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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - NEEDS

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Meditation, 132:that naught remains but to die. At such times he needs much the gift [133] of viveka, and toMeditation, 147:law which binds matter and conforms it to the needs of the indwelling life. In this manner theMeditation, 178:When a man is an initiate or an adept he needs not the protective rites, for it is a law in theMeditation, 205:skillful [205] use is made of the supply for the needs of the worker and the work (I choose theseMeditation, 277:the scientific definite work that [277] needs His attention. Students of meditation would beMeditation, 340:many books on concentration and meditation, and needs not my elucidation. It is the result of hardPatanjali, 141:aspect) and its adaptation to Spirit and its needs. Guyha vidya - The science of mantrams. ThePatanjali, 147:and are inherent in all forms. The student needs to remember that every form on every plane is thusPatanjali, 314:where the Masters work and walk. This point needs emphasis for there is too strong an inclinationPatanjali, 360:of form and stands free and liberated. But he needs to be on his guard for "Let him that thinkethPatanjali, 383:of the simplest and clearest of the sutras and needs but little comment. The practices referProblems, 8:inspiration - something which humanity sorely needs at this time. There are enough men and women ofProblems, 32:effort to bring about a bridging between the needs of the future and the present forms ofProblems, 46:we call Humanity are most closely related. This needs emphasizing. These two principles, whenProblems, 62:of the glory of the human spirit still needs expression in writing - its composite glory and notProblems, 103:which must condition all parties. The Jew needs to recognize his share in bringing about theProblems, 112:the cry that paternalism is what the Negro needs and that only the southerner understands how toProblems, 120:the world than people think; it simply needs to be discovered, educated and set to work. It mustProblems, 123:it? The Essential Truths which Humanity needs and intuitively accepts. What are they? TheProblems, 124:Christ does not need prelates and executives. He needs humble teachers of the truth able toProblems, 143:that shall he also reap" is the truth which needs re-emphasizing. In these words, St. Paul phrasesProblems, 181:goodwill, on an intelligent understanding of the needs of humanity, on a determination to bringPsychology1Upward in that dread point of intercourse, Nor needs a place, for it returns to Him. What Does,Psychology1, 91:in some portion of the mechanism, to meet the needs (physical, emotional, and mental) of the dayPsychology1, 124:utilizes physical plane matter for his various needs. They will enable human beings so to controlPsychology1, 174:the ideal of a superman is a true ideal, and it needs upholding before the world. Temporarily, itPsychology1, 188:give of what they can spare and only when it needs no sacrifice to give. Let that [189] conditionPsychology1, 204:alone, absolutely indifferent to the human needs of others. The foresight of such a man wouldPsychology1, 237:here made a basic and synthetic statement which needs grasping. Those whose consciousness isPsychology1, 240:Everywhere they have been sacrificed to the needs of man. Thus have been brought under thePsychology1, 274:but for the average intelligent student who needs a worldwide picture of existing conditions. It isPsychology1, 304:that men and women should meet each other's needs and act as complements to each other. God has notPsychology1, 327:is instinctual in substance itself. This point needs emphasis when instructing groups. It is anPsychology1, 337:then attracts to itself that which it feels it needs, but later, that is changed into what itPsychology1, 348:The Rays and Man 4. The Racial Rays The reader needs to remember that three rays are occultlyPsychology1, 360:electricity, produced to serve man's material needs. The seventh ray period will familiarize manPsychology1, 373:of the world, and we are harnessing to our needs the fire which heats, which gives light, and whichPsychology2, 16:self-interested and personal ambition, the needs of the group and the goal of world service. Is notPsychology2, 24:physical body, with its wants and desires, its needs and its appetites, accompanied by a very slowPsychology2, 44:of other disciples. Humanity as a whole, needs silence at this time as never before; it needs timePsychology2, 44:needs silence at this time as never before; it needs time in which to reflect, and the opportunityPsychology2, 77:The soul takes to itself what it needs and desires for form building. The stage of incarnation,Psychology2, 85:material energy to the service and the growing needs of mankind, the subtle and delicate apparatusPsychology2, 94:to release that which is lower. But the lesson needs to be learned (and it is the lesson which manPsychology2, 97:such is the underlying story of evolution. This needs psychological understanding. It is aPsychology2, 132:and the will to serve in this particular way needs no impetus. The remarkable response to the manyPsychology2, 155:eye of the heart" be turned away from one's own needs and satisfaction to the deeper demands of thePsychology2, 298:the material good he desires or thinks he needs. His predominant second ray equipment, however,Psychology2, 374:in and reveal to the disciple that which he needs to know. He learns to express that inclusive lovePsychology2, 426:and of intense suffering and difficulty, yet needs the understanding help of a trained psychologistPsychology2, 479:the physical condition with care, and where it needs attention see that due care is given. At thePsychology2, 524:employed in bringing satisfaction to his needs. His centers are the receivers primarily of physicalPsychology2, 555:secondary aspect of the evolutionary principle needs careful elaborating. We have for too long beenPsychology2, 555:which brings about this steady development, needs emphasizing. From the standpoint of the occultPsychology2, 625:study the future, that Faith is one of our major needs, being "the Substance of things hoped for,Psychology2, 629:themselves to achieve this objective. It also needs the cooperative endeavors of that more advancedPsychology2, 639:today are based primarily upon our economic needs. For this there are obvious objective reasons.Psychology2, 651:materialize in proper form on earth. The diverse needs of all these groups must be met and this isPsychology2, 653:group, but by the wise consideration of the needs of the entire people, excepting no part of thePsychology2, 683:good will, the intelligent understanding of the needs of humanity, and with no antagonism to anyRays, 37:perceived information in such a way that the needs of the larger group, of which the group itselfRays, 66:right understanding and right purpose. He needs not to recollect. Work from the point of all thatRays, 69:of evolution. Even the Hierarchy [69] itself needs the protection of its full membership in orderRays, 70:well-being is a distortion of this truth. This needs to be remembered. The true significance ofRays, 90:The work of the Christ as God the Preserver needs the united work, as yet, of the two highestRays, 126:and obey them, he is then freed from them and needs them no more. The disciple and the candidateRays, 147:problem somewhat, and the aspirant or disciple needs to remember that it is only through theRays, 191:are the rules which the adventuring disciple needs to know. They have been used, and should not beRays, 213:in manifestation upon the outer plane. It needs those who are in close contact with the Master, andRays, 213:therefore initiates of a certain standing; it needs also those who have facility of relationshipRays, 213:though not necessarily high initiates; it needs also those not so advanced upon the Path ofRays, 215:qualities which a group preparing for initiation needs to develop, to consider and unitedly toRays, 245:the demands upon the Hierarchy change, new needs must be met, new techniques used, new andRays, 293:to express, it signifies to him not his own needs or requirements, but the need of others for thoseRays, 294:This may not be what humanity believes it needs; it is essentially what the Hierarchy recognizes asRays, 323:over the years is a mass of information which needs collating and bringing together as a basis forRays, 331:correctly presented, the teaching which humanity needs in order to progress from darkness to Light,Rays, 344:matter and a far more difficult one. He needs to bear in mind the meaning of the following wordsRays, 396:strong and already full of light, but which needs that which He brings in order to express theRays, 591:the brain exists because the mind exists and needs a brain as its focal point upon the physicalRays, 633:of a socialist program and free enterprise; this needs doing, for the extreme position in eitherRays, 637:his consideration of general human affairs; he needs to see in all world conflict the needed stepsRays, 693:Now, being liberated through renunciation, he needs no longer to undergo the tests, trials, andRays, 699:they become no longer of service; the Master needs no energy centers, and His consciousness isRays, 705:He realizes that he, as an individual, no longer needs a physical body or an astral consciousness,Rays, 720:strong, and already full of light but which needs that which They bring in order to express theRays, 727:cosmic evil for it can no longer hurt him." He needs nevertheless the protection of Those with WhomRays, 758:on Earth," we are, voicing one of the great needs of humanity and - if invocation and prayer meanRays, 758:given a material interpretation to their basic needs. The invocation, lately given to us by [759]Rays, 759:is not vague or nebulous. It voices the basic needs of mankind today - the need for light and love,Reappearance, 9:divine principle or some divine quality which needs fresh presentation and expression upon Earth;Reappearance, 11:man's demand for preservation and help. Humanity needs love, understanding and right humanReappearance, 64:that the Gospel story is eternally true and only needs reinterpreting in the light of its place inReappearance, 72:the new world religion must be inaugurated; the needs of a demanding, invocative humanity cannot beReappearance, 101:mental equipment and providing Him with what He needs as the Teacher of the East as well as of theReappearance, 122:represented) the teaching which humanity needs in order to pass from darkness to Light, from theReappearance, 140:are deemed adequate to meet man's modern needs and enquiries. They are not. The church today is theReappearance, 142:God? How can the spiritual and intellectual needs of the people be met when the theologicalReappearance, 147:he also reap" (Gal., VI, 7.) is a truth which needs re-emphasizing. In these words, St. PaulSoul, 14:begins within; it looks upon man as a system of needs, impulses, and desires impelling him to
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