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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - NEEDS

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Fire, 321:of a certain number of positive atoms. This needs to be borne in mind. The work of evolution isFire, 364:known by the same Name. One point here needs emphasis: all Monads pass at different times under theFire, 366:Venus, Venus being "the Earth's primary." This needs elucidation somewhat, though it may not beFire, 393:in physical form, of the Avatar, needs to be pondered on. The Divine Manasaputra, the Lord of theFire, 447:the form and the rendering of it suitable to the needs of any particular Entity. In all theFire, 465:are, at this time, one of the recognized needs. The immense slaughter in America is part of theFire, 510:the causal periphery and its evolution, that needs to be emphasized with care, and that is that theFire, 629:within the logoic physical permanent atom. This needs to be carefully borne in mind and ponderedFire, 646:This is an argument for vegetarian living which needs due consideration. Class 4. A very importantFire, 692:the lesser lives it was individualization. This needs pondering upon. [693] It will, therefore, beFire, 693:Logos. This has earlier been pointed out, but needs re-emphasizing here. All consciousness, allFire, 702:effects in the microcosm. A final point here needs emphasizing. Occultly understood, the fiveFire, 784:the dense physical planes of the system. This needs much pondering upon. 4. The Watery. The ball orFire, 842:application of mechanical science to the needs of men, and for the introduction of certain types ofFire, 882:aspect) and its adaptation to Spirit and its needs. Perhaps this concerns the astral plane? GuyhaFire, 891:under a form of government suited to their needs in the central caves several miles below the crustFire, 909:bear consideration by those who have the present needs of civilization at heart. They can thenFire, 955:has clear vision who is obsessed with his own needs, actions, and interests, and unconscious ofFire, 962:in mental matter grows as he treads the Path. He needs to remember that (from the angle from whichFire, 982:of Attraction he draws to himself that which he needs. Fire, 986:the great mahaVidya in the Tantric writings. It needs the light of the fourth vidya (atma-vidya)Fire, 1015:referred to as "fuel and its warmth." This needs careful remembering, and will give the clue to theFire, 1104:The man frequently then foregoes devachan as he needs it no more. Other results are the fourthFire, 1150:himself. When a messenger of the Great Lodge needs a vehicle through which to express Himself, andFire, 1201:of the self-conscious Spirit aspect. This needs to be carefully considered and has no reference toGlamour, 5:that synthetic, inclusive grasp of the life and needs of all beings (I have chosen these two wordsGlamour, 5:not something that each of you, as individuals, needs in a peculiar sense? Where it is present,Glamour, 15:and effort. You have been told that one of the needs lying before all aspirants is to arrive atGlamour, 51:Pilgrim on the Road must carry with him what he needs: a pot of fire, to warm his fellowmen; aGlamour, 132:that "all men are equal" is a fact which needs emphasis. This has been seized upon by theGlamour, 246:His task is one of supreme difficulty and needs the great length of the evolutionary cycle. WithGlamour, 255:Generalizing, the occidental is positive and needs the directive force of the soul and can produceHealing, 22:of realization is as yet inadequate. This point needs emphasizing. National and racialHealing, 40:and the demand for the satisfaction of personal needs and desires. It can be seen, therefore, why IHealing, 218:into the blood stream what the physical vehicle needs. Owing to their inadequacy, the body isHealing, 255:and the new and the spiritually demanded, needs much long and careful bridging. A great deal of theHealing, 388:art of restoring to the patient that which he needs in order correctly to face life - life in aHealing, 405:clear cold light of love and life" and no longer needs (as far as he himself is concerned) theHealing, 431:with which we are occupied. The next point needs no proving, for it is generally accepted. It isHealing, 472:in these cases is normal, and this humanity needs to grasp with greater patience, understanding andHealing, 482:is to protect the general public. This they needs must do in order to avoid the disasters whichHealing, 539:planetary conditions, an initiate of high degree needs no healer; there is nothing in him requiringHealing, 609:create a form which is adequate to its spiritual needs, it will be because the elementals which areHealing, 645:in nature, and this must not be forgotten and needs frequent reiteration. As we have earlier seen,Healing, 652:responsibility. In magnetic healing, the healer needs to cooperate closely with the patient'sHealing, 653:the aid he will be able to give to the one who needs his assistance. When the patient isHealing, 654:to create a body at will in order to meet His needs. The subtle and subjective sin of the apostlesHealing, 661:and a culture more in conformity with the needs of the spiritual man. The main reason why there hasHealing, 672:Six. The rule is so clear and concise that it needs but little explanation, emphasizing, as itHercules, 125:"Another labor must be carried out. Balance he needs, and judgment sound, and preparation for aHercules, 133:the help given must be carefully suited to the needs of the individual involved. In many cases,Hercules, 137:the spirit acts as the spirit in terms of human needs." (Ease and adaptability: Libra at-one withInitiation, 2:these foundations a structure that will meet the needs of the inner evolving life. Initiation, 95:sacrifice, has a pre-eminent place. The student needs to remind himself that the other planetaryInitiation, 102:will know for himself when the event occurs and needs no one to tell him of it. The expansion ofInitiation, 192:injunctions which the applicant for initiation needs to study and obey. There is a greatInitiation, 210:that grasp and hold, ministering to the lower needs, trained thus through many aeons. Lo, when theIntellect, 3:that out of it will emerge that which the race needs in its onward march. That meditation isIntellect, 3:process and in its right adaptation to the needs of our modern civilization will be found theIntellect, 22:this organized education is really meeting the needs of the average citizen. It certainly seems toIntellect, 44:which is so fast breaking down. The East needs knowledge and the imparting of information. The WestIntellect, 44:and the imparting of information. The West needs wisdom and the technique of meditation. ThisIntellect, 67:after that which is needed, and the range of needs is wide and real. It is the heart approach. FourIntellect, 70:now carried him as far as it can go and that it needs to be completed by some touch from without."Intellect, 95:polarized man, and this is a point which needs emphasis and which frequently meets with oppositionIntellect, 170:head. This fact is so well substantiated that it needs little reinforcing. Dr. Jung refers to it inIntellect, 206:and that the primary [206] qualification that he needs is perseverance. Here it might be remarkedIntellect, 208:and, frequently, to meditate; all that he needs to do is to change the focus of attention. TheIntellect, 237:and who are good psychologists, to suit the needs of differing types of people. A few such outlinesIntellect, 239:plans through the agency of human beings, but He needs intelligent agents; He needs men and womenIntellect, 239:beings, but He needs intelligent agents; He needs men and women who are not more stupid than thoseMagic, 8:unity in mind e'en when they talk (as they needs must) in finite terms of that duality which isMagic, 15:later understood, and finally adjusted to the needs and demands of the cycle and time. Those whoMagic, 74:Let him list the factors which he feels he needs to take into account as he seeks to decide hisMagic, 99:of nutritive forms which will serve the needs of the lesser devas and angels will be one of theMagic, 119:beings, and in sizing himself up a man must needs bring them into his consideration. It shouldMagic, 131:have the practical adaptation of an ideal to the needs of the physical life. It has been steppedMagic, 139:to the adaptation of the physical world to the needs of the personal self. On the subtler planesMagic, 139:be transmuted until they are adequate to the needs of the group of which the individual forms aMagic, 158:consider the three factors which the disciple needs to relate if he ever aims to become an activeMagic, 171:and he gets from his personality all that he needs in that line. These qualities delude him andMagic, 191:working with forces, subjecting energies to our needs, subordinating [192] elemental lives to theMagic, 194:third initiation however, all that the disciple needs to grasp is that the will aspect of the soulMagic, 203:and nervous disposition. We say to him that he needs to be calm and peaceful and to cultivateMagic, 245:set." This is a symbolic way of saying that he needs to realize two things: That states of feelingMagic, 320:words spoken convey to him the potent force he needs to loose his chains. Yet loose them notMagic, 321:up the few thoughts which the average aspirant needs to grasp about the right direction of energy,Magic, 341:that hold sway in the vehicles of man. This needs emphasis. Fourthly, do not permit yourselves toMagic, 354:It is for this reason that each one of you needs to make a fresh dedication of himself to the workMagic, 427:of fraternities when they meet together. World needs, world opportunities, and the rapidMagic, 431:only if - for purposes of work - his recognition needs stimulation. The motto of the group is TheMagic, 484:There are three lessons which every aspirant needs to learn: First, that every thought-form whichMagic, 488:in the meantime, already possesses more than he needs and is satiated and knows not what to do withMagic, 514:but simply a response to the call of physical needs, and the use of time for the satisfaction ofMagic, 605:of our planetary life have kept pace with the needs of the slowly emerging sons of God. The secondMeditation, 21:that concentration that forces results, and he needs the basic foundation of facts before he canMeditation, 46:better known Eastern Adepts. Ponder on this. It needs much wise consideration, hence my emphasis ofMeditation, 60:until he finds for himself that which he needs. Only that which is the result of self-effort, ofMeditation, 113:strenuous meditation. That is the center that he needs to master, he learns by the wise use ofMeditation, 116:a certain type of physical vehicle that the Ego needs for adequate expression. [117] His associates
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