not my intention toRays, 637:he needs to see in all world conflict the needed steps towards an eventual harmony - a harmonyRays, 640:and to the world problems which is immediately needed, and this all men of goodwill should regardRays, 643:[643] It can be used to ascertain whatever is needed in the realm of knowledge by the revelation ofRays, 643:of knowledge by the revelation of where the needed information can be found; this is far moreRays, 663:serving their fellowmen. Those who have had the needed training and await the hour of initiation.Rays, 666:the word. The way of science is as deeply needed by mankind as is the way of religion, for "God" isRays, 670:the agent for the creation of the vehicles needed for reincarnating souls. Thus by force ofRays, 684:the complications but producing eventually the needed control which will lead to and result inRays, 693:average man is "crucified" until he achieves the needed experience and consciously reorientsRays, 695:existence and his guide and mentor, is no longer needed; his relation, as a soul-infusedRays, 695:why hast Thou forsaken me?" But he makes the needed renunciation, and the causal body, the soulRays, 695:when the initiate has definitely made the needed renunciations; the reward is that he is thenRays, 706:they may learn something of value as well as a needed sense of proportion. They are dear to theRays, 707:the Presence. He realizes that something more is needed if He is to serve rightly and,Rays, 712:ideals to the masses, and thus precipitate the needed aspects of the Plan on to the physical plane.Rays, 713:the light those ideas and intuitions which are needed, so the Master has to learn the uses of theRays, 718:spiritual development, for this energy is the needed dynamic or potency which enables Him to treadRays, 719:qualities and attributes and certain needed lessons will be indicated to the true aspirant, andRays, 726:through the Hierarchy or in Shamballa) are needed at this initiation so as to stimulate the pointRays, 726:as a protecting factor. This protection is needed because at this initiation the initiate is shownRays, 727:He does not mean (as you oft do) that which is needed or necessary; He is referring to the inmostRays, 735:require. It is there also that he goes for the needed periodic or cyclic rechargings which enableRays, 746:the democracies; a true house cleaning is sorely needed. Rays, 750:established and correctly organized, is the needed preliminary to revelation, for this comingRays, 751:the cultivation of a spiritual attitude that is needed and the dedication, at all times, and inRays, 752:prevents integration and all that is hindering a needed synthesis. Human beings themselves mustRays, 753:and something that provides mankind with a needed opportunity and one which men are well equippedRays, 757:employed the Lord's Prayer, because it needed recording, expression in understandable terms, andRays, 762:conscious will) - they pour within that which is needed now for broader, larger living. Until theReappearance, 10:that He will reappear when they have done the needed preparatory work. Reappearance, 12:The reason He has not come again is that the needed work has not been done by His followers in allReappearance, 16:of the people of the world to what is new or needed is also uniquely different; man has progressedReappearance, 21:Rapture or Happiness. This message is uniquely needed today in a world in which most of these rightReappearance, 42:of the spiritual success at which He aimed. It needed more than theological interpretations and theReappearance, 56:wherein all His divine resources will be needed, and will have to be tried out to the uttermost.Reappearance, 62:difficult presentation of the truth is badly needed if the Christian world is to be awakened, andReappearance, 73:that its force can be directed wherever needed and whenever called for. This is necessarily aReappearance, 84:apply themselves to comprehension and to the needed subsequent activity. First, as the Point withinReappearance, 85:in a new and dynamic manner the new energies needed in order to bring about restoration andReappearance, 99:experience, teaching, trial and testing would be needed before His real work could begin. His
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