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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - NEEDLESS

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Astrology, 252:recognition of the task of Virgo; it is needless for me to do so as it has been adequately done byAstrology, 568:this whole subject of the three Crosses. It is needless for me to remind you at this point that onAutobiography, 44:great houses in England, taking my maid with me. Needless to say I cannot specify the name orBethlehem, 118:lives and produces false values, wrong desires, needless so-called necessities, our worries,Bethlehem, 144:is "to love one another." This would render needless all the Law and the Prophets, and wouldDestiny, 142:for a very long time - so long a time that it is needless for us to anticipate its waningDiscipleship1, 21:body and of the physical brain are not felt. Needless to say the fundamental relation is on soulDiscipleship1, 28:is as yet so young and unpolarized that it is needless for me to enlarge upon the possibilitiesDiscipleship1, 125:urgency to train workers and it is surely needless with a group such as this. You will rememberDiscipleship1, 174:deal that should be eliminated. It is, however needless and useless to attack all points at onceDiscipleship1, 182:known. I will not give it a name for that is needless, and you will know whereof I speak. It isDiscipleship1, 367:and trust in you and also as evidence of the needless astral anxiety under which you so constantlyDiscipleship1, 427:the rays of your threefold lower nature. It is needless for me to remind you that your soul ray isDiscipleship1, 518:held back by fear - not fear for yourself but needless fears for those you love. You do not,Discipleship1, 620:a point of balance will be reached, bringing - needless to say - its own dangers but bringing alsoDiscipleship1, 645:karmic relation to two members in my group and, needless to say, you have a link with me, yourDiscipleship1, 692:the law. Perfection is not yet possible, it is needless for me to say, but greater effort on yourDiscipleship2, 69:to hinder your exoteric service. It is needless to remark that all of you need to become soDiscipleship2, 143:waste not their time or yours in assigning needless exercises; the disciple who faithfully and withDiscipleship2, 173:to "seal the door where evil dwells." This is (needless to say) a symbolic way of expressing theDiscipleship2, 325:personnel on a scale hitherto unknown. Needless to say, this shifting and changing presents its ownDiscipleship2, 418:hint which I have here given you. There are - needless to say - nine esoteric interpretations ofDiscipleship2, 500:my brother? But that, to you, is life. It is needless for me to tell you that the success of theDiscipleship2, 577:you could unfold too rapidly, and so bring about needless difficulty... It is a general preliminaryDiscipleship2, 583:and intelligent use of ray energy. It is needless for me to outline for you any set meditationDiscipleship2, 736:futility but nevertheless of great value. Needless to point out that such incarnations areEducation, 9:the religious implications of meditation are needless. Meditation is the process whereby theEducation, 95:and its usefulness more nearly universal. It is needless for me to outline for you the nature ofExternalisation, 12:thought-form is a distortion of me and my work, needless to say, and resembles an animated andExternalisation, 527:my writings; more information at this point is needless and of no real service to you. TheExternalisation, 538:humanity, [538] working today in the dark, it is needless to say, groping along unknown ways,Externalisation, 540:aspirants upon the earth; they are the first, needless to say, who will respond to this activity.Externalisation, 621:to release those many hours spent in needless self-care into the service of the Hierarchy. StillFire, 212:are the same, only on a vaster scale. This, needless to say, is a vast and abstruse subject, andFire, 337:holds in the cosmos and the solar system, and (needless to say), in his life also, - the reflectionFire, 457:root-race small groups will be intuitive. It is needless to say more here anent the influence ofFire, 503:purpose and transmutative power it is needless to enlarge. All these ideas and concepts are ofFire, 526:kingdom into the spiritual. Therefore, it is needless for us to pause here to consider it atFire, 934:of the many groups possible to touch upon; it is needless further to enlarge, as no substantialFire, 1080:be until the middle of the next century. It is needless for me to point out that all such movementsFire, 1131:of unfoldment through meditation. There are, needless to say, certain modes of work and mantricFire, 1219:as operative in the three worlds, though it is needless to point out that parallels will be foundFire, 1232:by its vibratory rate, its heat and its light. Needless it is, therefore, for us to study andFire, 1241:cosmic Path which is his choice, surely it is needless for us to try and comprehend (at ourGlamour, 226:their own orbit of difficulties. It is surely needless for me to point out that the group membersHealing, 130:All the rays present the same problems, needless to say, but the second ray deals largely with theHealing, 166:then the academic knowledge would indeed be needless. But these requirements are not and can not beHealing, 268:of Atlantean relationships into which it is needless for me to enter because I could not prove toHealing, 270:It will be obvious to you that it is entirely needless for me to deal with the symptomatic aspectHealing, 387:recognize and accept the Law of Karma. Fear is needless. One of the first objectives of the healingHealing, 400:Requirements for Healing The problem of death, needless to say, is founded upon the love of lifeHealing, 562:- the so-called obvious old maid or bachelor. Needless to remark, there are many such unmarriedHealing, 574:the highly trained person, and it is therefore needless for me to elaborate further on thisHealing, 586:this work of "saving" - in the esoteric sense, needless to say - these other grouped lives. TheHealing, 642:and medium of contact; its direct channel is, needless to say, the sutratma. It is not theHealing, 695:preliminary work and elementary rules are given. Needless to add, the healer has to perfect himselfInitiation, 105:was justified, and interference proved needless. This conference took place at Shamballa. This isInitiation, 108:planet, take part, but a stricter enumeration is needless. Sanat Kumara is still the Hierophant,Initiation, 146:The world of men whom he is to serve. It is needless to say more here regarding this latter type ofIntellect, 258:active mental life where sex is concerned. It is needless, surely, to add here that the trueMagic, 24:concept of ordinary thinking humanity that it is needless for me to enlarge further upon it. ThisMagic, 24:his own, and the phraseology which says: "It is needless to enlarge on [25] this for it would onlyMagic, 239:at all times when swept by illusory fears and needless foreboding the following formula or prayer:Magic, 322:unto the Lord" will know whereof I speak. It is needless for us to concern ourselves with thatMagic, 345:and later still the whole process may be needless, for you will have achieved conquest. ThisMagic, 360:to our planetary Logos, but the idea can (needless to say) be progressed to include the great LifeMagic, 397:upon the path of discipleship, which includes, needless to say, that of the earlier phase,Magic, 442:power of his own soul, are positive. It seems needless to deal further with the various types ofMeditation, 19:law to the body of causes so as to render it needless and thus effect its shattering. EmancipationMeditation, 44:no more. I but desire that you do not dissipate needless force in vain imaginings, feverishMeditation, 102:In the nervous system. In the sex organs. It is needless to point out now the reason why I dealtMeditation, 105:but I seek earnestly to point out it is quite needless, provided the student adheres to the rulesMeditation, 112:great and so well recognized that it is mayhap needless for me to dwell upon it. The oriental isMeditation, 259:development, and Their methods of work. Needless to say, much that will follow will carry nothingPatanjali, 299:of their own karma, are born." Comment here is needless. In connection with the second plane, thePatanjali, 381:the higher powers can blossom forth. It is needless to point out that the use of alcohol and ofPatanjali, 414:to do. As this has been covered earlier it is needless to enlarge upon this here. Patanjali, 426:side of that veil which hides the Father it is needless f or us to consider. In our New Testament,Problems, 88:down in ruins if persisted in. There is, needless to say, an ideal nationalism which is the reversePsychology1, 61:and not for initiates of the third degree, it is needless to speculate upon this ultimate destiny.Psychology1, 105:psychological schools in the world today. It is needless for students to endeavor to ascertain HisPsychology1, 173:interplay of the nations with each other. It is needless to point out that material stress andPsychology1, 217:which are their specific offering. It is needless for me to enumerate them here, for our languagePsychology1, 303:laws are inadequate I well know, and it is needless to point this out. They may be, and are,Psychology2, 398:For these attributes we have no words, and it is needless for us even to guess at their nature orPsychology2, 470:the achievement of results. Such a man is, it is needless to say, exceedingly positive in theRays, 80:the initiate passes from the 4 into the 2." Needless to say, there is much more to say anent theseRays, 98:the three worlds of human manifestation becomes needless. All the lessons have been learnt and theRays, 119:intellectual attitudes and activities. It is needless, therefore, for me to enlarge upon them;Rays, 312:training and the discipline to which he will (needless to say) subject his personality; they areRays, 403:the cosmic physical plane (in our imagination, needless to say) and enter those planes of which weRays, 547:Reciprocal activity becomes possible. It is needless, surely, for me to point out that the theme ofReappearance, 62:divine nature may still later be revealed it is needless for us to speculate. The uniqueness of theReappearance, 168:should release those many hours spent in needless self-care into the service of the Hierarchy.Reappearance, 171:based upon right human relations. It is surely needless here to deal with the theme of theSoul, 14:believes this twofold system involves a needless duplication: "If the behavioristic theory isTelepathy, 106:avoid; and it is in the word forms (which are, needless to point out, in the nature of symbols)Telepathy, 137:expressing. This is a point oft forgotten. It is needless for me to point out that - as manTelepathy, 187:can respond constructively. It is present, needless to say, and evokes response from those able to
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